Blogs by Actually Autistic bloggers, by location

Below is the Actually Autistic Blogs List as a table sorted by (1) location, (2) gender/parenting status, (3) current age, and (4) blog name. (Here’s how to adjust the font size.)

If there is sufficient interest, a spreadsheet with more sorting options will be uploaded. If you want this, let us know in the comments below.

Blog Location Gender/Parenting Age Dx age Blogger Co-occurring Conditions Occupation / About Marital Status Latest (Earliest) Other websites
Life with Aspergers Australia Father of Autistics Dx36 Gavin Bollard Anx, HH, OCD, ADHD / Technology married 2022 (2007)
Hello Michelle Swan Australia Mother of 6 ND’s / writer, speaker, mentor, advocate 2022 (2015)
Yenn Purkis Autism Page Australia Non-binary 40s Dx20 Yenn Purkis atypical schizophrenia / Autism advocacy, writing and public speaking is consuming passion 2022 (2014) (archives), (website)
hsphaven Australia Dx20s BPD, CPTSD, Dep, Anx, SPD writer / 2022 (2016)
Paper Fury Australia Dx21 2022 (2011)
Moon Disorder Australia (Adelaide) Woman 20s Dx18+ bipolar 1 student / artist and writer single 2022 (2021)
Benedict Roff-Marsh Australia (Gold Coast) Father of Autistics (suspected) 53 Dx45 apparently unemployable :-O / composer & record producer partnered with probable Autistic 2022 (1989) YouTube, bandcamp, New Possibilities Tarot
Nothing if not verbose Australia (Melbourne) Woman 41 Dx30s Kate ADHD, EDS, JHS, Dep, CPTSD, SAD, Crohn’s, chronic pain, FB, endometriosis marine biologist / married to Autistic/ADHD 2022 (2013)
Heath Wilder Australia (NSW, Sydney) Non-binary Dx48 ADHD, Dep, Anx director of CRM / actor, indigenous married 2022 (2012)
Autism from the Heart Australia (Queensland) Male 37 Dx34 factory worker / single 2022 (2011)
The Wandering Mind Australia (Queensland) Mother of Autistic Dx46 2022 (2016)
C. M. Weller’s Musings Australia (Queensland) Parent of Autistics 40s Dx40 InterNutter Anx, Dep, APD indie author / 2022 (2017) Realm of the InterNutter
The Secret Aspie Australia (Sunshine Coast) Mother of Autistic Dx48 PTSD, Anx, DID, Dep / polyamorous, BDSM; lifelong learner (sexually explicit) 2022 (2017)
Too THIS To Be THAT Australia (Tasmania) 57 Dx53 Bradfield Dumpleton Dep, existential overwhelm, terminal otherness freelance illustrator, experimental musician, teacher & thinker / philosophy, creativity, perception, ontology, Zen, emotional intelligence, adult autism, late (50+) diagnosis, mental health 2022 (2021) Bradfield Dumpleton, Bandcamp, YouTube
Megan Strant Australia (Victoria, Melbourne) Mother of Autistic daughter 30s Dx18+ organisational change consultant / married to man with ADHD 2022 (2019)
Jacci Pillar Australia (Victoria, Melbourne) Non-binary 50s Dx40s SPD, CPTSD, Anx, chronic illness, hypermobility, hyperacusis anthropologist, comedian, author / truth bomber 2022 (2014)
Proxima Nexus Australia (Victoria, Melbourne) Parent of Autistic son 40s Dx40s Anx designer / family, health, creativity, rants married to Autistic 2022 (2022)
autistsix Australia (Western, Swan) Mother of 4 Autistic daughters with Anx & Dep (youngest also has ADHD & dyslexia) 51 Dx38 Lisaba Dep, Anx carer / six autistics together married to suspected Autistic (with Dep) 2022 (2016)
tales by the unexpected Belgium Male 35 Dx30 ADHD, Dep 2022 (2016)
The World We Create Canada Parent of 2 Autistics and 1 with learning disabilities Dx26 dyspraxia teaching / married 2022 (2013)
Abnormal Diversity Canada Woman 30s Dx15 PTSD psychologist in training / aspiring author single 2022 (2006)
How Autism Self-Advocacy Revolutionalized My Life Canada Woman 40s Dx20s CAPD, SPD, hyperlexia, trauma and Dep history 2022 (2021)
The Autistinquisitor Canada 24 Dx7 ADHD, BPD, PTS student / Indian musician (pianist/singer/occasional songwriter) 2022 (2016)
Ada Hoffmann Canada 34 Dx13 science fiction author / 2022 (2014) Substack
Homestyle Heather Canada (BC, Vancouver) Woman 32 Dx16 Heather GAD / Christian married 2022 (2018)
Living Suicide Blogs Canada (British Columbia, Vancouver area) Dx24 Dangil scientist, writer, advocate / 2022 (2020)
The Other Autism Canada (British Columbia, Vancouver) Woman 42 Dx38 EDS, MCAD research communications specialist / 2022 (2020) Facebook, Twitter
Unmasked Canada (British Columbia) Mother of Autistic 38 Dx36 Shayna Kershaw ADHD, GAD, PCOS author / Jewish, fantasy author married to Autistic 2022 (2022)
