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Job-seeking while Autistic

Below are Resources for Autistic job seekersAutistic experiences with employment, and Selected Google search results.

Resources for Autistic job seekers (back to top)

Employment Resource Page – My Spectrum Suite (2022)

Stanford Neurodiversity Summit 2022 | Stanford Neurodiversity Project

Roadmap to Transition: A Handbook for Autistic Youth Transitioning to Adulthood (free pdf download) (read online) (2016) (from Resource Library – Autistic Self Advocacy Network)

The Autism Job Club: The Neurodiverse Workforce in the New Normal of Employment by Michael Bernick and Richard Holden (2015)

Employment Opportunities + Resources for Autistic People! (2021)

APSE – Association of People Supporting Employment First (2022)

Curriculum | Autism Career Pathways (2022)

Employment – National Autistic Society (2022; UK)

Employment Archives – Barb Cook (2021)

Employment Archives – Spectrum Women (2020)

Employment – Life of an Aspie (2019)

Employment – Autistikids (2015)

Employment – The World of Autism (2022)

Asperger’s on the Job: Must-Have Advice for People with Asperger’s or High Functioning Autism and their Employers, Educators, and Advocates by Rudy Simone (2010)

Most of the above were found through the Other Autistic Resource Lists page, which lists resources chosen by Autists.

Autistic experiences with employment (back to top)


Employment for autistics. Then and now | Wrong Planet (2022)

Workplace Accommodations – Life with Autism (Aug 2022)

Employment – Autistic Nick (2022)

Finding employment as an autistic person – Autistic Not Weird (2019)

My Experiences with Societal Vocational Rejection. – How Autism Self-Advocacy Revolutionalized My Life (2021): my personal experiences of being discriminated against (and harassed about) because I was both “too disabled” and “not disabled enough” to “deserve” accommodation and support with gaining employment

Ecosystem of Autistic Employment – Autistic Nottingham (2021)

Employment Archives – The Autistic Me (2022)

Employment – Aiden Tsen (2021)

Autistic Employment Collateral #1 – Jacci Pillar (2018)

Employment | Judy Endow (2016)

Employment – Finally Knowing Me: An Autistic Life (2017)

Employment – Reports from a Resident Alien (2015)

Autist’s Corner: Employment Issues in Autism: Trends (2008)

Most links in this section were found using the Autistic blogs search engine (which searches exclusively within Autistic blogs) using the search term “employment”.

Selected Google search results (back to top)

Where autistic candidates (and others) go wrong in job interviews | eFinancialCareers

Employment Tips for Teens and Young Adults with ASD | Arizona Autism United (AZA United)

Are autistic individuals the best workers around? – BBC Worklife

Job Search Resources – Uniquely Abled Project

The links in this section were selected from a Google search for “Autistic job seekers”.

Upcoming posts: This is part of an ongoing series of Autistic blogs united by a common theme. Here are previous posts in this series.

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Adelaide Dupont

Adelaide Dupont’s favorite Autistic blogs, part 2

How has your autism affected employment? Please leave a comment below for an upcoming post about job-seeking while Autistic. Include both personal experiences and resources relating to Autistic employment and job seeking.

Below is the second installment of Adelaide Dupont’s favorite Autistic blogs (using her own descriptions from her comment, with links added and duplications removed). Here is Part 1 and part 3 is coming soon.

Another Bostonian who illustrates: The Quarantine Diaries – especially the worlds of anime and traditional art.
The Quarantine Diaries 2020-2021

I have other blogs along the way:

Last year [around Christmas time] I discovered Veneranda Jade from a gifted website and magazine. I love the way she writes about relationships and life in New York. So Veneranda Jade.
Veneranda Jade 40s; Dx31; ADHD, dyslexia; public speaker; Mexican; USA (NY, NYC; also Southern Arizona); 2019-2022

There is Bartosz from the Warsaw School of Economics – his blog is Politics, Economy, Society (2009-2022) – he recently wrote a post about Autistic Burnout – and a lot of the time he posts photos about trips to and through Warsaw.

Independence Chick is writing a science fiction novel about Finola Frost. One of her early special interests was Cinderella. Also she is on The Artifice where she wrote an excellent article on Gaslighting in Disney. [and in the early 2010s they wrote this detective/mystery trilogy – which is around the time I discovered them – December 2012-January 2013]
IndependenceChick’s Nest 2011-2022

Tonia from Tonia Says (2014-2022) is also an author – in her case the Disuphere series – her latest is called APPEARANCES. They also have a Tumblr called reignite all the souls.

