Other Autistic Resource Lists

Compiled by Autistics

Autistic Self Advocacy Network
Paginated Thoughts
Autistic Hoya
(books, videos, podcasts, communities, apps)
My Spectrum Suite (Community, Self-Advocacy)
Identity-First Autistic
Misadventures of Mama Pineapple (General, Identity-first, #ActuallyAutistic)
The Artism Spectrum
Musings of an Aspie (Aspie Tests, Essential Reading)
the silent wave
Neurodivergent Rebel
Autistic Science Lady

The Autistic Phoenix
Female Autism Phenotype: directory of psychologists diagnosing autism in adults autistics.org: Autism Information Library
Come Ask Questions About Autism! (Inbox: OPEN)

Âûtistic Guide to FB

Discovering My Authentic Self
 (General, HFA, Females, Sensory, TedTalks, Youtubers)
Easier Autistic Life – Make life easier for autistic adults
I’m Autistic. Here’s what I’d like you to know.
 by Ryan Boren
Speaking of Autism…
Living whole
Sullivan Swift
Unliteral Mind
Aut Takes
“It’s a Spectrum” Doesn’t Mean What You Think by C.L. LynchThe Aspergian

Autistic–owned businesses: Buy Autistic!Buy Autistic DirectoryAutistic Social Network (Business Directory), Made By Autistics (Community, Marketplace, Page)

Autistic literature: Ada HoffmannCorey AlexanderBogi TakácsDisability in KidlitKaelan RhywiolLizzie Huxley-JonesAli Caitrinautisticzebracrowing about booksAwakened NeurodivergenceAutistic Zines
Magic Lantern Books
and Autistics Aloud are accepting submissions by Autistic authors

Twitter: #ActuallyAutistic, #AskingAutistics

Ebook: Autistic Community and the Neurodiversity Movement

Compiled by Autistic-friendly allies

Autism Spectrum Explained by two sisters, one autistic and the other neurotypical(ish)
Autistikids by Patricia Gabe, with help from Autism Spectrum Explained
Geek Club Books: Resources
Goodreads: Books by Actually Autistic Authors
Wikipedia: fiction, media, films, Autism rights movement
Learn From Autistics: Autistic Representation in Literature
Asperger Ministry
(helpful to Christian Autistics? Let us know if not.)
Autism-related Tests: Autism Research Centre, Aspie tests, Aspie Quiz
Other Tests: PsychTests AIM, Readability Checker

Other Autistic resource lists will be added to this page. Please check back, or provide suggestions.

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