Actually Autistic Blogs

Our goal is to assemble the most complete possible list of Autistic blogs1 Blogs are listed with the first and last year posted, with additional information provided by the blog author. Please respond to these questions to improve your blog’s listing. Improvements will be coming soon. Please check back or follow this blog to receive updates, and contact us or submit a comment below with additions, corrections, or suggestions.

Sometimes a Lion 2015-current
Aspie Under Your Radar (also here and here) 51; Dx51; Technologist; lesbian. 2008-current
The Silent Wave (also here and here) 39; Dx39; Married, Biracial (Caucasian-Cajun-Native), lives in Texas. EDS, PTSD, Celiac, other autoimmune, HH. 2008-current
I’m Somewhere Else 2009-current
Radical Neurodivergence Speaking 2010-current
Eccentrics United 2011-current
History of Bad Parties Australian. Work history includes 30 – 40 jobs.. 2011-current
Married with Aspergers 2011-current
Restless Hands 2011-current
Thoughts of an Introverted Matriarch 2011-current
Evil Autie 2012-current
The Aspie Teacher (also here) science teacher and crazy cat lady. 2012-current
Yes, That Too (also here and here) 2012-current
Diary Of An Alien 2013-current
Invisible Strings 2013-current
Just Being Me…Who Needs “Normalcy” Anyway? (also here) 2013-current
neurowonderful (also here) 2013-current
Spaced Out & Smiling (also here and here) 2013-current
A Different Sort of Solitude 2014-current
The Artism Spectrum 2014-current
Maybe Autism Explains It All (also here) 2015-current
Raging into the Void 2015-current
The Autistic Beekeeper 2015-current
The Unabashed Autist 2015-current
Autism and expectations 2016-current
Autisticmotherland Dx 18+; has teenaged Autistic son. 2016-current
The Third Glance 2011-2015
Musings of an Aspie (also here) 2012-2015
ASParenting 2008-current
Invisible Autistic 2013-current
The Tudors make me tic 26; Dx26; Engaged; lives in UK; Tourette’s, Irlen, APD, SPD, OCD, Dep, Anx, CPTSD, BPD, psychosis. 2013-current
bliss for today 2015-current
The Autism Pastor Dr. Lamar Hardwick, author, pastor, and autism advocate. 2016-current
This woman is different 2016-current
Arinarayne Takes on the World she/her; BPD. 2017-current
Penelope Trunk Careers 2001-current
catsidhe 2004-current
Ballastexistenz (also here, here and here) 2005-current
Chaotic Idealism 2005-current
Abnormal Diversity (also here) 2006-current
Life with Aspergers 2007-current
Look Me In The Eye 2007-current
The Autistic Me 2007-current
Amy Gravino 2008-current
Xanthippa’s Chamberpot (also here) 2008-current
Autistic Speaks 2009-current
Faith and Food Scott Morizot. 51, Dx51, Married; Celiac. 2009-current
Laura Nadine 2009-current
Leia Solo (also here) 2009-current
No Stereotypes here (also here) 2009-current
One Quarter Mama 2009-current
Paula C. Durbin-Westby (also here) 2009-current
RJ’s Corner 2009-current
A Heart Made Fullmetal 2010-current
Asperger’s Illustrated 2010-current 2010-current
AStrangerInGodzone 2010-current
Differently Wired! (also here) 2010-current
Emma’s Hope Book 2010-current
Letters from Aspergia 2010-current
Stuart Duncan (also here) 2010-current
Accepting Differences 2011-current
Aspergers and Me 2011-current
Autistic Hoya 2011-current
Autistics Speaking Day 2011-current
Catastraspie 2011-current
Erin Human 2011-current
Just Stimming… 2011-current
Linda Mad Hatter (also here) 2011-current
Lyssa and Me 2011-current
Matthew Rozsa 2011-current
Michael Forbes Wilcox 2011-current
purpleaspie (also here) 2011-current
Ada Hoffmann (also here) 2012-current
Always Aspiegirl 2012-current
Ask An Aspie (also here) 2012-current
Aspertypical 2012-current
Aspienaut – Wired Differently 2012-current
Everyday Aspie (also here) Dx 40s; dyslexia, dyspraxia; book author; resources for female aspies. 2012-current
Feminist Aspie 2012-current
Full Spectrum Mama 2012-current
Gretchen Leary 2012-current
Jeannie Davide-Rivera (also here) 2012-current
Just Add Tea 2012-current
Michelle Sutton Writes (also here, here, here, and here) 2012-current
Seventh Voice 2012-current
Unstrange Mind 2012-current
Aspergers: Through My Eyes 2013-current
Not Far From the Tree 2013-current
Walking Inland 2013-current
We Are Like Your Child 2013-current
A Flickering Life 2014-current
AspieNooch 2014-current
Blissfully Being 2014-current
flojoeasydetox 2014-current
Rain Symphony (also here, here, and here) 2014-current
thelongestprocess 2014-current
A Coherent Heart 2015-current
A Life Apart 2015-current
Aberrata (also here) 2015-current
Anonymously Autistic 2015-current
Aspie Daddy 2015-current
autism: a lifetime undiagnosed 40; anx., PTSD, dep., OCD, multiple sensory issues. 2015-current
Autistic Me in 2016 (also here) 2015-current
Autistic Zebra bisexual; agender; married to cishet man; ED, EDS. 2015-current
Behind the Mask 2015-current
Briannon Lee 2015-current
crzywise 2015-current
How Autistic Feels 2015-current
Rainbows and Petticoats 2015-current
Rebekah Gillian 18; Dx17; full-time student; lifestyle blogger. 2015-current
Respectfully Connected 2015-current
Sean Callaghan-Life on the Spectrum blog 2015-current
So Much Stranger, Darker, Madder, Better (also here) 2015-current
The Mind of an Autistic Savant 2015-current
The other side 2015-current
A is for … 2016-current
A Little Off the Mark 2016-current
All I See Is Cornbread 2016-current
An Open Letter to… 2016-current
asdmummyme ASD specialist teaching assistant. 2016-current
Autaitchel 2016-current
AUTIST AT WORK 2016-current
Autistic Future (also here and here) 2016-current
AutiWomanDifferentBox 2016-current
Broadwas Customs 2016-current
Cat in a dog’s world 2016-current
Dream Walden 2016-current
Elephants Remember 2016-current
Flying yet falling 2016-current
Glitchberry 2016-current
inshiftingcolour 2016-current
Littlest Alien (also here) 2016-current
Mamautistic Dx28. 2016-current
Our Autistic History (Month) 2016-current
Queertism, Gaytism, Asperqueer, Aspergay, Asperdyke 2016-current
sandissquishy 2016-current
The Misadventures of Mama Pineapple 36; ADHD, dyspraxia; educator; Dx36. 2016-current
The Talentless Liar 2016-current
thequestioningaspie 2016-current
Typically Individual 2016-current
Unknown Operating System 2016-current
the autism crisis 2006-2015
Autist’s Corner 2007-2015
Square 8 2007-2015
Urocyon’s Meanderings (also here) 2007-2015
Life on the Spectrum 2010-2015
voxcorvegis 2011-2015
sleep wake hope and then 2012-2015
…autisticook 2013-2015
