Join our team

Thank you for volunteering to join the team of Autists to help manage the Actually Autistic Blogs List if it becomes necessary.

Here’s what’s involved:
1. Your email address will be added to Google’s Inactive Account Manager contact list. This means that after three months of inactivity, you will gain control of this website’s Gmail account. You will then be able to control the Actually Autistic Blogs List by signing in with anautismobserver AT gmail DOT com and selecting “Email me a login link” or “Lost your password?”
2. You will be invited to be a Contributor to the Actually Autistic Blogs List, which means you’ll be able to write and edit your own posts but not publish them. We encourage you to write a post to introduce yourself.
3. You will be listed on the About us page with the other team members.
4. You will be given permission to view our Dropbox folder containing relevant files.
5. My family will notify you (and other team members) if I die or become incapacitated, so an appropriate announcement can be posted on the blog.
6. You will receive a personal message from the Inactive Account Manager after the site’s Gmail account has been inactive for three months which will explain further. All tasks described in that message are optional for you because we already have sufficient team members to cover the basics.

Please confirm that you would like to participate. Thanks again for volunteering.

Would you like to share any ideas about new directions you might want to take the website? (This is not required.)

If you are not Autistic and want to help, we recommend The Neurotypical Parent’s Autism Advocacy Toolkit as a good place to start. We are grateful for all our NT allies.

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