Sustaining Practice Canada (Mi’kma’ki/Nova Scotia) Non-binary 25 Dx16 Jay ADHD, CPTSD, PTS, FB, SPD, bipolar, agoraphobia, LGBTQ+ farmer, artist / nature, sustainability, esoterism married to Autistic 2022 (2020) Instagram
Aspie Diaries Canada (Newfoundland, Conception Bay South) Woman 24 Dx8 early childhood educator / 2022 (2011)
Celebration Generation Canada (Ontario, Hamilton) Woman Dx15 Marie Porter Spandex costumer and author / married 2022 (1998) Spandex Costumer, Spandex Simplified, Celebration Generation
Embrace Autism Canada (Ontario, Oakville) Autistic couple Dx25 (Martin) & Dx48 (Natalie) Dr. Natalie Engelbrecht RP ND & Martin Silvertant registered psychotherapist, naturopathic doctor (Natalie) & graphic designer, illustrator (Martin) / research- and experience-based autism content; education and empowerment for Autistics, by Autistics 2022 (2018) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, PodBean
The Perfumed Void Canada (Ontario, Ottawa) Woman 34 Alyssa Gonzalez CPTSD science writer / Hispanic, immigrant, transgender, atheist, trained biologist, science fiction writer solo polyamory 2022 (2011) (website)
Superior Realities Canada (Ontario, Toronto) Male Dx20s Tyler F.M. Edwards Dep freelance writer / 2022 (2011) The Books of the World Spectrum
Amanda’s Tales Canada (Ontario, Waterdown) Dxteens retail floorperson / Tales from an Autistic! 2022 (2016)
Autistically Me Canada (Ontario) Mother of Autistic 30s Dx33 Fairrie (she/her) Autistic rights activist/community advocate, artist of many forms / vocalist, writer, perfumer, musician 2022 (2022)
Humanity and Autism Canada (Saskatchewan) Mother of ND daughters 40s Dx30s high school teacher / divorced 2022 (2017) Wattpad
Alternative World Canada (Toronto) Dx55 Alan Conrad author / shyness, literature, history, science 2022 (2017)
Speaking of Autism… Colorado Male 20 Dx18- Quincy GAD 2022 (2019)
struggling through daily life EU Woman 30s Dx36 Dep, PCOS, chronic illness / atheist married to ADHDer 2022 (2019)
Young Radical Escapist with Autism India Male 33 Dx24 Ashwin Kumar Anx recruitment / single 2022 (2016)
Autistic Hippy Ireland Mother of Autistic son 30s Dx20s married to Autistic man 2022 (2021)
The ADog Blog Ireland (Munster, Limerick City) Male 24 Dx14 Adam Cronin student / Autistic curiosity, analysis, honesty single 2022 (2022)
Tiny Spectrum Island Jamaica Woman Dx18- cerebral palsy student / 2022 (2022)
The Maltese Autist Malta 21 Dx19 LyratheDranix (they/them) student / 2022 (2022)
Motherhood, me and autism Netherlands Mother 32 Dx31 Serena Nova ADHD writer, graphic designer / new mom married to ADHDer 2022 (2021)
A Multitude of Musings Netherlands Woman 36 Dx21 blind, cerebral palsy, DID, PTSD, BPD married 2022 (2018)
Cynni’s Blog Netherlands (Cuijk) Woman Dx30+ Cynni ADHD, Dep / Gaming, music, TV and mental health divorced 2022 (2019)
Dancing off the Edge of the World Netherlands (Limburg, Velden) 60s Dx50+ Janet GERD, ME, asthma, chronic pain retired / equality, socialism 2022 (2022)
Martine Mussies Netherlands (Utrecht) Dx30s Cyborg Mermaid scholar / bi+ gal with boyfriend 2022 (2018)
Another Spectrum New Zealand Male 73 Dx60 migraines married to NT 2022 (2014)
AStrangerInGodzone New Zealand Parent of adult NT daughter Dx50+ LGBTQA+ / writer, artist, Kiwi 2022 (2010)
Bohemian Humanist New Zealand Woman 24 Dx20 LGBTQ+, Anx, Dep teacher / 2022 (2016)
Melanie Magowan New Zealand Woman 50s Dx42 self-employed / 2022 (2012)
Invisible Autism – Medium New Zealand 40s Dx28 Anx, Dep student / 2022 (2018)
Aspie Answers New Zealand Dx16 Anx unemployed / mental health, acceptance, European 2022 (2020) Life of an Aspie, Aspie Answers, YouTube
Deafblindcan New Zealand (Hamilton) Male 43 Dx40 Tyrone Cook HH unemployed / Anglican, poetry and short story writer single 2022 (2015)
Autistic Bloke New Zealand (Northland, Whangarei) Male Dx50 Dep registered nurse / 2022 (2021)
Justin Nizza Philippines (Batangas) 33 Dx28 bipolar, PTSD, BPD, OCD military veteran / married 2022 (2015) YouTube,, TikTok, Instagram
the autistic witch Portugal (Porto, Maia) Non-binary parent of Autistic 38 Dx38 she/they ADHD, Anx, IBS, SPD tarot reader / neurodivergence, self-love, self-awareness, tarot married 2022 (2022)
Solecisms Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) Woman Dx30 Hala Abdullah / Arab feminist poet 2022 (2009)
Christian Rethinker South Africa 2022 (2007)
Aspie Nomad South Korea/USA Male 30s Dx18 Jay Harris GAD, Dep English teacher / travel, nature, challenges single 2022 (2020)
