Even more Autistic blogs

This is an “overflow” page for the Actually Autistic Blogs List containing blogs that haven’t posted recently or frequently or are otherwise less relevant to the website’s purpose. Please let us know if you feel your blog was moved here inappropriately and instead belongs on the main list.

Musings of an Aspie Mother; Dx42; 2012-2015; Stimtastic
Yes, That Too 2012-2019; Alyssa Hillary, publications, Tumblr, Patreon
Just Keep Stimming! Dx19; 2017-2021
Ability to be Different Cat; 30s; Woman; Dx19; Anx; college student; engaged to NT; USA (NY); 2017-2021
A Different Neurotribe 39; Mother of Autistics; Dx13 & 35; Mature student; married; 2017-2021
Undercover Autie 32; Woman; Dx26; Living with partner; UK; 2017-2019
Just Stimming… Woman; 2011-2016
Hidden in Plain Sight Sam Adams; 40s; Male; Dx39; public safety executive; married; USA (RI, Providence); 2018-2019
AsparagusSoupBlog 48; Woman; Dx44; Dep, Anx; married; UK; 2016-2021
Invisible Spectrum JJJ; 32; Woman; Dx30; FB, SPD, dyspraxia; teacher; intercultural communication across neuro-borders; Ireland (Dublin, Dublin City); 2019-2019
Radical Neurodivergence Speaking 2010-2018
Its not all about me? 2012-2014
In Shambles: Undiagnosed Asperger’s 2019-2019
Emma’s Messiah Miracle of Music 2011-2016
eisforerin Mother; Dx18+; includes comics; 2011-2020
A Road to Me 2012-2018; Facebook
Eva Angvert 62; Woman; Dx58; PTS, bipolar, alcoholism; somatic integral coach; Empower You with Ease and Comfort; married; USA (CA); 2015-2019
Autism and Me Aaron Carter; 24; Male; Dx21; Anx; freelance lighting technician; UK (England, West Yorkshire); 2019-2020
AutomatedAutism 40; Non-binary; Dx36; Dep, Anx, emetophobia; writer and SEO outreach worker; married; UK (Wales, North); 2016-2019; Kit Smethurst | The Mighty
Reframing Autism Dx30s; managing an Autistic-led nonprofit; autism acceptance, neurodiversity; Australia; 2018-2019; (website)
My Thoughts 2019-2019
Sephyr the Pixie (tumblr) 20s; Non-binary; Dx6; NSp; 2014-2021
Recovery Is Tough, But So Are You (tumblr) 2014-2021
have courage and be kind (tumblr) -2021
Autiedragonfly 2018-2019
Square 8 2007-2015
The Autism Advantage Father; Dx18+; 2016-2018
Through the Autistic Looking Glass Mother; Dx18+; 2019-2019
Society For The Prevention of Autism Prevention Woman; Dx18+; 2007-2009
aspiepriest Dx18+; 2015-2021
Broken Inside Woman; Dx15; Dep, Anx, bipolar, SPD; 2017-2021
Life on the Spectrum Mother; Dx40; 2010-2017
john saddington Dx18+; 2008-2021
drive mom crazy J; 40s; poet & artist; USA (NY); 2007-2021
A Digital Garden Dx18+; 2014-2021; Quora
noahswritersblock Noah Spadgenske; 20s; Male; Dx13; housekeeping; Christian, writer, nerd; perpetually single; USA (Minnesota, Stearns County); 2016-2021; The Artifice, The Correlation
Website-Titel Tomi Blum; 58; Dx28; Berlin; in English and German; #UNTEILBAR.ORG; single; Germany (Berlin); 2020-2021; Aspies e.V.
Totalblueprint Jolene Stockman; Woman; Dx30s; writer, speaker, author, Takiwātanga; New Zealand; 2010-2020
Matthew Rozsa Male; Dx teens; 2011-2021; Salon
Masked Identities Ani; 50s; Woman; Dx46; retired/self-employed; journalist, social worker, coach; writes about science (in German and English); single; Germany; 2019-2019
The Good Man’s Corner A.X. Bueno; Male; Dx18+; bisexual; single; USA (NY, Queens); 2020-2021
The Peripheral Minds of Autism 2015-2021
I’m Somewhere Else 2009-2018
The Oddest Duck 2013-2017
Alex Lowery speaks about autism Dx4; 2012-2021
Becca Lory CAS, BCCS 40s; Woman; Dx36; Anx, Dep; ASD advocate, life coach, improv teacher, speaker, author; 2017-2021
Differently Wired!: A Blog Dedicated To All Things Neurodiverse 2010-2021; Musings of a Free Thinker, The Ways of the Force
simplyphenomenal11 30s; Father; Dx30s; Dep, GAD; married; USA (PA, Pittsburgh); 2011-2021
The Autistic Enby Ariangwaed; 25; Non-binary; Dx20s; SPD, ADHD, Anx; unemployed(looking), writing, art/drawing; Wiccan, artist; in a relationship; USA (Louisiana); 2019-2021; Twitter, Twitter, DeviantArt
Normal is just a Dryer Setting- Living with Autism Jennifer; 24; Woman; Dx3; Anx, PTSD, OCD, bipolar-like symptoms; grad student; interesting film ideas here; in a relationship with Autistic; USA (NJ, Morristown); 2020-2021; DeviantArt
The Truth Has Never Been Clearer 51; Male; Dx17; writer; truth seeker, truist; single; USA (AZ, Nogales); 2020-2021
Ethical Antics Claudia Casser; Dx63; 2016-2017; Goodreads, Amazon, The Art of Autism, Learn from Autistics, Heirs of the Body
The Autisticats 2017-2020
Curious Autistic Autistic Curiosity; 19; Non-binary; Dx18-; ADHD; student; stimming and neuroqueer advocacy; South Africa (Gauteng); 2020-2021
Narcoleptic Aspie 52; Woman; Dx47; narcolepsy, ADHD, dysautonomia, POTS, ME, chronic illness, VSS; long-term relationship with NT; 2016-2021; Twitter
Reward and Consent™ 2007-2018
WELL, in THIS House… 2005-2021
Kala’s detour Dx24; 2018-2021
Footprints Freyr LePage; 36; Non-binary; Dx20s; CPTSD, ADHD; living with a disability/unemployable; enlightenment, A Course in Miracles, radical honesty; relationship anarchist; UK; 2018-2020
Weeb Revues Dx5; USA; 2019-2021
Aut/is/m(e) Guðlaug Svala Kristjánsdóttir, gkdottir; 48; Mother of Autistics; Dx45; project manager, education, Autism society of Iceland; in English and Icelandic; Iceland; 2018-2021
Janey Colbourne 2015-2021
Lala Nurlala 25; Woman; Dx2; Anx, FB; artist; appropriation art; Indonesia; 2019-2021
Help For Autistic Teens & Adults Toni Boucher; 50; Woman; Dx40s; Anx, PTSD; owns consulting company helping Autists; late diagnosis and evaluation, females, teens and adults; USA; 2018-2019; Shop Neurodiverse
Unstrange Mind 2012-2020; Patreon
Anna Hamilton Stories Anna Hamilton; 23; Woman; Dx3; PhD student; writing/fiction; USA (OR, Portland and Santa Barbara, CA); 2020-2021; Wattpad
Living Amongst Humans Jim Jacobson; 62; Dx50; 2011-2018
A place for my head 2020-2021
V. Leigh Artworks V Leigh; 29; Mother; Dx15; EDS, MCAS, asthma; artist; Christian, creativity, invisible disabilities; married; USA (MO); 2018-2021
Misconceptions about Female Autism 57; Dx51; fibromyalgia; single; UK (England, Thurrock, South Ockendon); 2018-2021
M.S. Chavez Parent of Autistic; Dx18+; pet care/graphic design; married; USA (Seattle, Rainier Beach); 2015-2017
Eluding Atrophy 37; Non-binary; Dx18+; Anx, Dep, fibromyalgia; single; 2014-2021
Oysters and Life 2013-2021
curiosityandconcentration USA; 2018-2021
Cloud Cuckoo Kiss 39; Dx30s; multi-lingual poet with holistic perception; 2016-2021
aspergirly Rachel McAllister; 23; Woman; Dx19; student of English and creative writing; 2017-2021
