Alphabetically-sorted Autistic Blogs

Below is an alphabetical sorting of the Actually Autistic Blogs List, which can be searched using text or a custom search engine1. All blog descriptions are from bloggers. Here is more information.

…autisticook Woman; Dx37; 2013-2015
…i am my own experience… 2015-2017
“NO!” -Rosa Parks 2015-2016
( Living in Parentheses ) 2015-2016
(autism) comics by suburp comics; 2013-2015
(F)Aspie: n: a female person with Asperger Syndrome (also here and here) Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; 2015-2017
[introspection intensifies] 2014-2017
@Aspercat 2013-2017
#AwesomesauceAventures Mother; 2012-2012
1001 faces of autism Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; 2015-2015
30 Days of Autism Acceptance Dx21; 2017-2017
35 years old and finally understanding 2017-2017
a bird in the hand 2006-2013
A Clear Voice, One Aspie’s Journey 2013-2015
A Coherent Heart 2015-2017
A Different Sort of Solitude Male; 2014-2017
A Flickering Life 33; Male; Dx13; Anx, Dep; Arkansas; 2014-2017
A Girl Outside The Box – Best of 2011-2014 Woman; 2011-2014
A Grieving Autistic Adult 2017-2017
A Heart Made Fullmetal 2010-2017
A is for … 2016-2017
A Is For Aoife Not Autism Woman, Dx23; 2017-2017
A is for Autiste (also here) 2015-2017
A Journey Into A Unique Mind Dx30s; ADHD, Dep, EDS, FB, PTSD, SPD; 2014-2017
A Life Apart 2015-2016
A Little Off the Mark Woman; Dx28; 2016-2017
A Panoptic Life 2008-2011
A Quiet Week In The House (also here) 40s; Mother of Autistic son (Tourettes’s, OCD; 10ish); Dx40+; Tourette’s, OCD, Dep; Married; Artist in New England; 2004-2017
A random blog – run by an Autistic Against Anti-Vaxxers 2016-2017
A Rather Strange Day 2013-2014
A Rhodolite From the Rough Mother of Autistics; 2011-2011
A Road to Me 2012-2016
A Shiny World 2009-2017
A Sinner on the Spectrum 2015-2017
A Small & Quiet Place Male; 2015-2017
a sunny momentum 2016-2017
A Thinking Patient Twilah Hiari; 40s; Woman; Dx40s; Rejects validity of psychiatric diagnoses; 2015-2017
A Thousand Signs Mother of Autistic; 2013-2013
A Touch of Alyricism Mother; 2005-2009
A View From the Boundaries 2009-2014
A View From The Sycamore Tree Mother of Autistics; 2009-2017
A Voice from the Spectrum Mother; Dx46; 2013-2016
A Voice Released Rachel Carter; 47; Woman; Dx44; Anx; Married; UK; 2009-2017
A World in Boxes 2014-2015
AandAmazing 2016-2016
Aberrata (also here) Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; 2015-2017
Abnormal Diversity 20s; Woman; Dx15; PTSD; Single; Canadian psychologist in training, aspiring author; 2006-2017
Acantholycosa | Randomness, music and sometimes spiders. 2013-2016
ACAT: Ala Costa Adult Transition Program 2014-2017
Accepting Differences 2011-2017
AceAspie 2016-2016
Achieve more as an autistic adult Male; Dx48; 2013-2017
achildlikemewordpress Mother of Autistic; 2016-2016
Acting NT 2014-2017
Actually Autistic 2015-2015
Ad Astra Aspie 2015-2017
Ada Hoffmann (also here) Dx13; 2014-2017
addictbpdedptsd 2014-2014
Adrian Moore Adrian Moore; 30s; Dx30s; Devon; mountain-bikes and hikes; 2011-2017
Adventures of an Interplanetary Exchange Student (also here and here) Erika Hammerschmidt; 30s; Woman; Dx11; Tourette’s, OCD, Dep, Anx; Married to Autistic; Author, artist, speaker; Minnesota; 2006-2015
Adventures of superaspiegirl (also here) Annette Foster; 40s; Woman; Dx39; dyslexia, dyspraxia, Anx, Dep, FB, SPD, APD, hyperacusis, JHS; infreq; Single, Bi/Pan sexual, LGBTQ+; performance artist, PhD researcher, self advocate; 2017-2017
Advice for Asperger’s and Autistim Association Father of Autistics; 2012-2012
Age of Neurodiversity | The Future of Autism Greg Love; 30s; Father of Autistic twin son; Dx31; Dep, ADHD, dyscalculia; 2017-2017
ajlinker AJ Linker; 20; Non-binary; Dx teens; ADHD; computer science geek; 2017-2017
Alan Christoph’s blog Male; 2017-2017
Alice In Blunderland Woman; Dx17; CPTSD, Anx, Dep, OCD, SPD, GAD, ED; 2016-2017
Alienhippy’s Blog 2010-2016
All I See Is Cornbread 2016-2016
Always Aspiegirl Mother; 2012-2017
Always Intrepid (also here, here, and here) Alec Frazier; 31; Dx18-; Male; ADHD, bipolar, dysgraphia, OCD, SPD, HHT (Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia), Hip Dysplasia; Single; Director of Autistic Reality; Washington, DC; Reviews, LGBTQ, Autistic Reality, Fun; 2011-2017
Amber Bird 2008-2016
Amplify Autistic Voices 2013-2015
Amy Gravino 2008-2016
An Accident In Space And Time Woman; 2016-2017
An angry Neurodivergent 2016-2016
An Asperger Manifesto for Neurotypicals to Read 2014-2014
An Asperger Medical Student in Oz 2010-2016
An Aspie comes out of the closet Garret Mathews; 67; Male; Dx67; Anx, OCD; Married to NT; 2017-2017
An Aspie in Space 2015-2017
An Aspie’s view on Christianity, Aspergers, Bullying, and everything inbetween Woman; Dx18+; 2013-2016
An Aspie’s Voyage Male; 2014-2015
An Autistic Insight Ryan Hendry; 23; Male; Dx14; ADHD; Civil Servant in Northern Ireland; 2017-2017
An Autistic Speaking 2013-2016
An Open Letter to… 2016-2016
Analysis Spectrum 2014-2014
And Stimming With Rainbows of Every Design 2007-2011
Andrea’s Buzzing About 2006-2017
Angry Autie 2013-2016
Anita Lesko BSN,RN,MS,CRNA (also here) -2017
Ann’s Autism Blog 2014-2017
Anonymously Autistic 2015-2017
Anonymus Maximus 2012-2013
Another Spectrum 68; Male; Dx60; migraines; Married to NT; Aotearoa New Zealand; 2014-2017
antihero 2016-2017
Antleader’s Journey 2015-2017
Anything Maureen 2015-2016
Appalachian aspie part two. Catherine Fowler; 50s; Woman; Dx20s; Dep; proud to be from West Virginia; 2013-2017
Arinarayne Takes on the World ; 2017-2017
Arthur’s Brain 2016-2016
AS If 2012-2016
ASDIARY Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; 2015-2017
asdmummyme Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; ASD specialist teaching assistant; 2016-2017
Ask An Aspie (also here) T.Rob; Male; Dx40s; ED, FB, epilepsy; Married 35 years to NT; 2012-2017
Ask an Autistic 2014-2017
Ask Cisco 2012-2015
Askpergers Male; 2014-2017
