About us

Judy (An Autism Observer) maintains the Actually Autistic Blogs List

The following team of Autistic bloggers will manage this website if Judy is unable to.
Que Sara Sara – Life in My Autistic World Sara F.; 44; Dx42; Woman; ADHD, hEDS; special ed HS teacher; artistic, LGBTQ+; USA (Maine); 2022-2022; Instagram
Observations From the Spectrum – an autistic’s view of the world 2019-2022
The Real Michael Tanzer – Born to spread Autism Awareness! 2021-2022
Raven Ambition’s Aspergers BLOG – Life’s Idiosyncratic Observations Mimestream, author of Under the Banana Moon; Dx30s; Mother of Autistics; situational mutism, Dep, Anx, PTSD; accessibility specialist, quality analyst, author, artist; self-taught at everything; widowed, partnered with CPTSD male; USA (Eastern); 2013-2022; Kimberly Gerry Tucker, Under The Banana Moon, TikTok

Here are their introductions. Please contact us if you’d like to join our team.

Autistic Ultra designed our logo and has provided advisory support.
Autistic Ultra 57; Dx51; gender-fluid butch dyke; writer, tech geek; 2008-2022; Zen and the Art of Moto Taxi Survival

SoulRiser has created a custom Google search engine that only searches the blogs on the Actually Autistic Blogs List. (It can also be accessed from this page.)
SoulRiser’s Ramblings 2017-2020

Mamautistic has provided advisory support.
Mamautistic Aria Sky; 39; Dx29-33; Parent of Autistics; FB, alexithymia; writer; partner has ADHD; USA (southeast); 2016-2022; Autistically Unschooling

15 thoughts on “About us

  1. A few hours ago, you breezed around my blog and read and liked several posts. This was timely because I was looking for a blog exactly like yours yesterday. My son (13 y.o.) was diagnosed last week and someone suggested I read first-person accounts of adult autism to gain a better understanding of what he’s experiencing. Thank you for your blog. I’m certain I’ll make heavy use of it as I look for some new bloggers to follow. –Jeff

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  2. You visited my blog sometime back, thank you so much for liking it. I am a mother of a child on autism. I have started a blog series and have written a book on my experiences of raising a child on the spectrum. The idea is to encourage fellow parents and to create more awareness about the condition. Please let me know how can I list my website/blog/book on your platform.

    Thanks. Take care.

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