For the love of diversity Sweden Woman Dx37 life coach / 2022 (2022)
Mental Illness by Pebbel Art Sweden 2022 (2018)
Love Eliasson – A Dream Comes True Sweden (southern) Male 26 Dx15 Love Eliasson artist and writer / in English and Swedish 2022 (2022)
finding ollie Sweden (Stockholm) Non-binary 26 Dx21 Ollie Bee Dep, ED, OCD student / 2022 (2021) Instagram
THE SLIGHTLY STRANGE Switzerland Woman 30s Dx30s Miss Raven journalist / 2022 (2021)
The Autistic Blogger UK Male 28 Dx3 George Harvey customer assistant / reviews, personal experiences single 2022 (2015) Autistic Blogger Reviews
A gorilla’s existential crisis UK Male 30s Dx29 Matt Johnson Dep unemployed / 2022 (2016) SpaceTyrannosaur
A Listful of Horrors UK Male 30s Dx30s writer / 2022 (2015)
Autism, Life & Learning UK Male Dx16 & 19 The Autistic Gecko non-epileptic attack disorder student / autism, mental health and (I am a) podcaster 2022 (2020) podcast, Instagram
Nothing But The Truth UK Mother Dx42 2022 (2019)
Autistic Selves (youtube) UK Mother of Autistic 47 Dx42 DID stay-at-home parent, cat sitter, writer / blogs about autism & DID 2022 (2021) Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Ko-fi
Someone’s Mum UK Mother of Autistic son Dx37 2022 (2016)
Autistic and Living the Dream UK Non-binary 32 Dx28 Katie Munday ADHD, OCD youth worker lead, wheelchair basketball coach, post-grad student / 2022 (2022)
The Autistic Advocate UK Parent of Autistic 43 Dx23 Kieran Rose SPD, Dep, APD / writer, activist married 2022 (2017) Facebook, Twitter
Nicky Collins – The Autism Coach UK Parent of Autistic Dx34 ADHD autism coach / empowering Autistic women and girls 2022 (2021)
21andsensory UK Woman 20s Dx25 Emily SPD, OCD, Anx, hyperhidrosis, dyslexia graphic designer and illustrator / 2022 (2015) Instagram, Twitter
Sarah Boon UK Woman 20s Dx24 dyslexia master’s student / single 2022 (2019)
Diary of a Painfully Shy Introvert UK Woman 30s Dx16 Emma-Lucy Dep, Anx, PTSD student/unemployed due to disability / mostly daily posts single 2022 (2017)
Under Skeleton UK Woman 30s Dx34 CRO Analyst / raised in USA, living in UK married to NT 2022 (2018)
Making It Up UK Woman 50s Dx40s home educator / 2022 (2003) Living otherwise, Choosing different
Living whole UK Woman 50s Dx51 Anx, APD, EDS, FB, FND, GAD, HH, IBS, JHS, OCD, PCOS, PDA, POTS, PTS, SAD, SPD, autoimmune, chronic pain, dysautonomia, fibromyalgia, hypermobility, migraines, synesthesia artist / 2022 (2015)
Aut-Ish UK Woman Dx25 Onikage hypermobility, learning difficulties, Anx 2022 (2018) Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, podcast
Autistic and me UK Woman Dx38 2022 (2021)
Neurodivergent Network UK Woman Dx30 2022 (2020)
Small Town Autistic Woman UK Woman 2022 (2016)
I Was Born This Way UK teens Dx13 ADHD writer / 2022 (2022)
An Aspiring Aspie UK 31 Dx26 Adam ADHD (suspected) full-time carer for wife, hopefully future writer / married 2022 (2021)
The Tudors make me tic UK 32 Dx26 Tourette’s, Irlen, APD, SPD, OCD, Dep, Anx, CPTSD, BPD, psychosis engaged 2022 (2013)
The World According To Me UK 35 Dx30s Brit American Puddles dyslexia, Dep, PTSD, Anx, asthma administration / 2022 (2022)
Rosie Writes… UK 30s Dx34 Anx, Dep / long-term sick, book-blogger 2022 (2011)
The Autistic Doctors UK 40s Dx40s medic / 2022 (2021)
My Continuing Journey UK 40s Dx40s 2022 (2010)
@autisticgpshh UK Dx40+ ADHD, PDA doctor (GP) / 2022 (2020)
An Autistic Eye in GeoSci UK Dx20s works in higher education / married 2022 (2022)
Aspiring (to be you) UK Dx21 student / 2022 (2021)
Autism HWB UK Dx30s Flo and Rhi / sharing health and well-being posts by autistic writers 2022 (2019) Rhi Lloyd-Williams. Florence Neville
Autistic Widower UK Dx48 2022 (2017)
Coffee, Cups & Books UK Dx5 Luce cerebral palsy 2022 (2021)
HARRY J. THOMPSON UK Dxteens 2022 (2019) The PDA Paradox UK Dx17 2022 (2013) Uncomfortable Labels
Rosie Weldon UK Dx25 2022 (2019) Amazon, YouTube, Twitter
The Aspie World UK 2022 (2018) YouTube
Jorik Mol UK (England, Berkshire, Reading) Male 34 Dx18- Dep, Anx, CPTSD, dyspraxia teacher / queerness, education, public speaker partnered with Autistic 2022 (2020)
Charlie Hart Neurodiversity Advocate UK (England, Birmingham) Mother of Autistics 46 Dx42 Charlie Hart Anx HR systems analyst / married 2022 (2019) Facebook
Lucy-Alice UK (England, Birmingham) Woman 30s Dx13 Lucy bipolar / art, writing, likes computers 2022 (2020)
Emergent Divergence UK (England, Brighton) Male 32 Dx26 OCD with psychotic features, PTSD writer / 2022 (2019) Facebook