AsparagusSoupBlog 45; Woman; Dx44; Dep, Anx; Married; U.K.; 2016-2017
ASParenting Parent of Autistics; 2008-2017
Aspects of Aspergers Woman; 2010-2015
Aspects of Autism Translated Judy Endow, MSW, LCSW; Woman; Dx18+; 2012-2017
Asper-ations 2010-2011
Aspergal 2013-2013
Aspergal 2011-2012
Asperganoid 2015-2017
Asperger Adults Woman; Dx40; 2009-2015
Asperger Syndrome and the Responsible Adult 2011-2011
Asperger-4-Life 2008-2015
Asperger: The HypoSocial Human (also here and here) bo rex moore; Woman; Dx50+; scientist, social critic; 2014-2017
Asperger’s and Alexithymia 2007-2007
Asperger’s and me: life after late diagnosis Mother; Dx30s; 2016-2016
Asperger’s Issues 2010-2017
Asperger’s Syndrome in Adults 2012-2014
Asperger’s Women : Challenging the Stereotypes! 2008-2015
Asperger’s Illustrated 2010-2017
Asperger+ 2012-2015
Aspergers and Me Woman, Dx18+; 2011-2016
Aspergers Anonymous Woman; Dx18+; 2017-2017
Aspergers From The Inside Dx30; 2014-2017
Aspergers on Toast Woman, Dx18+; 2014-2017
Aspergers women Woman; Dx28; Dep, Anx; soon to be married; teacher; 2017-2017
Aspergers, A Blessing and a Curse Woman; Dx50+; 2013-2017
Aspergers: Through My Eyes Dx8; 2013-2017
Aspergian Gal 2008-2015
Aspergian*101 (also here) Elisha Tahata; 25; Dx20; GAD, dyspraxia, self-harm, ED, trichotillomania, excoriation; 2013-2017
Aspergirls 2013-2015
aspergirlsanon 46; Woman; Dx44; Soon to be married; LGBT, UK; 2016-2017
Aspergreatness Male; Dx50+; dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, Irlen, Anx; Mental Health Professional, Psychopedagogy Professional, Theologian; 2012-2017
Aspermama Mother; Dx18+; 2013-2014
Aspernerd 2016-2016
Asperspective 2016-2017
Aspertypical Woman, Dx20s; 2012-2016
asperwomen Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; 2016-2016
aspiblog (also here) Thomas Sutcliffe; 42; Dx31; “My photographs are a regular feature”; 2011-2017
Aspie and Allie 2013-2014
Aspie and Proud Father of Autistic; Dx40; 2017-2017
Aspie Angles 2014-2016
Aspie at 70 Dx60+; 2017-2017
Aspie Awakening 2017-2017
Aspie Brit 2010-2010
Aspie Brynn Mother; Dx30s; 2014-2014
Aspie Catholic Jason Thayer; 42; Male; Dx18+; Single; Roman Catholic; no political commentary; 2012-2017
Aspie Daddy Father; Dx28; 2015-2017
Aspie from Maine 2010-2017
Aspie Geek 2011-2014
Aspie Girls 2014-2015
Aspie Hippie 2016-2017
Aspie Journal 2016-2017
Aspie Life 29:11 2016-2017
Aspie Mama Mother; 2007-2009
Aspie Minister 2013-2014
Aspie Musings 2012-2014
Aspie Noodle 2013-2013
Aspie on a pilgrimage 🙂 2016-2016
Aspie State of Mind Jessica Mardres; Woman; Dx16; Atlanta, GA; 2017-2017
Aspie Trainers Blog 2016-2017
Aspie Under Your Radar (also here and here) 51; gender-fluid butch dyke; DX51; writer, tech geek; 2008-2017
Aspie VS World 2015-2016
Aspie Warrior Father of Autistic; Dx45+; 2012-2014
Aspie Women Speak 2014-2016
Aspie, Maybe Woman; Dx40+; 2016-2016 Mother; Dx35; 2013-2016
Aspie’s Inc. (also here) 2006-2012
Aspieadvocate Mother of Autistic; 2010-2011
aspiecougarfab50 2015-2015
Aspiedebi (also here) 2013-2014
Aspiedoc Mother; Dx18+; 2015-2017
AspieFeminist 2011-2011
aspiegoggles 2013-2015
Aspienaut – Wired Differently Male; 2012-2016
AspieNooch 46; Woman; Dx46; Married to NT; Academic, UK Midlands; 2014-2017
aspienworld Apryl; 45; Mother of Autistic sons (14, GAD, SPD, bipolar, ADHD; and 13, petit mal seizures, GAD, OCD, ADHD, SPD, Simple Tremors, hyperlexia, anger issues); Dx42; OCD, PTSD, ADD, GAD, HH, SPD, bipolar, hyperacusis, dyscalculia, chronic pain, chronic illness, petit mal seizures; Married to Aspie; Stay at home mom, Georgia; 2015-2017
Aspiepriest Dx18+; 2015-2017
Aspierations – Come as you are… Let your light shine! (also here and here and here) Mother of Autistics; 2010-2013
ASPIES 2005-2008 2010-2017
Aspiesphere 2012-2013
Aspified Woman; 2015-2017
Aspitude! 2009-2017
Assburgersblog 2015-2015
AStrangerInGodzone Mother of adult; Dx18+; 2010-2017
Asymmetra Dx18+; in Swedish and English; 2017-2017
Athena, Ivan, and The Integral 2006-2012
athenaminerva7 33; Woman; Dx17; Married; Property investor, author, teacher; 2014-2017
Âûnty Anna 2017-2017
Ausomeautistic Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; 2015-2017
Ausomely Autistic Dx18-; Anxiety, Cerebral palsy, Scoliosis; Special interests: Art, service dogs, dogs, horses, Parelli, music, vaulting; 2016-2017
Aut. Rookie 2015-2016
Autaitchel Woman; Dx40s; 2016-2016
Autastic Me Mother; Dx18+; 2017-2017
Auti-boy! 2014-2016
Autie and Lace Leah Maple; 25; Woman; Dx25; ADHD, Anx, Dep; Married; Autism, Mormonism, and gnomes; 2017-2017
Autie Girl EPIC 2014-2014
AutieEmlyns Aut-tastic blog (also here and here) 2010-2017
Autism Acceptance Day 2011-2017
Autism Acceptance Month 2013-2017
Autism All the Time 2007-2009
Autism and Empathy 2011-2012
Autism and expectations Mother; Dx30s; 2016-2017
Autism Appreciation Frank L. Ludwig; 53; Dx50; Childcare Worker and Poet; 2014-2017
Autism Culture Sif S. Stewart-Ferrer; 31; Woman; Dx20s; Married to Aspie; holds MA (Philosohy major, Anthropology minor); Denmark; 2016-2016
Autism Guide Shaun; 37; Male; Dx30+; 2015-2017
Autism Investigated (also here) Anti-vaccine; 2013-2017
Autism Love Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; 2011-2017
Autism Matters 2013-2017
Autism Musings About Stuff and Things 2015-2016
Autism Positivity Day Flash Blog 2012-2015
Autism Rocks 2008-2011
Autism Thoughts (also here) Thomas A. McKean; Male; 2006-2016
Autism Through Collagefacebook page Mother of Autistics; 2013-2016
Autism through the Medium of Cats Woman; Dx20; Anx, Dep; 2014-2015
Autism Women’s Network 2009-2017
Autism Worlds-Eye Steve; 30s; Male; Dx13+; hyperacusis, dyslexia, Dep; 2015-2016
autism: a lifetime undiagnosed Mother of Autistic; Dx38; 2015-2017
Autism: What Science Refuses to Know (also here, here, and here (all in Greek)) Perla M.; 55; Non-binary; Dx43; 2007-2013
Autism’s gadfly “wants to find treatments and doesn’t need no stinkin’ neurodiversity”; 2008-2017