Aspergers From The Inside 2014-2015
TARDISTIC 2014-2015
Walk in OUR shoes 2015-2015
Building Common Ground (also here) 2008-2014
FemmeBurger 2010-2014
Young Autistic Female 2012-2014
Asperoomies 2014-2014
The Quixotic Autistic 2010-2013
Being A Parent with Aspergers 2012-2013
Schrödinger’s Aspie 2012-2013
Happily Eccentric: Autism & Asperger’s in my family 2010-2011
Geek With Autism 2014-current
Janika Banks (also here) 2011-current
gareeth (also here) 2012-current
Ask an Autistic 2014-current
a sunny momentum 2016-current
Aspie and Proud 41, Dx40, married with Autistic son. 2017-current
My life as autist 2002-current
A Quiet Week In The House 2004-current
Quirky Missy (also here) 2005-current
Stimeyland 2007-current
Autism’s gadfly 2008-current
Merely Quirky 2008-current
Near-Earth Object 2008-current
Saved Aspie 2008-current
Wildeman’s Words (also here) 2008-current
A Voice Released 2009-current
Aspitude! 2009-current
Clarissa’s Blog 2009-current
Cracked Mirror in Shalott 2009-current
dreaming fish 2009-current
Dude, I’m An Aspie. 2009-current
Dwarren57 2009-current
I’m not crazy—–i am autistic!!!!! 2009-current
An Asperger Medical Student in Oz 2010-current
Aspergers & the Alien 2010-current
Aspie from Maine 2010-current
autismjungle 2010-current
Katy Doesn’t Live In Smithton 2010-current
My Antimatter Life (also here and here) 2010-current
The Hidden Village of Aspergers 2010-current
Autism Love 2011-current
Autismo Girl 2011-current
autismthoughts 2011-current
Chat for Adults with HFA and Aspergers 2011-current
CorvaBella (also here) 2011-current
delphinemusic (also here) 2011-current
Living Amongst Humans 2011-current
nigelthedragon 2011-current
The Aspie Side of Life 2011-current
The Not-So Random Thoughts of a Psycho-Educational Consultant 2011-current
A Road to Me 2012-current
AutisticChick 2012-current
AutistiKDo 2012-current
bunnyhopscotch (also here and here) 2012-current
Crazy Girl in an Aspie World 2012-current
Deceivingly Normal 2012-current
Judy Endow 2012-current
Living with AS, SPD, OCD and PTSD 2012-current
No Longer in a Box 2012-current
Puzzles & Spoons 2012-current
RobertLovesPi’s Blog 2012-current
Social skills for autonomous people. 2012-current
Tales From An Autism Family (autistic daughter’s blog is here) 2012-current
A Voice from the Spectrum 2013-current
An Autistic Speaking 2013-current
Angry Autie 2013-current
Aspergian*101 2013-current 2013-current
Autism Matters 2013-current
Autistic BigBro 2013-current
Because I’m Fabulous 2013-current
Dena Gassner, LMSW 2013-current
Different Wiring 2013-current
Eccentricities and Introspection 2013-current
End Autism Stigma 2013-current
Exploring Aspergers 2013-current
Healthy Possibilities 2013-current
ischemgeek 2013-current
Jesse Saperstein 2013-current
NeuroQueer 2013-current
Non-Speaking Not Silent 2013-current
Perpetually Autistic (also here and here) 2013-current
Proud Autistic Living 2013-current
Ravenambition’s Aspergers Blog 2013-current
Resplendently Autistic (also here) 2013-current
Some Open Space 2013-current
Stuart Neilson 2013-current
tagÂûght (also here and here) 2013-current
The “Diane is weird” files 2013-current
the fool on the hill 2013-current
The Life of an Aspie 2013-current
theasdgamerblog 2013-current
theepicautistic 2013-current
unwrittengrace 2013-current
We Always Liked Picasso Anyway 2013-current
A Journey Into A Unique Mind 2014-current
Acting NT 2014-current
Another Spectrum 2014-current
Askpergers 2014-current
Aspergers on Toast 2014-current
athenaminerva7 2014-current
Author Violet Haze 2014-current
Autisticality 2014-current
Beautifully Bipolar 2014-current
Being Seen, the book 2014-current
Cambria’s Big Fat Autistic Blog 2014-current
Frogs’ Legs and Vodka Dregs 2014-current
hardlyneurotypical 2014-current
Help! They Want Me To Socialise (also here) 2014-current
I Know This Rose Will Open 2014-current
Identities 2014-current
innerdragon 2014-current
jeanettepurkis 2014-current
Jumping Out of the Fishbowl – An Autistic Life 2014-current
Lemon Peel 2014-current
Liese B (also here and here) 2014-current
Lissa Lysik’an (also here and here) 2014-current
Living Aspie 2014-current
LMAO: Laughing My Asperger’s Off 2014-current
Loner on the road (also here) 2014-current
Lost and Found 2014-current
Max’s shop of horrors 2014-current
Me, Myself and PDA 2014-current
My Blue Aspie Island 2014-current
Paginated Thoughts (also here, here and here) 2014-current
Paul Isaacs 2014-current
Planet Autism 2014-current
Riko 2014-current
Rudy’s Rants (also here and here) 2014-current
Seeing Double, Understanding Autism 2014-current
Single mom with Autism 2014-current
Squooze 2014-current
The Aspie Bird 2014-current
The girl who can’t fit into a box! 2014-current
windsweptchildonashootingstar 2014-current
…i am my own experience… 2015-current
“NO!” -Rosa Parks 2015-current
( Living in Parentheses ) 2015-current
(F)Aspie: n: a female person with Asperger Syndrome (also here and here)2015-current
A is for Autiste (also here) 2015-current
A Sinner on the Spectrum 2015-current
Ad Astra Aspie 2015-current
An Actually Autistic Adult 2015-current
An Aspie in Space 2015-current
Antleader’s Journey 2015-current
Anything Maureen 2015-current
ASDIARY 2015-current
Ask a Teenage Aspie 2015-current
Aspie VS World 2015-current
Aspiepriest 2015-current
Aspified 2015-current
Ausomeautistic 2015-current
Autism Guide 2015-current
Autism Worlds-Eye 2015-current
Autistic Genius 2015-current
Autistic Vegan 2015-current
Autistic, Not Weird 2015-current
Autistictic 2015-current
christyautisticwalk 2015-current
Crabby Centaur 2015-current
davidmartinnicholsonblog (also here) 2015-current
divergentautist 2015-current
Endeavour To Live: Version 2 2015-current
Giraffe Party 2015-current
Goth Mom Gamer 2015-current
Hands In Motion (also here) 2015-current
Hello Neurodiversity! 2015-current
Just One Autistic Girl (also here) 2015-current
Memoirs of a misunderstood teen 2015-current
More Than My Share Of Aspieness 2015-current
Musings of KarlettaA Dx32. 2015-current
My Aspie Eyes 2015-current
Neuroblending 2015-current
Never Less Than Everything 2015-current
Nothing Happens to Me’ – (quote by John Watson) 2015-current
Rainbow With Lace (also here) 2015-current
Rainey Days 2015-current
ryelle codes agender & queer/bisexual. 2015-current
sputteringwords 2015-current
The Black Sheep Bleats 2015-current
The Old Aspergian 2015-current
the uninspirational 2015-current