Exploratory & Stimulatory Revelation UK (England, Brighton) Male 43 Dx42 M. W. Shayboski store assistant / thinking single 2022 (2021)
Prego! UK (England, Derbyshire, Erewash) Woman 40s Dx40 Spangley dyspraxia, dyscalculia student / 2022 (2016)
Northerly Rose UK (England, Durham) 62 Dx58 Rose Matthews (she/her) independent researcher / 2022 (2021)
Janine Booth UK (England, East Sussex, Lewes) 56 Dx45 London Underground station supervisor, trainer, writer / Socialist, campaigner, trade unionist lives with NT partner 2022 (2014)
AC Keeble UK (England, Essex, Hornchurch) Male Dx9.5 student / alternating creative intellectual rebel 2022 (2014)
Life, Autistically UK (England, Essex, Southend-on-Sea) Mother of Autistics Dx38 Hannah 2022 (2021)
Peaceful Rampage UK (England, Gloucestershire) 61 Dx18+ 80smetalman DAMP support worker / married to bi-polar spouse 2022 (2013) 80smetalman’s Blog
•Autigurl• UK (England, Hampshire, Southampton) 30s Dx31 Claire SPD teacher / 2022 (2018) Facebook
Authentically Emily UK (England, Hertfordshire, St Albans) Woman 21 Dx16 Anx, Dep, OCD student / 2022 (2020)
Treeshallow Musings UK (England, Isle of Wight) Woman 32 Dx28 Kathryn Rossati Dep, Anx author / poetry, book reviews, children’s and YA writer 2022 (2017) (website)
Autisticality UK (England, Kent, Dartford) Male 22 Dx17 Ben Usher-Barrass ADHD, Anx, RSD, Dep, situational mutism volunteering, small paid jobs / single 2022 (2022) Facebook
Anime – Movies – Wrestling UK (England, Kent, Orpington) Male Dx42 MIB Dep, HH, OCD, PDA, SAD, dyspraxia, narcolepsy, synesthesia unemployed / anime/movie reviewer, amateur filmmaker, video editor single 2022 (2012) Vimeo, Orpington Video and Film Makers, Twitter, Facebook
The Lost Generation of Autistic Adults UK (England, Kent) Woman 45 Dx41 research student / autism research by Autist 2022 (2020) Twitter
Diagnosed As An Adult UK (England, Kent) Woman Dx35 Rachel ADHD / ADHD, childhood trauma married 2022 (2020)
RJ’s Blog UK (England, Lancashire) Male Dx11 Richard Southworth / reviewer, writer, traveller, nature lover 2022 (2014)
Relearning The Basics UK (England, Lancashire) Mother 31 Dx26 unemployed / single 2022 (2020)
Crazy World Online UK (England, Lancashire) Woman 21 Dx18- student / single 2022 (2016)
Niraj’s blogs UK (England, London) Male 23 Dx2 Niraj student / blogs about mental health 2022 (2019)
WADLOKA UK (England, London) 50s Dx41 Paul Wady autism trainer for the National Autistic Society / Buddhist, synthesist, performer, writer married to Autistic 2022 (2014) Paul Wady Guerilla & Stealth Aspies, Stealth Aspies Theatre Company, The Terminal Beach, The Model Aircraft Museum
Autistic Civil Servant UK (England, London) Dx30s civil servant / 2022 (2022)
Zen Master* Bear** Speaks*** UK (England, London) Dx54 FB creative technologist / 2022 (2020) TEDx Talk
Autistic Anecdotes and Photography UK (England, north of London) Woman Dx60 Angie Davies ADHD, Anx, APD, ED, SAD, dyscalculia, dyslexia, learning difficulties, hypersensitivity (noise / smells) engineering / science (hobbies: photography, part-time dairy farming) / humour, farms, animals, factual single 2022 (2018)
Finty Royle UK (England, North West) Woman 21 Dx16 Finty anorexia student / 2022 (2021)
Autistic & Finding Dopamine UK (England, Northampton) 30s Dx31 Kerri / Buddhist, fitness, inked single 2022 (2019) YouTube
Autistic Nottingham UK (England, Nottingham) Dx33 charity / 2022 (2020)
The Autistic Panda UK (England, South East) Woman 23 Dx15 dyspraxia student / single 2022 (2021)
aspie kid blogs UK (England, South West) Woman Dx7 student / 2022 (2017)
Stimming Simmer UK (England, South Yorkshire) Non-binary 27 Dx26 Laura ADHD, APD, CPTSD, IBS, PDA, PMDD librarian / 2022 (2021)
The Elements of AuTiSm UK (England, Suffolk, Newmarket) Non-binary 21 Dx20 Saffron Anx student / 2022 (2021)
Mickey Mayhew UK (England, Surrey) Male Dx16 researcher/writer / partnered 2022 (2015)
A Voice in the Void UK (England, Surrey) Non-binary 39 Dx38 Sammie schizophrenia on mental health disability / mental health, asexuality in a relationship with Autistic 2022 (2022) YouTube
Exploration of life as a neurodiverse creative UK (England, West Yorkshire) Non-binary Dx54 ADHD visual artist, MA photography student / late diagnosis 2022 (2021) Photography artist Jillian Boyd, Facebook
My Faulty Brain UK (England, Wiltshire) Parent of Autistics 49 Dx43 Louise Reynolds Dep, fibromyalgia, ME disabled / married to Autistic 2022 (2018)
