Adelaide Dupont’s favorite Autistic blogs, part 2

How has your autism affected employment? Please leave a comment below for an upcoming post about job-seeking while Autistic. Include both personal experiences and resources relating to Autistic employment and job seeking.

Below is the second installment of Adelaide Dupont’s favorite Autistic blogs (using her own descriptions from her comment, with links added and duplications removed). Here is Part 1 and part 3 is coming soon.

Another Bostonian who illustrates: The Quarantine Diaries – especially the worlds of anime and traditional art.
The Quarantine Diaries 2020-2021

I have other blogs along the way:

Last year [around Christmas time] I discovered Veneranda Jade from a gifted website and magazine. I love the way she writes about relationships and life in New York. So Veneranda Jade.
Veneranda Jade 40s; Dx31; ADHD, dyslexia; public speaker; Mexican; USA (NY, NYC; also Southern Arizona); 2019-2022

There is Bartosz from the Warsaw School of Economics – his blog is Politics, Economy, Society (2009-2022) – he recently wrote a post about Autistic Burnout – and a lot of the time he posts photos about trips to and through Warsaw.

Independence Chick is writing a science fiction novel about Finola Frost. One of her early special interests was Cinderella. Also she is on The Artifice where she wrote an excellent article on Gaslighting in Disney. [and in the early 2010s they wrote this detective/mystery trilogy – which is around the time I discovered them – December 2012-January 2013]
IndependenceChick’s Nest 2011-2022

Tonia from Tonia Says (2014-2022) is also an author – in her case the Disuphere series – her latest is called APPEARANCES. They also have a Tumblr called reignite all the souls.

I still enjoy Remi Yergeau’s work so much because they are a rhetor of distinction.
autistext – on autism, rhetoric, & ELO 2007-2017; Authoring Autism, m. remi yergeau – university of michigan // digital studies & english

And recently I came to enjoy Kate Blackham’s Space blog. She was a woman of the Fens and Fenlands. 40s; Dx45; Woman; Dep, panic disorder; book editor, associate lecturer; married to NT; UK (England); 2021-2022

There is a gentleman from south-east Melbourne – he loved live gigs before the COVID19 – his name is Mike or Michael and he had DarkKnight [and a number too] which was an MSN spaces blog moved to WordPress. Windows Live space [Mikey – his latest blog – April 2022 – is about Royksopp and their new album. He also wrote blog posts in March 2022 – eg about loneliness and cholesterol].
Windows Live space 2010-2022

Also – do you have the Spectrum Women blog where Barb Cook and others write?
Spectrum Women Barb Cook; International online publication by Autistic Women for Autistic women; 2016-2021

Mid-June 2021 I discovered Taryn is Autastic.
Taryn Is Autastic 23; Dx17; Woman; physically disabled; student; Canada; 2021-2021; TikTok

And do you have Brooke’s RAINBOW ROAD SPECTRUM? That late November 2021 post is one I missed
Rainbow Road: One Autistic Woman’s Journey Through Life 29; Dx3; Woman; food Allergies; type 1 diabetes; Anx; ADHD; CAPD; CPTSD; SAD; excoriation; hyperacusis; hyperlexia; substitute preschool teacher/graduate student; child development and psychology; single; USA (CA, Sacramento); 2019-2022

I will be volunteering some of Harrison Fischer’s blogs as well. [especially the Letters and Numbers one which I seem to remember the most].

And Rory Reckons from New Zealand – he stood up against the Davis Autism Centre and their “tool” – and now he is writing an autobiography – and he made a great post about Histamines and got up the ADHDAcceptanceMonth.
Rory’s Reckons 2020-2022

Also I have enjoyed Restless Hands who has been making resources outside English.
Restless Hands 2011-2022

[Someone else from the Philippines was someone like Geraldo Joseph the BigBro]
Autistic BigBro 2013-2020

[and there is another young woman called May who is a big fan of the Reader’s Digest].

Lucky Numbers and Cool Cats 30s; Dx5; Woman; Anx, ADHD, CPTSD; Human Resources secretary; synesthesia; engaged, partner fits “broader autism phenotype”; USA (California, East San Francisco Bay); 2021-2022; Linktree

Hannah Kim (2016-2016)

Christy Wilkens (2017-2021) – ActuallyAutistic Catholic evangelist and writer. She wrote AWAKENING AT LOURDES and I would not be surprised if her blog did not have some of that.

Also there is a great magazine two issues I recently read – the Spring and Summer ones. Conner Cummings and others are involved with this magazine – SPECTRUM LIFE MAGAZINE. Much of the Editorial are ActuallyAutistic including the couple who run it.
Spectrum Life 2013-2022

[trying to find Adriana White and their work].
Adriana Lebrón White 38; Dx33; Woman; alexithymia, GAD, GERD, hyperlexia, migraines; teacher & school librarian; Puerto Rican/Mexican-American; married; USA (TX, San Antonio); 2017-2022

There is a Substack I love called THE LISTENING WORLD (2019-2022) which is full of poetry and poets each week.

BOOKS FOR LITTLES and RAISING LUMINARIES both by Ashia Ray [and in the case of the podcast with Bellamy and others].
Ashia Ray Mother; 2016-2017

Upcoming posts:  We have an ongoing series of Autistic blogs united by a common theme. Here are previous posts in this series.

Which other topics or professions would you like to see represented? Please comment below.

As a reminder, please submit (or comment below) a list of your favorite Autistic blogs. Include your own if applicable, plus at least one other. Share the love with our followers!

4 thoughts on “Adelaide Dupont’s favorite Autistic blogs, part 2

  1. Hello everyone.

    Here is the QUARANTINE ART link

    [Pencils; Crayons; Paints and Clay – recently there have been some fabulous monoprints and multicoloured prints

    [the other one I do not know very well – ie: – though, it was a good guess, Observer!]

    Julia has a lot of new work from the 3rd July 2022 – and she just got to be in her dream Con in Boston.

    Also she is becoming an Aunt some time in late August – early September.

    Turned out that Taryn is doing something really cool – working for and with the Autistics for Autistics of Ontario / Toronto way.

    [Ottawa is the capital of Canada – Toronto one of its biggest and most diverse cities – and the province is Ontario].

    And to think an autumn issue of SPECTRUM LIFE will soon be coming up.

    Other magazines I try to read include LINK DISABILITY MAGAZINE and SOURCE KIDS [they had a special issue in April 2022 showing the service scene in Australia as it is and as it was].

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  2. 💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎

    💎 My “Autism” led me to places I did not expect just like Bilbo and Frodo Baggins “UnExpected Journeys” EveryOne; so, as Gandalf eloquently put it, My “Autism” gives me a Gentle “Nudge” out of The Closed Doors of My Mind and Sights I NEVER!!! Even Imagined Seeing EveryBody…the trick is to Embrace “Autism” and politely let those who ARE Prejudiced know YOU!!! No Longer Desire Their Company; plenty of Employers make allowances for “Autism” especially Creative Employers

    💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎


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