Newly-added Autistic blogs

Updates are currently paused and might never restart, though comments will continue being moderated. If you are an Autistic blogger whose blog is not listed on the Actually Autistic Blogs List, or if you want changes in your blog’s listing on the Actually Autistic Blogs List, then please provide your blog’s URL and description in the comments below.

Suggested information to include:

How old were you when you received your ASD diagnosis (or realized you were probably Autistic)?

What gender (if any) do you identify with?

Which co-occurring conditions (if any) do you wish to disclose? See our About the list/Abbreviations page (top menu) for examples.

How old are you?

If you have children, provide below their sex and/or genders, neurological conditions (Autism, suspected Autism, and/or others), and/or any other information you want to be included.

What is your relationship status (married, single, divorced, etc.)? Does your partner have any neurological condition(s) (Autistic, etc)?

What (approximate) percentage of your blog posts relate primarily to autism? Do you have a category or tag for your autism-related posts? If so, what is it?

If you want, please state some of your other frequent topics.

What is your geographical location (as general as you like, preferably including country)?

What is your current occupation?

What else would you like included in your blog’s listing (such as frequent blog topics, your religion and/or ethnicity, strengths, talents, etc.)?

What is your name (or pseudonym)?

Do you want your blog’s listing to link to any other websites (not necessarily autism-focused, but must feature your creative output)? If so, enter their URLs.

Provide the names or URLs of any blogs by Autistic bloggers that may not be on the list.

Do you have any additional comments or suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Newly-added Autistic blogs

  1. Name: Marie Borealis
    Blog: Autistic Flapper –
    Other links:
    Pronouns: she/her
    Age: 30s
    Status: Married – partner has no dx, but fits broadly autistic phenotype
    About 30-40% posts about autism and neurodiversity
    Other topics: Vintage, crafts, plushes and MBTI
    Location: California
    Occupation: Public service employee – assisting job seekers with disabilities

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