Brain Wired Wrong UK (England, Yorkshire) Father of Autistic (suspected) 48 Dx47 Andrew ADHD, CPTSD, OCD, IBS, Anx self-employed artist / artist, musician, craftsman, writer married 2022 (2022)
A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent UK (England, Yorkshire) Parent of Autistic dyslexia, ADHD bereaved 2022 (2017)
Biky The Goblin King UK (England) Non-binary Dx18- BikyTheGoblinKing (it/they/he + more) student / art, creativity, youtube, LGBT+ 2022 (2022) YouTube
Emily loves dogs & toast xoxo UK (England) Woman 13 Dx12 Ems Anx, Dep / animals 2022 (2022)
I Don’t Look Autistic UK (England) Woman 22 Dx17 Sarah LGBTQ+, synesthesia university student / friendly dinosaur enthusiast 2022 (2020)
Rosebud UK (England) Woman 20s Dx3 Rosebud Anx student / single 2022 (2016)
Molly’s Musings UK (England) Woman 30s Dx20s Molly Dep, Anx, FB, FND, IBS, LGBTQ+, ME, PTSD, SPD, aphantasia, chronic illness, chronic pain, wheelchair user disabled by chronic illness / 2022 (2018) UK (England) Woman 40s Dx45 Dep, panic disorder book editor, associate lecturer / married to NT 2022 (2021)
ND WEB – Neurodivergent WEB UK (England) Woman Dx50+ dyslexia, Irlen, ADHD music teacher, musician / practical information and tips 2022 (2022)
In Between Worlds UK (Northern Ireland, Armagh) Woman 50s Dx40 Kathy Barenskie unemployed / divorced 2022 (2020)
autistic groups fairness watch UK (Scotland, Central Belt) Dx35 Maurice Frank ADHD gardener / participative 2022 (2005) ELAS, Edinburgh Asperger’s
MYAUTISTICBLOG UK (Scotland, Glasgow) Father of Autistics 42 Dx40 married 2022 (2022)
The Medusa Diaries UK (Scotland) Woman 19 Dx15 Medusa OCD, Dep, Anx student / aspiring journalist 2022 (2020)
One Small Step UK (Scotland) Woman 24 Dx21 recent university graduate / autism in women 2022 (2020)
Nerd Rambles UK (Scotland) Woman Dx18- Megan retail / pop culture, nerdy goodness 2022 (2014)
John’s Sharebox UK (Scotland) 31 Dx31 care worker / 2022 (2022)
Autistic Social Worker UK (South England) Mother of Autistics 40s Dx40s social work educator, independent trainer / Scottish 2022 (2021)
Kate Murray UK (Wales, Swansea) Woman 66 Dx38 Kate dyspraxia, dyslexia student / writing and art married 2022 (2012)
Undercover Autism UK (Wales) Parent of Autistic son Dx46 senior manager social care / professional, parent and person married 2022 (2020) Off Down The Rabbit Hole
Lazarus Recovery USA Father of Autistic 70s Dx50+ Chuck recovering addict retired / faith and recovery 2022 (2021) YouTube
The Autistic Mind Finally Speaks USA Male 20s Dx18- / NSp single 2022 (2019)
Revolutionary Musings USA Male 30s Dx34 ADHD, Dep, Anx / reluctant poet single 2022 (2017)
CrazyFitnessGuy® USA Male Dx18- Jimmy Clare / an Autistic college student obsessed about healthy living 2022 (2017)
Thoughts From A White Man USA Male Dx26 2022 (2021)
Megan’s Mind Symphonies USA Mother Dx18- married to NT 2022 (2017)
Terra Vance – NeuroClastic USA Mother of Autistic 42 Dx30s ADHD, OCD, SPD, SID, dyslexia, dyspraxia, cross-dominance, EDS, synesthesia industrial and organizational psychology consultant / writing the neuroverse married to Autistic 2022 (2018)
My Neurodivergent Path USA Mother of Autistics Dx38 The Holistic Austistic massage therapist, martial arts teacher / 2022 (2022)
TAS Thoughts USA Non-binary 20s Dx20s CPSTD, DID blogger, freelancer / 2022 (2020) Medium
A Shortsighted Pragmatist USA Non-binary 30s Dx29 (he/they) ADHD, GAD, intermittently NSp graduate student / philosophy, theology, emotional intelligence, artwork 2022 (2022)
Nothing Radical USA Non-binary (they/them) 20s Dx19 software engineer / 2022 (2020)
My Autistic Self USA Woman 28 Dx18- Samantha Anx, Dep Disney cast member / artist, writer, reader single 2022 (2019) Tumblr
Sarah Sippurim USA Woman 30 Dx18- (She/Her) OCD, ADHD, dyslexia, fine motor issues, Anx, Dep, SAD unemployed (disabled) / creative, insightful, lover of stories single 2022 (2022) YouTube
Neurobeautiful USA Woman 30s Dx28 excoriation author / 2022 (2017)
actually autistic female USA Woman 30s Dx30s Anx, LGBTQ+ writer / genderfluid 2022 (2021)
Jaime A. Heidel – The Articulate Autistic USA Woman 42 Dx35 OCD, PTSD writer / 2022 (2020)
High-Functioning Madison USA Woman Dx18- 2022 (2018)
PosAutivity USA Woman Dx7 diabetes 2022 (2022)
Return to Innocence USA Woman Dx28 freelance book editor / married to NT 2022 (2018)
Random Musings of an Autist USA 26 Dx7 Fallon epilepsy, ADHD, bipolar, ODD, OCD, emetophobia, GAD actor / I’m just a mess 2022 (2021) actress Fallon Sousa
