Other Autistic Resource Lists

Compiled by Autists

Autistic Self Advocacy Network
Autistic Archive
Paginated Thoughts
Autistic Hoya
The Neurodivergent Collective
(books, videos, podcasts, communities, apps)
Autistic YouTubers
(from Actually Autistic London)
My Spectrum Suite (Community, Self-Advocacy)
Good autism advocacy organizations
(from In the Loop About Neurodiversity)
Autistic Empire
Autistic Goblin (Canadian focus)
Identity-First Autistic
Misadventures of Mama Pineapple (General, Identity-first, #ActuallyAutistic)
The Artism Spectrum
Musings of an Aspie (Aspie Tests, Essential Reading)
the silent wave
Neurodivergent Rebel
Autistic Science Lady

Fierce Autie
The Autistic Phoenix
Female Autism Phenotype: directory of psychologists diagnosing autism in adults autistics.org: Autism Information Library
Starving Autist
Come Ask Questions About Autism!

Âûtistic Guide to FB

Discovering My Authentic Self
 (General, HFA, Females, Sensory, TedTalks, Youtubers)
Practical Neurodiversity
AucademyAutistic, gender, & sexuality diversity – growing list of resources
I’m Autistic. Here’s what I’d like you to know.
 by Ryan Boren
Speaking of Autism…
Living whole
Aut Takes
Actually Asperger’s
Independent Cornwall Autism Network
“It’s a Spectrum” Doesn’t Mean What You Think by C.L. Lynch – NeuroClastic
The Neurodivergent Collective

Autistic–owned businesses:
Autistic Artisan, Buy Autistic!Buy Autistic DirectoryMade By Autistics (Community, Marketplace, Page), Fierce Autie

Autistic literature:
Adriana L. WhiteAda HoffmannCorey AlexanderBogi TakácsDisability in KidlitKaelan RhywiolAli Caitrincrowing about booksAwakened NeurodivergenceAutistic Zines
Magic Lantern Books
and Autistics Aloud are accepting submissions by Autistic authors

Twitter#ActuallyAutistic, #AskingAutistics

Free ebookAutistic Community and the Neurodiversity Movement

Compiled by Autist-friendly allies

Autism Spectrum Explained by two sisters, one autistic and the other neurotypical(ish)
Autistikids by Patricia Gabe, with help from Autism Spectrum Explained
Geek Club Books: Resources
Goodreads: Books by Actually Autistic Authors
Wikipedia: fiction, media, films, Autism rights movement
Learn From Autistics: Autistic Representation in Literature
Asperger Ministry
(helpful to Christian Autistics? Let us know if not.)
Autism-related tests: Autism Research Centre, Aspie tests, Aspie Quiz
Other: PsychTests AIM, Readability Checker

Other Autistic resource lists will be added to this page. Please check back, or provide suggestions.

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