mishibone; asperger’s 2010-2021
Carol Shay Hornung, Author Mother; Dx18+; 2013-2021
The Artisanal, Cage-Free Human 30s; Parent of Autistics; Dx34; CPTSD, GAD; artist, writer, author of The Healing Heart Recovery From Abuse & Trauma Through The Arts, disability advocate, home educator; married to Autistic; 2016-2018
Dwarren57 Derek; Male; Dx4; Anx; USA (Pennsylvania); 2009-2021
Aspie Eclectica Ellie; 30; Mother; Dx27; full-time mother; everyday musings of a neurodiverse mind; UK (England, North Yorkshire, Skipton); 2020-2021
poeturja | Poetry Clarissa Simmens; Mother of Autistics; Dx30s; OCD, agoraphobia; retired from college financial aid, self-publisher of poetry books; wannabe song writer; Autistic roommate; USA (Florida, Tampa Bay); 2014-2021; Amazon, Facebook
Silence Breaking Sound 2015-2018
Aspergian*101 Elisha Tahata; 28; Dx20; GAD, dyspraxia, self-harm, ED, trichotillomania, excoriation; 2013-2021; Facebook
Ingrid Wonders Ingrid Bergman; 40s; Mother of Autistic; Dx40s; Anx, CPTSD, APD, chronic pain; Mother. Protector. Wanderer. Wonderer.; 2019-2020; Huffington Post
Autism Work Male; Dx34; 2007-2010
roarheart Parent of Autistic child (PDA); Dx40; PDA, CPTSD, FB, dyscalculia, alexithymia, (recovered) ED, Anx, addiction, Dep, fibromyalgia; full–time carer; LOVE TRUST REVEL LEAD; Australia; 2015-2020
The Worlds of Clare Matthews Dx18+; UK; 2018-2019; Writings Of An Autistic Woman
Fiver’s Wood Fiver Connolly; 35; Woman; Dx16; ADHD, GAD, SAD, OCD, OCPD, vision impairment; fandom, Christian, shy, bookish; USA; 2020-2020
The Life Quixotic Eva; 36; Woman; Dx30s; PTSD; manufacturing technician; fitness, nerd culture, naturism; married; USA (OR); 2019-2019
ASParenting Parent of Autistics; 2008-2019
ericdzimmerman Eric D. Zimmerman; 33; Father of NT stepson; Dx16; OCD, mood disorder, GAD; computer technician, autism speaker; married to NT; USA (Maryland, Frederick); 2016-2019; (website), The Buddy Project
Amber Bird Non-binary; 2008-2021
Autie-J (tumblr) Dx5; 2016-2021
Crass Enough To Care (tumblr) 2012-2020
Welcome to My Mind (tumblr) 20s; Non-binary; Dx18+; APD, SPD, dyscalculia, vision impairment; asexual; single; 2012-2020
Red Mage Darni George; 28; Male; Dx20s; dyspraxia; medically trained doctor; UK (England); 2019-2021
Making Room For Other Roots (tumblr) 2008-2021; cereus, The Extremophile’s Lair
The Gonzo Mama Dx18+; 2008-2020
Theoretical Philosophy Male; Dx50+; dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, Irlen, Anx; mental health professional, psychopedagogy professional, theologian; 2012-2020
bird girl Dx20; USA; 2019-2020
I’m not crazy—–i am autistic!!!!! Dx4; 2009-2021
TheChandChronicles 40s; Woman; Dx40+; FB, SPD; uses storytelling to find connections; married; 2017-2019
Alice in AutieLand Una_aurora; 40s; Woman; Dx46; social networker, blogger; ND partner; UK (England, Stoke-on-Trent); 2019-2019; YouTube
Cat Road Trip USA; 2015-2021
Chocolate & Chanel 2014-2021
Eating Off Plastic Dx16; 2013-2021
The Autistic Doc Dx18+; 2019-2019
Miss Molly and Aspergers 2012-2021
Penchant Dx20s; 2018-2020
Chris Packham Dx40s; 2012-2021
Sean Callaghan- Life on the Spectrum Male; Dx5; 2015-2021; Sean Callaghan
Opinions Learned from RPM and Autism NSp; 2014-2021
The House of Elrond Sends Its Regards (tumblr) 2011-2020
Adrian Moore Adrian Moore; 30s; Dx30s; mountain-bikes and hikes; UK (England, Devon); 2011-2020
Written out of history and written into myth (tumblr) 2016-2020
Asperger’s Issues (tumblr) 2010-2021
The Care and Feeding of your Aspie USA; 2011-2018
Save Your Internet! Spread the word! #Article13 (tumblr) 2017-2021
I’d Rather Rescue Myself (tumblr) 2014-2021
Toxio Inc. (tumblr) Rafael Cavallini; 24; Dx17; art criticism & reflection; UK (Wales, North); 2014-2021
PatrickJasperLee 2011-2016; The Arty Autist
Elizabeth Bartmess 2016-2019; TPGA, Disability in Kidlit
Some Open Space 2013-2021
Jeannie Davide-Rivera Mother of Autistics; Dx38; 2012-2018; Aspie Writer
Here I am, and this is me USA; 2017-2021
ryelle codes 2015-2017
Autistic AAC Underground 2013-2021; AAC Apps, Service Dogs, and Autistic life things
Sally Brown Yoga 2018-2020
Not Autistic Enough; too Weird to be Neuro-typical 30s; Woman; Dx20s; UK; 2016-2021
The Christian Aspie Stephanie A Mayberry; 54; Woman; Dx41; SPD, social & phone phobias; Freelance writer & photographer; Author of books on Asperger’s; married; 2010-2021; Facebook
Some Girl with a Braid 28; Woman; Dx19; fantasy lover and writer; engaged to NT; 2017-2019
Naturalist Dara Dx13-; 2016-2019
Rebekah Gillian 22; Dx17; full-time student; lifestyle blogger; 2015-2019
not another existential crisis just kim; 50; Dx50; Anx, CPTSD, Dep, HH; USA (WI, Madison); 2020-2021
Beth Von Black Dx30s; UK; 2016-2019
Megzz’s Life With Asperger’s 2010-2021
Pressing Puzzles Father; Dx18+; 2011-2018
The Aspergian 2010-2020
Faith and Food Scott Morizot; 56; Father; Dx51; Celiac; 2009-2020
Sometimes a Lion Ari Ne’eman; 2015-2018
Ask An Aspie T.Rob; Male; Dx40s; ED, FB, epilepsy; married 35 years to NT; 2012-2017; The Odd is Silent, Medium
Asymmetra Dx18+; in Swedish and English; 2017-2017
Autistic Christian Misfit Dx3; 2016-2017
Autistic Perspective Melissa Chapple; 20s; Woman; Dx18; PhD researcher; UK (England, Merseyside); 2016-2019; podcast
Journal – David Finch Dx18+; 2016-2018
Julia Rose the Snarky Autistic Woman; 2017-2018
The Misadventures of Mama Pineapple Mother of Autistic; Dx36; ADHD, dyspraxia; educator; 2016-2019
tictoc11’s Blog 30s; Woman; Dx28; 2015-2021
The Autist Dharma 2012-2020
Dena Gassner, LMSW 50s; Mother of Autistic; Dx38; JHS; 2013-2016
Gym Dog Autism Blog 28; Male; Dx20s; UK (England, Hertfordshire); 2017-2017
Mutable Dreamer Saffron; 40; Gender-fluid; Dx31; self-employed; Canada (Manitoba, Winnipeg); 2017-2019
Seventh Voice Woman; 2012-2016
SEX, DEATH, ROCK’N’ROLL Violet Fenn; 2014-2020; Metro UK
Ultimate Oddball Male; 2015-2018
Odd One Out 2007-2013; Odd One Out Extended
A View From the Boundaries 2009-2014
Dyslexic and Autistic? Yep,That’s me! 2019-2019
A Touch of Alyricism Mother; 2005-2009
Lou McGill 59; Mother of Autistic son; Dx45; educational consultant; photography, art, parenting; UK (England, Leicester); 2006-2020; Creative Work
Traumatized Aspie Dx18+; PTSD; postgraduate research; UK (England, Southampton); 2018-2019
Heather Madsen; Writer, Inspirational Speaker Dx27; ADHD, HH, chronic illness; writes about challenges, life’s details, self-love; 2017-2019; art website of Autistic brother
Polly’s pages (aka ‘Donna Williams’) Dx2; 2016-2017
Emma’s Hope Book Autistic NSp daughter & NT mother; 2010-2017; Unspoken Film