I still enjoy Remi Yergeau’s work so much because they are a rhetor of distinction.
autistext – on autism, rhetoric, & ELO 2007-2017; Authoring Autism, m. remi yergeau – university of michigan // digital studies & english

And recently I came to enjoy Kate Blackham’s Space blog. She was a woman of the Fens and Fenlands. 40s; Dx45; Woman; Dep, panic disorder; book editor, associate lecturer; married to NT; UK (England); 2021-2022

There is a gentleman from south-east Melbourne – he loved live gigs before the COVID19 – his name is Mike or Michael and he had DarkKnight [and a number too] which was an MSN spaces blog moved to WordPress.
Windows Live space [Mikey – his latest blog – April 2022 – is about Royksopp and their new album. He also wrote blog posts in March 2022 – eg about loneliness and cholesterol].
Windows Live space 2010-2022

Also – do you have the Spectrum Women blog where Barb Cook and others write?
Spectrum Women Barb Cook; International online publication by Autistic Women for Autistic women; 2016-2021

Mid-June 2021 I discovered Taryn is Autastic.
Taryn Is Autastic 23; Dx17; Woman; physically disabled; student; Canada; 2021-2021; TikTok

And do you have Brooke’s RAINBOW ROAD SPECTRUM? That late November 2021 post is one I missed
Rainbow Road: One Autistic Woman’s Journey Through Life 29; Dx3; Woman; food Allergies; type 1 diabetes; Anx; ADHD; CAPD; CPTSD; SAD; excoriation; hyperacusis; hyperlexia; substitute preschool teacher/graduate student; child development and psychology; single; USA (CA, Sacramento); 2019-2022

I will be volunteering some of Harrison Fischer’s blogs as well. [especially the Letters and Numbers one which I seem to remember the most].

And Rory Reckons from New Zealand – he stood up against the Davis Autism Centre and their “tool” – and now he is writing an autobiography – and he made a great post about Histamines and got up the ADHDAcceptanceMonth.
Rory’s Reckons 2020-2022

Also I have enjoyed Restless Hands who has been making resources outside English.
Restless Hands 2011-2022

[Someone else from the Philippines was someone like Geraldo Joseph the BigBro]
Autistic BigBro 2013-2020

[and there is another young woman called May who is a big fan of the Reader’s Digest].

Lucky Numbers and Cool Cats 30s; Dx5; Woman; Anx, ADHD, CPTSD; Human Resources secretary; synesthesia; engaged, partner fits “broader autism phenotype”; USA (California, East San Francisco Bay); 2021-2022; Linktree

Hannah Kim (2016-2016)

Christy Wilkens (2017-2021) – ActuallyAutistic Catholic evangelist and writer. She wrote AWAKENING AT LOURDES and I would not be surprised if her blog did not have some of that.

Also there is a great magazine two issues I recently read – the Spring and Summer ones. Conner Cummings and others are involved with this magazine – SPECTRUM LIFE MAGAZINE. Much of the Editorial are ActuallyAutistic including the couple who run it.
Spectrum Life 2013-2022

[trying to find Adriana White and their work].
Adriana Lebrón White 38; Dx33; Woman; alexithymia, GAD, GERD, hyperlexia, migraines; teacher & school librarian; Puerto Rican/Mexican-American; married; USA (TX, San Antonio); 2017-2022

There is a Substack I love called THE LISTENING WORLD (2019-2022) which is full of poetry and poets each week.

BOOKS FOR LITTLES and RAISING LUMINARIES both by Ashia Ray [and in the case of the podcast with Bellamy and others].
Ashia Ray Mother; 2016-2017

Upcoming posts:  We have an ongoing series of Autistic blogs united by a common theme. Here are previous posts in this series.

Which other topics or professions would you like to see represented? Please comment below.

As a reminder, please submit (or comment below) a list of your favorite Autistic blogs. Include your own if applicable, plus at least one other. Share the love with our followers!

Actually Autistic Blogs List

Non-speaking Autistic bloggers

Non-speaking is defined as “speaking is not the primary form of communication”. Below are blogs by Autists who fit that definition. (See this comment if you’re looking for blogs that a mostly prose rather than poetry.)

