How do you want your blog listed?

Please respond to the following questions (skip any that don’t apply) if you want to submit a new blog or change your blog’s description on the Actually Autistic Blogs List (or contact us to have your blog removed). All questions (after the first) are optional and you can resubmit an updated form anytime. After you submit the form you should see “Message Sent”. If not, or if you don’t receive an email acknowledgment within a week, please resubmit the form or contact us. 

The purpose behind the above form is to help people select blogs to read. Some readers seek bloggers with similar experiences (such as gender, parenting status, diagnosis date, or co-occurring conditions) which is why those questions are asked. Some bloggers prefer not to list such information which is why all questions are optional.

66 thoughts on “How do you want your blog listed?

  1. Greetings! Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I tried several times to submit the above form, but evidently it did not work. Every time I clicked on the “Submit” button I was taken back up to the “Website” entry bar. Would you be able to help me with this?

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    • Do you have JavaScript enabled in your browser? Have you tried emptying the cache? Have you tried deleting cookies (at least the WordPress ones)? Other than those I don’t know what to suggest. If you do manage to solve it, let me know so I can tell others.
      In the meantime, please copy-and-paste the form information into an email and send it to me that way. I have sent you an email that you can respond to. Thanks.


    • You’re welcome, and thanks for writing your blog. I received your form and responded by email.
      The link to your website doesn’t work. WordPress probably auto-filled in your old blog’s information. I recommend you change your Primary Site (from this page, in the Web Address field) so WordPress auto-fills in the information you want.


  2. Thank you for adding me! As I mentioned I am keen to feature other writers on the blog, so that it reflects all of our diverse experiences. If anyone is reading this and interested please let me know!

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  3. Thank you for reaching out to me. I am very lucky to be a part of your website. Since the beginning of quarantine, I have spent countless hours editing and drafting my blog pages to make it look attractive to people who are trying to search for answers about the autism spectrum. I look forward to seeing how far my posts will go.

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