Autism’s life lessons 2013-2014
autismhelpblog Mother of Autistics; 2016-2016
autismjungle Male; Dx18+; 2010-2017
Autismo Girl 2011-2017
autismraisingautism Mother of Autistic; 2012-2014
autismspectrumstuff 2015-2017
autismthoughts 2011-2017
AUTIST AT WORK Anx, APD, CPTSD, Dep., GAD, PTSD, dyspraxic; infreq; Blogs about being autistic at work; UK; 2016-2017
Autist’s Corner Dx5; 2007-2015
autistext – on autism, rhetoric, & ELO 2007-2017
Autistic + Fainting Goat = Me 20; Dx20; PNES; Student, USA; 2017-2017
Autistic Alex 2014-2014
Autistic Aloha Father of Autistic; 2013-2014
Autistic And Awesome 2012-2013
Autistic BigBro 2013-2016
Autistic Christian Misfit Dx3; 2016-2017
Autistic Existentialism 2009-2012
Autistic Flappy Hour podcast; 2015-2017
Autistic Future (also here and here) R. Larkin Taylor-Parker; 24; Non-binary; Dx6; JD grad, sunbelt, musician, plays with trucks ; 2016-2017
Autistic Genius Male; 2015-2016
Autistic Hoya 2011-2017
Autistic Me in 2016 (also here) 2015-2016
Autistic Moon 2017-2017
Autistic on Wheels Dx28; 2017-2017
Autistic People Should… 2013-2013
Autistic Plant 2015-2015
Autistic Self Advocacy Network 2012-2017
Autistic Shark (also here) 2013-2015
Autistic SHS 2013-2016
Autistic Speaks 2009-2016
Autistic Trans King (also here) 2016-2017
Autistic Vegan 2015-2017
Autistic Wiki 2014-2016
Autistic Wizard 2014-2014
Autistic Wordpainter Alyssa Marie Bethancourt; 38; Woman; Dx25; writer of fantasy novels, recovering desert rat; 2010-2017
Autistic Zebra Mother of Autistics; Dx18+; 2015-2017
Autistic, Not Weird Male; 2015-2017
Autisticality 2014-2017
autisticandproud Male; 2012-2017
Autisticate Dalmayne (also here and here) 40s; Woman; Dx37; Irlen, synesthesia; Single; Author of Its An Autism Thing I’ll Help You Understand It; 2015-2017
AutisticChick 2012-2016
autisticinnerspace 2011-2017
autisticinnerspace 2011-2017
Autisticmotherland Mother of Autistic teenage son; Dx 18+; 2016-2017
Autistics Aware 2011-2012
Autistics Speaking Day 2011-2016
Autistictic Woman; Dx24; Married to NT; 2015-2016
AutistiKDo 2012-2016
Autistry And Me (also here) Woman; 2016-2017
autistsix Mother of Autistics; 2016-2017
AutistWanderer’s Musings 2016-2017
AUTITOPIA (also here) 2013-2015
AutiWomanDifferentBox Woman; 2016-2017
Autobiog by M.Lawrenson Male; Dx32; 2015-2017
autspicious 2016-2017
Awesometism 2011-2014
Ballastexistenz (also here, here and here) Mel Baggs; 2005-2017
Ballistic Autistic 2016-2017
Bamboo Chewer 2016-2017
Battle Of A Girl With PTSD (autistic mother’s blog is here) 2012-2016
Beautiful random dark thoughts of 3 autistic females 2015-2015
Because I’m cranky and autistic Woman; Dx11; 2017-2017
Because I’m Fabulous 46; Woman; Dx18+; Dep; Single; Topics: transgender, mental health, LGBTQ; 2013-2017
BECCA LORY, CAS, BCCS Dx18+; 2017-2017
becks’ journal teens; Non-binary; Dx16; ADHD, Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder, Anxiety, SPD, migraines; Student, writer; 2015-2017
Behind the Mask 2015-2017
Being A Parent with Aspergers Mother of Autistic; 2012-2013
Being Asperger’s 2013-2013
Being Nearly Human 2010-2011
Being Seen, the book (also here) Mother; Dx46; 2014-2017
Between Spectrums 2015-2016
Beyond Autism Mother of special needs; 2004-2015
blackautist 2015-2017
blindhorsegirl 2015-2016
Blinkie Frustrations 2015-2017
bliss for today 40s; Dx40+; Dep; Diagnosis is Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder not ASD; 2015-2017
Blissfully Being 2014-2017
blogger + me (also here) 2005-2007
Blogging Astrid (also here) Woman; Dx21; blind; 2002-2017
Blueyespeaks Dx19; 2017-2017
Bob Christian 40s; Father; Dx39; Published poet; 2016-2017
Bob’s Bizarre Brain Bazaar 2011-2012
Boldly Growing 2012-2016
Books on Autism 2015-2017
Bradseyeview (also here) Brad; 30s; Male; Dx15; anosmia; Eternally single; Retailer, traveller, family historian; 2015-2017
Briannon Lee Parent of Autistics; 2015-2017
Broken Cookies Taste Just as Sweet Mother of Autistics; 2016-2017
Broken Crayon Coloring (also here and here) 2012-2015
Bryce Pace Autism Advocate (also here) Dx9; 2017-2017
Buggy & Ducky On The Road Mother of Autistic; 2016-2017
Building Common Ground (also here) Father; 2008-2014
bundlejoycosysweet Dx18+; 2017-2017
bunnyhopscotch (also here and here) 2012-2017
Caffeinated Nutcase Mother; 2017-2017
caffeine & star stuff 21; Non-binary; Dx20; ADHD; 2017-2017
Cambria’s Big Fat Autistic Blog 40; Woman; Dx17-; Single; Kentucky, USA; 2014-2017
Car Races and Asperger’s Through a Girl’s Eyes 2013-2016
Carol Shay Hornung, Author Mother; Dx18+; 2013-2015
Cat in a dog’s world 2016-2017
Catastraspie Dx18+; 2011-2017
catsidhe Father; 2004-2016
Chapters of the Forest 2015-2016
Chasing the Sunset 2012-2014
Chat for Adults with HFA and Aspergers 2011-2017
Chic Gibson – A blog of sorts Father of Autistic son; Dx41; 2014-2017
Child-Led Chaos 2011-2017
chloerothschild (also here) 2011-2013
christyautisticwalk 2015-2017
Chronic Enigma Dx30+; 2012-2017
cipherr 2013-2014
Clarissa’s Blog 2009-2017
closetautism Woman; Dx30s; 2016-2017
Cloud Cuckoo Kiss 35; Dx30s; multi-lingual poet with holistic perception; 2016-2017
Cocoons Can be Comfy Woman; Dx30s; EDS; 2017-2017
coffeecraftscats 2016-2017
Comments From The Pecan Gallery 22; Woman; Dx17; Anx; Engaged; 2016-2017
Confessions of a Caffeinated Nutcase Mother; 2016-2017
Confessions of a Chilihead 2005-2015
Confessions of a Loony Genius 2016-2016
Confessions of an Autistic Mom / People Are My Kryptonite 2014-2014
Confidence with ASD 2016-2016
Counting the Ways 40s; Dx40s; single; 2017-2017
Crabby Centaur 30; Gender Fluid; Dx20s; UK-based; 2015-2017
Cracked Mirror in Shalott 2009-2016
Crazy Girl in an Aspie World Mother of Autistic; 2012-2017
Crazy-NOS 2016-2017
Creative Writing Of A Baltimorean 2016-2017
crippledscholar 2015-2017
Critique of Popular Reason 2010-2016
crzywise 2015-2017
David Snape and Friends Male; 2014-2017
Deceivingly Normal Mother; 2012-2016
Decrypting the riddles of life 2010-2015
Defiantly Divergent 2014-2015
