Blogs by Actually Autistic bloggers, by location

Below is the Actually Autistic Blogs List as a table sorted by (1) location, (2) gender/parenting status, (3) current age, and (4) blog name. (Here’s how to adjust the font size.)

If there is sufficient interest, a spreadsheet with more sorting options will be uploaded. If you want this, let us know in the comments below.

Blog Location Gender/Parenting Age Dx age Blogger Co-occurring Conditions Occupation / About Marital Status Latest (Earliest) Other websites
Life with Aspergers Australia Father of Autistics Dx36 Gavin Bollard Anx, HH, OCD, ADHD / Technology married 2020 (2007)
Chromographia Australia Male 18 Dx3 synaesthetic / fantasy-writing; biracial 2020 (2017)
Mental Health to Wellness Australia Male 42 Dx26 married 2020 (2020)
Hello Michelle Swan Australia Mother of 6 ND’s / writer, speaker, mentor, advocate 2021 (2015)
I’m not broken Australia Mother of Autistic daughter Dx50+ unemployed / married to Autistic 2021 (2019)
Cats & Cantrips Australia Non-binary 20s Dx18+ Dep, Anx, PMDD, PTSD, agoraphobia, chronic pain engaged to NT 2021 (2020)
Yenn Purkis Autism Page Australia Non-binary 40s Dx20 Yenn Purkis atypical schizophrenia / Autism advocacy, writing and public speaking is consuming passion 2021 (2014) (archives), (website)
Thoughts of an Autistic Australian Australia Woman 24 Dx21 Rose Dep, Anx, LGBTQ+ student / partner to ND 2021 (2019)
Pocket Rocket Australia Woman 20s Dx20s Anx, Dep, LGBTQ+, PTS / contains sexual content 2020 (2020)
Madeleine Ryan Australia Woman 32 Dx24 Madeleine Ryan Anx, Dep, alexithymia, IBS writer / 2020 (2008)
The Astute Autistic Australia Woman 33 Dx28 registered nurse / 2021 (2018)
Insights about Autism | Psychology Today Australia Woman Dx30s Erin Bullus and Abby Sesterka clinical psychologist (Erin) & academic (Abby) / joint blog 2020 (2019)
Alana Foster Australia Dx19 2020 (2019)
hsphaven Australia Dx20s BPD, CPTSD, Dep, Anx, SPD writer / 2021 (2016)
Nichole- Autism With A Splash of Creativity Australia Dx18+ 2021 (2013)
Nothing if not verbose Australia Dx30+ 2021 (2013)
Paper Fury Australia Dx21 2021 (2011)
The Good Doctor Australia 2020 (2019)
Moon Disorder Australia (Adelaide) Woman 20s Dx18+ bipolar 1 student / artist and writer single 2021 (2021)
Strength Through Vulnerability Australia (Canberra) Mother of Autistic 38 Dx30s ADHD, GAD, dyslexia, chronic migraines life coach / female perspective 2020 (2020)
Emmeline Australia (Canberra) Woman 32 Dx21 / linguist; avid crocheter married to NT 2021 (2014) Spontaneous Overflow
Benedict Roff-Marsh Australia (Gold Coast) Father of Autistics (suspected) 51 Dx45 apparently unemployable :-O / composer & record producer partnered with probable Autistic 2021 (1989) YouTube, bandcamp, New Possibilities Tarot
Jay’s World Australia (New South Wales, Sydney) Non-binary 40s Dx3 Jay Anx, APD, ARFID, CPTSD, DID, EDS, FB, GERD, HH, LGBTQ+, NSp, OCD, SPD, autoimmune, dyscalculia, self-harm, synesthesia, wheelchair user, intellectual disability disabled / 2021 (2019) Jupiter Rose Art
The Wandering Mind Australia (Queensland) Mother of Autistic Dx46 2021 (2016)
Awake Alive Outraged Australia (Queensland) Mother of Autistic & NT 50s Dx50+ Laura Lewis ADHD advocate / removing the stigma married to NT 2020 (2017)
Purple Adventures Australia (Queensland) Non-binary 22 Dx19 Renée APD, Dep, functional neurological disorder, GAD, JHS, infreq, LGBTQ+, ME, chronic illness, chronic pain (CRPS), epilepsy, hypermobility, migraines, suspected IBS, Osgood-Schlatter disease unemployed / single 2021 (2017) Etsy
C. M. Weller’s Musings Australia (Queensland) Parent of Autistics 40s Dx40 InterNutter Anx, Dep, APD indie author / 2021 (2017) Realm of the InterNutter
Asteria Grace Australia (Queensland) Woman Dx12 SPD, OCD, Anx, Dep autism and disability advocate / 2020 (2020)
Kay Kerr Australia (Sunshine Coast) Mother 33 Dx20s / writer married 2020 (2017)
The Secret Aspie Australia (Sunshine Coast) Mother of Autistic Dx48 PTSD, Anx, DID, Dep / polyamorous, BDSM; lifelong learner (sexually explicit) 2021 (2017)
Wonder Witch Australia (VIC, Wodonga) Woman 20 Dx5 schizoaffective, Dep, PTSD, Anx artist / Mental health, art therapy in a relationship 2021 (2018)
Megan Strant Australia (Victoria, Melbourne) Mother of Autistic daughter 30s Dx18+ organisational change consultant / married to man with ADHD 2021 (2019)
Jacci Pillar Australia (Victoria, Melbourne) Non-binary 40s Dx40s SPD, CPTSD, Anx, chronic illness, hypermobility, hyperacusis anthropologist, comedian, author / truth bomber 2021 (2014)
Aliens Among Us Australia (Victoria, Melbourne) & USA (CA, LA) Male 40s Dx40s David & Craig project professional & film maker / joint blog, high school friends married 2021 (2019)
Autism Actually Australia (Victoria) Non-binary 20 Dx3 Shadia Hancock GAD speech pathology student / autism and gender diversity 2020 (2018)
Christina Keeble Consulting Australia (Victoria) Parent of ND Dx37 Christina Keeble ADHD, Anx public speaker, autism & ND consultant / PDA, collaborative & mindful parenting married to NT 2020 (2019)
autistsix Australia (Western, Swan) Mother of 4 Autistic daughters with Anx & Dep (youngest also has ADHD & dyslexia) 50 Dx38 Lisaba Dep, Anx carer / six autistics together married to suspected Autistic (with Dep) 2021 (2016)
tales by the unexpected Belgium Male 33 Dx30 ADHD, Dep 2021 (2016)
Aspie Revolution between 30-40* N and 70-80* W 30s Dx20s Baba 2020 (2015)
Mommy’s Autistic, that’s why Canada Mother 30s Dx30s Sparkles behaviour consultant / parenting 2021 (2021)
Ann’s Words Canada Non-binary 19 Dx17 Ann student / 2021 (2018)
Elly the Knight Canada Non-binary 30 Dx12 Elly bipolar, BPD, GAD, Anx, ADHD, SAD, clubfoot, chronic pain (arthritis), self-harm (in recovery), dyscalculia, SPD / queer (aspec), amateur writer single 2021 (2017) Twitter, Instagram
Autism & Marijuana Canada Parent 47 Dx45 ADHD retired / get help with autism married 2020 (2019)
The World We Create Canada Parent of 2 Autistics and 1 with learning disabilities Dx26 dyspraxia teaching / married 2021 (2013)
Anastasia Curtis Writes Canada Woman 21 Dx17 Dep, Anx student / writer, aromantic, loves life, imaginative 2021 (2018)
Autistic Alice Canada Woman 23 Dx16 2020 (2020)
Abnormal Diversity Canada Woman 30s Dx15 PTSD psychologist in training / aspiring author single 2021 (2006)
Maybe Autism Explains It All Canada Woman 40s Dx41 Anx. APD. JHS. SPD. PCOS. IBS. Hypothyroidism. Asthma married 2020 (2015)
The Prairie Asperian Canada Woman 40s Dx48 Prairie Dep, Anx wife, caregiver, sales, writer / ASD Advocate for Acceptance 2020 (2019)
Once You’ve Met One: Advocating For Yourself Canada Woman Dx18+ Kay social media manager/assistant / my journey through life as a Black Autist 2021 (2019) Facebook
The Autistic Canadian Canada Woman Dx7 freelance artist/graphic designer / 2020 (2018)
The Autistinquisitor Canada 22 Dx7 ADHD, BPD, PTS student / Indian musician (pianist/singer/occasional songwriter) 2021 (2016)
Ada Hoffmann Canada 33 Dx13 science fiction author / 2021 (2014)
Matthew Boux- Advocate, Speaker, and Blogger Canada Dx21 2020 (2019)
Autistic Rights and Freedoms Canada (Alberta, Fort McMurray) Male 29 Dx25 Christopher Whelan IBS registered social worker / social equality, equity, justice, inclusion 2021 (2020)
Homestyle Heather Canada (BC, Vancouver) Woman 30 Dx16 Heather GAD / Christian married 2021 (2018)
Navigating Life Canada (British Columbia, near Vancouver) Dx28 2021 (2017)