codeman38’s tumblings 2011-2019
The Warped Lens of Perception Male; 2011-2014
Pete Wharmby’s Autism and Teaching Blog UK; 2012-2019
Edge of the Playground Mikhaela Ackerman; 29; Dx5; Juris Doctor; hoping to bridge gap in services; single; USA; 2018-2019
Stories from the Spectrum – Autism Society includes non-Autistic contributors; 2011-2020
Welcome to the Autistic Community 2013-2016
Parenting Autistic Children With Love & Acceptance Parents (including non-Autistic) of Autistic(s); 2013-2018
Talk About Autism (tumblr) 2015-2016
Aut’Créatifs Actually Autistic community promoting positive recognition of autism (in French, English, and Spanish); Canada (Québec); 2013-2021
LAST – London Autistics Standing Together Canada (Ontario, London); 2017-2020
We Are Like Your Child 2013-2019
Love & Autism includes non-Autistic contributors; 2015-2019
Respectfully Connected Parents (some non-Autistic) of Autistic(s); 2015-2019
Undiagnosed Autism Feels (tumblr) 2015-2019
Your Faves Are Autistic (tumblr) 2016-2018
The spectrum of differences 2017-2018
Autistic Philly created by Founding Members of The Philadelphia Center for Autistic Advancement; 2017-2017; Facebook
AAC: The Beautiful Unicorn Project 2013-2017
ACAT: Ala Costa Adult Transition Program 2014-2017
A Google For Autistics! (tumblr) 2016-2017
Is This An Autistic Trait? (tumblr) 2016-2017
Our Autistic History (Month) 2016-2017; Autistic History Month
Fuck Yeah, Stimming! (tumblr) 2012-2016
NeuroQueer includes non-Autistic contributors; 2013-2016
Autistic Women’s Association Worldwide 2015-2016
Autism Positivity Day Flash Blog 2012-2015
Walk in OUR shoes 2015-2015
disabilityrightnow includes non-Autistic contributors; 2012-2014
Scattered ASD Perspectives includes non-Autistic contributors; 2012-2013
Autistic People Should… 2013-2013
Autism and Empathy 2011-2012
Autistics Aware 2011-2012
LOVE-NOS 2011-2011
Doodle Beth’s Blog of Stuff Dx28; comics; 2016-2019; Twitter, Ko-fi
AspieComic Michael McCreary; 2014-2019; (website)
Meltdown Tracker Morgan; 42; Parent of Autistic; Dx38; teacher, meltdown parent; comics; 2017-2019; (website)
Dinah the Aspie Dinosaur comics; 2015-2019
Face Value Comics – Autism Advocacy through Awareness 2013-2018
Stephen Wiltshire – Drawings, paintings and prints -2019
autismspectrumstuff 50s; Parent; Dx40; ADHD; 2015-2021
Spectra Blog 40s; Woman; Dx44; writer; Autistic content for families, professionals & autists; UK (England ,Kent); 2017-2021
NOS Magazine includes non-Autistic contributors; 2015-2018
Justin Robbins, Author at Stairway to STEM Dx18+; 2018-2020
Autistic Zines 2019-2019
Damian Milton – Autism Consultancy 2013-2017
NeuroGuides Parent of Autistics; Dx55; SPD; CEO and chief guide at NeuroGuides; inclusivity; USA (WA, Olympia); 2019-2019; NeuroClastic
williamstillman.com Male; 2004-2019
[calm, almost too calm] 2006-2019
Queerability (tumblr) 2013-2019
Health Matters For Asperger’s Women 73; Mother; Dx60s; 2017-2018
Autistic Flappy Hour 2015-2018
ABA Controversy Autism Discussion 2017-2018
Adulting With Autism (tumblr) Dx36; 2017-2018
Keeping Stars Mother; Dx14; 2018-2018
The Cinematic Emporium Sarah Ward; 26; Woman; Dx18-; aspiring writer and movie fan; single; 2014-2017
Asperger Management 1982-2016
Inside Perspectives | of Asperger Syndrome and the Neurodiversity Spectrum 2010-2016
Information on Autism and Asperger Syndrome from Stephen Shore 2003-2015
Searching for answers to Aspergers Syndrome 2010-2015
Aspiesforfreedom 2012-2013
Job Sink 2011-2011
Neurologic 30s; Male; Dx17; podcast, neurodiversity, autistic current events and issues; USA (midwest); 2017-2021
Világot Látni – See the World Marti and Robert; teachers; in English and Hungarian; married; Hungary; 2015-2020; Facebook
Ascending into My Autistic Self 48; Parent of Autistic; Dx46; Anx, APD, CPTSD, Dep, ARFID, FB, GAD, IBS, alexithymia, chronic pain, hyperacusis, hyperlexia, migraines, misophonia; divorced from NT pedophile abuser; USA; 2018-2019
My Aspie World 75; Father of 5 adults; Dx57; ADHD; retired; separated from NT; Australia (Victoria, Melbourne); 2018-2019
Aspiphany Carla Lorien; 27; Woman; Dx24; designer in digital media; informative, experiences; Mexico (Mexico City); 2019-2019
Autistic, female and surviving Faye; 30; Woman; Dx27; student nurse; UK; 2019-2019
Caden’s Awesome Autistic Life Spelled Out Caden; 14; Male; Dx2; apraxia, SPD; student; NSp; USA (Ohio); 2019-2019
Women and Autism: A Fresh Perspective 40s; Woman; Dx40; DID, Dep, Anx; SAHM; artistic; married; USA (WA, Vancouver); 2019-2019; Etsy
Happy Aspie | Geek Club Books Robert Watkins; 62; Father; Dx56; Anx, synesthesia; reinventing the workplace with/for autistics; 2016-2018; autistic.ly
Joanna Grace | The Mighty Mother; Dx30+; sensory engagement specialist; UK (England, Cornwall); 2016-2019; Facebook, Twitter, The Sensory Projects
ASD and me Lone Wolfe; 30s; Woman; Dx30s; unemployed; Australia (New South Wales, Sydney); 2018-2021
Unseaworthy 38; Male; Dx36; self-employed; joke writer; single by choice; UK (England, Norfolk); 2019-2021
Matt Writes Things Matt; 21; Dx20; Dep, Anx; environmental consultant; horror-noir writer.; single; USA (NC, Charlotte); 2020-2021
Tesla-Psychology David Banner; Male; Dx6; schizoid; researcher; radio engineering physics; single; UK (England, Staffordshire); 2020-2021
Georgia’s Life 20; Woman; Dx14; Anx; unemployed; single; UK (Scotland); 2019-2019
Jane the Friend Writes MerryJane; 25; Non-binary; Dx20s; Anx, Dep; unemployed; comedy; USA (Florida); 2019-2019
Devon Price – Medium(paywall) Non-binary; 2014-2021
Jay Tee Rattray – Medium Jill Rattray; 40s; Woman; Dx40; ADHD, migraines; unemployed; Representation matters; UK (Scotland, West Lothian); 2016-2020
Dylan Greene – Medium (paywall) Dylan Greene; 31; Male; Dx13; has Autistic girlfriend; 2018-2020
Craig B. Rigden – Medium Parent of Autistics; Dx33; public servant; married; Canada (Ontario, Windsor); 2019-2019
Alice’s Nightmare – Medium 40s; Mother of Autistics; Dx41; ADHD; domestic violence, sexual assault, legal abuse; Ex-partner diagnosed with narcissist personality disorder, several other personality disorders and several addiction issues. Current partner Autistic and ADHD; Hell in the land of cotton; 2017-2018
Reese Piper – Medium 20s; Woman; Dx25; traveling stripper and journalist; 2017-2018; Twitter, Passing as Normal
OuterSpaceBoy – Medium Male; Dx37; Anx, Dep; Designer; Central Europe; 2016-2017
An Aspie comes out of the closet – Medium Garret Mathews; 71; Male; Dx67; Anx, OCD; married to NT; 2017-2017; Plugger Publishing