delphinemusic (also here) 2011-2017
Dena Gassner, LMSW 50s; Mother of Autistic son; Dx38; JHS; 2013-2016
Diary Of A Birdmad girl 2017-2017
Diary Of An Alien 2013-2017
Diary of an Autstic Mind 2014-2016
different kind of wallflower 2015-2015
Different Wiring 2013-2016
Differently Wired! (also here) 2010-2017
Dinah the Aspie Dinosaur comics; 2015-2017
Disability and Geekery 2014-2015
disabilityrightnow includes non-Autistic contributors; 2012-2014
discovering aspie 2016-2016
Disney Aspie Life 2016-2017
divergentautist 30; Male; Dx18-; vision impairment, ADHD; Single; 2015-2016
djkirkby (also here and here) Woman; Dx40; 2000-2017
dkmnow 2007-2012
Don’t call me weird! 2016-2017
Down the Rabbit Hole 2010-2010
Down with Legitimized Deceit 2009-2010
Dr Melanie Kaiyanna Mahjenta Ph.D. Mother of Autistic; 2016-2017
Dream Walden 30s; 2016-2017
dreaming fish 2009-2017
drive mom crazy J; 30s; Poet & artist from NY; 2007-2017
Droopy’s Safe Space (also here) 2005-2010
Dude, I’m An Aspie. Comics; 2009-2016
dumbmartian Mother; Dx18+; 2015-2017
Dwarren57 Derek; Male; Dx4; Anx; Pennsylvania native; 2009-2017
Eater of Trees 2011-2011
Eccentricities and Introspection 2013-2017
Eccentrics United Woman, Dx18+; 2011-2017
Eclectic Autistic 44; Non-binary; Dx43; Married; 2016-2017
EightEights 2012-2014
Eleanor’s Blog Dx46; Dep, Colitis, Arthritis; Entire family is Autistic; 2011-2017
Elephants Remember Woman, Dx18+; 2016-2017
Ellen, From Now On 2012-2017
Eluding Atrophy 34; Non-binary; Dx18+; Anx, Dep, fibromyalgia; single; 2014-2017
Emma’s Hope Book Autistic daughter & NT mother; 2010-2016
Emma’s Messiah Miracle of Music 2011-2016
End Autism Stigma Rachel; 42; Mother of Autistics (2 sons); Dx30s; Anx; Married to NT; Australia; 2013-2017
Endeavour to Live 2015-2017
Endo Bee Woman; Dx18+; 2016-2017
entrepreneurialautistic Mother; Dx32; 2015-2015
Erin Clemens (also here) 2011-2015
Erin Human Mother; Dx18+; 2011-2017
Everyday Aspie (also here and here) Mother of Autistic; Dx 40s; 2012-2017
Everyday Autism Dx31; 2016-2016
Everything’s Hunky Dory Dx35; 2010-2016
Evil Autie 2012-2017
Excerpts From the Mind of an Autistic 2016-2016
EXPATLOG Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; 2014-2017
Exploring Aspergers Mother; 2013-2016
Extemporary Sanity 2012-2012
Faith and Food Scott Morizot; 52; Father of NTs (18+); Dx51; Celiac; Married; 2009-2017
Felineaut 2016-2016
Felis Autisticus 2015-2017
Feminist Aspie Woman; 2012-2017
femmeaspiechick 2016-2016
FemmeBurger 2010-2014
Feral Soul 55; Woman; Dx18+; CPTSD, SPD, chronic pain, chronic illness; Upstate NY; 2016-2017
Finally Knowing Me Dx45; Bipolar; Married; UK; 2016-2017
First signpost late in life Father of Autistic son; Dx34; 2007-2010
flojoeasydetox 2014-2017
flowervioletblog 2016-2017
Flying yet falling Mother; Dx18+; 2016-2017
Folks with Asperger’s 2005-2005
fortyfive9s Woman; 2014-2016
Freak Parent: too weird for the weird. Mother; 2013-2013
FRIDAY FRIDA 2016-2017
From My World To Your World 2015-2017
From Obscurity 2013-2014
From the Machine 2013-2017
Full Spectrum Mama 2012-2017
gareeth (also here) 2012-2017
Geeky Scribbles 2013-2015
Giraffe Party 2015-2016
Glass Footsteps Male; Dx18-; ADHD, OCD; Irish; 2015-2017
Glenn Hawkins, Writer Dx39; 2016-2016
Glitchberry 2016-2016
Gnus, wombats and ducks Mother; Dx40s; 2011-2014
Goth Mom Gamer 2015-2017
Grady P Brown – Author Male; 2014-2017
Graphic Explanations 2013-2015
GRASP 2016-2017
Greg Love Father of Autistic; Dx31; 2016-2016
Gretchen Leary 30s; Woman; Dx23; Anx, dysautonomia, OCD, ADHD; Engaged to Autistic; Boston; 2012-2017
Growing up Aspie and other Metaphysical Ponderings 2010-2010
Hands In Motion (also here) 2015-2016
Happily Eccentric: Autism & Asperger’s in my family 2010-2017
hardlyneurotypical Charlotte Hammond; 18; Woman; Dx15; ADHD, dyscalculia, JHS, GAD; Creative Writing student from UK; 2014-2017
Healthy Possibilities 2013-2016
Heidi Turner Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; 2016-2016
Helens Blog 2016-2016
Hello Neurodiversity! 2015-2016
Help! They Want Me To Socialise (also here) 2014-2017
Her Autism 45; Mother of Autistic daughter (dep, anx, ADHD, OCD); Dx44; 2017-2017
Here Be Dragons 2009-2010
Here Comes A Thought…. -2017
hereirawr Mother; Dx18+; 2012-2016
HFAchick 2016-2016
History of Bad Parties Woman, Dx18+; 2011-2016
Holding Patterns and High Tea (also here) Salem Leonard-Goosby; 39; Non-binary parent of 5 children 2-14 (all ND); Dx20s; Asthma, AERD (respiratory disease), Fibromyalgia, Anx; ethically non-monogamous with all-ND partners; writer, activist; 2011-2017
hollywoodautistic 2016-2016
Homo Autistic Male; 2006-2017
Hot Mike’s Music Industry Chronicles 2016-2016
How a female aspie finds her niche in life 2013-2014
How Autistic Feels 26; Non-binary; Dx20s; hEDS; 2015-2017
How to bring up an Aspergers Child without going crazy… 40s; Parent of Aspergers/HFA son (teens, dyslexia), HFA daughter (teens, dyspraxia), daughter (pre-school); Dx40s; Cohabiting Parents – long term engagement (Partner has HFA, Dyslexia); Dyslexia, Dep, Anx; 2017-2017
humble lioness 2016-2017
Hux Tales 2015-2017
Hyper Inspiration 2013-2015
I am a lesbian with Aspergers. Does that make me a Lesperger? Woman, Dx30; 2013-2015
I am just like you-but different 2010-2010
I Don’t Need A Cure Autism Flash Blog 2015-2016
I Know This Rose Will Open 2014-2017
I Love Fractals 2011-2013
I Still Find It So Hard… Male; 2012-2015
I Told You I Was Sick 2010-2017
I Wish a Thousand Little Things 2012-2012
I’d Rather Rescue Myself 2014-2017
I’m not crazy—–i am autistic!!!!! 2009-2017
I’m Not What You Think 2010-2012
I’m Somewhere Else 2009-2017
Identities 2014-2017
Ido in Autsimland Male; 2011-2017
ihaveaspbergers 2016-2016
Illusion of Competence 2010-2012
In My Voice 2009-2013
in regione caecorum rex est luscus 2006-2017
In So Many Words Mother of Autistic; 2016-2016
In Through The Out Door 40s; Mother of daughter (18); Dx30s; GAD, Anx, ADHD, SPD, HH, PTSD, OCD, Dep; infreq; Divorced; Colorado; 2012-2014