This, That, and Vera 2015-current
AandAmazing 2016-current
achildlikemewordpress 2016-current
Alice In Blunderland 2016-current
Asperger’s and me: life after late diagnosis 2016-current
Aspergers and Addiction 2016-current
aspergirlsanon 2016-current
Aspernerd 2016-current
Asperspective 2016-current
asperwomen 2016-current
Aspie, Maybe 2016-current
Autism: A Personal Perspective 2016-current
Autistry And Me (also here) 2016-current
Being Bethan now 2016-current
closetautism 2016-current
Comments From The Pecan Gallery (also here) 2016-current
Confessions of a Loony Genius 2016-current
Confidence with ASD 2016-current
Crazy-NOS 2016-current
Dirty/Nerdy – with Magenta Prex (also here) 2016-current
discovering aspie 2016-current
Eclectic Autistic 2016-current
Emma Gende 2016-current
Everyday Autism 2016-current
Felineaut 2016-current
femmeaspiechick 2016-current
Glenn Hawkins, Writer 2016-current
Greg Love 2016-current
Heidi Turner 2016-current
Helens Blog 2016-current
HFAchick 2016-current
Hot Mike’s Music Industry Chronicles 2016-current
humble lioness 2016-current
Journal – David Finch 2016-current
Kawaii Maiden 2016-current
Kweerly Kris (also here) 2016-current
Lisa Simpson Has Asperger’s 2016-current
Look Me in the Eyes 2016-current
Losing It Slowly 2016-current
Luna Rose (also here) 2016-current
Mal on Wire 2016-current
My Blog Thingie 2016-current
mynameisnotmya 2016-current
Narcoleptic Aspie 2016-current
Neurodivergent Nicole 2016-current
OuterSpaceBoy 2016-current
pastelrainbowinfinity 2016-current
Pharaoh66 2016-current
privatepersonblog Dx60+. 2016-current
Queen Aspie 2016-current
Ramblings of a recently recognised autistic 2016-current
Sara Kerkstra – An insiders guide to Autism 2016-current
SEEDs for Autism Blog 2016-current
Site Title 2016-current
Somewhat Amanda 2016-current
Space to Breathe 2016-current
The Acting Aspie 2016-current
The Aspie Mermaid 2016-current
The Autistinquisitor 2016-current
The Inked Autist 29; Dep.; engineer, tattoo aficionado. 2016-current
The Pathless Woods 2016-current
The Sarcastic Autist 2016-current
theaspiegirlblog 2016-current
Through 1 Filter 2016-current
Through My Eyes 2016-current
Tina J R – Autistic. 2016-current
Tragic Gender Story 2016-current
transautistwoman 2016-current
Unchained Views On Autism 2016-current
Universal Understanding 2016-current
With my head in the stars 2016-current
You can’t control me, I’m a defector 2016-current
zebrariki 2016-current
Karlas ASD Page (Karla’s mentee) -current
The Aspie Life (also here and here) 2005-2015
Adventures of an Interplanetary Exchange Student 2006-2015
Asperger-4-Life 2008-2015
Kaspieman (also here)2009-2015
What? Is My Autism Showing? 2009-2015
Aspects of Aspergers 2010-2015
My Account as an Aspie 2010-2015
The Asperger Café 2010-2015
Erin Clemens (also here) 2011-2015
Inside the Mind of an Aspie 2011-2015
It’s Bridget’s Word 2011-2015
NatKat921 2011-2015
Notes From The Backseat 2011-2015
Asperger+ 2012-2015
Molotov Med Cocktail 2012-2015
A Clear Voice, One Aspie’s Journey 2013-2015
Aspergirls 2013-2015
aspiegoggles 2013-2015
AUTITOPIA (also here) 2013-2015
Carol Shay Hornung, Author 2013-2015
Graphic Explanations 2013-2015
Hyper Inspiration 2013-2015
I am a lesbian with Aspergers. Does that make me a Lesperger? 2013-2015
My journey with Asperger’s Syndrome 2013-2015
noprizesfornormal 2013-2015
Personal experiences, Autism Advocacy by Ben 2013-2015
This Whole Soul (also here) 2013-2015
Autism through the Medium of Cats 2014-2015
Disability and Geekery 2014-2015
Jaded, Rocked, Healing 2014-2015
My Fingers, My Words 2014-2015
mylittlegoldfishbowl 2014-2015
Neuroatypical Wonderings 2014-2015
Pensive Aspie 2014-2015
The Awesome Blog 2014-2015
The Light Is Too Loud 2014-2015
Tim’s Aspie Journal 2014-2015
Aspiedoc 2015-2015
different kind of wallflower 2015-2015
entrepreneurialautistic 2015-2015
The Autistic Physicist 2015-2015
Violette Pom Poms 2015-2015
autistext – on autism, rhetoric, & ELO 2007-2014
Welcome to Aspie Land! 2008-2014
A View From the Boundaries 2009-2014
Living with Asperger’s Syndrome 2010-2014
Aspie Geek 2011-2014
Awesometism 2011-2014
Gnus, wombats and ducks 2011-2014
One Odd Duck 2011-2014
Poetic license revoked 2011-2014
autismraisingautism 2012-2014
In Through The Out Door 2012-2014
Its not all about me? 2012-2014
LIVING with FASD…and Autism (also here) 2012-2014
My aspie life 2012-2014
Aspermama 2013-2014
Aspie and Allie 2013-2014
Aspie Minister 2013-2014
Aspiedebi (also here) 2013-2014
Autism’s life lessons 2013-2014
cipherr 2013-2014
From Obscurity 2013-2014
How a female aspie finds her niche in life 2013-2014
life as a double minority 2013-2014
Thinking in Words 2013-2014
Undercover Aspie 2013-2014
addictbpdedptsd 2014-2014
Aspie Brynn 2014-2014
Autistic Alex 2014-2014
Confessions of an Autistic Mom / People Are My Kryptonite 2014-2014
The Diary of Someone with Asperger’s 2014-2014
undiscoveredaspie 2014-2014
Odd One Out (also here) 2004-2013
In My Voice 2009-2013
My Experiences of Growing Up With Autism (also here) 2009-2013
Prism*Song 2009-2013
Somewhere On The Spectrum 2009-2013
Aspierations – Come as you are… Let your light shine! (also here and here and here) 2010-2013
Kyriolexy 2010-2013
I Love Fractals 2011-2013
Running on the Spectrum 2011-2013
Aspiesphere 2012-2013
Autistic And Awesome 2012-2013
My Blog 2012-2013
my-blog 2012-2013
Not another aspie blog 2012-2013
Nothing About Us Without Us 2012-2013
Stimtastic Aspergers 2012-2013
the apparent apanthrope 2012-2013
A Thousand Signs 2013-2013
Aspergal 2013-2013
Aspie Noodle 2013-2013
Being Asperger’s 2013-2013
Freak Parent: too weird for the weird. 2013-2013
Moment of Truth 2013-2013
Musings of a Misfit 2013-2013
My aspie world 2013-2013
Simple Thoughts on Random Things 2013-2013
Normal Is Overrated 2007-2012
Matt’s Corner 2008-2012
WeirdLaw 2008-2012
Autistic Existentialism 2009-2012
I’m Not What You Think 2010-2012
Illusion of Competence 2010-2012
Aspergal 2011-2012
#AwesomesauceAventures 2012-2012
Proprium; Constructive Musings On Life and Aspergers 2012-2012
And Stimming With Rainbows of Every Design 2007-2011
Autism Rocks 2008-2011
The Tao of Autism 2009-2011
Asper-ations 2010-2011
Aspieadvocate 2010-2011
Being Nearly Human 2010-2011
Musing & Insights from An Adult With Multiple Disabilities 2010-2011
There is No B in Aspergers 2010-2011
LOVE-NOS 2011-2011
The Seeker’s Path 2011-2011
The same but different 2009-2010