Janika Banks Woman; Dx46; Anx, APD, ME, Dep, FB, PTSD, chronic illness, chronic pain, synesthesia; Autisable, Xanga, minecraft, #Lexxperience, Branson MO; 2011-2021; Pinky Guerrero, Bluejacky: Existential Aspie, Aspienado, Spaz, ExistentialAspie
different but not less 21; Dx18; special education major, caregiver for disabled children, mentor for autistic adult males; 2017-2021
How to bring up an Autistic Family without going crazy 40s; Parent of Autistic; Dx40s; Dyslexia, Dep, Anx; cohabiting parents; 2017-2021
the Asian Aspergirl Kitin Miranda; 30s; Woman; Dx20s; OCD; Writer, Filipino, Asian; single; 2017-2021;
Awesome Aspie Woman; Dx18-; selective mutism, spirituality, programming; Sweden; 2017-2020; Instagram
taking a jigsaw to the fangs 36; Woman; Dx20s; North Carolina, cat lover; 2017-2020; At the sound of the cats, you will know
sleep wake hope and then Woman; Dx20s; 2012-2019
love+shyness 2013-2019
Add a pinch of bipolar Mother of Autistic; Dx36; bipolar; ASD school teacher and fitness instructor; married; 2014-2019
Hello Neurodiversity! 30s; Non-binary; Dx31; ADHD; 2015-2019
Memoirs of a British aspie 25; Male; Dx20; GAD, LGBTQ+, Dep; student; Black student, piano player; single; UK; 2015-2019
vodkadietcokes Sav; 30; Male; Dx23; ED (AN-r), GAD with panic, Dep, hyperacusis, excoriation; temp worker; Focus on anorexia recovery; UK (England, London); 2015-2019; Instagram
Ausomely Autistic Dx18-; Anx, cerebral palsy, scoliosis; art, service dogs, dogs, horses, Parelli, music, vaulting; 2016-2019
AutieFortyAndFAB 49; Woman; Dx44; LGBT; soon to be married; UK; 2016-2019
autistatwork Anx, APD, CPTSD, Dep., GAD, PTSD, dyspraxic; infreq; blogs about being Autistic at work; UK; 2016-2019
Bungy Heart’s Bloggy Place 40s; Parent; Dx44; ADHD; registered nurse supporting Autistic access to health care; Australia (Victoria, Melbourne); 2016-2019;
dyslexic annie’s Blog Annie Morris; Woman; Dx30+; dyslexia, dyspraxia; academic and specialist neurodivergent tutor; UK; 2016-2019; Neurodiversity Manifesto
Little Miss Aspie Sasha-marie; 23; Woman; Dx16; urticaria (hives), angioedema, vasovagal syncope, Anx, GAD, APD, SPD, hyperacusis, ME, Dep, FB (mild), JHS, chronic pain, migraines, dysautonomia; developmental psychology student; in a long-term relationship; 2016-2019
My Inner Workings Ilany Adoptie; 35; Woman; Dx18-; single; Caribbean; 2016-2019
Sam Farmer 51; Father of Autistic son; Dx40; learning difficulties, APD; computer consultant; musician; married; USA; 2016-2019; Amazon
thistlethoughts 53; Male; Dx49; married; 2016-2019
TMI4ASD Woman; Dx30s; Anx, PTSD; self-employed; infreq; dog-mad; UK; 2016-2019
ajlinker AJ Linker; 24; Non-binary; Dx teens; ADHD; computer science geek; 2017-2019
Autism Is My Superpower Dx20s; hyperlexia, sensory issues; single; 2017-2019; Twitter
beautiful noise 46; Parent of Autistics; Dx40s; Anx, Dep; married (husband has OCD, Anx); 2017-2019
caffeine & star stuff 25; Non-binary; Dx20; ADHD; 2017-2019
Counting the Ways 40s; Dx40s; single; 2017-2019; My Window Seat
Life With Asperger’s 40s; Dx30s; Anx, GAD, SPD, ADHD, Dep, OCD, alexithymia, dyspraxia, synesthesia, hyperacusis, Meniere’s, chronic illness, autoimmune; expresses self best through writing; 2017-2019
Pressed 📝Tes – Politics , Autism , Democrat, Depression , Bipolar Woman; Dx20s; 2017-2019
SAspie Blog 21; Woman; Dx17; 2017-2019
Semiotic Spectrumite Elena Chandler; 57; Woman; Dx18-; Tourette’s, epilepsy, narcolepsy, dyslexia, motor apraxia, speech apraxia, PTSD, SPD; philosophy, linguistics; Germany; 2017-2019
Autism Blog Velvet; Dx8; student; history undergrad, year abroad in Sweden; UK (England, Bristol); 2018-2019
Autist iQ Quinon Norwood IV; 47; Parent of Autistic; Dx18+; SPD, PTSD, dyslexia, chronic pain, peripheral neuropathy; unemployed; solutions; separated; USA (Mississippi); 2018-2019; Qseudononymous
Madam Autist’s View 35; Woman; Dx30; alexithymia; musician, research student in psychology; single; UK (England); 2018-2019
Neurodiverse Thoughts 36; Male; Australia (NSW); 2018-2019
Neurodiversity and Me Jane; 44; Parent of Autistic; Dx42; self employed jeweller; married to NT; UK (England, London); 2018-2019
Neurosquared Non-binary; Dx30+; GAD, LGBTQ+, autoimmune (celiac), hyperlexia; expect plenty of science; 2018-2019
Rainiest Inertias Dx30s; 2018-2019
The Autistic Anarchist (tumblr) billie jo; 23; Non-binary; Dx4; GAD, Dep, paranoia, PTSD; punk rockin’ anarchist; scouse and proud; in a relationship with Autistic; UK (England, Merseyside, Bootle); 2018-2019
vennpete 36; Male; Dx33; UK; 2018-2019
Wizz Iss Issy Jackson; 25; Woman; Dx21; volunteer and masters student; Autistic Pride; UK; 2018-2019
Aspergers All Day Dylan E; 31; Male; Dx6; professor; engaged; USA (NY); 2019-2019; Dylan Emmons
Just Me 20s; Woman; Dx20; cancer survivor, Dep, Anx; behavioural intervention/respite provider; Canada (BC); 2019-2019
The Life of Linn Linn; 23; Non-binary; Dx2; student; USA (Wisconsin, northern); 2019-2019
This Little Mind O’ Mine Mellissa; Woman; Dx20; entrepreneur; UK (England, Anglia region); 2019-2019; Instagram
the autism crisis Michelle Dawson; 2006-2018; Twitter, (website), Google Scholar
Autie Zombie Girl Katey Jayne; 50s; Mother of Autistic; Dx38; Amazing crafter of Autie Au-someness; widow; 2009-2018
Loubyjo’s Blog 40s; Dx18+; PTSD, dyspraxia, ADHD; volunteers for The Reader); UK (England, Wirral); 2011-2018
One Odd Duck 47; Father; Dx35; Anx, Dep, PTSD, alexithymia, physical disability; married to NT; 2011-2018
autisticlemonade 40s; Dx30s; DID, Anx, ADHD, PTSD, essential tremor, asthma, gastroparesis, enlarged prostate, blood clotting issue; on disability; a scattering of poetry; married; USA (Midwest); 2013-2018
nicolettecetrulo Nicolette; 20s; Woman; Dx14; Anx, Dep, LGBTQ+, SAD; single; 2015-2018
Puzzle and Petticoats 30s; Mother of Autistic; Dx32; Anx, Dep; married; 2015-2018
The Autistic Hermit Male; Dx21; OCD, Anx, dyspraxia; Musician and occasional actor; single; 2015-2018
Alice In Blunderland Woman; Dx17; CPTSD, Anx, Dep, OCD, SPD, GAD, ED; 2016-2018
Autism Culture Sif S. Stewart-Ferrer; 35; Woman; Dx20s; holds MA (Philosohy major, Anthropology minor); married to Aspie; Denmark; 2016-2018
Finally Knowing Me: An Autistic Life Dx45; Bipolar; married; UK; 2016-2018
Flying yet falling Mother; Dx18+; 2016-2018
Living With Adversity Derek Carter; 24; Male; Dx17; ADHD, APD, ED; delivery driver; USA (OH, Columbus); 2016-2018
“I Am Autistic.” “I’m not.” A Diablogue Ken and Christina; 64; Parent of Autistic; Dx55; married; 2017-2018; Blog Across the World!