Uniquely Hari Hari Srinivasan; Dx3; Male; ADHD, medical issues; student; NSp; USA (CA, Berkeley); 2006-2022; The Daily Californian
Sarah Stup’s Blog 30s; Dx4; Woman; NSp; 2013-2022
Niko Boskovic (facebook) 21; Dx3; Male; student, self-advocate, listener, NSp; 2015-2022
Not Too Trapped In My Head Anymore Pablo; 15; Dx3-; Male; NSp; 2018-2022
Mitchell’s Life with Autism Mitchell; 19; Dx4; Male; epilepsy; blogger; letterboard communication; NSp; USA (IL, Chicago); 2019-2022
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Actually Autistic Blogs List

Autistic blogs about grief

Below are blogs by Autists discussing grief, divided between blogs with grief as a category and specific blog posts about grief

Autistic blogs with grief as a category (back to top)

grief – A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent. Parent of Autistic; dyslexia, ADHD; bereaved; UK (England, Yorkshire); 2017-2022

grief Archives — THINKING PERSON’S GUIDE TO AUTISM includes non-Autistic contributors; 2010-2022

A Grieving Autistic Adult 63; Dx49; Woman; Anx, Dep, fibromyalgia, OCD; part-time librarian; care-giving, grief, Christian; single; Canada (Ontario, Kingston); 2017-2021

Grief & Loss – 2021-2022. Ally is pursuing a Ph.D. focusing on Autistic experiences of grief

grief | Finding Hope Lauren Alex Hooper; 27; Dx20; Woman; Anx, Dep, BPD, OCD, self-harm, trichotillomania; music and songwriting (my occupation); 2017-2022; laurenalexhooper, SoundCloud.

Death / Grief – Who Loves Kitty. Spitfyre Phoenix Rising 44; Dx39; Woman; EDS, PTSD, Celiac, other autoimmune, HH; biracial (Caucasian-Cajun-Native); divorced; USA (Texas); 2008-2022; the silent wave, Who Loves Kitty, Laina’s Collection, YouTube, Maidenlion

grief – JLM in Euroclydon JLM; 61; Dx50+; Mother of Autistics; Anx, Dep, CPTSD, binge-ED; writer, secretary, babysitter of grandchildren; lover/follower of Jesus; widowed; USA (Illinois, central, rural); 2017-2021

Grief – The Catholic Spoonie 20s; Dx12-; Woman; Marfan syndrome; student; Catholic, White; single; USA; 2018-2020

Just Me 20s; Dx20; Woman; cancer survivor, Dep, Anx; behavioural intervention/respite provider; Canada (BC); 2019-2019

Dystopion 23; Dx19; Woman; Dep, Anx, ED; disabled; mental health, Buddhism, loyalty, family; Norway; 2020-2022; WordPress

Specific blog posts about Autistic grief (back to top)

you had to be there… 2017-2022. Grief Feels Like This

Trapped On The Border 2020-2022. Actually Autistic?, Grief

Delightfully Quirky 49; Dx47; Woman; project coordinator; USA (Il, Chicago); 2020-2022. Grief: Can I Have It or Do I Want It?

DapperPaperBag 31; Dx28; Woman; freelance video editor; gaming, feline psychology, film and television production; in relationship with NT; UK (Scotland); 2018-2022; Twitch, Discord. Greif and Autism : Why I Have Been Quiet

Jen Smells Peaches 2021-2022. How to grieve and run a death, if you’re me

Wonder Revisited 2008-2022. On Grief

S.L. Shelton 2014-2022. This Is Your Autistic Brain on Grief

Occasional Roznaama 2019-2022. On Death

More Healing Than Haunting 2021-2021. Someone I Love Died: Loss and Neurodivergence.

Meaghan Newson Dx18+; ADHD; product owner, scrum master, content lead, researcher; Australia; 2021-2021. Dogs don’t have to be trained for therapy to be good for autism, which is why it hurts so much when they go

I’d like to thank Ally for inspiring this post, which will be edited as additional Autistic blogs about grief are found. Please submit any you know of in the comments below.

Upcoming posts: Please let us know if there’s any particular theme you’d like to see represented in this series. We have previously received requests for lists of Autistic lawyers and Autistic counselors, therapists, coaches, and mentors, as well as Autists doing improvisational theatre, so those themes will be included. Here are previous posts in this series.

Which other professions would you like to see represented? Which other topics would you like to see Autistic blogs discussing?

As a reminder, please submit (or comment below) a list of your favorite Autistic blogs. Include your own if applicable, plus at least one other. Share the love with our 1900+ followers!