Living Suicide Blogs Canada (British Columbia, Vancouver area) Dx24 Dangil scientist, writer, advocate / 2021 (2020)
The Other Autism Canada (British Columbia, Vancouver) Woman 40 Dx38 EDS, MCAD research communications specialist / 2021 (2020) Facebook, Twitter/strong>
Aspie Diaries Canada (Newfoundland, Conception Bay South) Woman 23 Dx8 early childhood educator / 2021 (2011)
Heather R. Morgan Canada (Ontario, Greater Golden Horseshoe) Mother of Autistics Dx30s wheelchair user high-risk doula / life coach married to Autistic 2020 (2017)
Celebration Generation Canada (Ontario, Hamilton) Woman Dx15 Marie Porter Spandex costumer and author / married 2021 (1998) Spandex Costumer, Spandex Simplified, Celebration Generation
A Grieving Autistic Adult Canada (Ontario, Kingston) Woman 61 Dx49 Anx, Dep, fibromyalgia, OCD part-time librarian / care-giving, grief, Christian single 2021 (2017)
Embrace ASD Canada (Ontario, Oakville) Autistic couple Dx25 (Martin) & 48 (Natalie) Natalie Engelbrecht & Martin Silvertant registered psychotherapist, naturopathic doctor (Natalie) & graphic designer, illustrator (Martin) / high-functioning autism advocacy 2021 (2018) Facebook, Facebook, Twitter
The Perfumed Void Canada (Ontario, Ottawa) Woman 33 Alyssa Gonzalez CPTSD science writer / Hispanic, immigrant, transgender, atheist, trained biologist, science fiction writer solo polyamory 2021 (2011) (website)
Kaelan Rhywiol « Author and Editor Canada (Ontario, southern) Mother of Autistics 44 Dx39 home-educator / Non-binary; mixed-race, spins w/a spinning wheel married to an autistic man 2020 (2016) Amazon, Goodreads, Pinterest, Ko-fi, Patreon
Superior Realities Canada (Ontario, Toronto) Male Dx20s Tyler F.M. Edwards Dep freelance writer / 2021 (2011) The Books of the World Spectrum
Art by Nicole Corrado Canada (Ontario, Toronto) Woman 30s Dx8 / artist, illustrator 2021 (2010) Art
Amanda’s Tales Canada (Ontario, Waterdown) Dxteens retail floorperson / Tales from an Autistic! 2021 (2016)
Spiritual Secrets From an Aspie Canada (Ontario) Non-binary 20s Dx20s BPD / sustainability, Eastern religions, nature 2020 (2020)
NeuroInsurgent Canada (Ontario) Woman 33 Dx29 Michelle ADHD, LGBTQ+ 2021 (2019) anomalapropos – ə-nŏm-ăl′ăp-rə-pō′
Colleen Ranney Canada (Ontario) Woman Dx30 artist / married 2020 (2015) Colleen Ranney
Limbic Noodle Canada (Saskatchewan) Mother of ND daughters 40s Dx30s high school teacher / divorced 2020 (2017) Wattpad
tagÂûght Canada (St. John’s) Woman 40s Dx35 Trudy Anx, SPD / Sensory Issues, Canadian Advocacy single 2020 (2013) Tumblr, tag’s Haven
Alternative World Canada (Toronto) Dx55 Alan Conrad author / shyness, literature, history, science 2021 (2017)
Margaret Jean Canada, BC, Surrey, Newton Parent of Autistics Dx50+ tax preparer and writer / living with Asperger’s and loving it. 2021 (2011) Caregiver Me
Speaking of Autism… Colorado Male 19 Dx18- Quincy GAD 2021 (2019)
Fredlundhus Denmark (Jutland) Woman 30s Dx30s Jeni stay-at-home mum, home educator, wannabe smallholder / 2021 (2018)
Brussels is Love EU Woman 50s Dx55 Marlene Daphne translator, writer / in Dutch, French, and English 2020 (2014)
Autistically me Europe Dx34 teacher / 2020 (2019)
ASD, maybe Europe (Central) Woman Dx20s student / 2020 (2019)
Aspergers And the world Germany Woman 20 Dx10 aida ADHD medical student / 2020 (2020)
Ghost Particle Germany (Bavaria / Bayern) Woman 38 Dx35 Nihilivonne ADHD, PTSD artist & psychologist / 2020 (2019) nihilivonne
Young Radical Escapist with Autism India Male 31 Dx24 Ashwin Kumar Anx recruitment / single 2021 (2016)
Autistic Zebra Ireland Mother of Autistics Dx30s 2021 (2015)
As Told By Ash Ireland Woman 23 Dx14 Ash student / 2021 (2021)
Aspie & Me: A Self-Portrait of Asperger’s Ireland Woman 20s Dx6 Melissa dyspraxia full-time student / special interest: the ’60s! 2020 (2017)
The Secret Life of an Autistic Teenager Ireland (Leinster) Woman teens Dx12 Rebecca secondary school student / thoughts and opinions 2021 (2020)
Luke Talks Autism Ireland (Munster, Cork) Male 32 Dx31 Dep, GAD, GERD, dyspraxia, SPD 2020 (2020)
Musings from Mars Israel Non-binary 32 Dx25 ADHD, IBS, CPTSD, APD, Anx, Dep, PCOS, bunion / polyamorous/non-monogamous (all partners ND, some Autistic); bisexual/pansexual, vegan, immigrant (USSR to Israel), medical cannabis user 2020 (2015) (Hebrew), Tumblr, Facebook, Rainbow With Lace
Highly Emotional Nerd Italy Woman 30 Dx29 Anx software developer / engaged 2020 (2020)
THE KII TO LIFE Japan Non-binary 33 Dx20s Kii ADHD, GAD, SAD, JHS student / Croatian 2021 (2020)
ASD Girl Japan Woman 30 Dx24 Amelia OCD, DID, objectophilia, bipolar, ADHD housewife / married 2020 (2020)
Keina Daria Japan Woman Dx28 Anx, PTSD, Dep, SPD translator/editor/writer / writing, photography, languages, and books 2020 (2015)
Enjoy The Silence Malaysia (Selangor, Seri Kembangan) Mother of Autistic 31 Dx29 Munirah Anx dentist / Muslim married to Autistic 2020 (2018)
The Gentle and Brave Writer Mexico Woman 40s Dx40s content writer / narcissism, parenting, separation, living abroad divorced 2020 (2019)
davisjasong Mexico Dx48 2020 (2014)
Highly Functional Growth Mexico 2020 (2020)
That Spoonie Trans Guy Netherlands Non-binary 20s Dx16 Logan bipolar, chronic illness, chronic pain, gender dysphoria, hypermobility, migraines, wheelchair user 2020 (2016)
Elisa Winther Netherlands Non-binary 30s Dx26 ADHD / black biracial, queer 2020 (2017)
Annika Bhatti Netherlands Parent Dx30s 2021 (2021)
Aspie Dreamer Netherlands Parent of Autistic (suspected) Dx32 ADHD, ARFID, conversion disorder married to NT 2020 (2020)
A Multitude of Musings Netherlands Woman 34 Dx21 blind, cerebral palsy, DID, PTSD, BPD married 2021 (2018)
Creative Chaos Netherlands Woman 37 Dx34 ADHD housewife / knitting, crochet, therapy married 2020 (2018)
Lauren Hannah Netherlands 25 Dx21 ARFID, Anx, APD, Dep, dyscalculia, IBS, LGBTQ+ (aromantic/asexual) / book blogger, autism service dog 2021 (2017)
Cynni’s Blog Netherlands (Cuijk) Woman Dx30+ Cynni ADHD, Dep / Gaming, music, TV and mental health divorced 2021 (2019)
My Journey on the Autism Spectrum Netherlands (North Brabant, Tilburg) Non-binary 36 Dx33 Skyler 2021 (2012)
Another Spectrum New Zealand Male 71 Dx60 migraines married to NT 2021 (2014)
Rainbow Daisies New Zealand Mother of Autistics 50s Dx50+ Dianne McLean ADHD support worker / self-published science fiction/steampunk author married to NT 2020 (2020)
AStrangerInGodzone New Zealand Parent of adult NT daughter Dx50+ LGBTQA+ / writer, artist, Kiwi 2021 (2010)
Bohemian Humanist New Zealand Woman 23 Dx20 LGBTQ+, Anx, Dep university student / 2021 (2016)
Autism Can Speak New Zealand Woman 20s Dx20s support worker/tutor / 2020 (2019)
Autearoa New Zealand Woman Dx18+ 2020 (2019)
Invisible Autism – Medium New Zealand 30s Dx28 Anx, Dep student / 2021 (2018)
Life of an Aspie New Zealand Dx16 Aspie Answers Anx unemployed / mental health, acceptance, European 2021 (2017) YouTube, Facebook
ASD, BPD and Me New Zealand (Bay of Plenty, Tauranga) Mother of Autistic 38 Dx36 Shel APD, SPD, BPD, Dep accountant / artist, skateboarder 2020 (2017)
Deafblindcan New Zealand (Hamilton) Male 41 Dx40 Tyrone Cook HH unemployed / Anglican, poetry and short story writer single 2021 (2015)
Social Justice Paladin New Zealand Aotearoa (Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland) Non-binary 33 Dx30 Rini ADHD, Dep, PTSD, celiac, migraines / queer/non-binary, survivor of rape and relationship abuse 2020 (2019) Twitter
Sensitivity is strength Poland Non-binary 36 Dx33 gender dysphoria, synesthesia, LGBTQ+ / translator, editor, artist; personal development, creativity, spirituality 2021 (2018)