A Magical Aspie Rosa; 31; Woman; Dx27; Anx, GAD, IBS, ME, SPD, SAD, fibromyalgia, chronic illness, chronic pain, hyperhidrosis, OCD; Sri-Lankan ethnicity, loves Harry Potter and books; in a relationship with ND; UK (England, London); 2017-2018
Aspects of Autism Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; parenting and personal development; 2017-2018
Autistic + Fainting Goat = Me 24; Dx20; FND; student; USA; 2017-2018
Autistic Teacher World Woman; Dx30s; Anx; primary teacher; 2017-2018
Dana Kim Deanna Gardner; 20; Woman; Dx17; Anx, Dep; Artist; 2017-2018
disorders galore 30; Woman; Dx26; OCD, ADHD, GAD; mental health professional; self-advocacy; USA (Maine, Portland); 2017-2018
Gleeson Writes Male; Dx27; bid manager; UK; 2017-2018
Her Feelings She Hides Katie; 29; Woman; Dx3, 13; GAD, Dep, CPTSD; 2017-2018
Homoaspien 30s; Mother; Dx18+; ADHD, SPD; Irish writer, dreamer, peace seeker; married; 2017-2018
Jim’s Personal Autism Journal 30s; Male; Dx18-; married; 2017-2018
Maiden Manitou Āū Woman; Dx39; addiction, alcoholism; 2017-2018; Facebook
My Autsome Life 44; Mother of Autistic; Dx2; life skills teacher, district autism support team member; married to NT; 2017-2018
Neuro-Divergent Demonstration Non-binary; Dx16; SPD, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, SAD; 2017-2018; Facebook
Organised Chaos Emma; 20; Dx15; GAD, SPD, alexithymia; 2017-2018; Organised Chaos
The Atypical Alien 29; Woman; Dx25; Anx, ME, Dep, PTSD, SPD, chronic illness, chronic pain; Southern housefrau blogging about the “hell inside my head”; married to NT; 2017-2018; Twitter
Welcome to my world Lizzie; 13; Woman; Dx2; 2017-2018
Wired for Autism 22; Non-binary; Dx teens; Dep, Anx, LGBTQ+, ADHD, APD, OCD, SAD, SPD; journalist, London-based, multilinguist, biomedical scientist; 2017-2018
You’re own mind, you’re own heart<3 Demi jade Hawkins; 20s; Dx18-; writing; single; 2017-2018
AlansLGBTautsimsite Dx19; 2018-2018
Aspiering – Neurodiverse Squirrel Dx20s; 2018-2018
Atypical Perspectives 40s; Male; Dx30s; computer engineer; divorced; USA; 2018-2018
Autism on Autism Kaite; Woman; Dx9; caregiver; in a serious relationship with Autistic; USA; 2018-2018
Building the Fourth Wall Bianca O’Neill; 31; Woman; Dx28; Dep; support worker for adults with learning disabilities; married to NT; UK (Scotland); 2018-2018
Confused Aspie Male; Dx43; UK (England, Durham); 2018-2018
Diary of a Mom Learning Self Love 30s; Mother of Autistic (suspected); Dx18+; abstract painter; married; 2018-2018
It’s a Black and White World Dx teens; UK; 2018-2018
Tea, Biscuits, and Autism 41; Male; Dx36; Anx; UK; 2018-2018
The Aspie Chef 32; Male; Dx29; ADHD, Anx, Dep, GAD; technology professional; married; USA; 2018-2018
The Autistic Avenger 🎸 Robert; 44; Male; Dx33; advocate, activist, musician, artist! proudly Autistic; USA; 2018-2018; Facebook, Instagram
The Exhausted Aspie Male; Dx35; single; UK (England); 2018-2018
The Masked Aspie Woman; Dx40; self-employed shop keeper; UK (England, Sheffield); 2018-2018
Thoughts, from the point of view of an Aspie DC Manning; 29; Male; Dx16; HH, GERD, vision impairment; Advocacy Ambassador for Autism Speaks; hispanic (mixed); married to NT; 2018-2018
Young & Married 23; Woman; Dx18; double MTHFR mutation; married; 2018-2018
Living with Asperger syndrome Paul Hassing; Male; Dx42; PTSD; writer, Australia, greenie; married to NT; 2009-2017; Paul Hassing’s autobiography, Imagine Day, Now Look Here, Practical Copywriting Tips, Practical Social Media Tips
My Aspie Life Male; Dx40s; Dep, Anx, APD, OCD, synesthesia; artist, technologist; 2011-2017
Schrödinger’s Aspie 30s; Woman; Dx27; Endometriosis; Denmark; 2012-2017
Understood But Different Dx13; APD, Dep, FB; infreq; 2013-2017
A Journey Into A Unique Mind Dx30s; ADHD, Dep, EDS, FB, PTSD, SPD; 2014-2017
AspieNooch 50; Woman; Dx46; Academic; UK (England, Midlands); 2014-2017
Autisticality Non-binary; Dx teens; UK; 2014-2017
Lost and Found Woman; Dx18+; author/musician/educator; 2014-2017
Seeing Double, Understanding Autism Gwen Greenwood; 27; Woman; Dx6; Dyspraxia, Anx, Dep; lives and works with Autistics; single; 2014-2017; breathingglass
The girl who can’t fit into a box! Jennifer Jackson; 33; Woman; Dx2; ME, Anx, Dep, OCD; lesbian; MA Religious Studies and Global Development; aspiring creative writer, freelance writer; LGBT issues and mental health; single; UK (England, North Yorkshire, Harrogate); 2014-2017
aspienworld Apryl; 48; Mother of Autistics; Dx42; OCD, PTSD, ADD, GAD, HH, SPD, bipolar, hyperacusis, dyscalculia, chronic pain, chronic illness, petit mal seizures; stay-at-home mom; married to Aspie; USA (Georgia); 2015-2017
Autism Eye Steve; 30s; Male; Dx13+; hyperacusis, dyslexia, Dep; 2015-2017; Autism Worlds-Eye Blog
Crabby Centaur 34; Gender Fluid; Dx20s; UK; 2015-2017
Not of this World Non-binary; Dx11; self advocate; 2015-2017
sputteringwords 20s; Woman; Dx19; 2015-2017
asdmummyme Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; ASD specialist teaching assistant; 2016-2017
private person surfacing Dx60+; 2016-2017
You can’t control me, I’m a defector 28; Dx23; APD, Dep, GAD, HH, SPD, chronic pain; LGBT; 2016-2017
Adventures of superaspiegrrl Annette Foster; 40s; Woman; Dx39; dyslexia, dyspraxia, Anx, Dep, FB, SPD, APD, hyperacusis, JHS; infreq; Bi/Pan sexual, LGBTQ+; performance artist, PhD researcher, self advocate; single,; 2017-2017
Autism Achiever Courtney; 30s; Woman; Dx3; PhD candidate in chemistry; Practical Success Skills; 2017-2017
Autistic Teacher Woman; Dx28; Dep, Anx; teacher; soon to be married; 2017-2017
Letters from my Bouncy Castle Maria Guardiola; 29; Mother of Autistic; Dx25; 2017-2017
samanthaspie 20s; Woman; Dx18+; ADHD; recent fine art graduate; 2017-2017
purpleaspie Woman; Dx35; Anx, Dep, GAD, chronic illness, dysgraphia; infreq; 2011-2016; Tumblr
divergentautist 34; Male; Dx18-; vision impairment, ADHD; single; 2015-2016
lizzielives Lizzie Dashley; 20; Woman; Dx15; Dep, ED; 2016-2016
The Tao of Josh Male; Dx18+; 2016-2016