Actually Autistic Blogs List

Autists in medicine

Below are blogs by Autists in medicine, divided into three categories: Medical doctors, Other medical professionals, and Medical students and graduates

Medical doctors (back to top)

Autistic Doctors International (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) (not a blog) a group of over 500 Autistic doctors and medical students)
@autisticgpshh Dx40+; ADHD, PDA; doctor (GP); UK; 2020-2022
The Autistic Doctors 40s; Dx40s; medic; UK; 2021-2022 (a female general surgeon)
Spitfyre Phoenix Rising 44; Dx39; Woman; EDS, PTSD, Celiac, other autoimmune, HH; biracial (Caucasian-Cajun-Native); divorced; USA (Texas); 2008-2022; the silent wave, Who Loves Kitty, Laina’s Collection, YouTube, Maidenlion (Laina; integrative medicine doctor)
Autism-Psychiatrist (not a blog) Dx36; UK (England); Quora, LinkedIn, Twitter. Dr. Liliya Wheatcraft is a uniquely qualified psychiatrist for Autistics
The Bullying Doctor 2020-2021. Dr. Emily Lovegrove is a lecturer and leader of many workshops on anti-bullying strategies)
The Good Doctor Australia; 2019-2020 (she details extensively how her autism and mental illness have impacted her medical practice)
The Autistic Doc Dx18+; 2019-2019. Dr. Heather Dimmitt is a doctor in Seattle, Washington
Gaussian Tail 2019-2020 (doctor)
 Aspiedoc Dx18+; Mother; 2015-2017 (Samantha Fields, middle-aged female doctor)
The autistic doctor Male; 2011-2014 (practices family medicine)

Other medical professionals (back to top)

Embrace Autism Dr. Natalie Engelbrecht RP ND & Eva Silvertant; Dx25 (Eva) & Dx48 (Natalie); Autistic couple; registered psychotherapist, naturopathic doctor (Natalie) & graphic designer, illustrator (Eva); research- and experience-based autism content; education and empowerment for Autistics, by Autistics; Canada (Ontario, Oakville); 2018-2022; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, PodBean
Neurodivergent Doctor 2021-2021 (Dr. Anson L. Service, psychotherapist and behavioral scientist)
Weldon Wellness Laura Z. Weldon; 30s; Dx28; Woman; FB, SPD, migraines, SIBO (intestinal), autoimmune; studying naturopathic medicine and integrative mental health, health coach, sensory processing sensitivity; 2017-2020; Weldon Wellness
Wired for Autism 23; Dx teens; Non-binary; Dep, Anx, LGBTQ+, ADHD, APD, OCD, SAD, SPD; journalist, London-based, multilinguist, biomedical scientist; 2017-2018
TCMautism Orange; 32; Dx10; Male; ADHD; hypnotherapist; in English and Chinese; single; Singapore; 2011-2020
Autistically Real Dx40+; Parent of Autistics; medical assistant; USA (North Carolina, RTP); 2018-2022

Medical students and graduates (back to top)

Finty Royle Finty; 21; Dx16; Woman; anorexia; medical student; UK (England, North West); 2021-2022
Red Mage Darni George; 30; Dx20s; Male; dyspraxia; medically trained doctor; UK (England); 2019-2021 (Zack; trained in medicine)
Aspergers And the world aida; 21; Dx10; Woman; ADHD; medical student; Germany; 2020-2020
An Asperger Medical Student in Oz 2010-2016 (medical graduate)
The Aspergic Medic Dx18+; 2009-2009 (medical student)

This post will be edited as additional Autistic blogs in medicine are found. Please submit any you know of in the comments below.

Upcoming posts: Please let us know if there’s any particular theme you’d like to see represented in this series. We have previously received requests for lists of Autistic lawyers and Autistic counselors, therapists, coaches, and mentors, as well as Autists discussing their experiences with grief and with improvisational theatre, so those themes will be included.

Would you like to see blogs by Autists in your profession? What issues are you dealing with, and would you like to know how other Autists deal with them? Please specify in the comments below.

As a reminder, please submit (or comment below) a list of your favorite Autistic blogs. Include your own if applicable, plus at least one other. Share the love with our 1900+ followers!

Adelaide Dupont

Adelaide Dupont’s favorite Autistic blogs, part 1

Below is the first installment of Adelaide Dupont’s favorite Autistic blogs. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3, coming up soon. (More about upcoming posts at the end.)