Atypical Life Saudi Arabia Woman 20s Dx25 Dep, Anx, fibromyalgia specialist teaching assistant / married to NT 2020 (2019)
Fenris’ Realm Scandinavia Male 30s Dx22 Anx, Dep / infreq 2021 (2017)
TCMautism Singapore Male 30 Dx10 Orange ADHD hypnotherapist / in English and Chinese single 2020 (2011)
Lucinda Thee Singapore Woman 13 Dx4 Thee Sim Ling mild scoliosis author / cybersecurity, INTJ 2021 (2020)
NOTES FROM THE EDGE South Africa Woman 50s Dx50 annakarenina99 psychotherapist / musings, stories, rumination, life single 2020 (2020)
Akha Khumalo: In My Own Words South Africa / NSp 2020 (2019)
Christian Rethinker South Africa 2021 (2007)
Aspie Nomad South Korea/USA Male 30s Dx18 Jay Harris GAD, Dep English teacher / travel, nature, challenges single 2021 (2020)
Muslim Mama On The Spectrum Southeast Asia Mother of Autistic 30s Dx35+ Noor Abdul PDA, ADHD, bipolar type 1 writer / Muslim mama artist writer married to NT 2021 (2020)
ASD for All Spain (Málaga) Male teens Dx1 student / 2020 (2019)
Aspergercatbears Diary Sweden Parent of Autistic daughter 41 Dx30s ADHD married 2020 (2020)
Autism Chick Sweden Woman 22 Dx9 OCD, Dep 2021 (2020)
Mental Illness by Pebbel Art Sweden 2021 (2018)
Love Eliasson Sweden (southern) Male 25 Dx15 Love Eliasson artist and writer / in English and Swedish 2021 (2017)
Autistic Daydreamer UK Father Dx40s 2021 (2020)
Routines, Rants and Random Musings UK Father of NTs 40s Dx42 analyst / married 2020 (2016)
Opening Up UK Male 26 Dx25 Connor J Sheffield / mental health 2020 (2020)
The Autistic Blogger UK Male 26 Dx3 George Harvey customer assistant / reviews, personal experiences single 2021 (2015) Autistic Blogger Reviews
A gorilla’s existential crisis UK Male 30s Dx29 Matt Johnson Dep unemployed / 2021 (2016) SpaceTyrannosaur
A Listful of Horrors UK Male 30s Dx30s writer / 2021 (2015)
Autism, Life & Learning UK Male Dx16 & 19 The Autistic Gecko non-epileptic attack disorder student / autism, mental health and (I am a) podcaster 2021 (2020) podcast, Instagram
A Year in Autism UK Mother Dx30 2020 (2020)
Meanwhile, in the real world… UK Mother Dx40 married 2020 (2017)
Nothing But The Truth UK Mother Dx42 2021 (2019)
Autism Tinted Glasses UK Mother of Autistic daughter Dx30s 2020 (2017)
Positively ASD UK Mother of Autistic son 30s Dx30s dyslexia blogger / creative art-loving family in a relationship with dyslexic 2021 (2018)
Someone’s Mum UK Mother of Autistic son Dx37 2021 (2016)
My Crazy Place UK Non-binary 34 Dx31 Suze dyslexia, Dep, spinal problems, PTSD, asthma civil servant / single 2021 (2020)
Wild Bunny Arts UK Non-binary parent Dx40+ artist / intersectional art and lifestyle 2020 (2017) Instagram, Twitter, Flickr
The Autistic Adulting club UK Parent 20s Dx16 Anx carer / married 2021 (2020)
The Autistic Advocate UK Parent of Autistic 41 Dx23 Kieran Rose SPD, Dep, APD / writer, activist married 2021 (2017) Facebook, Twitter
Auti Girls Club UK Parent of Autistics Dx18+ 2020 (2017)
Shona Murphy UK Parent of Autistics Dx38 2020 (2020)
the autistic life of me UK Parent of Autistics Dx18+ carer / 2020 (2020)
Phoebegrazia UK Woman 19 Dx16 Christia student / 2020 (2020)
Unmasking Autism UK Woman 20 Dx18 Keely Holland Anx, Dep student / interested in English and art 2020 (2020)
Aspie Blogger UK Woman 20s Dx17 Morgan information technologist / 2021 (2020)
21andsensory UK Woman 20s Dx25 Emily SPD, OCD, Anx, hyperhidrosis, dyslexia graphic designer and illustrator / 2021 (2015) Instagram, Twitter
Sarah Boon UK Woman 20s Dx24 dyslexia master’s student / single 2021 (2019)
Unraveling Indigo UK Woman 20s Dx28 optometrist / British Asian 2021 (2020)
SianIsAt UK Woman 32 Dx2 Sian Atkins writer / 2019 (2017) Twitter, Pinterest
Diary of a Painfully Shy Introvert UK Woman 30s Dx16 Emma-Lucy Dep, Anx, PTSD student/unemployed due to disability / mostly daily posts single 2021 (2017)
Under Skeleton UK Woman 30s Dx34 CRO Analyst / raised in USA, living in UK married to NT 2021 (2018)
Ten Thousand Spoons UK Woman 40s Dx35 Glasshalfempty homemaker / 2020 (2020)
Making It Up UK Woman 40s Dx40s home educator / 2021 (2003) Living otherwise, Choosing different
Living whole UK Woman 50s Dx51 Anx, APD, EDS, FB, FND, GAD, HH, IBS, JHS, OCD, PCOS, PDA, POTS, PTS, SAD, SPD, autoimmune, chronic pain, dysautonomia, fibromyalgia, hypermobility, migraines, synesthesia artist / 2021 (2015)
Arty Auty UK Woman 50s Dx50+ EDS / poet, writer, crafter 2020 (2017) Facebook
Adventures & Aspierations UK Woman Dx20s Channah ADHD, Anx, Dep master’s student / 2020 (2017)
Aut-Ish UK Woman Dx25 Onikage hypermobility, learning difficulties, Anx 2021 (2018) Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, podcast
dat.activism UK Woman Dx20s data manager / in English and Portuguese 2021 (2020)
Does Roger Play Drums UK Woman Dx24 masters student / 2020 (2017)
Living with Undiagnosed Autism UK Woman Dx20s writer / 2021 (2020)
Not wired up right UK Woman Dx18+ self-employed / 2020 (2018)
Small Town Autistic Woman UK Woman 2021 (2016)
ThatAutisticFitChick UK Woman Dx28 blogger / 2020 (2018)
Kayleigh’s Creative World UK 20s Dx18 Dep, Anx / mental health, book reviews, film reviews, crochet and photography 2021 (2019)
Human Beings Godammit UK 27 Dx24 / frequent blog topics 2020 (2015) Facebook
The Tudors make me tic UK 30 Dx26 Tourette’s, Irlen, APD, SPD, OCD, Dep, Anx, CPTSD, BPD, psychosis engaged 2020 (2013)
Soft Skills UK 30s Dx26 cerebral palsy, dyslexia, dyspraxia, Poland syndrome, asthma / bi-monthly 2020 (2020)
Rosie Writes… UK 30s Dx34 Anx, Dep / long-term sick, book-blogger 2021 (2011)
Outside The Box Helen UK 40s Dx40 ADHD, JHS teacher, autistic advocate / ethnic minority, education, diversity, academic research 2021 (2020)
My Continuing Journey UK 40s Dx40s 2021 (2010)
Autistic Solo Traveller UK 50s Dx50+ 2020 (2020)
@autisticgpshh UK Dx40+ @autisticgpshh ADHD, PDA doctor (GP) / 2021 (2020)
@AutisttGirl UK Dx28 2021 (2019)
Actually Asperger’s UK Dx29 2020 (2020)
Aspie Trainers West Sussex UK 2020 (2016)
Aspiring (to be you) UK Dx21 student / 2021 (2021)
Autism Awareness UK 2020 (2020)
Autism HWB UK Dx30s Flo and Rhi / sharing health and well-being posts by autistic writers 2021 (2019) Rhi Lloyd-Williams. Florence Neville
Autistic Widower UK Dx48 2021 (2017)
Changing The Narrative About Autism and PDA UK Dx40s writer / 2020 (2019)
Cogs Of My Cranium UK 2020 (2013)
Critical Neurodiversity UK Dx20 university teacher / politics, ethics, neurodiversity, theory 2021 (2016)
Diary of an Autistic Mountain Biker UK Dx40s 2021 (2018)
Ever The Crafter UK Dx18+ 2020 (2015)
HARRY J. THOMPSON UK Dxteens 2021 (2019) The PDA Paradox
Ian Takes The Mike UK Dx40s 2021 (2018)
Jess’s practice blog UK 2021 (2011)
justcallmejaney UK 2020 (2011) UK Dx17 2021 (2013) Uncomfortable Labels
My Autistic Adventure UK Dx4 2021 (2019)
Rosie Weldon UK Dx25 2021 (2019) Amazon, YouTube, Twitter
Tchotchk-ess UK Dx18+ 2020 (2018)
The Aspie World UK 2021 (2018) YouTube
Catembi UK (England, Bedfordshire, North) Woman 40s Dx47 ADHD conduct risk manager / work-related topics married to NT 2021 (2021)
Jorik Mol UK (England, Berkshire, Reading) Male 33 Dx18- Dep, Anx, CPTSD, dyspraxia teacher / queerness, education, public speaker partnered with Autistic 2021 (2020)
Charlie Hart Neurodiversity Advocate UK (England, Birmingham) Mother of Autistics 45 Dx42 Charlie Hart Anx HR systems analyst / married 2021 (2019) Facebook
Lucy-Alice UK (England, Birmingham) Woman 30s Dx13 Lucy bipolar / art, writing, likes computers 2021 (2020)