Adventures of an Interplanetary Exchange Student Erika Hammerschmidt; 30s; Woman; Dx11; Tourette’s, OCD, Dep, Anx; author, artist, speaker; married to Autistic; USA (Minnesota); 2006-2015; (website), Tumblr
The Asperger Café Woman; Dx44; Canada (Toronto); 2010-2015
Autism through the Medium of Cats Woman; Dx20; Anx, Dep; 2014-2015
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome Male; Dx31; 2015-2015
In Through The Out Door 40s; Mother; Dx30s; GAD, Anx, ADHD, SPD, HH, PTSD, OCD, Dep; infreq; divorced; USA (Colorado); 2012-2014
Autism: What Science Refuses to Know Perla M.; 59; Non-binary; Dx43; 2007-2013; Facebook, aspergerhellas (both in Greek)
Aspergal Riane daSilva; 52; Parent of 3; Dx40; ADHD; artistic autivist; Canada; 2013-2013
The shape of my heart Woman; Dx41; Dep, Anx, IBS, congenital heart defect; UK; 2006-2021
Turtles all the way up Mother of Autistics; Dx40s; Anx, OCD, MDD, ADHD-I, chronic disorganization; psychiatric nurse; linguistics, recovery, lifestyle improvement; USA (Rocky Mountains); 2010-2021; Food, Mood and Altitude
Living with the aspergers curse 50; Male; Dx42; single; USA (Utah); 2012-2021
MOONSIDE Ellen Stockdale Wolfe; 60s; Woman; Dx30s & 50+; bipolar; Sicilian, Yogananda, bisexuality, photography, poetry, spirituality; married to Autistic; 2012-2021; Ellen Stockdale Wolfe – Artwork Collections
Breaking Glass Ashlyn; 20s; Dx17; student; 2016-2021
flowervioletblog 2016-2021
K.A. Cummins Dx41; writer; Christian; 2016-2021
holly loves john Holly; 36; Mother of Autistic; Dx35; ADHD, OCD, CPTSD, LGBTQ+, bipolar; playwright, stay-at-home mother; Queer, painter, photographer; married to Autistic; USA (Illinois); 2018-2021; Holly Beardsley Plays
Autism: Explorations Woman; Dx17; infreq; Canada; 2020-2021
Goddess in Real Life Male; Dx18+; UK; 2020-2021
Kianna Kitter Kianna; 38; Woman; Dx28; LGBTQ+, SAD, ARFID; author/dogsitter; asexual, atheist, vegetarian, tree-hugger; single; Denmark; 2020-2021; Scripturient
LoriB.me Lori Berkowitz; 54; Woman; Dx38; ADHD; Web Developer; 2002-2020; BeeDragon Web Services
Irma Zoulane 52; Dx45; translator; articles in English and French; Canada (Quebec); 2004-2020
Lighthouse Naomi Jacobs; Non-binary; Dx30s; EDS; sociology PhD student; UK (England, London); 2012-2020; Treasure in Barren Places
Ceillie Simkiss 27; Woman; Dx20; ADHD, Anx, Dep; 2013-2020
Citywithoutpeople 20s; Male; Dx3; student; poetry, romance, advice, anti-stigma; 2014-2020
Film and TV Review Guy Dx18-; film and TV reviews, pop culture, autism; Australia; 2016-2020
Arcadian Gravity Woman; Dx40; theoretical physics; New Zealand; 2017-2020
Awfully Awkward 40s; Woman; Dx38; 2017-2020
I Just Meant Words Tanea; 40s; Mother of Autistic sons; Dx38; EDS; carer; New Zealand; 2017-2020
The Uncultured Anthropologist 30s; Dx30s; ADHD, Anx; researcher; Australia; 2017-2020
Transgender Aspie Unleashed Elias; Male; Dx39; Dep, Anx, ADHD; social media navigator, content creator, visual artist; posts about transgender; Denmark; 2017-2020
Aspirational Autistic 26; Non-binary; Dx23; Anx; Canada (Nova Scotia); 2019-2020; Facebook
KALEIDOGRAPHIA 29; Non-binary; Dx13 & 19; cancer survivor; translator; Brazilian; art, media, animation, video games; USA (California, Los Angeles); 2019-2020; Julia Quandt
mysoulsings 38; Male; Dx30; ASD, nerve disorder (HNPP); volunteer work; autism, natural medicine, medical cannabis, Christianity; single; USA (NC); 2019-2020
The Aspergers Guitarist 20s; Male; Dx9; Anx, OCD; recording, guitars, rock music; single; USA (Utah); 2019-2020
You Don’t Seem Autistic 20s; Male; Dx20s; UK; 2019-2020; George Weller
Autistic Tarot Reader Aionaaa; 29; Woman; Dx24; dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, FB, SPD; tarot, self-development, mental health; UK (Scotland); 2020-2020
Dystopion 22; Woman; Dx19; Dep, Anx, ED; disabled; mental health, Buddhism, loyalty, family; Norway; 2020-2020; WordPress
san sarwate San; 23; Woman; Dx18+; ADHD, alexithymia, OCD, chronic pain; college student; breaking the silence; 2020-2020
So, here I am! Tom; 32; Father; Dx31; alexithymia; accountant; married; UK (England); 2020-2020
Sydney Barrio Syd; 22; Woman; Dx18+; CAPD, GAD, GERD, LGBTQ+, infreq, migraines; student; Hispanic, programmer, artist; engaged to NT; USA (TX. southwest); 2020-2020
The Unusual Housewife 36; Mother of Autistics; Dx28; Dep, Anx, fibromyalgia, EDS, vasovagal syncope; travel agent/holistic health practitioner; married; USA (southeastern); 2020-2020
The Way of the Autistic Jedi 25; Male; Dx12; PTSD, bipolar I, ADHD; unemployed; single (forbidden to fall in love); USA (North Carolina); 2020-2020
First Gay Aspie Tony; 52; Male; Dx24; engaged to male Autistic partner; 1996-2019; Autistic Sport, Tony’s APAC2013, Tony’s Down Under Blog, The Shack of VK3JED
Nik Sebastian Male; Dx18+; artist/writer; LGBTQ+; 2007-2019; Facebook, Patreon, YouTube, Twitter, Nik Sebastian’s Store, Pinterest
Yoshiko Adventurous Autistic Lady; 2008-2019
Ultraholic Male; Dx50+; Dep, SPD, alcoholism, addiction; web development; USA (CA, Los Angeles); 2009-2019
Catastraspie Woman; Dx31; Anx, Dep, alexithymia; researcher; UK; 2011-2019
Holding Patterns and High Tea Salem Leonard-Goosby; 43; Non-binary parent of ND’s; Dx20s; Asthma, AERD (respiratory disease), fibromyalgia, Anx; ethically non-monogamous with all-ND partners; writer, activist; 2011-2019; Facebook
Jessica Banks schools you 46; Mother of Autistic; Dx36; Anx, GAD, Dep, CPTSD, bisexual, chronic pain/fibromyalgia, synesthesia, hyperlexia; observations on parenting, scholarship, geekhood, and sensory input; married to NT; 2011-2019
Person is Not a Rude Word skywalkerluc; 60s; Non-binary; Dx55; creative recycling artivist; photo journalling; UK (England, Brighton); 2012-2019; Instagram, Instagram
The “Diane is weird” files Dianeisweird; 30s; Woman; Dx32; APD; student; married; USA (Oregon, Portland); 2013-2019
mylittlegoldfishbowl Laura; 35; Woman; Dx4; Dep, ADHD; married; 2014-2019
One Step From Chaos 30s; Non-binary parent of Autistic; Dx30s; small business owner – IT support & lead technician; married; USA; 2015-2019