Down the Rabbit Hole 2010-2010
Married with Autism 2010-2010
The Constant Observer 2007-2009
Jim Sinclair’s Web Site 1988-1998
Blogging Astrid (also here) 2002-current
Ryan Boren (also here) 2002-current
Once in a Cobalt Moon 2003-current
Amber Bird 2008-current
A Shiny World 2009-current
Life in the Uncanny Valley 2009-current
Matty Angel 2009-current
Alienhippy’s Blog 2010-current
Kerry Magro 2010-current
Pixie Perceptions 2010-current
Adrian Moore 2011-current
aspiblog 2011-current
Deciphering Morgan 2011-current
Mercy Endureth Forever 2011-current
On The Spectrum 2011-current
Perspectives 2011-current
Pressing Puzzles 2011-current
thatawkwardkid93 2011-current
Turtlemoon 2011-current
Aspie Catholic 2012-current
autisticandproud 2012-current
Battle Of A Girl With PTSD (autistic mother’s blog is here) 2012-current
hereirawr 2012-current
Mutha Lovin’ Autism 2012-current
Serene Aspergia 2012-current
Suburban Autistics (also here) 2012-current
The Autist Dharma 2012-current
thegiverofwords 2012-current
Vadess40 Blog (also here) 2012-current
Appalachian aspie part two. (also here) 2013-current
Autistic SHS 2013-current
It’s All Uncharted 2013-current
Rose with Thorns 2013-current
Scott Lentine 2013-current
The World We Create 2013-current
Wpgurbannomad’s (A.C.C.’s) Blog 2013-current
yetanotherlefty 2013-current
Ann’s Autism Blog 2014-current
Asperger: The HypoSocial Human 2014-current
Auti-boy! 2014-current
Chic Gibson 2014-current
fortyfive9s 2014-current
Melissa Fields, Autist 2014-current
rootless introspection 2014-current
The Elephant in the Room 2014-current
The Pieces Fit! 2014-current
The Vowel Diaries (also here) 2014-current
Autism Musings About Stuff and Things 2015-current
autismspectrumstuff 2015-current
becks’ journal 2015-current
Between Spectrums 2015-current
Bradseyeview 2015-current
Felis Autisticus 2015-current
From My World To Your World 2015-current
Hux Tales 2015-current
Jumbled Bookcase 2015-current
Life Asper Margo 2015-current
Musings Of A Wandering Autistic 2015-current
Shelley in the Rain 2015-current
Silence Breaking Sound 2015-current
The Asperger Blog 2015-current
The Neon Green Nest 2015-current
The Outlier 2015-current
The Realistic Autistic 2015-current
vodkadietcokes 2015-current
Wisdom Tara (also here) 2015-current
A random blog – run by an Autistic Against Anti-Vaxxers 2016-current
An angry Neurodivergent 2016-current
An Aspie in Academia 2016-current
Aspie Life 29:11 2016-current
autismhelpblog 2016-current
autistsix 2016-current
autspicious 2016-current
Broken Cookies Taste Just As Sweet 2016-current
coffeecraftscats 2016-current
Don’t call me weird! 2016-current
Dr Melanie Kaiyanna Mahjenta Ph.D. 2016-current
hollywoodautistic 2016-current
lizzielives 2016-current
Riley’s Raven Nest of Writing 2016-current
stompgal87blog 2016-current
The Creative Emotional Aspie 2016-current
The Eccentricities of an Actually Autistic Woman 2016-current
The world through an alternative mindset 2016-current
Anita Lesko BSN,RN,MS,CRNA (also here) -current
Andrea’s Buzzing About 2006-2015
oddcog 2007-2015
Asperger’s Women : Challenging the Stereotypes! 2008-2015
Searching for answers to Aspergers Syndrome 2010-2015
The Aspergers Post 2011-2015
I Still Find It So Hard… 2012-2015
Living with the aspergers curse (also here) 2012-2015
Tiny Grace Notes (Ask an Autistic) (also here) 2012-2015
Amplify Autistic Voices 2013-2015
Stims, Stammers and Winks 2013-2015
A World in Boxes 2014-2015
aspiecougarfab50 2015-2015
Beautiful random dark thoughts of 3 autistic females 2015-2015
tsatterwhitets 2015-2015
The Standard Review (also here and here) 2006-2014
Aspie Warrior 2012-2014
Monkey Brains (also here) 2008-2012
unpuzzled 2012-2012
Whose Planet Is It Anyway? 2006-2010
Star Ford 1989-current
Making It Up (also here and here) 2003-current
Nightengale of Samarkand 2003-current 2004-current 2004-current
in regione caecorum rex est luscus 2006-current (also here) 2006-current
Locus Iohannis | Probable Aspergian 2007-current
Reward and Consent™ 2007-current
Lichen is my OT3 …………..< 3 (also here and here) 2008-current
Thoughts on life 2008-current
Uncommon Bostonian 2008-current
A View From The Sycamore Tree 2009-current
Auntysocial 2009-current
Asperger’s Issues 2010-current
AutieEmlyns Aut-tastic blog (also here and here) 2010-current
Autistic Wordpainter 2010-current
Critique of Popular Reason 2010-current
Life on the Other Side of the Wall 2010-current
Luna Lindsey 2010-current
The Autistic Voice (also here) 2010-current
The Bipolar Mystic 2010-current
autisticinnerspace 2011-current
autisticwild 2011-current
Child-Led Chaos 2011-current
Emma’s Messiah Miracle of Music 2011-current
Ido in Autsimland 2011-current
Percussion Deconstruction 2011-current
Snakedancing 2011-current
Toni Boucher on HubPages 2011-current
Typings of a Typically Autistic Teen 2011-current
AS If 2012-current
Aspergreatness 2012-current
Autistic Self Advocacy Network 2012-current
Man in his Pyjamas 2012-current
Mr. asperger 2012-current
Non-Speaking Autistic Speaking 2012-current
The Confessions Of A Memory Foam Mattress 2012-current
The Houston Aspie Blogging Collective 2012-current
Website of Amber Black 2012-current
A Woman Reborn 2013-current
Achieve more as an autistic adult 2013-current
Aspergers, A Blessing and a Curse 2013-current
Autism Investigated (also here) 2013-current
Car Races and Asperger’s Through a Girl’s Eyes 2013-current
From the Machine 2013-current
N. M. Silber 2013-current
NeuroDiversity Revisited 2013-current
Parenting Autistic Children With Love & Acceptance 2013-current
Queer Without Gender 2013-current
Sarah Stup’s Blog 2013-current
The CHP ASD Blog 2013-current
[introspection intensifies] 2014-current
ACAT: Ala Costa Adult Transition Program 2014-current
Actually Autistic Blogs List 2014-current
Artsyberger: Images & Words Aspie Style 2014-current
Autistic Wiki 2014-current
David Snape and Friends 2014-current
Diary of an Autstic Mind 2014-current
FlutistPride 2014-current
Grady P Brown – Author 2014-current
juanspinkelephant 2014-current
Life of an “functioning” Aspergian and her Service Dog Kobash 2014-current
Life with Autism 2014-current
lost and exultant 2014-current
Mark Kent 2014-current
Misunderstood Misfit 2014-current
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1written by Actually Autistic people (as opposed to “Autism Blogs” written by families, professionals, and others) about their experiences with autism