elaine4queen UK (England, Brighton & Hove) Woman 58 Dx50+ Elaine Axten 2020 (2011) Instagram
Sam’s Christian Autism blog UK (England, Brighton & Hove) Dx30 ACA chartered accountant / 2020 (2019)
Emergent Divergence UK (England, Brighton) Male 30 Dx26 OCD with psychotic features, PTSD writer / 2021 (2019) Facebook
Inside of Harrys Mind UK (England, Cambridgeshire) 26 Dx20 Harry assistant supermarket manager / 2020 (2020)
Autistic Questions UK (England, Cheshire) 27 Dx10 OCD, Anx, ADHD blogger / 2020 (2019) Facebook
Dear World UK (England, Cornwall) Woman 17 Dx15 Daisy Gabrielle Anx student / Autistic teenagers 2020 (2020)
Miss Anne Fropic UK (England, Cornwall) Dx26 Multifaceted Logics dyspraxia, hEDS senior support for Autistics / 2020 (2017)
Andy’s Spectrum UK (England, County Durham, Newton Aycliffe) Male 27 Dx26 Andy Anx, Dep married 2021 (2020) Facebook
Amy on HubPages UK (England, Darlington) Parent of Autistic Dx20s retail assistant / 2020 (2014)
Prego! UK (England, Derbyshire, Erewash) Woman 40s Dx40 Spangley dyspraxia, dyscalculia student / 2021 (2016)
You don’t seem Autistic? UK (England, Derbyshire) Woman 24 Dx17 administrator / 2021 (2018)
Belkatya UK (England, Derbyshire) Woman 20s Dx25 Katie Dep, Anx, infreq editor / mental health, observation 2020 (2015)
Adult With Autism UK (England, Derbyshire) 30s Dx30+ unemployed / 2020 (2019)
Aspie Orchid UK (England, East Anglia, Norwich) 20s Dx17 Rebekah Wall Dep, short term memory loss, Irlen, dyspraxia, Anx, panic disorder student / partnered to Autistic 2021 (2019)
An Alien’s Guide to Being Human UK (England, East Anglia) Woman Dx18+ Alex FB, Dep, OCD retail worker / 2020 (2020)
Neureco UK (England, East Midlands, Leicestershire) Woman 18 Dx11 ADHD, Anx, SPD university student (as of September 2021) / 2021 (2020)
Journey of Ella UK (England, East Midlands) Woman 19 Dx9 dyslexia, dyspraxia model / 2021 (2020)
Life With Autism UK (England, East Sussex) Non-binary 26 Dx12 Kathleen McDermott broadcast media graduate / single 2021 (2018) YouTube
AC Keeble UK (England, Essex, Hornchurch) Male Dx9.5 student / alternating creative intellectual rebel 2021 (2014)
Autism and women UK (England, Essex, Saffron Walden) Mother of Autistic 52 Dx51 Tracy CPTSD, fibromyalgia private tutor, English teacher / married 2020 (2019)
Different not Deficient UK (England, Essex) Mother of Autistic 40s Dx38 Jo Richardson PDA, ME, FND, OCD, ADHD writer / married 2021 (2019)
Autistic Bride UK (England, Essex) Woman 32 Dx28 Heather Wallace online freelancer / weddings, relationships, marriage, memes married 2020 (2017)
Peaceful Rampage UK (England, Gloucestershire) 59 Dx18+ 80smetalman DAMP support worker / married to bi-polar spouse 2021 (2013) 80smetalman’s Blog
My life is similar to yours but different UK (England, Greater London) Dx18- 2020 (2018)
Emily Wilding UK (England, Hampshire, New Forest) Non-binary parent of Autistics 39 Dx36 ADHD entrepreneur, educator, writer / PDA married 2020 (2019) CalmFamily
The Autistic Viewpoint UK (England, Hampshire, south coast) Male Dx18- dyspraxia, bipolar developer / married to NT 2021 (2020)
•Autigurl• UK (England, Hampshire, Southampton) 30s Dx31 Claire SPD teacher / 2020 (2018) Facebook
The Autistic Phoenix UK (England, Hampshire) Father 54 Dx52 Alan Robinson SAD analyst / married to possible Autistic 2021 (2019)
My Student Life Blogs UK (England, Hampshire/ Hertfordshire) Woman 21 Dx18- dyspraxia student / student life, creative writing 2020 (2019)
designerscaffolding UK (England, Hertfordshire) Male 20s Dx12 David Molloy Anx, Dep, SAD social media for a trade magazine company / 2020 (2019)
Treeshallow Musings UK (England, Isle of Wight) Woman 30 Dx28 Kathryn Rossati Dep, Anx author / poetry, book reviews, children’s and YA writer 2021 (2017) (website)
lisatingley UK (England, Kent, Gillingham) Woman 49 Dx40+ Pastelangelic dyscalculia, dyspraxia, migraines, alexithymia, ADHD. JHS, APD maths teacher / 2021 (2020)
Anime – Movies – Wrestling UK (England, Kent, Orpington) Male Dx42 MIB Dep, HH, OCD, PDA, SAD, dyspraxia, narcolepsy, synesthesia unemployed / anime/movie reviewer, amateur filmmaker, video editor single 2021 (2012) Vimeo, Orpington Video and Film Makers, Twitter, Facebook
A Guy Called Bloke UK (England, Kent) Male 50s Dx40s Rory Matier it’s complicated – partner ND 2021 (2017)
The wisdom of Athena, the knowledge of Minerva UK (England, Kent) Woman 36 Dx17 property investor, author, teacher / married 2020 (2014)
Diagnosed As An Adult UK (England, Kent) Woman Dx35 Rachel ADHD / ADHD, childhood trauma married 2021 (2020)
RJ’s Blog UK (England, Lancashire) Male Dx11 Richard Southworth / reviewer, writer, traveller, nature lover 2021 (2014)
Relearning The Basics UK (England, Lancashire) Mother 29 Dx26 unemployed / single 2021 (2020)
Beth Train-Brown UK (England, Lancaster) Woman 20 Dx18- Beth ADHD, Dep, Anx student / writing, poetry, book reviews 2020 (2019) Instagram
Welcome to my world UK (England, Leeds) 30s Dx30s Anx, Dep 2020 (2013)
Flapping Away UK (England, Leicestershire) Woman 22 Dx17 Dep, Anx student, learning disability support worker / LGBTQ+ living with partner with ADHD, learning difficulties 2021 (2020)
Laura Jayne’s Life! UK (England, Lincolnshire) Woman 24 Dx4 university graduate / 2021 (2017) Instagram, Twitter
Niraj’s blogs UK (England, London) Male 21 Dx2 Niraj student / blogs about mental health 2021 (2019)
Women On The Spectrum UK (England, London) Woman 29 Dx27 ADHD, OCD, H-EDS, POTS web developer, hand model, neurodiversity self-advocate / food waste app developer 2020 (2020)
stompgal87 UK (England, London) Woman 33 Dx4 creative worker at neurodivergent recruitment agency / 2021 (2016)
Nurse on the Spectrum UK (England, London) Woman 30s Dx18+ Sarah Garnham PTSD nurse / Catholic, Anglo-Romani, writer, deep thinker 2020 (2020)
WADLOKA UK (England, London) 50s Dx41 Paul Wady autism trainer for the National Autistic Society / Buddhist, synthesist, performer, writer married to Autistic 2021 (2014) Paul Wady Guerilla & Stealth Aspies, Stealth Aspies Theatre Company, The Terminal Beach, The Model Aircraft Museum
Zen Master* Bear** Speaks*** UK (England, London) Dx54 FB creative technologist / 2021 (2020) TEDx Talk
Vamp It Up Manchester UK (England, Manchester) Woman 30s Dx35 Chrissie dyspraxia disabled / partnered with suspected Autistic 2021 (2012)
The Tao of James UK (England, Midlands) Male 49 Dx49 Anx, Dep, OCD, LGBTQ+ medically retired / married 2021 (2020)
HFA UK (England, midlands) Woman 21 Dx17 PTSD, chronic illness, chronic pain, Anx student / autistic acceptance & advocacy, white-British 2020 (2017)
faithautismandme UK (England, Norfolk) Parent of Autistics Dx53 Liz carer / married 2021 (2015)
Roxical Thinking UK (England, North East) Mother of Autistic daughter Dx40s Rox Nicholl epilepsy carer for daughter / Christian married 2021 (2013)
Autistic Anecdotes and Photography UK (England, north of London) Woman Dx60 Angie Davies ADHD, Anx, APD, ED, SAD, dyscalculia, dyslexia, learning difficulties, hypersensitivity (noise / smells) engineering / science (hobbies: photography, part-time dairy farming) / humour, farms, animals, factual single 2021 (2018)
Tinkering Autist UK (England, North Somerset, Clevedon) Male 37 Dx36 Jay Anx, Dep, FND self-employed / married to NT 2020 (2020)
Neurodiversity Acceptance UK (England, North West) Male Dx50 Davvo7 autism trainer/instructor / in love 2021 (2020)
Do You Sell Nipples? UK (England, North Yorkshire) Mother of Autistics & NT Dx20s Hayley France Anx, Dep married to NT 2021 (2018)
