Other Autistic Resource Lists

General resource lists compiled by Autistics for Autistics:
Autistic Self Advocacy Network
Paginated Thoughts
The Misadventures of Mama Pineapple

The Artism Spectrum
Musings of an Aspie
the silent wave
Neurodivergent Rebel
Autistic Science Lady

autistics.org: Autism Information Library

Online Autism Community Groups – My Spectrum Suite
Self-Advocacy Resources – My Spectrum Suite

ASD Reading Lists on Goodreads! | GenX Aspie
Autistic video diaries, tips, & life hacks | GenX Aspie
Autie Podcasts! | GenX Aspie

Lists of Autistic fiction: Ada HoffmannKaelan RhywiolLizzie Huxley-Jones

Resources compiled by Autistic-friendly allies:
Autism Spectrum Explained

List of autistic fictional characters – Wikipedia
Autism spectrum disorders in the media – Wikipedia
List of films about autism – Wikipedia

Other Autistic resource lists will be added to this page. Please check back, or provide suggestions.

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