Rules governing blog descriptions

Rules for blog descriptions included on the Actually Autistic Blogs List

1. Bloggers’ Requests Prevail. Any request by an Autistic blogger overrides all else. Please tell us how you want your blog listed.

2. Otherwise, only include basic demographic data such as age at autism diagnosis, gender, and parenting status.

3. Respect the blog’s focus. Gender, parenting status, and NSp are included only if found within “introductory” information located on an “About” page, a sidebar, and/or the first blog post.

4. No Assumptions. Only explicitly stated information is included.

5. Bloggers’ real names are reported only when professionally involved with autism (such as John Elder Robison or Ari Ne’eman) or upon bloggers’ requests.

6. When in doubt, err on the side of privacy.

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