Individual Existence 2011-2011
innerdragon 2014-2017
inshiftingcolour Woman, Dx18+; 2016-2017
Inside the Mind of an Aspie 2011-2015
Inside The Rainbow Tracy; 47; Mother of Autistic son (7) and NT sons (24, 29); Dx42&46; ED, Dep, GAD, OCD, SPD; Married; SAHM, Lancashire, Hormonally Challenged Misfit; 2016-2017
International Aspergirl Society (also here and here) 2014-2017
Invisible Autistic Woman, Dx18+; 2013-2017
Invisible Strings 2013-2017
ischemgeek Woman, Dx18+; 2013-2016
It’s A Stimmy Day Mother of Autistics; 2002-2013
It’s All Uncharted Woman; 2013-2016
It’s Bridget’s Word Mother; 2011-2015
Its not all about me? 2012-2014
JACK THE SPACE COWBOY 20; Dx19; Tourette’s, Anx, Dep; 2016-2017
Jaded, Rocked, Healing 2014-2016
James’ diary 2012-2013
Janika Banks (also here, here, here, here, and here) Woman; Dx46; Anx, APD, ME, Dep, FB, PTSD, chronic illness, chronic pain, synesthesia; Autisable, Xanga, minecraft, #Lexxperience, Branson MO; 2011-2017
jeanettepurkis (also here) Jeanette Purkis; 40s; Woman; Dx20; atypical schizophrenia; Australia. Autism advocacy, writing and public speaking is consuming passion; 2014-2017
Jeannie Davide-Rivera (also here) Mother of Autistics; Dx38; 2012-2017
Jehoshabeath 2002-2017
Jenlandia Dx18+; 2016-2017
Jess the Brave 2013-2013
Jesse Saperstein Male; 2013-2017
JesseGarboden Male; 2012-2017
Jim Sinclair’s Web Site 1988-1998
jkpenney 2016-2017
jo fox – adventures in art – An autistic artist learning her craft. Dx18+; 2015-2017
Job Sink 2011-2011
Journal – David Finch Dx18+; 2016-2017
juanspinkelephant 26; Non-binary; Dx2; NV, PTSD, OCD, FB, SPD, APD, ID, alexithymia, epilepsy, chronic pain, chronic illness; infreq; 2014-2017
Jumping Out of the Fishbowl – An Autistic Life 2014-2017
Just a Little Background Noise 2.0 Male; 2013-2013
Just Add Tea Elizabeth; 30s; Woman; Dx34; Single; Teacher from Texas; 2012-2017
Just Being Me…Who Needs “Normalcy” Anyway? (also here) Mother of neurodiverse; 2013-2017
Just for the Record 2013-2014
Just One Autistic Girl (also here) 2015-2016
Just Stimming… Woman; 2011-2016
Kaption This Mother of Autistics; 2017-2017
Karlas ASD Page (also here; Karla’s mentee) -2017
Kaspieman (also here)2009-2015
Kate Fox. Stand-Up Poet. Writer. Comedian. Performer. Researcher. Facilitator. Lecturer 2009-2017
Katy Doesn’t Live In Smithton 2010-2016
Kawaii Maiden 2016-2016
KDS – An Idea Of Autism (also here and here) 2016-2017
Kerry Magro (blogs for Autism Speaks) 2010-2017
Kyriolexy 2010-2013
Land of My Sojourn Male; Dx18+; 2009-2017
laughatmypain 2013-2015
Laura Nadine Dx26; 2009-2017
Lemon Peel 2014-2016
letsgetreal2016 Mother; 2016-2017
Letters from Aspergia 2010-2016
Letters from my Bouncy Castle Maria Guardiola; 26; Mother of Autistic son and possibly-Asperger’s daughter; Dx25; 2017-2017
lettersfromexile 2016-2017
Lichen is my OT3 …………..< 3 (also here and here) 2008-2017
life as a double minority 2013-2014
Life As I Know It Father of Autistic; Dx50; 2012-2014
Life Asper Margo Marguerite Comeau; 26; Woman; Dx21&23; CPTSD, Anx, Dep, OCD; Caucasian, Canadian, Bahai, Pisces; 2015-2017
Life Help Me 2016-2017
Life in the Uncanny Valley Male; 2009-2017
Life of an “functioning” Aspergian and her Service Dog Kobash Mother of Autistic; 2014-2017
Life on the Other Side of the Wall Male; Dx18+; 2010-2017
Life on the Spectrum Mother; Dx40; 2010-2015
Life on the wrong planet 32; Woman; Dx32; Dep, Anx; Long term relationship with NT; West Yorkshire, UK; 2017-2017
Life with Aspergers Gavin Bollard; Father of Autistic sons (16, ADHD, AS, NVLD; and 13, HFA, OCD); Dx36; Anx, HH, OCD, ADHD; Married; Technology, Australia ; 2007-2017
Life with Autism Kelly Murphy; 26; Dx3; Type 1 diabetes; library volunteer; 2014-2017
Lighthouse (also here) Naomi Jacobs; Non-binary; Dx30s; EDS; Sociology PhD student; London; 2012-2017
Linda Mad Hatter (also here) 2011-2017
Lisa Simpson Has Asperger’s Dx30s; 2016-2016
Lissa Lysik’an (also here and here) 2014-2017
little autism things 2015-2017
Little Miss Aspie Sasha-marie; 20; Woman; Dx16; urticaria (hives), angioedema, vasovagal syncope, Anx, GAD, APD, SPD, hyperacusis, ME, Dep, FB (mild), JHS, chronic pain, migraines, dysautonomia; In a long-term relationship; developmental psychology student; 2016-2017
Littlest Alien (also here) 2016-2017
Living Amongst Humans Jim Jacobson; 58; Dx50; 2011-2017
Living and Parenting with ASD Parent of Autistic; 2007-2007
Living In Limbo Dx17; 2017-2017
Living with AS, SPD, OCD and PTSD 2012-2016
Living with Asperger syndrome (also here, here, here, here, and here) Paul Hassing; Male; Dx42; PTSD; Married to NT; writer, Australia, greenie; 2009-2015
Living with Asperger’s Syndrome 2010-2014
Living With Aspergers Syndrome Mother; Dx18+; 2011-2012
LIVING with FASD…and Autism (also here) Woman; 2012-2014
Living with the aspergers curse (also here) 2012-2017
lizzielives 2016-2016
LMAO: Laughing My Asperger’s Off 2014-2016
Locked Girl Woman; 2017-2017
Locus Iohannis | Probable Aspergian Father; 2007-2017
Loner on the road (also here) 2014-2017
Look Me In The Eye John Elder Robison; Father of Autistic adult son; 2007-2017
Look Me in the Eyes 2016-2017 2004-2017
Losing It Slowly 30; Woman; Dx29; ADHD, Anx, OCD, SPD, dyspraxia, migraines; Single; Living with anxiety; 2016-2017
lost and exultant 2014-2016
Lost and Found Woman; Dx18+; author/musician/educator; 2014-2017
LOVE-NOS 2011-2011
love+shyness 2013-2015
Luna Lindsey 2010-2016
Luna Rose (also here) 2016-2016
Lyssa and Me 2011-2016
Making connections Mother; 2006-2009
Making It Up (also here and here) 40s; Woman; Dx40s; UK, home educator; 2003-2017
Mal on Wire 2016-2017
Mamautistic 34; Mother of Autistic and NT; Dx30s; FB, dep, anx, SPD; married; Writer, musician, bibliophile, and logophile in the USA; 2016-2017
Man in his Pyjamas Male; 2012-2017
Mark Kent Father; 2014-2017
Married with Autism 2010-2010
Matt’s Corner 2008-2012
Matthew Rozsa (also here) Male; 2011-2016
Matty Angel 2009-2017
Max’s shop of horrors 2014-2017