Boo-Boo’s Blog UK (England, Nottingham ) Woman 20s Dx15 EDS unemployed / in a relationship with NT 2020 (2019)
The Autistic Old Bat UK (England, Nottingham) Mother of Autistic 55 Dx54 APD, Dep, FB, LGBTQ+, aphantasia, excoriation, hyperlexia, self-harm publisher / married to Autistic woman 2021 (2020)
A is for Autism and for Ali UK (England, Oxfordshire) Woman 19 Dx15 Ali Anx dyslexia LGBTQ+ student / 2020 (2019)
Of Spoons and Synapses UK (England, Oxfordshire) Woman 20s Dx15 Robin Anx, Dep, ED student mental health nurse / mental health 2020 (2014)
Lu Smith UK (England, South Yorkshire, Sheffield) Woman Dx20 Crohn’s, Anx, Dep, LGBTQ+ / dogs, drawing, wildlife, self-reflection 2021 (2020)
AutisticMummy UK (England, South Yorkshire) Mother of 1 32 Dx15 Anx, Dep, ED, SPD, JHS, dyslexia, dyspraxia, fibromyalgia customer service / making lemons into lemonade engaged to NT 2021 (2018) Facebook, Instagram
Geek in Overload UK (England, South Yorkshire) Non-binary 20s Dx21 Dep, Anxiety, ME gardener / 2021 (2016)
Awkward Demographic UK (England, Southampton) Non-binary 51 Dx47 dyspraxia, CPTSD, Anx, mental illness programme manager (arts and cultural) / 2021 (2018)
Autistic Crisps, ADH-Dip UK (England, Southeast) Mother of Autistics 40s Dx18+ Helen ADHD poet and pianist / creativity, identity, self 2021 (2021)
Wheelie Autistic Tubie UK (England, Southern) Parent of Autistic daughter (PDA, ADHD, learning difficulties) Dx18+ PTSD, tube-fed, wheelchair user carer to my kiddo / single 2020 (2018)
Ju Blencowe UK (England, Staffordshire) 58 Dx56 unemployed / writer/musician/painter married 2021 (2018) (website), Twitter
Autism, Left Handedness and Me UK (England, Surrey, Guildford) Mother of Autistic (suspected) 50s Dx40s Jaytayz married 2021 (2020)
Notes from the physics lab UK (England, Surrey, Guildford) Woman 24 Dx21 GAD, IBS, Dep postgraduate researcher / 2021 (2020)
Jo Farmer – The Autistic Mouse UK (England, Surrey, Woking) Woman 40s Dx46 Mouse ARFID document controller / disability 2021 (2010)
Mickey Mayhew UK (England, Surrey) Male Dx16 researcher/writer / partnered 2021 (2015)
Aspergers: Through My Eyes UK (England, Surrey) Mother of Autistic (suspected) 30s Dx8 dyspraxia support worker (on maternity leave) / married 2020 (2013)
A Frank Autistic UK (England, Sussex) Father of Autistics 43 Dx40 Just Frank Autism trigeminal neuralgia, GAD house husband / Autism, parenting, relationships, religion married to NT 2020 (2020) YouTube
The Beanie Bard UK (England, Swindon) Parent of Autistic 40s Dx40 bipolar freelance writer & photographer / showcases photography married 2021 (2019) Instagram, Facebook
Neurodivergent Faerie UK (England, Tyne and Wear, Gateshead) Woman 20 Dx19 JHS, fibromyalgia, dyspraxia, Anx student / folk musician 2020 (2020)
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Dan Jones Hypnosis UK (England, West Sussex, Chichester) Male Dx30s author, trainer, YouTuber / autism, parenting and mental health professional married to NT 2021 (2017)
The crafty insomniac UK (England, West Sussex) Woman Dx30s EDS, POTS, etc. disabled, unable to work / 2020 (2012)
sunyi dean UK (England, West Yorkshire) Mother of Autistic son 33 Dx31 writer / mixed race, writing, SFF, family married to NT 2021 (2017) Goodreads
My Faulty Brain UK (England, Wiltshire) Parent of Autistics 48 Dx43 Louise Reynolds Dep, fibromyalgia, ME disabled / married to Autistic 2021 (2018)
A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent UK (England, Yorkshire) Parent of Autistic dyslexia, ADHD bereaved 2021 (2017)
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SEN Child Of Mine UK (England) Mother of Autistics (suspected) Dx30s stay-at-home mum (ex-teacher) / 2020 (2019)
The Autistic Journal UK (England) Non-binary 18 Dx9 Maximus student / space 2020 (2020)
I Don’t Look Autistic UK (England) Woman 21 Dx17 Sarah LGBTQ+, synesthesia university student / friendly dinosaur enthusiast 2021 (2020)
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Molly’s Musings UK (England) Woman 20s Dx20s Molly Dep, Anx, FB, FND, IBS, LGBTQ+, ME, PTSD, SPD, aphantasia, chronic illness, chronic pain, wheelchair user disabled by chronic illness / 2020 (2018)
subtly autistic UK (England) Woman 34 Dx26 HH, vestibulopathy, hyperacusis IT consultant / 2020 (2013)
Hyper brain, Busy body! UK (England) Woman Dx8 Penfold ADHD, PTSD 2021 (2018)
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In Between Worlds UK (Northern Ireland, Armagh) Woman 50s Dx40 Kathy Barenskie unemployed / divorced 2021 (2020)
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Gloop the Autistic Slime UK (Scotland, Aberdeen) Woman 30 Dx2 Melanie Anx, Dep, dyscalculia, dyspraxia student / Jewish, linguistics, art, writing single 2020 (2018) Twitter, Twitter
autistic groups fairness watch UK (Scotland, Central Belt) Dx35 Maurice Frank ADHD gardener / participative 2021 (2005) ELAS, Edinburgh Asperger’s
theaspiegirlblog UK (Scotland, Fife) Woman 20s Dx3 Aspiegirl ADHD, Tourette’s, type one diabetes, celiac, Anx, Dep, dyspraxia, weak muscle tone, dyscalculia, possible EDS student / lived experience long-term relationship with female Autistic 2020 (2016)
Ben Lunn – Medium UK (Scotland, Glasgow) Male 30 Dx3 dyslexia, Dep composer / 2020 (2018) composer site
Musings of a Scottish Hearth Druid UK (Scotland, Glasgow) Parent of Autistics Dx40s Potia volunteer coordinator / 2021 (2009)
Are You Listening? UK (Scotland, Inverness) Mother of Autistic sons 40s Dx42 Carrie Watts writer/editor / married 2020 (2019) Magic Lantern Books
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Autie Scot UK (Scotland) Non-binary 24 Dx12 Sam Melnick Dep 2021 (2017)
Sonny Hallett – Medium UK (Scotland) Non-binary Dx20s illustrator, maker, naturalist 2020 (2016) Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, Illustration & Design, co-founder of AMASE
Izzie Kirkpatrick UK (Scotland) trans woman 35 Dx10 Anx, Dep, partially FB, OCPD, Irlen, migraines 2021 (2019)
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One Small Step UK (Scotland) Woman 23 Dx21 recent university graduate / autism in women 2021 (2020)
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Confessions of an Auteetotal Tattooer UK (Wales, South) Woman 33 Dx30s EDS, PTSD, Dep, JHS, LGBTQ+, FB, IBS, SAD, VSS, POTS, alcoholism, addiction, chronic illness, chronic pain, hypermobility, self harm tattoo artist, illustrator / 2020 (2019) Lala Inky
My Colourful Life UK (Wales, South) Woman 30s Dx37 Suzi Anx, Dep payments officer / lifestyle, mental health 2021 (2018)
Kate Murray UK (Wales, Swansea) Woman 65 Dx38 Kate dyspraxia, dyslexia student / writing and art married 2021 (2012)
Autism and Expectations UK (Wales) Mother of NDs Dx30s Rhi Lloyd-Williams writer, advocate, mentor, public speaker / a positive and practical approach married to NT 2021 (2016) Autact Theatre CIC, Autism HWB
Queer Vegan UK (Wales) Non-binary 35 Dx31 Frankie Mouche ADHD HGV truck driver / married to ND man, partner to ND woman 2021 (2013)
ND Neuro News UK (Wales) Non-binary Aaron Williams 2020 (2020)
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Insights from an Irregular Intellect USA Male 2020 (2017)
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Terra Vance – NeuroClastic USA Mother of Autistic 40 Dx30s ADHD, OCD, SPD, SID, dyslexia, dyspraxia, cross-dominance, EDS, synesthesia industrial and organizational psychology consultant / writing the neuroverse married to Autistic 2021 (2018)
Neurodiverse mama USA Mother of Autistic Dx40 2021 (2020)