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75 thoughts on “Actually Autistic Blogs

  1. Here are the ones in my “following” list for my blog:

    A Flickering Life –
    A Little Off the Mark –
    ASD and Secondary School –
    An Aspie in Space –
    An Autism Observer –
    Anonymously Autistic –
    Ask a Teenage Aspie –
    Aspergian*101 –
    Aspie Daddy –
    Aspie Life 29:11 –
    Aspie Trainers Blog –
    Aspie VS World –
    AutiWomanDifferentBox –
    Autism In Our House –
    Autism Mom –
    Autism and expectations –
    Autism worlds-Eye view –
    Autistic Academic –
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    Cat in a dog’s world –
    Confidence with ASD –
    Cátia Isabel Silva –
    David Snape and Friends – The place to show off your hidden talents –
    Endeavour To Live: Version 2 –
    Ever So Gently –
    Everyday Asperger’s –
    Everyday Aspie –
    Executive (dys)Function –
    Happy Asperger Marriage –
    Help! They Want Me To Socialise –
    High Functioning Autistic Children –
    Lisa Simpson Has Asperger’s –
    Losing It Slowly –
    Lost and Found –
    Maybe Autism Explains It All –
    Michelle Sutton Writes –
    Mind to Unbind –
    More Than My Share Of Aspieness –
    My Anxious Suppositions –
    My Authalm (Awesome) Life –
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    With my head in the stars –
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    aspernerd –
    autismalifetimeundiagnosed –
    autismblues –
    autismhelpblog –
    autisticality –
    autisticaplanet blogs –
    autisticmotherland –
    closetautism –
    flojoeasydetox –
    glitchberry –
    includedbygrace –
    outfoxgloved –
    pharaoh66’s Blog –
    ryelle codes –
    typicallyindividual –

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      • I went into the WordPress reader and set my tags for “autism” and “Asperger’s” – and that brought up a lot of blogs, and I followed the ones about autism and Asperger’s that had posts I liked. Also, a lot of people follow me, so that’s how I find out about them, too.

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  2. Wow, thank you for such an amazing and comprehensive list! No doubt that’s a labor of love that I imagine took hours. Thank you for including mine also! I’ll be visiting each and every one of these and following them. Thank you again! ❤

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    • It’s a labor of love and gratitude for all Autistic bloggers (like yourself) who share your inner lives so candidly. I’ve read your archives (it took me several days) for all your blogs I linked to (plus your professional blog, which you probably don’t want linked to). Thank you for your honesty and candor.

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  3. Amazing list! Well done! I’ve just gotten a great idea for how to signal boost autistic writing. We could use your list as a starting place. We need to collect all the RSS feed urls for these blogs. We can then insert them into a website – I just reserved a domain we can use to publicize great autistic writing. Signal boosting actually autistic people is so important.

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    • Thank you. I would love some help with this project.

      What domain name did you reserve? In what format do you want me to provide you with the RSS feed urls? If you give me an example of a properly-formatted entry I will follow that example with all the others.