Maybe Autism Explains It All 40s; Woman; Dx41; Anx. APD. JHS. SPD. PCOS. IBS. Hypothyroidism. Asthma; Married; Canadian; 2015-2017
Me, Myself and PDA Dx12; PDA; 2014-2017
megan rhiannon Woman; 2016-2017
Megzz’s Life With Asperger’s 2010-2016
Melissa Fields, Autist 57; Gender-nonconforming; Dx36; Single; Artist, writer; 2014-2017
Memoirs of a misunderstood teen 2015-2017
Mercy Endureth Forever 2011-2017
Merely Quirky 2008-2017
Michael Forbes Wilcox Male; Dx58; 2011-2017
Michael’s Portfolio 2017-2017
Michelle Sutton Writes (also here, here, here, and here) Parent of neurodiverse; 2012-2017
Misunderstood Misfit 2014-2016
Molotov Med Cocktail 2012-2015
Moment of Truth 2013-2013
Monique’s tips and techniques 2014-2016
Monkey Brains (also here) 2008-2012
MOONSIDE (also here and here) Ellen Stockdale Wolfe; 67; Woman; Dx30s & 50+; bipolar; Married to Autistic; Sicilian, Yogananda, bisexuality, photography, poetry, spirituality; 2012-2017
More Than A Number (also here) 2008-2010
More Than My Share Of Aspieness 2015-2016
Mr. asperger Male; 2012-2017
mum2aspergirl goes back to school Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; 2016-2017
mummyhereandthere Mother; 2015-2017
MusicallyAutistic Woman; Dx1; 2016-2017
Musing & Insights from An Adult With Multiple Disabilities 2010-2011
Musings of a Misfit 2013-2013
Musings Of A Wandering Autistic 2015-2016
Musings of an Aspie (also here) Mother; Dx42; 2012-2015
Musings of KarlettaA Woman; Dx32; Dep, Anx, ADHD; 2015-2017
Mutha Lovin’ Autism Mother of Autistics; 2012-2016
My Account as an Aspie 2010-2015
My adventures in NT world 2014-2014
My Antimatter Life Woman; Dx40+; 2010-2017
My Aspie Eyes 2015-2016
My aspie life Mother; Dx40s; 2012-2014
My Aspie Life Father of Autistics; 2011-2017
My aspie world 2013-2013
My Autistic Dance 43; Woman; Dx35+; Anx, GAD, Dep, ED; 2011-2017
My Blog 2012-2013
My Blog Thingie Mother; 2016-2016
My Experiences of Growing Up With Autism (also here) 2009-2013
My Exploding Head 40s; Male; Dx47; 2017-2017
My Fingers, My Words 2014-2015
My Inner Minx Woman; Dx18+; 2016-2016
My journey with Asperger’s Syndrome 2013-2015
My life as autist 2002-2016
My life in the dark 2007-2008
My Life on the Spectrum (also here) 50s; Woman; Dx50+; OCD; Single; Substitute Teacher’s Assistant; 2016-2017
My Ongoing Struggle 2013-2014
My Ordered Disorder 2014-2017
My Shade of Spectrum 2016-2017
My thoughts on… Dx2; 2007-2013
mylittlegoldfishbowl Dx18+; 2014-2017
Naked Brain Ink 2010-2014
Narcoleptic Aspie (also here) 48; Woman; Dx47; narcolepsy, ADHD, dysautonomia, POTS, ME, chronic illness, VSS; long-term relationship with NT; 2016-2017
Natural Variation Parent of Autistic; 2006-2010
Nature in the City Mother of Autistics; Dx18+; 2014-2016
Near-Earth Object Father; Dx38; 2008-2017
Nerd Meets World 2015-2017
Neuroatypical Wonderings 2014-2015
Neuroblending 2015-2016
Neurodiverse Thinking: An Autistic’s Blog 2008-2008
NeuroDiversity Revisited 2013-2016
Neurodrooling 2013-2017
NeuroQueer includes non-Autistic contributors; 2013-2016
neurowonderful (also here) 2013-2017
nigelthedragon Stacey Grahame; 27; Woman; Dx14; dyspraxia, arthritis; Seeing someone; 2011-2017
Nightengale of Samarkand (also here) 2003-2017
No Longer in a Box 30s; Non-binary; Dx26; Bipolar, Anx, Gender dysphoria; Canada, actor, playwright; 2012-2017
No Stereotypes here (also here) 2009-2017
Non-Speaking Autistic Speaking 2012-2017
Non-Speaking Not Silent 2013-2016
noprizesfornormal Mother; 2013-2015
Normal Is Just An Average (also here) 36; Male; Dx2; CPTSD, APD, SPD, ADHD; Single; Mountain Recluse, White-Passing Caucasian-Indigenous, Midwest USA; 2014-2017
Normal Is Overrated Male; 2007-2012
North of Andover 45; Dx30s; PTSD, chronic pain; 2012-2017
Not another aspie blog 2012-2013
Not Far From the Tree 2013-2017
Not of this World Non-binary; Dx11; self advocate; 2015-2017
Not Your Neurotypical Girl Woman; Dx12; 2016-2017
Notes From The Backseat Mother of Autistic; 2011-2017
Nothing About Us Without Us 2012-2013
Nothing Happens to Me’ – (quote by John Watson) 2015-2016
Odd One Out (also here) 2004-2013
oddcog 2007-2015
Oi 2008-2009
Ollibean -2017
On the Aspie Side 40s; Woman; Dx40; Anx; Single; 2017-2017
On the wrong steamship Dx30s; ocean liners, Star Trek TNG; 2016-2017
Once in a Cobalt Moon 2003-2017
One Day at a Time 2016-2016
One Odd Duck 2011-2014
One Quarter Mama 2009-2017
Only I, know the true me 2015-2015
Our Autistic History (Month) 2016-2016
Outdoor prescription and me Dx18+; 2017-2017
OuterSpaceBoy Male; Dx37; Anx, Dep; Designer from Central Europe; 2016-2017
Outside In (also here) 2008-2017
Paginated Thoughts (also here, here and here) queer, non-binary trans; 2014-2017
Parenting Autistic Children With Love & Acceptance Parents (including non-Autistic) of Autistic(s); 2013-2016
pastelrainbowinfinity 2016-2016
PatrickJasperLee (also here) 2011-2016
Paul Isaacs (also here) Non-binary male; Dx20s; autism “fruit salad” analogy; author, speaker, trainer, consultant, artist, poet; 2013-2017
Paula C. Durbin-Westby (also here) Parent; 2009-2015
Penelope Trunk Careers Mother of Autistic; 2001-2017
Pensive Aspie Mother; 2014-2015
Perpetually Autistic (also here and here) Woman; Dx30+; 2013-2017
Persephone Parent of Autistic; 2004-2009
Personal experiences, Autism Advocacy by Ben 2013-2017
Perspectives 2011-2017
Pharaoh66 2016-2017
Pieces of Sila’s puzzle 2012-2013
Pixie Perceptions 2010-2016
Planet Autism Parent of Autistics; 2014-2017
Poetic license revoked 2011-2014
Polly’s pages (aka ‘Donna Williams’) Dx2; 2016-2017
Positively Pink Àû Mother of Autistics; Dx18+; 2017-2017
Pre Rain Man Autism (also here) 2005-2015
Pressing Puzzles Father; Dx18+; 2011-2017
Prism*Song 2009-2013
privatepersonblog Dx60+; 2016-2017
Processing Problems Dx18+; SPD, PTSD; 2017-2017
Proud Autistic Living 2013-2017
ProudlyAutistic Dx15; 2017-2017
purpleaspie (also here) Woman; Dx35; Anx, Dep, GAD, chronic illness, dysgraphia; infreq; Canadian; 2011-2016