The Autistic Animator’s Desk USA 20s Dx3 works at home / wants to become animator 2022 (2019)
Getting Real With Autism USA 40 Dx19 hospital housekeeper / 2022 (2020)
Cathy Tea’s SimLit Anthology USA 60s Dx59 Cathy Tea web editor, writing instructor / self-identification, gifts, challenges, modifications, healthy living 2022 (2014)
#AutisticAF USA Dx63 Johnny Profane singer/songwriter / musician married to NT 2022 (2020) Spotify, ‎Apple Music, YouTube, Bandcamp
Danny With Words USA / NSp 2022 (2020)
Into the Dance USA Dx18- Dan direct support professional for people with disabilities / devout Catholic single 2022 (2012)
Jennifer Lee Rossman – Speculative Fiction Author USA Dx18+ 2022 (2016) Amazon
Looking at Artifacts and Ideas USA Dx18+ bipolar (type 2) director of Center for Artifact Studies, professional philosopher / Jewish 2022 (2013) David Cycleback, Bookboon
nerdshelley USA Dx30s 2022 (2021)
Northborn Sword USA 2022 (2016)
Why I’m Talking USA (Alabama) Woman 19 Dx16 Maliyah PMDD university student / amateur perspective and analysis 2022 (2019)
MASKS OF AUTISM USA (Arizona) Male Dx10 Austin Nichter Anx artist, freelancer / 2022 (2022)
A Flickering Life USA (Arkansas) Male 38 Dx13 Anx, Dep 2022 (2014)
What Have We Learned? USA (AZ, Phoenix) Father of Autistic adults 55 Dx30s writer, technician / divorced 2022 (2008)
Jenny Bristol USA (AZ) Woman 40s Dx45 Anx freelance writer/editor / 2022 (2013) GeekDad, GeekMom
Uniquely Hari USA (CA, Berkeley) Male Dx3 Hari Srinivasan ADHD, medical issues student / NSp 2022 (2006) The Daily Californian
International Badass Activists USA (CA, Fresno, Tower District) Mother of Autistics 40s Dx30 Eve Hinson synesthesia, self-harm, hyperlexia, FND, dyscalculia, chronic pain, chronic illness, autoimmune, alexithymia, PTSD , HH, FB, CPTSD, LGBTQ+, pansexual, androgynous married to NT 2022 (2014)
Aurelia Under the Radar USA (CA, NorCal) Woman Dx19 Aurelia Lightcaster OCD, Anx, Dep, paranoia student / headcanons, life, musician 2022 (2021)
Autism Adventures Abroad USA (CA, San Diego) and Australia (Queensland, Brisbane) Male 28 Dx6 Alex Stratikis (he/him/his) freelancer / autism-focused travel topics single 2022 (2022)
I Love You But Fuck Off USA (CA, San Francisco Bay Area) Non-binary parent of Autistic 50s Dx50+ Lise Quintana Anx, BDD, HH, LGBTQ+, OCD publisher / body positivity 2022 (2011)
Autistic Scholar USA (California, Davis) Dx11 Patrick Dwyer graduate student researching autism / 2022 (2018)
Lucky Numbers and Cool Cats USA (California, East San Francisco Bay) Woman 30s Dx5 Anx, ADHD, CPTSD Human Resources secretary / synesthesia engaged, partner fits “broader autism phenotype” 2022 (2021) Linktree
Loaded Life (facebook) USA (California, Northern) Mother of Autistic Dx54 Lucem/ LucemAspieGirl ADHD, Dep, suicidal ideation, RSD, echolalia independent contractor/writer / activist, henna artist 2022 (2021) Facebook
The Philosophical-Science Blog USA (California, San Jose) Male 11 Dx3 Aadil M. (he/him) / neurodiversity, social justice, science, philosophy 2022 (2022)
This is my place USA (California, Southern) 60s Dx50+ Au Natural retired / married 2022 (2017) The Naturist Community
Sally J. Pla USA (California) Parent of 3 Dx45+ children’s book author / reading, writing, teaching, family married 2022 (2021)
Neurodiverging USA (Colorado, Denver) Mother of Autistic Dx32 Danielle Sullivan stay-at-home parent / Autistic parent of ND kids 2022 (2020) Instagram
Mark’s Thoughts USA (East Coast) Father of Autistic Dx22 Domainman computer tech / Christian married to NT 2022 (2018) Stories and thoughts
Koshka’s Kingdom USA (East Coast) Dx20s Koshka 2022 (2020)
Oddly Godly USA (Florida) Father 34 Dx30 ADHD minister, podcaster, student / Christianity, life, hope, addiction married to NT 2022 (2021) podcast
dorkFarm USA (IA, Des Moines, Merle Hay Neighborhood) Father of Autistics 51 Dx47 kiyote23 Anx, SPD computer scientist / married to NT 2022 (2016)
anonymousmouseblog USA (IA, Iowa City) 26 Dx18- Mouse project scientist II / single 2022 (2022)
Ramblings of a Wild for Words Woman USA (Idaho, Boise) Mother of Autistic 53 Dx52 Moonfire ADHD bookkeeper / queer, atheist, asexual divorced 2022 (2008)
Mitchell’s Life with Autism USA (IL, Chicago) Male 19 Dx4 Mitchell epilepsy blogger / letterboard communication; NSp 2022 (2019)
Delightfully Quirky USA (Il, Chicago) Woman 49 Dx47 project coordinator / 2022 (2020)
Autistic Thoughts USA (IL, Quad Cities) Non-binary Dx25 2022 (2021)