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      • Thanks – I’ll email you later today / this weekend with details. I’m still figuring it out. It may make sense to continue to use your site, and I point over to it somehow. I’m just starting to think this through – let me come up with a plan, and I’ll be in touch. Can you comment on my blog with your email address? I won’t approve the comment, just want to get a direct line to you. Thanks!

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      • I just sent an email to the email address wordpress gave me when it notified me of your comment. If you don’t receive that, you can send an email to the address in the “Contact me” link on the top menu of this blog (scroll down).

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  4. Good initiative. In the future as the list keeps expanding to a possibly daunting length, I’d love to see ways to filter and create sub-lists that aren’t primarily related to gender, sexuality and parenthood. Categories that would be relevant to me when exploring the list for blogs I’d like to read, would be things like the blog’s primary focus/topics, the blogger’s interests, education and occupation, understanding & inclusion of non-human animals (e.g. do they have pets at home and what kind, are they working with or have worked with animals, are they totally human-centric or have a more bio-diverse perspective), writing style (but that can’t be meaningfully categorised), and artistic creativity, e.g. do they create cartoons or music… and possible more that doesn’t come to mind right now

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    • I meant something like a tag-based or boolean operators-like system, where each blog can appear on several sub-lists based on what is being searched on, but otherwise all basically remain the same long list when unfiltered, so there aren’t barriers between for example different gender identities, or parents and non-parents, unless that is what’s filtered for

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      • Anna, I’m honored that you chose to comment on my blog. I’ve
        been loving your blog in its various incarnations (from when was still public) and have worried about you. Would you care to give us a blog update sometime?

        You were my second follower two years ago. Thank you for that.

        Your ideas are good but would take more time and effort to implement than I can afford. The most time-consuming part would be reading through the blogs to categorize them appropriately. Would you be willing to help with that?

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      • Aw thank you so much for your nice words about my blog, that made my day:-) My dilemma is always fear of oversharing/uncertainty about boundaries because blogging is such a strange personal/public diary-like medium, and also that I am a slow writer so it takes quite some time to write a post, and I’m unsure of its value to others, so your positive feedback is very encouraging. I’d love to get into a habit of blogging regularly (like once a month or so), and I miss the regular interactive communication in the blogging community.

        Re. helping with categorising: yes sure, I’ll be happy to… although it depends when it will be, and if I have the time when it happens. but actually it could be done with a table in a shared spreadsheet gradually evolving over time, where all the blogs in the long blog list are read/skimmed one by one & categories added to each in the table. Then later the filtered search option could be created with the most most used categories.

        An additional idea: when reading or skimming through the blogs, in addition to just adding the relevant categories to them in a list, what about writing a brief (like 1 – 3 passages and a screen shot) presentation of each blog and its author, as blog posts on this blog? in addition to the long list. That could provide a consistently structured catalogue of autistic blogs. It would also e.g. allow the blogs’ authors to reply to questions in regard to their blog, where it is easy for other potential readers to see them and ask ore questions, as they are perusing the brief blog descriptions. Also, if the categories each blog is assigned to were added as tags to the blog posts, then that would in itself provide the filtered search option

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  5. For me as a reader there’s no such thing as oversharing: I’m endlessly fascinated with people’s inner lives (and can choose not to read if it gets too much). As a writer sharing my inner life feels like ripping my toenails off. The most successful bloggers seem to be those for whom writing comes naturally, who have kept journals since learning to write. That’s not me.

    Regarding your generous offer, I have sent you an email. For anyone else reading this, offers to help are much appreciated.


  6. Being new to all this I find it quite overwhelming. Too much to assimilate at same time.. need to concentrate on process of blogging before investigating my gender status further. Feel that there are answers to my awkwardness with self from early childhood onwards.
    Can’t deal with everything at once. Just found my way through the communications door and need to get that sorted re blogging. Have placed an order thru’ local Library for appropriate book on WordPress with ” visuals’ .
    Hope to become a more frequent blogger and would appreciate any tips on how to identify cyberbullies etc. as am generally too trusting and had problems in the past on FB.

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  7. Erm.


    So you made some pretty significant assumptions about people’s genders and sexualities. And you kinda sorta outed people who aren’t out on those axes.

    So yeah that’s a thing that happened. A list is good. These categories are squicky.

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    • Thanks for commenting. The categories were suggested by an autistic blogger. Do you have a suggestion for improving them (if so, how) or would you rather they be eliminated entirely?

      This may be a case of “you can’t please everyone” but I want to try.

      Would you like me to change how your blog is listed? If so, how? If you would like your blog eliminated from the list please email me through the “Contact me” menu item at the top of the page

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  8. Why is my blog on this list. More importantly why is it misgendering me. Why is it mislabelling my sexuality and why is it mis labelling my parental status.
    I find this very concerning.
    I wonder why I was never even asked. Oh that’s right we don’t bother to ask the actually autistic now do we.

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    • I apologize for misrepresenting you. Please let me know how you’d rather be listed (or if you’d prefer I eliminate your blog from the list entirely).

      I have been planning to contact all the bloggers on the list but with nearly 900 blogs that will be time-consuming. I will gladly accept help on this if you’re willing to volunteer. Meanwhile I’ve invited people (on the “About the list” menu item at the top of the page) to request changes to the list (and I’m delighted when people do).

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      • It’s just not really good enough. You have labelled people as cis or non cis you have labelled people as parents or non parents, as heterosexual or not. You have made assumptions about all of these. This is extremely poor form.
        A person should have autonomy over their own coming out and for some you have stuffed that right up. It’s just not really good enough.
        Some NB and Trans people are not out for reasons of safety and you have placed that safety at risk for them.
        To be perfectly honest I am not too concerned about how many people are on the list you should have contacted them before you put them on the list, it’s a simple courtesy. Claiming there are too many is really just not good enough.

        I will tell you this, I am not male, I am not heterosexual, I am a parent, I have both autistic and non-autistic children. Yet you seem to think it all ok to totally fuck this up in every possible way. And even now you still have me in that same position on your list.

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  9. I very much appreciate my listing and the time it took to put this all together. However, I also appreciate the gender/sexuality assumptions being addressed by others because I wasn’t at all sure how to begin addressing that. I’ve been thinking about it all day and here are my thoughts:

    It’s a tricky thing to categorize by gender/sexuality in the first place, because while some of us are intentionally a bit vague surrounding our gender/sexuality and wouldn’t want to be necessarily categorized as an identity we either haven’t fully embraced or fully come out as – it’s also disconcerting, at the very minimum, to be listed as something one isn’t. Also, at the present time, with the current categories, I don’t particularly want to be moved from the category I’m in right now for at least a couple reasons (partly why I wasn’t sure about how to address it), but it’s still disconcerting.