Puzzle and Petticoats 30s; Mother of Autistic son (6; dyspraxia, savant maths, ARFID, SPD, PDA), Autistic daughter (2), and NT daughter (5); Dx32; Anx, Dep; Married; 2015-2017
Queen Aspie 2016-2016
Queer Without Gender 2013-2017
Queerly Autistic Woman; Dx23; 2017-2017
Queertism, Gaytism, Asperqueer, Aspergay, Asperdyke 2016-2017
Quirky Missy (also here) 2005-2017
Radical Neurodivergence Speaking 2010-2017
Raging into the Void Dx18+; 2015-2017
Rags Among Riches 2015-2016
Rain Symphony (also here, here, and here) 2014-2017
Rainbow With Lace (also here) 2015-2017
Rainbows and Petticoats 2015-2017
Rainey Days (also here and here) 2015-2017
Ramblings of a recently recognised autistic Woman; Dx18+; 2016-2017
Ramblings of A Successful Autistic 2009-2013
Ravenambition’s Aspergers Blog (also here, here, and here) Kimberly Gerry Tucker; Mother of Autistic adult son, trans son, and NT son (Anx); Dx30s; Selective mutism; Widowed; Author, Artist, Advocate; Introversion, arts, books and life; 2013-2017
Raxautist 2016-2016
rebeccaweston Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; 2013-2014
Rebekah Gillian 18; Dx17; full-time student; lifestyle blogger; 2015-2017
Redefining Normal Woman; Dx4; 2016-2017
Reports from a Resident Alien Woman; 2005-2017
Respectfully Connected Parents (some non-Autistic) of Autistic(s); 2015-2017
Resplendently Autistic (also here) Mother; Dx18+; 2013-2016
Restless Hands 2011-2017
Rev’d Lynsay’s Musings Mother of Autistics; 2016-2016
Reward and Consent™ 2007-2017
Riko’s blog: PDA and more. 30; Gender non-conforming; Dx28; PDA, OCD, AIWS, POTS; 2014-2017
Riley’s Raven Nest of Writing 2016-2016
RJ’s Corner Male; Deaf; Dx18+; 2009-2017
RobertLovesPi’s Blog Male; 2012-2017
rootless introspection 2014-2017
Rose with Thorns Anna Rose Meeds; Woman; Dx18; Anx, Dep, ED; teaching English in China; 2013-2017
Roses are Red for Autism Male NV teenager; 2014-2017
Rude Girl Jamie; 28; Woman; Dx18+; Anx, dep, SPD; In a relationship; 2017-2017
Running on the Spectrum 2011-2013
Ryan Boren (also here) 2002-2017
ryelle codes 2015-2017
samanthaspie 23; Woman; Dx18+; ADHD; recent fine art graduate; 2017-2017
sandissquishy 2016-2017
Sara Kerkstra – An insiders guide to Autism Woman, Dx18+; 2016-2017
Sarah Stup’s Blog 30s; Dx4; 2013-2017
Saved Aspie 2008-2016
Scattered ASD Perspectives 2012-2013
Schrödinger’s Aspie 30s; Woman; Dx27; Endometriosis; Denmark; 2012-2017
Sci-Ence! Justice Leak! Male; 2008-2017
Scott Lentine 2013-2017
Scribbling on Seashells Ori Adriel Eliora Smith; 21; Non-binary; Dx19; migraines, dyscalculia, ADHD, CPTSD, Dep, GAD, chronic illness, chronic pain, APD; Partnered to Autistic queer platonic partner; Jewish; studying creative writing; 2014-2016
Sean Callaghan-Life on the Spectrum blog 2015-2017
Searching for answers to Aspergers Syndrome 2010-2015
secretlifeofautism 2016-2016
SEEDs for Autism Blog 2016-2017
Seeing Double, Understanding Autism (also here) Gwen Greenwood; 24; Woman; Dx6; Dyspraxia, Anx, Dep; single; lives and works with Autistics; 2014-2017
Sensory Sensitive Mummy (also here) Mother of SPD; Dx30+; 2016-2017
Serene Aspergia 2012-2017
Serenity Rayne’s Blog 2017-2017
Seriously Not Boring Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; 2013-2017
Seventh Voice Woman; 2012-2016
Shalese Nicole Heard Dx2; 2015-2015
Shelley in the Rain Woman; Dx32; SPD, Anx; Married; 2015-2017
Signposts in the fog Mother; Dx18+; 2013-2013
Silence Breaking Sound 2015-2016
Silly Goose Dx20s; 2014-2017
SilverArabian’s Stuff Dx18+; 2013-2017
Simple Thoughts on Random Things Mother; 2013-2013
Single mom with Autism Mother of Autistics; 2014-2016
SISTER SUNSHINE’S DIARY Mother; Dx42; 2001-2013
sleep wake hope and then Woman; Dx20s; 2012-2017
Smash The Spectrum 2010-2010
Snakedancing 2011-2017
So Much Stranger, Darker, Madder, Better (also here) 2015-2017
So This Is Autism 39; Male; Dx38; Dep; Married; Japanese, midwest, printing; 2017-2017
Social Skills Blog Male; 2012-2017
Social skills for autonomous people. 2012-2017
Society For The Prevention of Autism Prevention Woman; Dx18+; 2007-2009
Sociology Graduate with PDD-NOS 2008-2013
SOLVE ET COAGULA (also here) 2005-2010
Some Open Space 2013-2017
Something Original 2017-2017
Sometimes a Lion Ari Ne’eman; ; 2015-2017
Somewhere On The Spectrum 2009-2013
Sound and Vision Male; Dx30s; 2016-2017
Spaced Out & Smiling (also here and here) 2013-2017
Spectrum Bloggers Network 2014-2015
Spectrum Inclusion Ron Sandison; -2017
Spectrum Views 2012-2013
Spectrum Women 2016-2017
Spiritual Equilibrium 2005-2017
sputteringwords 20s; Woman; Dx19; 2015-2017
Square 8 2007-2015
Squooze 2014-2016
Stalking My Ex-Boss Dx22; 2013-2017
standing in the way of control 2015-2017
Star Ford (also here) 48; Woman; Dx30s; 1989-2017
StimCity Mother of Autistic; 2011-2014
Stimeyland Mother of Autistic; Dx2012; 2007-2017
Stims, Stammers and Winks 2013-2015
Stimtastic Aspergers 2012-2013
stompgal87blog 2016-2017
Stuart Duncan (also here) Father of Autistic; Dx36; 2010-2016
Stuart Neilson Male; Dx45; 2013-2017
Suburban Autistics (also here) 2012-2017
Swirly Mind, Flappy Hands 2017-2017
tagÂûght (also here and here) Trudy; 40s; Woman; Dx35; Anx, SPD; Single; St. John’s, Canada; Sensory Issues, Canadian Advocacy; 2013-2017
taking a jigsaw to the fangs 32; Woman; Dx20s; North Carolina, cat lover; 2017-2017
TAL9000 (also here) 2011-2012
tales by the unexpected 29; Male; Dx30; ADHD, Dep; Belgium; 2016-2017
Tales From An Autism Family (autistic daughter’s blog is here) Mother of Autistic; 2012-2017
TARDISTIC 2014-2015
Tea & Toast 2011-2013
teasperger Woman; Dx21; 2016-2017
That One Wolf 2012-2015
thatawkwardkid93 2011-2017
The “Diane is weird” files 2013-2017
The A word without excuses Mother of Autistic; 2016-2017
The A-Typical Avenger Parent of Autistic: Dx21; 2015-2017
The Acting Aspie Woman, Dx18+; 2016-2017
The Aging Aspie 40s; Male; Dx46; anosmia; Married to NT; London, Mathematician; 2017-2017
the apparent apanthrope 2012-2013