One of my favourite Autistic Blogs is by Aaron Likens – Life on the Other Side of the Wall.
Life on the Other Side of the Wall Dx18+; Male; 2010-2022

Another one is Rantin’ from Anton (2011-2022) which is all about the theatre and especially musical theatre. I discovered him on THE ART OF AUTISM.

There are other blogs from that source [they keep a long list of regular and occasional contributors – two separate pages]. I am thinking of Miya Sae and her Christian/faith blog.
Miya Sae 2021-2022

Also I have enjoyed The CP Diary (2010-2022) by Ilana Estelle who is Autistic too.

And DISABILITY DIARIES (2015-2022) by Max Stock which is full of stories and roleplays and everyday life. The link is [think something like Disability Visibility with the I]. They are based in the environs of Boston. You could find their Tumblr too – – which is full of art and their business M S Illustration.

Another favourite is I Stop Somewhere Waiting For You by Eric Paris van Gucht because he too loves the theatre and college and its culture and sports – and from 2017-2021 he made statistics to keep bloggers from around the world interested [including myself].
I Stop Somewhere Waiting For You Eric P. Van Gucht; 35; Dx10; Male; passionate about sports, acting, writing, and travel; 2014-2022

A long time ago there was a group blog called TURNER AND KOWALSKI where a lot of awesome people contributed.
Here Be Dragons 2009-2010

And there was LOVE-NOS.
LOVE-NOS 2011-2011

I just remembered – Kim Duff – How Autism Self-Advocacy Revolutionalized My Life.
How Autism Self-Advocacy Revolutionalized My Life 40s; Dx20s; Woman; CAPD, SPD, hyperlexia, trauma and Dep history; Canada; 2021-2022

Emma Reardon – Undercover Autism.
Undercover Autism Dx46; Parent of Autistic son; senior manager social care; professional, parent and person; married; UK (Wales); 2020-2022; Off Down The Rabbit Hole

Tell me why the world is weird from Shanghai.
Tell me why the world is weird Dx20s; Christian; 2012-2022

Welcome to My Magick Theatre by Carrie-Anne Brownian.
Welcome to My Magick Theatre 2011-2022

Emily Nagoski’s Confidence & Joy | Meta Bulletin (2021-2022; subscription).

And Mykola Bilokonsky‘s blog and notebook.

Upcoming posts: We plan to continue posting about once weekly.

We have two draft posts of readers’ favorite blogs waiting. Please contribute yours!

We will be starting a new series soon of Autistic blogs united by a common theme, such as Autists in the medical profession, in law-related fields, non-speaking Autists, blogs with lots of “Likes” and/or comments, and long-persisting blogs. Please let us know if there’s any particular theme you’d like to see represented.

Actually Autistic Blogs List

What are your favorite Autistic blogs?

We are starting a new series featuring lists of our readers’ favorite Autistic blogs.

Please submit (or comment below) a list of your favorite Autistic blogs (including your own, if applicable). Preferably include a brief description of each blog and why you like it. Please only include blogs written by Actually Autistic people. Spread the love!

Thank you in advance. I hope this helps us identify worthy and enjoyable Autistic blogs we might not otherwise discover.

I’ll start. To avoid unnecessary repetition, I’ll state up front that all bloggers below are excellent writers, brutally honest, and fiercely independent thinkers.

Thing of Things 2014-2022; WordPress, Medium
Ozy Brennan is a prolific, nonbinary, polyamorousrationalist, utilitarian, intersectional feminist, fangirl, person with borderline personality disorder, effective altruist, animal rights supporting independent thinker with a large, loyal following. I love reading their unique, detailed, extensive, well-thought-out opinions.

this great ape 40s; Dx40s; chronic pain, ME; life with invisible disabilities; 2014-2022
Christine M. Condo has staunchly advocated for Autists since becoming aware of her autism in 2015 and has described in wrenching detail her difficulties with chronic pain. I like her dedication, authenticity, and heartfelt tirades.

Ada Hoffmann 34; Dx13; science fiction author; Canada; 2014-2022; Substack
Ada Hoffmann is the author of the space opera novels THE OUTSIDE and THE FALLEN, as well as dozens of speculative short stories and poems. She is an Autistic self-advocate, an adjunct professor of computer science, a former semi-professional soprano, tabletop gaming enthusiast, and LARPer. I love her extensive reviews of autistic speculative fiction and her insights into the Autistic community.