    So, I think a category system not gender/sexuality-based would be better. I’d certainly prefer it. Such a system wouldn’t out or misgender anyone, at least. Currently being updated blogs vs blogs that are basically archives would be helpful, for example. Or just a simple alphabetical listing with symbols after them the way you have them now, but only added after you or someone else has checked with the blogger in question and they’ve chosen their own symbols. If you wanted to get fancy about it and had the technical know-how (or knew someone who did – I could possibly figure it out) then the symbols could be links that would bring up all the listings with that symbol on a different page. Those who don’t want any symbols could simply be listed without the symbols. It might also be nice to have a brief (one-sentence-ish) summary written by each blogger after their listing.

    There are many other categorization possibilities too 🙂 I’m sure you’ll come up with something that works well.

    Changing it around and getting consent from everyone would be a huge task, no doubt, but it would be an invaluable resource with more accurate (and possibly more easily accessible) listings. You’d also have the consent of those listed before being labeled, which is a very important thing. I’m not sure if other bloggers would want consent before being listed in the first place (that part doesn’t bother me personally), but that’s something else to consider.

    I would possibly be able to help with emailing people and rearranging things in the new year so please let me know (you can email me from my blog) if you want/need help with such an endeavor and how you would like to go about doing it.

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  10. Quite frankly, I find that the categorization is gross, misinformed, and makes lots of assumptions. I am neither cis nor heterosexual, and I’ve talked about that a bit on my actual linked blog, so honestly, I’m finding that this reflects a lack of research on your part.

    The rating system is also pretty appalling. I consider myself a decent writer, but I know that there are writers on this list with far better blogs than my own who are rated lower. Is that because they are more likely to take the time to speak out against injustice? Because I see people on this list who are rated entirely too low for their blog content and miscategorized.

    Come up with a better system. I mean I’m glad that you did fix the fact that I am Autistic and my kids are too, but you’re still misgendering me and making assumptions about my sexual orientation.

    It’s gross and it needs to stop.

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    • Your comment appears to have accidentally linked to which has been deleted. It should have linked to

      I apologize for miscategorizing you. If you’re not satisfied with your current listing please let me know exactly what you want it changed to.

      The decision to categorize the blogs was made at the request of an autistic blogger. Everything in the listings is based upon publicly available information on the blogs themselves, although unfortunately some mistakes were made. These will soon be rectified by contacting bloggers individually for their corrections. I have received volunteer offers of help with this, for which I’m immensely grateful. I will gladly accept more help from anyone willing to volunteer.

      I agree there’s a lot of arbitrariness in the rating system. Please tell me which blogs you think are unfairly rated and I’ll probably increase their ratings. Generally I’ll increase a blogger’s rating upon request.

      I encourage everyone to contact me if they want to change how any blog is listed or have suggestions for improving the list.

      Thanks for your feedback and helping me improve the list. I may not be able to please everyone but I want to try.

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      • Well, I haven’t been The Caffeinated Autistic in about three years, if not more. I have ADHD on top of being autistic, so forgive me if my understanding of time is a bit off.

        I think, to me, the problem lies in the fact that not only did you not obtain consent from the people on this list and how they were categorized, but you made assumptions as to people’s gender and specific diagnosis and the diagnosis of their children. I remember when my name was on the list and you had my kids listed as not autistic, which is bizarre to me because in my description, I refer to them as multiply neurodivergent, and if you took two minutes to peruse my blog, especially the earlier entries, you would know their diagnosis. And that’s fine for my kids. But the problem is that there are people who don’t list their kids’ diagnosis because of safety and privacy reasons. My kids are old enough to share that information, but some others don’t feel it’d be a good idea to share that with the world and given the way that educators and social services treat autistic parents I don’t freaking blame them!

        Basically it comes down to please don’t assume. If you don’t know, you don’t know and you could just classify people as “unknown gender and sexuality or unknown diagnosis”.

        As for me, I am a nonbinary trans person who uses they/them pronouns. I mostly call myself queer because of the specific folks I’m attracted to, most of whom do not fall under the cishet umbrella . In addition to being Autistic, I am also hard of hearing and have ADHD. The rest of your blurb is accurate. Please don’t try and link to my tumblr blog, though, because that particular one is currently defunct.

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      • Thank you for your additional comment. There are many neurodivergences besides autism so I don’t consider “multiply neurodivergent” to imply “autistic”. “Two minutes to peruse [your] blog” adds up to almost 30 hours when multiplied by the approximately 870 blogs on the list.

        I have implemented your corrections and added the following text above the list:

        << All information below came from the blogs themselves though some mistakes have been made. Please contact us with corrections or additions and do not rely on the list being accurate. >>

        I realize this isn’t a complete solution but I hope it’s a step in the right direction.

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      • Consent. That’s what you’re missing. You’re missing the consent of people on this list. Do you honestly not understand that categorizing people by assumed body type (thanks, AFAB gives me nearly as much dysphoria as being described as a cis female) and by what you think is true of them based on a Google search is really awful?

        I don’t think you really get this but you are putting a lot of folks in danger, and your excuse is “it’s a lot of work”. Well, yeah, of course it is! But if you decide to take on something of this magnitude? It’s your responsibility to represent people properly and do the one thing you’ve yet to do here – obtain consent from everyone on the list if you plan on categorizing them this way.

        If you don’t know, then don’t make assumptions! You assume I’m a cis woman because what? You’ve found a picture of me and think I look female? News flash! Cishet shouldn’t be the default! Stop assuming people’s gender and maybe ask for their permission to be listed this way.

        It’s not that difficult to respect people. It’s really not.

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      • But you aren’t, not really. You’re not taking the “consent matters” part seriously.

        So I’m withdrawing mine. Remove my blog from this list. I don’t want someone who doesn’t understand the basic tenets of what is consent to be linking to my blog.

        (Also, helpful tip? doing a search and replace of AFAB/AMAB to NB is sorely missing the point.)

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  11. I know of several bloggers on here who are probably uncomfortable having their assigned gender at birth stated, especially when they identify as trans or nonbinary.
    Wouldn’t it make more sense to either stick with lables like “men”, “women”, “nonbinary”, and listing trans men as men and trans women as women, and then let bloggers chose if they wanted further information public, or eliminate the gender divides altogether?
    When you label someone as “AFAB” or “AMAB” in addition to or in place of their prefered gender, you are sticking them back in a gendered box that they do not fit in. And you are outing them without their consent. This is dangerous both to nobinary individuals, and trans people who might not be out as transgender. It’s also rude, as it reduces people to their genitals (sometimes inaccurately) rather than their identity.
    I can think of so many other things I would want to know about the bloggers I follow, such as if they’re activists, if they blog mostly about things unrelated to autism, or if they’re active in multiple disability communities.