Our Life With Autism USA Mother of Autistic son with epilepsy and anxiety Dx30s Audra S. epilepsy, Dep, Anx, OCD therapist, writer, speaker / partnered 2020 (2017)
Awesome, with Some Difficulties USA Mother of daughter 31 Dx28 Deanna Javier Anx, Dep, fibromyalgia stay-at-home mom / married 2021 (2019)
“because apathy is terrifying.” USA Non-binary 19 Earl Wren LGBTQ+, CPTSD, Dep, Anx, dissociative amnesia, depersonalization disorder, FB, CAPD / writes poetry and prose 2020 (2019) Twitter, Instagram
thinking with autism USA Non-binary 20s Dx18- aka_slendy ADHD, Dep, LGBTQ+, Anx, migraines unemployed / 2021 (2020)
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Autism by an Autistic OT USA Woman 20s Dx18+ occupational therapy student / 2020 (2020)
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My Autistic Self USA Woman 27 Dx18- Samantha Anx, Dep Disney cast member / artist, writer, reader single 2021 (2019) Tumblr
I’m Not Drunk, I’m Autistic USA Woman 27 Dx12 Nera Birch Anx, Dep, POTS self-advocate / 2021 (2020) The Mighty, YouTube
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The Spectrum in Perspective USA Woman 30s Dx20s Julie Clare 2020 (2014)
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Apparently in Deep Contemplation USA Woman Dx30 ADHD, Anx, congenital heart defect speech therapist / 2020 (2016)
Auditory Memory USA Woman Dx40s writer & editor / 2020 (2015)
Autistic Dreams USA Woman Dx18 Anx, CPTSD, Dep, FB, SPD; LGBTQ+ / artist, fiction writer 2021 (2019) Wattpad
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Identity Averted USA Woman Dx31 2020 (2018)
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Unmasked Beauty 面具背後的美麗 USA Woman Dx30 Shalev epilepsy / bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese married 2020 (2020)
Weird But Not Broken USA Woman Dx8 A.G. NVLD business owner / university/college, women on the spectrum, African Americans 2021 (2020)
lucidity USA 20 Dx18 mental illness college student / advocacy, college, life autistically 2021 (2020) YouTube
The Autistic Animator’s Desk USA 20s Dx3 works at home / wants to become animator 2021 (2019)
Trailblazing Autism USA 20s Dx2 Sarah Michelle Ramos infant/toddler assistant teacher / creative, independent-minded woman engaged to NT 2021 (2019) Autism Society, Best Buddies
Frank Autism USA 30s Dx30s Tourette’s self-employed advocate for special education needs / written communication better than verbal 2020 (2018) Lamplight IEP Advocacy
Getting Real With Autism USA 39 Dx19 hospital housekeeper / 2021 (2020)
Waterwoman Knits USA 50s Dx50+ freelance transcriptionist / 2020 (2016)
Cathy Tea’s SimLit Anthology USA 60s Dx59 Cathy Tea web editor, writing instructor / self-identification, gifts, challenges, modifications, healthy living 2021 (2014)
#AutisticAF USA Dx63 Johnny Profane singer/songwriter / musician married to NT 2021 (2020) Spotify, ‎Apple Music, YouTube, Bandcamp
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The Writings of Alice G. Holmes USA (Arizona) Non-binary Dx20s 2020 (2018)
A Flickering Life USA (Arkansas) Male 37 Dx13 Anx, Dep 2021 (2014)
my perspective. my journey. my autism. USA (Arkansas) Mother of Autistic (suspected) 20s Dx20s Jennifer grocery store stocking / married 2021 (2021)
What Have We Learned? USA (AZ, Phoenix) Father of Autistic adults 54 Dx30s writer, technician / divorced 2021 (2008)
Jenny Bristol USA (AZ) Woman 40s Dx45 Anx freelance writer/editor / 2021 (2013) GeekDad, GeekMom
International Badass Activists USA (CA, Fresno, Tower District) Mother of Autistics 40s Dx30 Eve Hinson synesthesia, self-harm, hyperlexia, FND, dyscalculia, chronic pain, chronic illness, autoimmune, alexithymia, PTSD , HH, FB, CPTSD, LGBTQ+, pansexual, androgynous married to NT 2021 (2014)
Tatasan’s Blog USA (CA, Los Angeles) Woman Dx30 self-employed / food 2021 (2012)
Thoughtistic USA (CA, Los Angeles) Woman Dx19 OCD, chronic pain married 2020 (2017)
This is my place USA (CA, Los Angeles) 64 Dx50+ retired / nudist married 2021 (2017) I’m Not Dead Yet…
The Engaging Mind of Autism USA (CA, Riverside) Male 35 Dx20s Daniel Aadland ODD self-employed / stim and pattern thinker single 2021 (2021)
Rainbow Road: One Autistic Woman’s Journey Through Life USA (CA, Sacramento) Woman 28 Dx3 food Allergies; type 1 diabetes; Anx; ADHD; CAPD; CPTSD; SAD; excoriation; hyperacusis; hyperlexia substitute preschool teacher/graduate student / child development and psychology single 2021 (2019)
Musings of An AfterThought USA (CA, San Bernardino County, Rancho Cucamonga Parent of son with special needs 30s Dx35 Sara PCOS, PTSD, Anx, expressive language issues automobile claims service representative / imperfectly perfect random topics married to NT 2021 (2010)
Underwater Aspie USA (CA, San Diego) Male 24 Dx10- Mel marine science educator, PADI divemaster / Aspies in the sciences 2021 (2020)
Henny Kupferstein USA (CA, San Diego) Mother of Autistics Dx30+ EDS, Crohn’s, MCAD deficiency doctoral student / 2021 (2013)
WxTheAutismStorm: Weathering the Autism Storm USA (CA, San Jose) Male 27 Dx10 JP apraxia of speech meteorologist / about living with Autism and weather dating 2021 (2021)
The Discerning Reader USA (CA, SF Bay Area) Woman Dx10- alexithymia, Anx 2021 (2015) YouTube
Amazing Artists USA (CA, southern) Woman 27 Dx15 Alexandra children’s book series author / illustrator, animator, movies, reading single 2021 (2015) (website), Amazon, Love & Autism
Recovery and aspergers USA (CA, Watsonville) Male 49 Dx37 Marc Sander warehouse worker / rules and philosophies married 2020 (2019)
Corey’s Book Corner USA (CA) Non-binary 46 Dx39 Corey Alexander chronic illness, chronic pain, CPTSD, arthritis, diabetes, cane user writer / romance, YA, book reviews and recommendations 2020 (2017) Kink Praxis
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Autistic Scholar USA (California, Davis) Dx11 Patrick Dwyer graduate student researching autism / 2021 (2018)
Journalistic Autistic USA (California, Los Angeles, San Pedro) Woman 23 Dx17 Marissa ADHD, pulmonary hypertension student / single 2020 (2020)
Starving Autist USA (California, San Francisco Bay Area) gendervague 20s Dx20s joshua ADHD, ARFID, GAD, LGBTQ+, PTSD, SPD, alexithymia / Jew, martial arts married to ND 2020 (2020)
From an Autistic Point of View USA (California, Temecula) Woman 20s Dx12 Megan Rickards respite caregiver and pop culture/personal blogger / autism: different yet similar 2021 (2017) Future of the Force
Sally J. Pla USA (California) Parent of 3 Dx45+ children’s book author / reading, writing, teaching, family married 2021 (2015)
Diary of a Churro USA (California) Woman Dx15 Baconnated Churro ADHD student / 2020 (2020)
Aspergers as an adult USA (CO, Colorado Springs) Male Dx30 2021 (2020)
Aspie Family USA (CO, Denver) Parent of Autistic 40s Dx30s Tim Dickinson Anx, ADHD, Dep, hoarding custodian and blogger / mindful parenting (joint blog with NT wife) married to NT 2021 (2020)
Finding Life’s Silver Sun USA (Colorado, Denver metro area) Woman 31 Dx27 Elizabeth Bulfer Dep, EDS, arthritis, chronic illness, dysautonomia, fibromyalgia, wheelchair user blogger / married 2021 (2015)
Engaging Technical Workers USA (Colorado, Denver) Male 60s Dx54 Tim Goldstein Anx, bipolar engaging technical workers / Autism in the workplace married 2021 (2017)
Neurodiverging USA (Colorado, Denver) Mother of Autistic Dx32 Danielle Sullivan stay-at-home parent / Autistic parent of ND kids 2021 (2020) Instagram