Just Stimming… Woman; 2011-2022
Julia Bascom is an Autistic woman, writer, and self-advocate who writes about Autistic identity, community, and language; disability rights; theory vs. praxis; and personhood. She doesn’t post often but when she does it’s superb, especially regarding the more disabling aspects of Autism.

Nothing if not verbose Kate; 40; Dx30s; Woman; ADHD, EDS, JHS, Dep, CPTSD, SAD, Crohn’s, chronic pain, FB, endometriosis; marine biologist; married to Autistic/ADHD; Australia (Melbourne); 2013-2022
Kate is an Australian marine biologist with a Ph.D. in genetics who blogs on the management of chronic pain, mental health, the challenges of working out so that her muscles can support her bendy joints, politics, feminism, various scattered opinions, trauma, abuse, dog training, how nice it is to sleep on boats, why she likes airplanes, and just about anything she gets interested in (and when she gets interested in things, it’s an intense and overwhelming experience). She conveys her enthusiasm so well that after reading a typically-verbose post, I can’t think of any part I’d want to eliminate.

Spitfyre Phoenix Rising 44; Dx39; Woman; EDS, PTSD, Celiac, other autoimmune, HH; biracial (Caucasian-Cajun-Native); divorced; USA (Texas); 2008-2022; the silent wave, Who Loves Kitty, Laina’s Collection, YouTube, Maidenlion
Laina is a child-free hearing-impaired Wiccan-Buddhist-Hindu-Pagan/Pantheist from South Texas, recently widowed and living with a roommate and three cats, with insatiable compulsions to study biochemistry/economics/history, become an excellent marksman, search for natural dopamine sources, live off the grid, think outside the box, and maintain a stubborn optimistic vision that maybe–just maybe, organic food, martial arts, detoxification, neurodiversity, dark chocolate, libertarian public policy, ethnic downtempo music, a yin-yang balance, and Dr. House, MD can save the world. I love her prolific writing about oddball subjects (as suggested by her preceding self-description) and her devotion to helping others.

Jennifer Lee Rossman – Speculative Fiction Author Dx18+; USA; 2016-2022; Amazon
Jennifer Lee Rossman is a queer, Autistic, and disabled science fiction writer from Binghamton, New York who cross-stitches, watches Doctor Who, and threatens to run over people with her wheelchair. I love her cheerful, ironic, honest acceptance of her physical disabilities and the quirky and captivating short stories carrying unexpected messages posted on the blog.

Predisposition Dx45; 2021-2022
Predisposition is an American, white, cis-gendered man who explores identity through the lens of neurodiversity and recovery. I like his insights into how alcohol use, eating disorders, autism, and privilege have intertwined in his life.

Melanie Magowan 50s; Dx42; Woman; self-employed; New Zealand; 2012-2022
Melanie Magowan blogs about her below-the-knee amputation, her business as a personal trainer, competing as a disabled athlete, and how Autism affects her. I like her passionate dedication to self-improvement.

Autism and Expectations Rhi Lloyd-Williams; Dx30s; Mother of NDs; writer, advocate, mentor, public speaker; a positive and practical approach; married to NT; UK (Wales); 2016-2022; Autact Theatre CIC, Autism HWB
Rhi Lloyd-Williams writes and performs poetry, speaks at conferences and training days, runs workshops, serves as a mentor and advocate for other Autistic adults, and wrote (and toured) the play The Duck about her experiences as an Autist. I like her insights and devotion to the Autistic community.

Autism Unfurling (Formerly The Aspie Teacher) Dx36; Mother of Autistics; 2012-2022; Tumblr
Geeky Science Mom is a mom of two, a science teacher, and a crazy cat lady who has been through multiple traumas and advocates for her children and herself. I like her searing descriptions of the effects of trauma.

Another Spectrum 73; Dx60; Male; migraines; married to NT; New Zealand; 2014-2022
Barry worked in customer support until health issues forced early retirement at the age of fifty. I like his thoughtful commentary on social issues.

Diary of Self 29; Dx20s; Woman; GAD; IT specialist; married; USA (MD); 2017-2022
Cara is a feminist queer twice-exceptional (intellectually gifted and Autistic) blogger who often brings awareness to neurodiversity, mental health, social justice issues, and grad school. I like her fresh perspectives.