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  12. I really don’t think replacing AMAB and AFAB with NB is worth a dime of shit to be honest. I note you changed me from cis het to NB when this is also not accurate, not only did you do this change without any real consultation you have continued to do so with out consent.
    It’s really not ok to just list people like this. It’s not just a link on a page to a blog, if it were simply that it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but it’s more than that, you have added a whole rating and categorisation system that is not only arbitrary and inaccurate but also a system that places some people in actual danger. Physical danger, mental health danger and relationship danger.

    What remains clear is that you are more concerned with doing whatever the fuck you want than you are with putting in the effort to ensure that you are not misgenderinng, unceromoniously outing and misrepresenting peoples sexuality.

    And really what the actual fuck has someones sexuality got to do with them being an autistic blogger. This still leaves me scratching my head to fathom..

    But yes the big thing you fail to comprehend here is CONSENT. You don’t have it. You should remove any of those descriptors and categorisations for every blogger except those that have explicitly consented.

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    • Like for me, if I weren’t already involved in the LGBTQA autistic community, I’d probably like to know who is queer friendly and such? But I don’t need specifics. And I don’t need inaccurate specifics about other people’s bodies.

      It’s outing without consent. And that’s what the op doesn’t seem to get. It’s awful.

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      • Yes and not knowing you have been publicly misgendered in an online publication for all the world to access. It’s just ick in so many ways. And the reason of it’s a lot of work, I can’t even begin to fathom the level of ignorance that comes from that comment.

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      • “It’s too much work” is the exact answer I got when I asked a production company who premieres various television shows and Broadway shows in movie theaters why they couldn’t provide captions (especially in the case of the TV shows, for which captions already exist).

        So do with that information as you will.

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    • I chose not to identify regarding gender stating other attributes but was pursued to give a gender identity reply. Somehow I thought that must have been a “necessary “to be ” accepted ” on Actually Autistic site… I struggle to deal with technology and the various protocols.
      As others have mentioned I’m not really pleased about having my status open to all and sundry… it is my business alone.

      Is there another agenda behind this gender identity project?

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  13. You really have categories of “female sounding” and “male sounding” names?? That is 100% unacceptable. It is gross, erases trans, non-binary, and intersex individuals. It ignores unisex names and it is very English language-centric. Hell, it’s fairly American-centric. Honestly this whole listing is a mess with your categories being based primarily on gender & sexuality and largely lacking consent. Your excuse of it taking too much time to ask for consent does not hold water. If you do not have enough time to do a project properly, do not undertake it. At the very least, do not make excuses when you are called out for your mistakes. Apologize and work to /properly/ correct them instead. Remove the gender & sexuality based categories completely until you obtain consent, list all autistic parents simply as “autistic parents of autistic kids” or “other autistic parents”. List others as “autistic non-parents.” Give brief descriptions of the blogs and add more categories as you obtain consent for listing them a certain way and/or have time to peruse them further. You can improve your categories and search features over time, but there is absolutely no excuse to continue to list people’s genders and sexualities, both misgendering and outing without consent, after numerous people have brought to your attention that it’s wrong to do so.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I apologize for whatever harm I have done. I have removed all categories. Any further changes to this list will be made in consultation with members of the Autistic Community. Please contact us (rightmost top menu) if you want to be part of that discussion, and please invite others as well.


      • That conversation could easily happen here,in this space,where many valuable points have already been raised. Needing to contact you to what, be part of some secret group? That seems fishy and not any better than what you’ve done up to this point.

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  14. I’ve written a blog too asdmummyme – Aspergers like me it’s a blog about being an adult and a mum of a child with Asperger as well as my own journey of being autistic, being an ASD specialist teaching assistant as well as running an autistic club for families and children with autism. If you could share this I would appreciate it thank you. Kirilynn from the Uk


  15. OK. Here are a few more problems: listing year of diagnosis, listing nationality or country of origin, listing psych diagnoses, listing age or approximate age. Are you working for the government or what?!?

    Keep it simple. parents, autistics. Easier for you. Safer for us.

    You have really pushed a few buttons with safety and gender issues.

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  16. I can appreciate all the effort you have gone to to compile and now to amend the list. You must have had some idea behind formulating your categories and possibly if consent was sought the reaction by some may have been different.

    I notice that a “poll” was mentioned as a means by which people could choose to anonymously furnish you with the data ( as in numbers of respondents to each category) , however, it is preferable to outline the purpose of requesting such information.

    Personally I can see that the data you were collecting may prove more than interesting regarding certain areas of research into understanding autism, however, confidentiality and consent are necessary, not optional.

    It is very difficult to foresee all ramifications when working alone without input /feedback from others.

    Those who were misrepresented and those of whom you ” assumed gender identity” rightly have cause for grievance but I feel your actions may have been more the product of enthusiasm and naivety rather than of mal -intent .

    Hopefully you will receive well meaning suggestions, possibly offers of help as some above have given, so that fracture/rupture within the community is avoided and respect is maintained from and to all parties.

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  17. Hi! 😊 For the record, I’m grateful to be listed. It gives me a warm fuzzy included feeling! You may categorize me however you see fit; I’m indeed a 39-year-old non-binary female who is married to a male partner, with no children.

    Oooh! I have an idea – maybe an adult-diagnosed category? We share some unique experiences 😊 Just an idea, though.

    Anyway, thank you and hats off to you for all of your hard work and exhaustive efforts! Your list is truly a labor of love, and I appreciate it! ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’ve put you in the LGBTQ+ category with the following description:

      39; Dx39; Non-binary woman, Married, Childfree

      Is this OK? Generally when people fit more than one category I recommend the smaller one, where the blog will stand out more.

      I’ll think about a separate adult-diagnosed category, For now I’ll continue specifying age (or year) of diagnosis.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Perfect! You nailed it! I love that system – everything about it from the child-free to the DX age to the identity/orientation category to the visibility strategy! VERY well done 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️💜

        Liked by 1 person

      • Would you like HH (Hard of Hearing) and/or your occupation (integrative medicine doctor) added to your description on the list?

        If you would like your age updated on your birthday each year, please provide your birth date (either here or through the “Contact us” menu item above). (Your birth date will not be visible on the blog list page.)


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