The Illusion Of Controlled Chaos USA (CT) Woman 38 Dx36 Charlene Perry Anx, ED, bisexual, PTS, SPD homemaker / atheist married 2021 (2012) Redbubble
Tony Hernandez Pumarejo USA (FL, Orlando) Male Dx18- Tony advocate, writer, manager, TV collaborator / in English and Spanish 2020 (2017)
Hollow Reign USA (FL, Orlando) Non-binary 28 Dx25 Volta Volgate Anx, Dep elementary school teacher, writer / writing, science fiction single 2021 (2020)
One Piece of the Puzzle USA (FL, Tampa Bay Area) Male 30s Dx3 paraprofessional / single 2021 (2020)
Mr. Magoo: Diary of a Neurodivergent Man USA (FL, Tampa) Male 34 Dx32 Raymond Magoo Anx, Dep, LGBTQ+, learning difficulties academic program specialist / gay, intellectual, compassionate, resourceful married 2020 (2019)
Aut Takes USA (Georgia) Male 20s Dx6 advocate, writer, performer / 2020 (2020)
dorkFarm USA (IA, Des Moines, Merle Hay Neighborhood) Father of Autistics 50 Dx47 kiyote23 Anx, SPD computer scientist / married to NT 2021 (2016)
Mitchell’s Life with Autism USA (IL, Chicago) Male 18 Dx4 Mitchell epilepsy blogger / letterboard communication 2021 (2019)
Delightfully Quirky USA (Il, Chicago) Woman 47 Dx47 project coordinator / 2021 (2020)
JLM in Euroclydon USA (Illinois, central, rural) Mother of Autistics 59 Dx50+ JLM Anx, Dep, CPTSD, binge-ED writer, secretary, babysitter of grandchildren / lover/follower of Jesus widowed 2021 (2017)
She speaks her heart USA (Illinois, Chicagoland) 30s Dx12 / blindness, disability rights, self-advocacy 2021 (2016)
wordsthatlastforever USA (Illinois, McHenry County) Parent of Autistic son 50s Dx40s warehouse worker / Christian, positively bubbly married 2021 (2011)
The Kingdom of the Heavens USA (Kansas, Topeka) Male 65 Dx51 Ian Johnson Anx, Meniere’s, JHS paralegal / interaction of Christianity and history married to NT 2021 (2020) Christian Oneness
Cambria’s Big Fat Autistic Blog USA (Kentucky) Woman 43 Dx17- single 2021 (2014)
Allison Wall USA (KS) Woman 30s Dx30 Allison Wall celiac, ADHD tutor, editor, writer / 2021 (2017)
The Syster Wyrd USA (Louisiana, Moss Bluff) Mother of Autistic 37 Dx18+ Katerina Kerosna PTSD, ADHD self-employed / spirituality, self-improvement, philosophy, psychology divorced 2021 (2021)
Autistic Empath USA (Louisiana) Woman Dx35 Grace ADHD, Anx writer / adulting while Autistic 2021 (2018)
Gretchen Leary (McIntire) USA (MA, Boston) Woman 30s Dx23 Anx, dysautonomia, OCD, ADHD engaged to Autistic 2021 (2012)
Autie Angel USA (MA, Cape Cod) Woman 39 Dx35 CPTSD, Anx, Dep, alexithymia, SPD, APD, Irlen, vision impairment, dyscalculia, self harm, chronic illness, autoimmune, ulcerative colitis, Lyme, pancreatitis, migraines / Gardening, Music, Art, Poetry; has boyfriend 2021 (2012) Sergeant Sparrow, Lost Ghost
Dan the Traveling Man USA (MA, Greater Boston Area) Male 28 Dx18- LGBTQ+ tourism/hospitality / travel, history, art, nature 2020 (2017)
Ryan’s Voice USA (MA, Rutland) Male 20s Dx2 epilepsy; Hx of Graves’ disease; hypothyroidism home care administrative coordinator / advocacy, awareness, public speaking, outreach, health single 2020 (2019)
Think, Write, Repeat USA (MA) Woman 21 Dx20 Autumn epilepsy, Anx student / Activist, Jewish 2021 (2020)
The Anchorite USA (Maine) Male 61 Dx54 Fr. Mark Nolette Anx, Dep Catholic priest / 2020 (2016)
Aspie Mouse Blog USA (Massachusetts, Arlington) Father of Autistic son 71 Dx60+ Christopher Conty ADHD / graphic novel of Autistic mouse who survives & thrives by doing the unexpected married 2021 (2019)
Mentally Speaking USA (Massachusetts) Male 32 Dx7 Samuel Dailey Dep, Anx, PTSD 2021 (2018) Twitter, Mixcloud
Sammi Talk USA (Masshole) Woman 22 Dx16 Samantha (Sam) Murphy Lyme, POTS, bipolar, ADHD ADHD / wannabe-writer single 2020 (2013)
AuTom’s Spectrum USA (MD, Baltimore) 30 ADHD autism self-advocate / 2021 (2017)
Diary of Self USA (MD) Woman 28 Dx20s GAD IT specialist / married 2021 (2017)
OldLady With Autism USA (Michigan, northern) Woman 69 Dx65 retired / finding autism in undiagnosed elderly 2021 (2019)
Autie by Nature USA (Michigan) Mother 38 Dx37 PTSD, IBS, Dep homemaker / married 2020 (2020)
Autistic Travel Coach USA (Michigan) Dx30s Katie Oswald 2020 (2017)
Life as an Aspie USA (Michigan) Dx18- / self-defense, autism/Asperger’s, entrepreneurship, politics 2021 (2019) Crazy Christian
Devin S. Turk USA (Mid-Atlantic) Non-binary 24 Dx14 ADHD, gender dysphoria, ME, Dep, Anx college student / 2020 (2018) Twitter
Autistic Women USA (midwest) Mother of Autistic 41 Dx40 Anx / women’s testimonials and resources widowed 2021 (2020)
Autistic, Typing (facebook) USA (midwest) Mother of Autistics Dx30s Jules ADHD, PTSD / intersectional activism disability race single 2021 ()
Not Weird, Just Autistic USA (Missouri) Father of Autistic 55 Dx46 J.R. Reed ADHD, Anx, Dep, GAD / author of An Asperger’s Guide To Dating Neurotypicals, Autism advocate, speaker; Caucasian single 2021 (2018)
Most Likely to Succeed USA (MN, Twin Cities) Mother of Autistic Dx35 Heather Holbrook homemaker and patient care assistant / married to NT 2021 (2009)
Hazelwood Consulting LLC USA (NC, Asheville) Woman 30s Dx30 ADHD, EDS, POTS, MCAS 2021 (2018)
Behind The Mask USA (NC) Mother 21 Dx19 Willow Gardner dependant personality disorder (DPD), SPD, Anx stay-at-home mom / mother, advice, relatable posts 2021 (2020)
[Oh.Opiate.Oh.Revolver] USA (NE, Omaha) Male 35 Dx30 Dep, GAD, PTSD grad student / single 2020 (2009)
The True Adventures of Just an Ordinary Autistic Guy USA (New England) Dx16- / NSp 2021 (2017)
August Queue USA (New York) Non-binary 25 Dx20 OCD, PTSD, ADHD, Dep, Anx content creator / The Opinionated Queer polyamorous 2021 (2020) Instagram
Maya Moonstone USA (New York) Non-binary 30 Dx30 Maya Anx, Dep, BPD adjunct professor / Wicca, mental health 2021 (2020)
Wool’s Words USA (New York) Woman 33 Dx20 actress, singer, songwriter, insurance agent / 2021 (2021), Twitter, Instagram
Through My Eyes USA (NJ, Flemington) Parent of Autistics 40s Dx21 Angela data scientist / neurodiverse, musician, synesthesia married to Autistic 2020 (2019)
yousunger USA (NJ, northern) Male 29 Dx10 Scheuermann’s disease single 2020 (2014)
Autistically Real USA (North Carolina, RTP) Parent of Autistics Dx40+ medical assistant / 2020 (2018)
An Autism Blog USA (North Carolina) Mother of Autistics 33 Dx31 OCD stay-at-home mom / Christian, autism throughout life married 2020 (2019) Instagram
My Longing Shall Gather USA (northeast) Woman 30s Dx20s Athlynne Dep, Anx transcriber / Celtic pagan, asexual single 2021 (2017)
The Schizophrenia Diaries USA (NV, Las Vegas) Woman 23 Dx17 Hannah schizophrenia, PTSD, Anx married 2021 (2020)
The Pieces Fit! USA (NY, Buffalo) 38 Dx31 Sue ADHD, OCD, Anx behavior management coordinator / single 2021 (2019)
Smiles Stiffly @ Times USA (NY, Long Island) Dx19 OCD, Dep student / 2020 (2019)
Bluntly Speaking USA (NY, New York City) 20s Dx8 T.K. Aspy writer / 2020 (2018)
Autistic NYC USA (NY, NYC, Queens) Woman Dx50+ Mona Pereth programmer / long-term Autistic partner 2020 (2019) Autistic in NYC
Lyn Miller-Lachmann USA (NY, NYC) Mother of 2 (NT and ADHD) Dx50 writer and translator / writing while Autistic, translating the world married 2021 (2012) The Pirate Tree
Autistic life USA (NY) Male 35 Dx32 GAD, PTS seeking MBA & accounting degree / partnered with NT 2021 (2019)
Maranda Russell USA (OH, Dayton) Woman 38 Dx30 Dep, Anx, bipolar, ME, fibromyalgia Freelance writer and book reviewer / Writing, Art, Vlogging, Empathic/Sensitive married 2021 (2011)
A Clear Voice, One Aspie’s Journey USA (OH) Woman 74 Dx50+ Mari Stein dyslexia, spatial difficulties, congenital hippocampus flaws retired author / married to NT 2020 (2013)
