Non-speaking Autistic bloggers

Non-speaking is defined as “speaking is not the primary form of communication”. Below are blogs by Autists who fit that definition. (See this comment if you’re looking for blogs that a mostly prose rather than poetry.)

Uniquely Hari Hari Srinivasan; Dx3; Male; ADHD, medical issues; student; NSp; USA (CA, Berkeley); 2006-2022; The Daily Californian
Sarah Stup’s Blog 30s; Dx4; Woman; NSp; 2013-2022
Niko Boskovic (facebook) 21; Dx3; Male; student, self-advocate, listener, NSp; 2015-2022
Not Too Trapped In My Head Anymore Pablo; 15; Dx3-; Male; NSp; 2018-2022
Mitchell’s Life with Autism Mitchell; 19; Dx4; Male; epilepsy; blogger; letterboard communication; NSp; USA (IL, Chicago); 2019-2022
The Autistic Mind Finally Speaks 20s; Dx18-; Male; NSp; single; USA; 2019-2022
Jay’s World Jay; 40s; Dx3; Non-binary; Anx, APD, ARFID, CPTSD, DID, EDS, FB, GERD, HH, LGBTQ+, NSp, OCD, SPD, autoimmune, dyscalculia, self-harm, synesthesia, wheelchair user, intellectual disability; disabled; Australia (New South Wales, Sydney); 2019-2022
Jordyn’s Rocky Journey 19; Dx2; Male; dyspraxia, Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency; advocate, NSp, White, Canadian; 2016-2022
J’s 20s; Dx20s; Woman; Anx, APD, Dep, NSp, SPD, dyslexia, situational mutism; freelancer, actress, artist; relationships, family, career, emotions; in English and Mandarin; single; Asia; 2015-2022; Instagram, Facebook
Speaking is Overrated 2021-2022
WordsMadeByAri NSp; 2022-2022
Ido in Autismland Male; NSp; 2011-2022
Danny With Words NSp; USA; 2020-2022
Sarah Spells to Speak NSp; 2021-2022
Faith, Hope, and Love…With Autism NSp; 2013-2022
Akha Khumalo: In My Own Words NSp; South Africa; 2019-2022
Opinions Learned from RPM and Autism NSp; 2014-2022
Speak Without a Voice NSp; 2017-2022
Dare to Listen NSp; 2015-2022
Sinking into Popular Thoughts NSp; 2006-2021
Returning James NSp; 2013-2021
Caden’s Awesome Autistic Life Spelled Out Caden; 16; Dx2; Male; apraxia, SPD; student; NSp; USA (Ohio); 2019-2021
hope for autistics Male; NSp; 2014-2021
Fox Talks With Letters NSp; 2015-2021
The True Adventures of Just an Ordinary Autistic Guy Dx16-; NSp; USA (New England); 2017-2021
Invisible to seen NSp; Canada; 2018-2021
Musings of a Beginner’s Mind NSp; 2019-2021
Ian Nordling – Life of a Nonspeaking Autistic NSp; 2020-2021
Cussin’ and Discussin’ Mel Baggs; Dx14; tube-fed, wheelchair user; NSp; 2005-2020; Ballastexistenz, Tumblr, Amelia Evelyn Voicy Baggs | Poetry and creative writing, Cats Who Know They Are Cats
1 KEY 2 CHANGE NSp; 2018-2020
Non-Speaking Autistic Speaking Amy Sequenzia; NSp; 2012-2019
Hear Me Speak Without A Voice Dx2; Woman; NSp; 2015-2019
Unlocking My Potential Dx4; NSp; 2017-2019
Typing 4 Change NSp; 2014-2019
Life with a Boy named Brayden NSp; 2015-2018
Emma’s Hope Book Autistic NSp daughter & NT mother; 2010-2017; Unspoken Film
Lissa Lysik’an – Medium NSp; 2014-2017; WordPress, Tumblr
Roses are Red for Autism Male; NSp; 2014-2017
LifeLine NSp; 2016-2016
My Fingers, My Words NSp; 2014-2015
The True Ben Kingston Male; NSp; 2013-2015
Matteo’s Advice NSp; 2014-2014; Matteo’s Loving Blog
Cindi’s Blog NSp; 2014-2014
Droopy’s Safe Space NSp; 2005-2010; The Original
MY SURREAL LIFE NSp; 2007-2008

This post will be edited as additional blogs by non-speaking Autists are found. Please submit any you know of in the comments below.

Upcoming posts: A request has been made for a blog post on “Job-seeking while Autistic”. Please submit any links you may have on this topic, including resources for Autistic job seekers as well as personal experiences.