She speaks her heart USA (Illinois, Chicagoland) 30s Dx12 / blindness, disability rights, self-advocacy 2022 (2016)
The Autistic Book Review Blog USA (IN, Bloomington) Parent 30s Dx22 Alexis Doorman Anx, Dep, SPD, chronic pain, migraines, psychosis home health aide / druid, exceptional pattern recognition ability, LGBTQ+ single 2022 (2022)
Katie Andrews Potter USA (Indiana, Indianapolis) Mother 30s Dx30s author / writer for children & young adults married 2022 (2022)
The Kingdom of the Heavens USA (Kansas, Topeka) Male 67 Dx51 Ian Johnson Anx, Meniere’s, JHS paralegal / interaction of Christianity and history married to NT 2022 (2020) Christian Oneness
Cambria’s Big Fat Autistic Blog USA (Kentucky) Woman 45 Dx17- single 2022 (2014)
Allison Wall USA (KS) Woman 30s Dx30 Allison Wall celiac, ADHD tutor, editor, writer / 2022 (2017)
Autie Angel USA (MA, Cape Cod) Woman 41 Dx35 CPTSD, Anx, Dep, alexithymia, SPD, APD, Irlen, vision impairment, dyscalculia, self harm, chronic illness, autoimmune, ulcerative colitis, Lyme, pancreatitis, migraines / Gardening, Music, Art, Poetry; has boyfriend 2022 (2012) Lost Ghost
Dan the Traveling Man USA (MA, Greater Boston Area) Male 30 Dx18- LGBTQ+ tourism/hospitality / travel, history, art, nature 2022 (2017)
Verevolf USA (Maine, Central) Male Dx60 ADHD, RSD, Dep / posts weekly on Thursdays 2022 (2022)
Que Sara Sara USA (Maine) Woman 44 Dx42 Sara F. ADHD, hEDS special ed HS teacher / artistic, LGBTQ+ 2022 (2022) Instagram
Four Eleven Productions USA (Maryland) Woman 30s Dx32 Heather EDS, Tourette’s key account associate / novel-in-progress writer engaged 2022 (2019)
Aspie Mouse Blog USA (Massachusetts, Arlington) Father of Autistic son 73 Dx60+ Christopher Conty ADHD / graphic novel of Autistic mouse who survives & thrives by doing the unexpected married 2022 (2019)
AuTom’s Spectrum USA (MD, Baltimore) 32 ADHD autism self-advocate / 2022 (2017)
Diary of Self USA (MD) Woman 29 Dx20s GAD IT specialist / married 2022 (2017)
Another Neurodivergent Queer Writes A Blog! USA (MI, Ann Arbor) Male 35 Dx33 Lucca Daniel Green (he/his/him) ADHD, Dep, Anx graduate student (PhD) / poet, ancient historian, neurodiversity advocate 2022 (2022)
Christy Oslund USA (Michigan, Houghton) 50s Dx50+ OCD, bipolar, Anx, fibromyalgia, dyslexia disability support specialist / blog for writers 2022 (2022) Collie Dog Press
OldLady With Autism USA (Michigan, northern) Woman 70 Dx65 retired / finding autism in undiagnosed elderly 2022 (2019)
Creatively Disordered USA (Michigan, Traverse City) genderfluid 26 Dx20s Stephanie bipolar, Anx, CPTSD freelance writer / book-writing, childhood trauma, writer life, bipolar married 2022 (2017)
Rauni Paige USA (midwest) 20s Dx18+ (she/they) / biracial, poc, or mixed 2022 (2020)
noahswritersblock USA (Minnesota, Stearns County) Male 20s Dx13 Noah Spadgenske housekeeping / Christian, writer, nerd perpetually single 2022 (2016) The Artifice, The Correlation
Not Weird Just Autistic – Medium USA (Missouri) Male 56 Dx46 J.R. Reed ADHD, Anx, Dep, GAD / author, autism advocate, speaker; White single 2022 (2018)
Most Likely to Succeed USA (MN, Twin Cities) Mother of Autistic Dx35 Heather Holbrook homemaker and patient care assistant / married to NT 2022 (2009)
Neurodivergent & Stoned USA (MT) Non-binary 27 Dx26 Stevie ADHD SEO specialist / married to ND 2022 (2022)
Life with Autism USA (Nevada) Male 62 Dx55 Anx, CPTSD, FB, GAD, OCD, telephobia high school culinary arts teacher / Asian, 3rd generation American single 2022 (2022)
Exceptional: Autism Consultation | Summit, NJ USA (New Jersey, Summit) Mother of Autistic 49 Dx47 Lara Schaeffer high school English teacher / late diagnoses (age 6 and up) 2022 (2022) Autism Consultation
My Longing Shall Gather USA (northeast) Woman 40s Dx20s Athlynne Dep, Anx transcriber / Celtic pagan, asexual single 2022 (2017)
The Schizophrenia Diaries USA (NV, Las Vegas) Woman 24 Dx17 Hannah schizophrenia, PTSD, Anx married 2022 (2020)
Autistic in NYC USA (NY, NYC, Queens) Woman Dx50+ Mona Pereth programmer / long-term Autistic partner 2022 (2019) WordPress
Veneranda Jade USA (NY, NYC; also Southern Arizona) 40s Dx31 ADHD, dyslexia public speaker / Mexican 2022 (2019)
Lyn Miller-Lachmann USA (NY, NYC) Mother of 2 (NT and ADHD) Dx50 writer and translator / writing while Autistic, translating the world married 2022 (2012) The Pirate Tree
The Autistic Super-Blog!! USA (NY, Upstate) Male 42 Dx40s maintenance worker, poet, blogger / 2022 (2017)