The Amethyst Lamb USA (Ohio) Woman 27 Dx25 Rachel Anx social worker (child & family advocate) / vegan, yoga teacher single 2021 (2014)
Writing for Sanity’s Sake USA (Oklahoma) Woman 25 Dx16 bipolar, Anx, aphantasia homemaker / author, writer, fan fiction married to Autistic 2021 (2013) Writing for Sanity’s Sake, Patreon, GoFundMe
The River’s Bend USA (OR, Corvallis) Dx30s Russell James PTSD songwriter / 2020 (2015)
Plan Another Day USA (OR, Portland) Parent 31 Dx30 Cindy homemaker / bullet journal/planning resources married to NT 2021 (2015) Instagram
talking in every way possible USA (OR) Woman 24 Dx18 Lily ADHD, AIWS, Anx, APD, Dep, ED, EDS, LGBTQ+, SPD, POTS, selective mutism, chronic pain grad student / engaged to nonbinary ND 2020 (2019) Redbubble, Twitter
Autisticoronapoliticalifragilisticexpialidocious USA (Oregon, Portland metro area) Woman 40s Dx40s Sax Goddess / making connections between seemingly unrelated topics married 2021 (2020)
GeoStories USA (Oregon) Male 23 Dx4 Isaac Buckley OCD, celiac, synesthesia / Roman Catholic homeschool graduate single 2021 (2007)
In the Loop About Neurodiversity USA (Oregon) Woman 24 Dx4 Cassandra Crosman freelance transcriber / 2021 (2019) Facebook
The Aspie Dialogues | Autism and Diversity Matters USA (PA, Swarthmore) Male 30s Dx9 Jon Dorfman Dep staff at New Avenue Café / videographer 2021 (2011) Crazy Good Studios
Confessions of an Autistic Freak USA (Pacific northwest) Woman 24 Dx18- Morgan Marie Anx, Dep writer / autism & personal musings single 2021 (2019)
Dora Raymaker USA (Pacific-northwest) Non-binary / neuro/queer scientist, author, multimedia artist 2020 (2017)
The Girl Who Is… USA (Pennsylvania, central) Woman 21 Dx18+ PTSD college student with part-time jobs / 2021 (2021)
reforgedinblood USA (Pennsylvania) Male 40s Dx38 Ben / delivery driver; relationships, God, marriage married 2021 (2016)
BdUnicorn USA (Pennsylvania) Non-binary 24 Dx4 ADHD, Anx, Dep, gender dysphoria freelance writer / partnered 2021 (2019)
My Aspie Life USA (SC, Charleston) Woman 20s Dx14 single 2021 (2017)
Artiden USA (Seattle) Woman Dx18+ Grace technology worker / piano, teaching music, loneliness 2020 (2011)
Mamautistic USA (southeast) Parent of Autistics 38 Dx29-33 Aria Sky FB, alexithymia writer / partner has ADHD 2020 (2016) Autistically Unschooling
The Quiet Life USA (southeast) Dx18+ teacher aide / Christian single 2021 (2006) The End Time
The Changeling Diaries USA (Tennessee) Woman 30s Dx30 Brittney R. Anx, Dep 2021 (2019)
The Nerd of May USA (Texas, Houston, Katy area) Male 24 Dx5 Andrew Maynard Engineer In Training (E.I.T.) / Catholic, Civil E.I.T. 2020 (2011)
The Autistic Man’s Guide USA (Texas) Male 20s Dx25 Dep teacher (US history and special education) / men’s lifestyle in a committed relationship 2020 (2019)
Not so different USA (Texas) Mother of Autistics Dx28 Anx behavior specialist / 2020 (2020)
Writing Louder USA (Texas) Non-binary 20s Dx24 bipolar II, Anx, panic disorder, agoraphobia 2020 (2018)
Accalia Baronets – Medium USA (Texas) Woman 26 Dx18- Mooni ADHD disabled / autism, gaming, television, disability 2021 (2017) Archive of Our Own
Just Add Tea USA (Texas) Woman 30s Dx34 Elizabeth Teacher / single 2020 (2012)
The Silent Wave USA (Texas) Woman 43 Dx39 EDS, PTSD, Celiac, other autoimmune, HH / biracial (Caucasian-Cajun-Native) married 2021 (2008) Who Loves Kitty, Laina’s Collection, YouTube, Maidenlion! USA (TX, DFW, metro) Woman 30s Dx18- Jane E. Darling Anx, DID, Dep, FB, HH, IBS, LGBTQ+, NSp (sometimes), SPD, Tourette’s, PTSD single 2021 (2008) TikTok
Damnable Humbuggery USA (TX, Houston) 48 Dx45 Dep, GAD information technologist / married to NT 2021 (2016)
The Normality Factor USA (TX, Irving) Mother of Autistic sons 47 Dx43 life insurance agent / married 2021 (2005)
The Inked Autist 2.0 USA (TX, San Antonio) Male 34 Dx14 Dep engineer/culinary student / non-specific spiritual single 2021 (2016)
Adriana L. White USA (TX, San Antonio) Woman 37 Dx33 alexithymia, GAD, GERD, hyperlexia, migraines teacher & school librarian / Puerto Rican/Mexican-American married 2021 (2017)
Eclectic Mama USA (TX) Parent of Autistics 30s Dx5 ADHD, OCD, Anx, bipolar, Dep homemaker / 2021 (2021)
Rosie Writes USA (upper midwest) Woman 30s Dx20s Rosie APD, GAD, IBS, LGBTQ+, PCOS, PMDD, PTSD, SAD, asthma, panic disorder, agoraphobia / pansexuality, creative writing, trauma, parent loss, Irish-American 2021 (2015)
Part of Me USA (UT, Salt Lake City, Taylorsville) Male 38 Dx38 Jeff P. infreq, Anx theatrical and audiovisual technician / introspective gamer, sometimes funny? single 2021 (2012)
Following Adonai USA (VA, Newport News) Woman 30s Dx19 Hannah ADHD, Dep, GAD, ED, BDD, PCOS, self-harm, insomnia, mania unemployed / fierce Christian single 2021 (2015)
Social Expectations USA (Virginia) Male Dx38 migraines, dyslexia, Dep software developer / 2020 (2019)
Trevor’s View on Hollywood USA (WA, Bellevue) 28 Dx5 Trevor Pacelli facilities maintenance technician / single 2020 (2015) Amazon, Growing Up Autistic
I am Robot Mom USA (WA, Seattle) 35 Dx30 Amy ADHD, OCD, PDA, PTSD, Anx, SPD stay-at-home mom / married to Autistic 2020 (2020)
An Autistic Freedom Fighter USA (WA) Male 42 Dx33 2021 (2020)
Autistic Auntie in the Attic USA (WA) Mother 34 Dx5 & 30 Lori dyspraxia, PDA, selective mutism entrepreneur / business owner single 2020 (2020) Larkspur by Lors
Autistic Mama USA (WA) Mother of Autistic 20s Dx20s Kaylene George Anx, PTSD author / married to male with ADHD and dyslexia 2021 (2014)
Jax Bayne USA (WA) Non-binary 31 Dx28 CPTSD, SPD, IBS meta-analyst / creative fiction, scifi, horror, bhakti yoga 2020 (2017)
autistic knight USA (WA) Woman 20s Dx12 Anx unemployed / writer, agnostic 2020 (2016)
Flap Your Hands USA (Washington, DC) Non-binary parent of Autistic daughters 40s Dx30s Kay Tilden Frost mental illness freelance writer/editor / partnered with Autistic 2020 (2017)
A Fintastical World USA (west coast) Woman 20s Dx4 Dep, Anx / rock music, philosophy, nature, exercise 2021 (2018)
Arden Kindred USA (Wisconsin) Non-binary parent 20s Dx20s Arden ADHD, EDS, POTS full-time university student / trans, disabled, midwife, writer partnered with Autistic 2020 (2019) Ardently Consulting, Ardently Botanicals
Daily Life with Asperger’s USA (Wisconsin) 60s Dx34 Al Kutil semi-retired / autism research married 2021 (2013)

Endnotes (back to top)

Here are even more Autistic blogs (in list format only).

1 All blogs are English-language, written by (professionally- or self-diagnosed) Actually Autistic people (though a few blogs include non-Autistic contributors) about our personal experiences with autism (as opposed to “Autism Blogs” written by families, professionals, and others).

2 The Autistic blogs search engine searches exclusively within Actually Autistic blogs (a few of which include non-Autistic contributors). For example, type “Atypical Netflix” or “Identity First” into the search bar to find out how Autistic people feel regarding the Netflix series “Atypical” or the issue of Identity-First vs. Person-First Language.

Nearly all Autistic bloggers have been contacted to request input on how they want their blogs listed (and about 30% responded). All issues raised in the comments have been resolved. If you have any concerns please comment below or contact us.

This page was last updated on April 19, 2021(and will be updated again soon). Please check back.

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