The Art of Being Asperger Woman Woman; Dx30s; 2006-2017
The Artism Spectrum (also here) Kirsten Lindsmith; Woman, Dx19; 2014-2016
The Asperger Blog 2015-2016
The Asperger Café 2010-2015
the asperger path (also here) 50s; Male; Dx49; Single, Gay; 2016-2017
The Aspergers Post 2011-2015
The Aspergic Medic Dx18+; 2009-2009
The Aspie Bird 2014-2016
The Aspie Life (also here and here) 2005-2015
The Aspie Side of Life Mother of Autistic; 2011-2016
The Aspie Teacher (also here) Mother of Autistics; Dx36; 2012-2017
The Atypical Alien (also here) 25; Woman; Dx25; Anx, ME, Dep, PTSD, SPD, chronic illness, chronic pain; Married to NT; Southern housefrau blogging about the “hell inside my head”; 2017-2017
The Autism Advantage 2016-2017
the autism crisis Michelle Dawson; ; 2006-2015
The Autism Pastor Father; 2016-2017
The Autist Dharma 2012-2017
The Autistic Beekeeper 2015-2017
The Autistic Me Male; Dx18+; 2007-2017
The Autistic Physicist 2015-2015
The Autistic Voice (also here) 2010-2017
The Autistinquisitor Rishav Banerjee; 18; Dx7; Psychology major; 2016-2017
The Awesome Blog 2014-2015
The Bipolar Mystic 2010-2016
The Black Sheep Bleats Mother; 2015-2017
The Christian Aspie (also here) Stephanie A Mayberry; 50; Woman; Dx41; SPD, social & phone phobias; Married; Freelance writer & photographer; Author of books on Asperger’s; 2010-2017
The Clockwork Pastor (also here) 2005-2017
The Confessions Of A Memory Foam Mattress 2012-2016
The Constant Observer 2007-2009
The Cranky Autistic Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; 2015-2015
The Creative Emotional Aspie 2016-2017
The Cutting Cookies Circus (also here and here) Dominique Emma Flanigan; 43; Woman; Dx42; ADHD, Dyslexic; Single but determined to change that; Knitter/Crocheter, Peter Pan, Survivor; 2016-2017
The Daily Pick Me Up! 2015-2017
The Diary of Someone with Asperger’s 2014-2014
The Dragon Core 50s; Parent of daughter (BPD and ADHD) and son (ADHD); Dx50+; ADHD, BPD; Married to NT; Educator in the USA; 2016-2017
The Eccentricities of an Actually Autistic Woman 2016-2016
The Edge of the Bell Curve 2010-2017
The Elephant in the Room 2014-2017
The End Time (also here) Dx40+; 2009-2017
the fool on the hill 2013-2016
The fucked up Life of Mila Blue 2017-2017
The girl who can’t fit into a box! Jennifer Jackson; 29; Woman; Dx2; ME, Anx, Dep, OCD; lesbian; Single; MA Religious Studies and Global Development; aspiring creative writer, freelance writer; LGBT issues and mental health; Harrogate, North Yorkshire; 2014-2016
The Greatest Adventure Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; parenting and personal development; 2017-2017
The Hermit Plays Solitare (also here) 2010-2017
The Hidden Village of Aspergers 2010-2016
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome Male; Dx31; 2015-2015
The Houston Aspie Blogging Collective 2012-2017
The Inked Autist 30; Male; Dx14; Dep; bisexual, engineer, tattoo enthusiast, beer Scotch and cigar reviewer. Pro-cure/anti-ND due to being shut out of a dream career (airline pilot) due to ASD diagnosis; 2016-2017
The Invisible Spectrum 2011-2011
The Laughing Shadow 2014-2016
The LauraKBuzz Network 2012-2017
The Liberal Aspie Cristina Alexander; 23; Woman; Dx18-; OCD, Personality Disorder-NOS; 2015-2017
The Life of an Aspie 2013-2017
The life of an Aspie 2010-2010
The Light Is Too Loud 2014-2016
the lone lands 2012-2017
The magical (realism) theory of disability 2016-2016
The Mind of an Autistic Savant 2015-2017
The Misadventures of Mama Pineapple Mother of Autistic; 36; Dx36; ADHD, dyspraxia; educator; 2016-2017
The Neon Green Nest 2015-2016
The Not-So Random Thoughts of a Psycho-Educational Consultant 2011-2016
The Observers Outpost 2015-2016
The Old Aspergian Dx59; 2015-2017
the other end of the spectrum. 2008-2011
The other side Dx50+; artist blogging on autism and art; 2015-2017
The Other Side 2008-2017
The Outlier Male; Dx31; loves art; 2015-2017
The Particular Life 2012-2012
The Peripheral Minds of Autism – A Stress Perspective 2015-2017
The Pieces Fit! Dx30s; 2014-2017
The point of view of An Aspergian 2004-2012
The Psy of Life Parent of Autistic daughter (Anx); Dx48; Anx, FB, PDA; Married to NT; Snarky, sarcastic, and profane; 2016-2017
The Quixotic Autistic 2010-2013
The Realistic Autistic 2015-2017
The same but different 2009-2010
The Sarcastic Autist 26; Non-binary; Dx20s; PTSD, Dep, Anx, Endometriosis; 2016-2017
The Secret Aspie Mother of Autistic woman (anx, dep; 21) and trans male (23) and trans woman (25); Dx48; PTSD, anx, DID, dep; polyamorous, BDSM; Sunshine Coast, lifelong learner; 2017-2017
The Seeker’s Path 2011-2011
The Silent Wave (also here and here) 39; Woman; Dx39; EDS, PTSD, Celiac, other autoimmune, HH; Married; Biracial (Caucasian-Cajun-Native), lives in Texas; 2008-2017
The Snacking Sage 2015-2017
The Standard Review (also here and here) 2006-2014
the sum of all my tics 30s; Dx30+; Anx, Dep; 2017-2017
The Talentless Liar Woman; 2016-2017
The Tao of Autism 2009-2011
The Tao of Josh Male; Dx18+; 2016-2016
The Third Glance Woman; 2011-2015
The Tudors make me tic 26; Dx26; Engaged; lives in UK; Tourette’s, Irlen, APD, SPD, OCD, Dep, Anx, CPTSD, BPD, psychosis; 2013-2017
The Unabashed Autist Alison; 40s; Woman; Dx17; PTSD; Biracial Midwesterner, veteran, software dev.; 2015-2017
the uninspirational 30s; Non-binary parent of Autistic child (gender unknown); Dx30s; CPTSD, ADHD, ME, EDS; 2015-2017
The Vibrating Square 2010-2011
The Vowel Diaries (also here) 2014-2017
The Warped Lens of Perception Male; 2011-2014
The Warped Lens of Perception 2011-2017
The Welcomed Intruder 2012-2012
The World We Create Woman; Dx20s; Dyspraxic; Married ; 2013-2017
theasdgamerblog 2013-2017
theaspiegirlblog 2016-2017
theaspiewizard Woman; 2012-2013
theepicautistic Male; 2013-2017
thegiverofwords 2012-2017
thelongestprocess 2014-2016
TheManBehindBlueEyes 2014-2015
theoriesofminds 2014-2017
thequestioningaspie 2016-2017
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