Wheelchairs and Coathangers 23; Woman; Dx18; reoccurring mental health issues; student; hopefully future novelist; 2015-2019; Twitter, Instagram
Cathlinn Illustration Woman; Dx28; ADHD, FB, LGBTQ+, PTSD, Anx, SPD; art student; in relationship with Autistic; Norway; 2016-2019
Game Asisst Errol Kerr; 26; Male; Dx7; JHS; editor, writer; bisexual; UK (England, Newcastle); 2016-2019
Thistleyroses Karen Gray; 37; Mother; Dx32; dyspraxia, agoraphobia, Anx; Graphic Designer and Fantasy Author; UK (Scotland); 2016-2019; Thistlerose Designs, Instagram, Basically Creative, YouTube
Tragic Gender Story Tristan; 27; transmasculine, male, genderfluid; Dx23; PTSD/CPTSD, ADHD, OCD, LGBTQ+, bipolar, alexithymia; gender identity/trans issues; USA (NC); 2016-2019
An Intense World Troy Camplin; 49; Father of Autistic; Dx45; married; 2017-2019
Emma Dean 30s; Mother of NT son; Dx30; author; USA (CA, southern); 2017-2019
Frugasaurus Woman; Dx20s; Anx; eco-conscious plant geek; in long-term relationship (partner has ADHD and IBS); 2017-2019
Joanna Wormald Non-binary; Dx19; journalist; UK; 2017-2019; Muck Rack, Patreon
M.E. Purfield 40s; Father of Autistic; Dx40s; Anx, Dep; writer, Jersey City, punk; 2017-2019
Melusinian Musings Charlotte Smith; 25; Woman; Dx13; Anx, JHS, LGBTQ+, SAD; discussing autism, history, and fairies; UK; 2017-2019
Sarah Neat-Sullivan 32; Woman; Dx27; PTSD, Dep, Anx; self-employed artist; married to NT; 2017-2019; Etsy
Shadows of the Self Nikki; 20s; Woman; Dx26; ADHD, Dep, ED; licensed massage therapist; USA (Missouri); 2017-2019
Stim the Line Meesh; 33; Non-binary; Dx28; dysautonomia, POTS, ED; married; 2017-2019; Tumblr, 6-word-autism, Instagram
The Ginger Adventures 29; Woman; Dx26; Dep; tutor in Microsoft Office Suite; loves cats and spreadsheets; married; 2017-2019
The Godless Iowan 37; Father of Autistic; Dx30+; insomnia, gastrointestinal issues, Dep; engaged to suspected Autistic; USA (Iowa); 2017-2019
Wibbly Wobbly, Neuro-UNlogical Stuff Anya Warde; 30s; Parent of Autistics; Dx30s; Anx, Dep, CPTSD, ADHD; homeschooling mom; depression often prevents posts; USA; 2017-2019; Etsy
A Nerdy Autistic Activist Joshua Casey; 30s; Male; Dx18-; Anx, OCD, Dep; unemployed; agnostic-atheist, computer-literate; single; USA (IL, Chicago, suburbs); 2018-2019; End The Stigma
An Aspie’s life with Depression and Anxiety Mother; Dx14; student; single; Canada (Ontario); 2018-2019
Brace Yourself Dx6 & 40s; JHS, Crohn’s, Anx; joint blog, Autistic parent & child; Australia; 2018-2019
Empathetic Aspie Jessica Costa; 20s; Woman; Dx3; college student; engaged; USA (New Jersey, West Milford); 2018-2019
ferretlives Stu Ferrol; 40s; Male; Dx45; writer, speaker, actor, comic, journalist; postgraduate certification with distinction in autism; UK (England, North East); 2018-2019; Untypically Neural
MizLydia Lydia Glider-Shelley; Mother; Dx42; freelance writer, rideshare driver, pet sitter, singer-songwriter; married to suspected Autistic; USA (FL, Hollywood); 2018-2019
The Anomalous Aspergian Male; Dx20s; 2018-2019
The Autistic Traveller Sam; 23; Male; Dx8; dyspraxia; railway employee; single; UK; 2018-2019
The Dysfunctional Executive Laura; 37; Non-binary parent of Autistics; Dx33; SPD, ADHD, APD, Dep, Anx, PTSD, PDA, EDS, fibromyalgia; disabled SAHM; executive function, non-binary; married to Autistic; USA (WA); 2018-2019; justhormonal
The Neurodivergent Crafter Shauna Forrister; 40s; Woman; Dx30s; ADHD; crafter; Canada; 2018-2019; The Whatever Works Crafts Studios
Tied Up in a Scriven 20s; Woman; Dx16; job-searching; blogs about philosophy, Christianity/spirituality, politics (right-leaning), short story writing, recipes; 2018-2019
Autisticmomof3 Mother of Autistics; Dx20s; stay-at-home mom; UK (England); 2019-2019
Duplex Structure Gee; 30s; Woman; Dx36; alexithymia, Anx; writer/editor; married; USA (CA, Los Angeles area); 2019-2019; NeuroClastic
GuinTech Guindel; 20s; Father of NTs; Dx20s; Anx, APD, Dep, SPD; network security information risk management specialist; married to NT; USA (OH); 2019-2019
The Aspie Life Georgia Stent; 22; Woman; Dx15; epilepsy, JHS; apprentice; in a relationship with Autistic; UK (England, Manchester; 2019-2019; Wattpad
The Ausome Autie Katie; 30s; Non-binary; Dx18+; Dep, LGBTQ+, gender dysphoria; gender. music, singing; USA (AZ, Phoenix); 2019-2019
The Observer’s Outpost Katherine Taylor; Woman; Dx20s; freelance writer and researcher; USA; 2019-2019
TheCreativeBorderline 29; Woman; Dx21; BPD, CPTSD; student; single; 2019-2019
Traveling Abroad With Autism 21; Woman; Dx12; Anx; student; writer; USA; 2019-2019
Unliteral Mind Kylie M; Woman; Dx23; dyscalculia, PTSD; writer, advocate, 25+ college student; Catholicism, non-traditional student life, trauma, school avoidance, panic disorder, humor, creativity; USA; 2019-2019
The Other Side 64; Mother of Autistics; Dx40+; married; 2008-2018
The Bogan Artist Stacey Grahame; 31; Woman; Dx14; dyspraxia, arthritis; Seeing someone; 2011-2018
gareeth 52; Dx1-; EDS, Dep, psoriatic arthritis; Danish-Canadian Jew; 2012-2018
JesseGarboden Male; 2012-2018
Smelly Hotdog 30s; Non-binary; Dx26; bipolar, Anx, gender dysphoria; actor, playwright; Canada; 2012-2018; No Longer in a Box
End Autism Stigma Rachel; 46; Mother of Autistics; Dx30s; Anx; married to NT; Australia; 2013-2018
Maggie O’Connor Maggie; 20s; Woman; Dx24; ADHD, Anx, BPD (recovered), Dep, ED, GAD, OCD, SAD, SPD, addiction, alexithymia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, excoriation, hyperlexia, self-harm (recovered); disability support worker; infreq; Australia (Victoria, Melbourne); 2013-2018
Walking Inland 30s; Woman; Dx29; 2013-2018
Aspergers on Toast Woman; Dx40s; 2014-2018
Normal Is Just An Average 40; Male; Dx2; CPTSD, APD, SPD, ADHD; Mountain Recluse, White-Passing Caucasian-Indigenous; single; USA (Midwest); 2014-2018; Stop Hurting Kids
Silly Goose Dx20s; 2014-2018
Tim’s Aspie Journal Timothy Kirtland; 29; Male; Dx teens; ADHD, Anx, Dep; single; USA (Hudson Valley, NY); 2014-2018