Please let us know if there’s any particular theme you’d like to see represented in this series. We have previously received requests for lists of Autistic lawyers and Autistic counselors, therapists, coaches, and mentors, as well as Autists discussing their experiences with improvisational theatre, so those themes will be included. Here are previous posts in this series.

Which other professions would you like to see represented? Which other topics would you like to see Autistic blogs discussing?

As a reminder, please submit (or comment below) a list of your favorite Autistic blogs. Include your own if applicable, plus at least one other. Share the love with our 1900+ followers!

19 thoughts on “Non-speaking Autistic bloggers

    • Hi Sam:

      If you love to talk about autism and being autistic – there are people who love to listen and learn!

      Have you been able to connect with other life coaches?

      [there are quite a few who are #ActuallyAutistic and/or otherwise aligned with community].

      As Observer has said and I have noticed – #AskingAutistics really are for questions and questioning. Getting a critical mass on a subject or issue – and there was an earlier hashtag called #AutismMeans and each week would be about a topic like #StimmingMeans or #AccessibilityMeans [it was before everything Tweeted had 280 characters – more like 140/160].

      [I do remember reading about influencers and life coaches in the TikTok space in particular].

      I read a really good article in the Skeptical Inquirer which shows the function of these educational booths a few days ago now.

      The context was students making healthcare booths about a piece of science-based medicine or evidence-based medicine.

      [thank you William London and the students of UniCal Los Angeles – and I imagine such fairs would be all over the country and the world – especially I would read business and professional magazines of fraternity and fellowship organisations]

      I am trying to think of more than one opportunity based on 1]. the social model 2]. the administrative model 3]. the scientific model 4] testimonio and confession.

      Also there are connections with art fairs and with markets you could consider.

      And various conferences and expositions and conventions have their openings and closings.

      [for example: the ones about travel and adventures and business and property]

      Or are there really valuable person-to-person connections?

      [I saw the LinkedIn; Twitter and Instagram on your site were inactive or else not connected to any of your accounts… and I would have typed in something like @samslifecoaching or whatever your business is]

      Also it might be good to get on to the NeuroClastic list and community and business directory.

      [Kim – you reminded me how much I have loved Chin’s work since he came on to my radar last year – I did a deep dive into Chin’s material May; June; July].

      They are streaming and teaming with graphic designers; artists; public speakers; authors; podcasters and vodcasters.

      Christine Leaming [Catch Point artist] made a Stimmy Space at several of their markets. You might look for Ink and Daggers on Tumblr and Instagram to ask some questions and interact with the comic and poetry.

      And there is Gwen from Meaningful Growth in California [she also makes Disney ride videos as well as her talks and interviews – those get people passionate and loyal because she is working with preexisting and common interests], and Ruth Prystash.

      You could write the transcripts of some of your talks and one-pagers on Substack or one of the collaborative notebook sites. [like Mykola – the person – not a collaborative site – one I discovered yesterday was Miso]

      People have recently been prevented from doomscrolling on Twitter if they haven’t got an account and they are looking at a known person or group.

      I think this is a setting that each individual Tweeter makes – and not the platform… [it was after several Tweeters did it a year-18 months ago that I began to wonder What Was Going On and Down].

      [I evade that by pressing Control/Command+Page Down rather than spending time looking at individual Tweets like I would really like to do – or even threads are good to educate people – like @EBThen and Eryn Star and @slooterman do].

      [I, on the other hand, know way too much about Twitter, and have done since the microblogging platform was in its infancy]

      [And there is a really good alternative service/feed called NITTER which is enough like Twitter except you can’t progress through galleries – which some people might think – THAT’s what INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK are for] and things like Likes and Retweets and Quote Tweets work like they do on Twitter…

      [and when you access YouTube through Twitter – there is piped.kavinrocks through Nitter].

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  1. Is it possible in the above post to indicate which of the blogs are mainly poetry, and which are prose? It would make it much easier to know what to look at. Many of the first ones are mainly poetry, and I’m having a hard time processing poetry right now.

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  2. I did.

    I asked if you could tell me which of the nonspeaking blog pages are mainly prose, and which are poetry.

    And then I gave you the reason why I was asking for the distinction (I’m having a hard time reading poetry right now.)

    I suppose I assumed you could ‘fill in the blanks’, that since I only mentioned the two types of writing (poetry and prose), and mentioned I was having difficulty with the one, you’d understand that I was saying that the other was easier for me to read right now.

    I suppose I was also assuming that I’m not the only one who would find a distinction useful in sorting what was workable for a brain with limited langauge processing abilities, and what wasn’t in any given moment. I know some people find poetry easier to read, and prose hard.

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