Autistic life USA (NY) Male 36 Dx32 GAD, PTS seeking MBA & accounting degree / partnered with NT 2022 (2019)
Maranda Russell USA (OH, Dayton) Woman 40 Dx30 Dep, Anx, bipolar, ME, fibromyalgia Freelance writer and book reviewer / Writing, Art, Vlogging, Empathic/Sensitive married 2022 (2011)
The Amethyst Lamb USA (Ohio) Woman 28 Dx25 Rachel Anx social worker (child & family advocate) / vegan, yoga teacher single 2022 (2014)
Asperger Female USA (Ohio) Woman 20s Dx28 ADHD, Anx environmental scientist / 2022 (2021)
Writing for Sanity’s Sake USA (Oklahoma) Woman 27 Dx16 bipolar, Anx, aphantasia homemaker / author, writer, fan fiction married to Autistic 2022 (2013) Patreon, GoFundMe
GeoStories USA (Oregon Coast) Male 24 Dx4 Isaac Buckley synesthesia, celiac, TBI inventor / Catholic homeschool graduate single 2022 (2007)
Autisticoronapoliticalifragilisticexpialidocious USA (Oregon, Portland metro area) Woman 40s Dx40s Sax Goddess / making connections between seemingly unrelated topics married 2022 (2020)
No Pressure PDA USA (Oregon) Mother of Autistics (suspected) 37 Dx36 Brook ADHD, delayed sleep phase syndrome, CPTSD home healthcare worker / faith, lifestyle, PDA understanding and support married to Autistic 2022 (2022)
My Aspie Life USA (SC, Charleston) Woman 20s Dx14 single 2022 (2017)
The Quiet Life USA (southeast) Dx18+ teacher aide / Christian single 2022 (2006) The End Time
Coach’s Killer USA (Tennessee) 30s Dx20s project manager/martial arts instructor / 2022 (2012)
Spitfyre Phoenix Rising USA (Texas) Woman 45 Dx39 EDS, PTSD, Celiac, other autoimmune, HH / biracial (Caucasian-Cajun-Native) divorced 2022 (2008) the silent wave, Who Loves Kitty, Laina’s Collection, YouTube, Maidenlion
Damnable Humbuggery USA (TX, Houston) 49 Dx45 Dep, GAD information technologist / married to NT 2022 (2016)
The Inked Autist 2.0 USA (TX, San Antonio) Male 35 Dx14 Dep engineer/culinary student / non-specific spiritual single 2022 (2016)
Rosie Writes USA (upper midwest) Woman 30s Dx20s Rosie APD, GAD, IBS, LGBTQ+, PCOS, PMDD, PTSD, SAD, asthma, panic disorder, agoraphobia / pansexuality, creative writing, trauma, parent loss, Irish-American 2022 (2015)
Life of Lieu USA (Utah) Male 20s Dx21 Lieu DID, trans student / researcher 2022 (2021)
Parents and Kids Share Together USA (Virginia, Midlothian) Woman teens Dx18- Maddie children’s television historian / 2022 (2020) (blogspot)
The Autistic Ambassador USA (Virginia, Southwest) Non-binary parent of Autistics 30s Dx34 Kai APD, PDA, dyscalculia, alexithymia, aphasia, situational mutism, Dep, Anx, CPTSD, OCD, dysautonomia stay-at-home parent, homeschooler, homesteader, blogger / facilitating cultural exchange between neurotypes married to NT 2022 (2021)
Manual Transmission: Shifting Gears as an Adult with Autism USA (Virginia) Male 58 Dx50+ Bart ADHD, sleep disorders continuous improvement leader in food manufacturing / life hacks and perspective married to NT 2022 (2021)
Autistic Mama USA (WA) Mother of Autistic 20s Dx20s Kaylene George Anx, PTSD author / married to male with ADHD and dyslexia 2022 (2014)
CRACKMEATJUICE USA (Washington, Seattle) 56 Dx56 Jane Brooks (she/they) ADHD, mobility disabled instructional designer / married to ADHDer 2022 (2022)
Daily Life with Asperger’s USA (Wisconsin) 60s Dx34 Al Kutil semi-retired / autism research married 2022 (2013)

Endnotes (back to top)

Here are even more Autistic blogs (in list format only).

1 All blogs are English-language, written by (professionally- or self-diagnosed) Actually Autistic people (though a few blogs include non-Autistic contributors) about our personal experiences with autism (as opposed to “Autism Blogs” written by families, professionals, and others).

2 The Autistic blogs search engine searches exclusively within Actually Autistic blogs (a few of which include non-Autistic contributors). For example, type “Atypical Netflix” or “Identity First” into the search bar to find out how Autistic people feel regarding the Netflix series “Atypical” or the issue of Identity-First vs. Person-First Language.

Nearly all Autistic bloggers have been contacted to request input on how they want their blogs listed (and about 30% responded). All issues raised in the comments have been resolved. If you have any concerns please comment below or contact us.

This page was last updated on October 27, 2022 (and will be updated again soon). Please check back.

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