Ad Astra Autistic 2015-2018
Antleader’s Journey Sam Harvey; Non-binary; Dx25; dyslexic, Dep, chronic illness; 2015-2018
Asperger: The HypoSocial Human bo rex moore; Woman; Dx50+; scientist, social critic; 2015-2018; Artsyberger, Miss America Gone Wrong
autism: a lifetime undiagnosed 40s; Mother of Autistic; Dx38; PTSD, Anx, Dep, OCD; married; Canadian; 2015-2018
becks’ journal 20s; Non-binary; Dx16; ADHD, Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder, Anxiety, SPD, migraines; student, writer; 2015-2018
Giraffe Party Dx20s; Anx, OCD, ADHD, CPTSD, PTSD, Dep, chronic pain, chronic illness, fibromyalgia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia; LGBTQ+; USA (CA, southern); 2015-2018; Facebook
Glass Footsteps Male; Dx18-; ADHD, OCD; Ireland; 2015-2018
jstuhltloph 20s; Woman; Dx18-; ADHD, Anx, SPD, APD, Dep; artist, book lover, nerd; USA; 2015-2018
So Much Stranger, Darker, Madder, Better 30; Non-binary; Dx27; ADHD, Anx. APD, EDS, GAD, PTSD, alexithymia, aphantasia, chronic pain, dyslexia, dyspraxia, excoriation, fibromyalgia, migraines, psychosis, schizoaffective; married to ADHD and schizoaffective person; 2015-2018
Thomas Iland 37; Male; Dx13; CPA, Distinguished Toastmaster; in a relationship; 2015-2018
Disorder Out of Chaos Dx40+; CPTSD, DID, EDS, myasthenia gravis, POTS, connective tissue disease; blogging for wellness; USA (Virginia); 2016-2018
Losing It Slowly 34; Woman; Dx29; ADHD, Anx, OCD, SPD, dyspraxia, migraines; Living with anxiety; single; 2016-2018
Art Stimulus Danielle M; 32; Non-binary; Dx20s; ADHD, Anx; artist; USA (Alaska); 2017-2018
autistic country girl 36; Woman; Dx29; fashion tips, healthy food and recipes; single; Belgium; 2017-2018
remusmdh Dx40; CPTSD; 2017-2018
Shiny journey Woman; Dx42; hyper-sensory; 2017-2018
the asperger path 50s; Male; Dx49; Gay; single,; 2017-2018; thepoetautist
Yinin’s Thoughts 28; Woman; Dx24; Dep; recently Dx’d, still adjusting; married; 2017-2018
Anita Lesko 61; Woman; Dx50; certified registered nurse anesthetist; author, national speaker, autism activist; married to Autistic; 2018-2018; (website), The Mighty, Spectrum Women
Josh Crickmay 20s; Male; Dx15; adventurer. series producer, photographer, videographer, writer; South Africa; 2018-2018
sociophenomenal Gordon Gates; 63; Dx44; Anx; mental health crisis counselor; author of Trauma, Stigma, and Autism; married; Canada (Ontario, Keswick); 2018-2018
The Atypical Aspie 35; Woman; Dx32; bipolar II; BPD; 2018-2018
The Neon Aspie Dx12; ADHD, Anx, APD, IBS, OCD, OCPD, PDA, SPD, VSS, alexithymia, dyspraxia, echolalia, gender dysphoria (gender fluid), hyperacusis, hyperlexia, migraines, auditory-tactile synesthesia, tinnitus; massage therapist; music producer, raver; fiction writer, gamer; married to partner with Dep, Anx, ADHD; 2018-2018
trauma. stress. autism Non-binary parent of Autistics; Dx38; PTS, JHS; homeschooler and advocate; USA (WA); 2018-2018
Website of James Williams 32; Male; Dx3; hyperlexia, acid reflux; single with no interest in dating; USA (Illinois, Northbrook); 1996-2017
Aykayem Andrea; 58; Mother; Dx54; divorced; Australia; 2005-2017; Up Too Late, As Usual …
Savan Gandecha 30; Male; Dx24; dyslexia; British Asian; UK (England, London); 2011-2017; (website), YouTube
N. M. Silber 2013-2017
Being Seen, the book Mother; Dx46; 2014-2017; website
awkdorkable aspie Tori; 30; Woman; Dx3-; happily taken; just a weird, dog grooming artist; 2015-2017; Facebook
The Liberal Aspie Cristina Alexander; 27; Woman; Dx18-; OCD, Personality Disorder-NOS; 2015-2017
Alone in nature 27; Woman; Dx20+; Australia; 2016-2017
charlottelascellesblog 25; Dx4; trainee journalist; UK (England, Yorkshire, Leeds); 2016-2017
The Autistic Chronicles Leanne Libas; 24; Woman; Dx4 & 18; GAD, Dep; student; Pilipino-Chinese American; singing, dancing, acting; USA (California); 2016-2017
The Outcast Post 2016-2017; Articulate Autistic
Anand Prahlad 60s; Parent; African American poet, memoirist, musician, folklorist, English professor, author of The Secret Life of a Black Aspie; married to NT; 2017-2017
aspinthegarden Selene dePackh; Dx50+; EDS, MCAS, POTS; writer/graphic artist; USA (PA, Pittsburgh); 2017-2017
Autisic Creative Arts Community Michelle; 20s; Dx12; bipolar; in a relationship; 2017-2017; The Budget Vegetarian, The Pastel Bookworm
Autismagorical 40s; Mother of Autistics; Dx35; Dep, Anx; married; UK; 2017-2017
Autistic Lucy Lucy Hunter; 23; Woman; Dx12; aspiring YouTuber, artist, mother of 3 fur babies; in a relationship with NT girlfriend; 2017-2017; YouTube, Twitter
Autistic Point of View Zane Ghali; 21; Male; Dx14; OCD, ADHD, Anx, Dep, Tourette; single; 2017-2017; Smashwords
Life on the wrong planet 36; Woman; Dx32; Dep, Anx; in a long-term relationship with NT; UK (England, West Yorkshire); 2017-2017
Odd Dad & His Aspie 40s; Father of Autistic; Dx42+; married; 2017-2017; Facebook, Twitter
Shhh…no one knows I’m autistic 30s; Male; Dx18+; engaged to NT; 2017-2017
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Endnotes (back to top)

1 All blogs are English-language, written by (professionally- or self-diagnosed) Actually Autistic people (though a few blogs include non-Autistic contributors) about our personal experiences with autism (as opposed to “Autism Blogs” written by families, professionals, and others).

2 The Autistic blogs search engine searches exclusively within Actually Autistic blogs (a few of which include non-Autistic contributors). For example, type “Atypical Netflix” or “Identity First” into the search bar to find out how Autistic people feel regarding the Netflix series “Atypical” or the issue of Identity-First vs. Person-First Language.

Nearly all Autistic bloggers have been contacted to request input on how they want their blogs listed (and about 30% responded). All issues raised in the comments have been resolved. If you have any concerns please comment below or contact us.

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