Life on a Blue Moon Dx50+; Woman; Dep, Anx, agoraphobia; 2017-2022
Life on a Blue Moon is a woman of a certain age locked in a painful body and a dark grey mind trying to find joy and gratitude every day, with a special interest in fragrance (perfume). I like her perennial gratitude in the face of incapacitating debilitation.

Bonus: This page includes additional recommended blogs.

Finally: Would you be willing to help maintain this website if something happens to me?

I would like to request 10 Autistic volunteers who have demonstrated support for the Autistic community. I’ve been thinking about my own mortality recently. Gmail has an Inactive Account Manager, wherein I can list up to 10 people to gain control of my Gmail account if it becomes inactive for three months. These volunteers could also control this website by signing in with my email address and selecting “Email me a login link” or “Lost your password?” (I’m asking for 10 because some may change their minds when the time comes, which could be far in the future.)

These volunteers can do what they like with this website after I’m gone, with my only request being that it benefits the Autistic community in some way. The main assets of this (free) website are its search engine prominence and 1850+ followers. The “requirements” are minimal, flexible, and optional: moderating comments (only 16 comments required moderation within the past year) and reviewing spam comments (about a half-dozen per day, only two of which have ever been valid comments misclassified as spam).

Please tell me your ideas regarding taking this website in new directions. Thank you in advance.

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  2. Text searches can be used to find bloggers within a particular demographic or with specific co-occurring conditions.
  3. Find popular blogs listed near the top of the Actually Autistic Blogs List.
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The Actually Autistic Blogs List are now listed according to Alexa rank in order to objectively prioritize the best (or at least most popular) blogs. (Categories were added to keep autism-centered personal blogs from being buried under non-autism-centered content. The list was previously ordered according to a subjective rating system, which was problematic for several reasons.)

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“Interests, but occupation could be stickier :)”

Summary: Of the (presumably) eight respondents, seven approved of including at least some information from blogs in the blog descriptions, with one stating that anything beyond the URL and blog title is offensive. Opinions differed on which information was appropriate to include.

To the respondent leaving the comment “URL and blog title only. Nothing else. This is offensive.”: Please explain your position and the reasons behind it so I can address your underlying concerns.

Conclusions: The main purpose of blog descriptions is to facilitate text searches. The rules governing blog descriptions will be strictly adhered to and interpreted conservatively. They been modified to include the following:

4. Bloggers’ real names are reported only when professionally involved with autism (such as John Elder Robison or Ari Ne’eman) or upon bloggers’ requests.

Please provide your thoughts by commenting below.

Rules to keep the Actually Autistic Blogs List safe

A comment was left on my previous blog post wondering if there is a need to categorize the list at all. Categories can be useful. My target audience (like myself a few years ago) wants descriptive information about blogs for the sake of selecting which to read. Categorization is also commonplace (see for example this recent survey). The problem was not with the categorization but with its inaccuracy and misrepresentations (caused by my cishet bias and because I hadn’t appreciated that not all publicly-available information is appropriate to share), for which I’m truly sorry.

Here is the perspective of Aspie Under Your Radar (who has collaborated on this project).

Below are proposed rules to make the list informative without endangering or harming anyone, followed by a poll for your opinions.

Proposed rules for including information on the Actually Autistic Blogs List

1. Bloggers’ Requests Prevail. Any request by an Autistic blogger overrides all else. Please tell us how you want your blog listed.

2. No Assumptions. Only explicitly stated information is included. Even if blogger is named Susan, has a husband, uses she/her pronouns, and blogs about “women’s issues”, their gender won’t be assumed unless explicitly stated.

3. Respect the blog’s focus by only including “introductory” information located on an “About” page, a sidebar, and/or the first blog post.

4. When in doubt, err on the side of privacy.

Question for readers: Should the LGBTQ+ category follow more stringent guidelines (such as requiring explicit permission from each blogger)? Most (if not all) complaints about previous categorization related to bloggers falling within this label. Would requiring explicit consent from bloggers before placing them in this category be prudent, or would it undesirably contribute further to their invisibility?

Please respond to the following poll.

Please leave comments below with your opinions.

If there are no substantive objections, the rules proposed above will govern future information included on the Actually Autistic Blogs List. (All bloggers currently categorized have contacted us directly.) The latest version of the Rules will be always be available under About from the top menu.

We may be contacting individual bloggers but I make no promises on this. (More volunteer offers to help would be much appreciated.)

Please tell us how you want your blog listed. Do not wait for us to contact you (which may not happen).