Actually Autistic Blogs List

Job-seeking while Autistic

Below are Resources for Autistic job seekersAutistic experiences with employment, and Selected Google search results. .

Resources for Autistic job seekers (back to top)

Employment Resource Page – My Spectrum Suite (2022)

Stanford Neurodiversity Summit 2022 | Stanford Neurodiversity Project

Roadmap to Transition: A Handbook for Autistic Youth Transitioning to Adulthood (free pdf download) (read online) (2016) (from Resource Library – Autistic Self Advocacy Network)

The Autism Job Club: The Neurodiverse Workforce in the New Normal of Employment by Michael Bernick and Richard Holden (2015)

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Actually Autistic Blogs List

Non-speaking Autistic bloggers

Non-speaking is defined as “speaking is not the primary form of communication”. Below are blogs by Autists who fit that definition. (See this comment if you’re looking for blogs that a mostly prose rather than poetry.)

Uniquely Hari Hari Srinivasan; Dx3; Male; ADHD, medical issues; student; NSp; USA (CA, Berkeley); 2006-2022; The Daily Californian
Sarah Stup’s Blog 30s; Dx4; Woman; NSp; 2013-2022
Niko Boskovic (facebook) 21; Dx3; Male; student, self-advocate, listener, NSp; 2015-2022
Not Too Trapped In My Head Anymore Pablo; 15; Dx3-; Male; NSp; 2018-2022
Mitchell’s Life with Autism Mitchell; 19; Dx4; Male; epilepsy; blogger; letterboard communication; NSp; USA (IL, Chicago); 2019-2022
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Actually Autistic Blogs List

Autistic blogs about grief

Below are blogs by Autists discussing grief, divided between blogs with grief as a category and specific blog posts about grief

Autistic blogs with grief as a category (back to top)

grief – A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent. Parent of Autistic; dyslexia, ADHD; bereaved; UK (England, Yorkshire); 2017-2022

grief Archives — THINKING PERSON’S GUIDE TO AUTISM includes non-Autistic contributors; 2010-2022

A Grieving Autistic Adult 63; Dx49; Woman; Anx, Dep, fibromyalgia, OCD; part-time librarian; care-giving, grief, Christian; single; Canada (Ontario, Kingston); 2017-2021

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Actually Autistic Blogs List

Autists in medicine

Below are blogs by Autists in medicine, divided into three categories: Medical doctors, Other medical professionals, and Medical students and graduates

Medical doctors (back to top)

Autistic Doctors International (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) (not a blog) a group of over 500 Autistic doctors and medical students)

@autisticgpshh Dx40+; ADHD, PDA; doctor (GP); UK; 2020-2022

The Autistic Doctors 40s; Dx40s; medic; UK; 2021-2022 (a female general surgeon)

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Adelaide Dupont

Adelaide Dupont’s favorite Autistic blogs, part 1

Below is the first installment of Adelaide Dupont’s favorite Autistic blogs. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3, coming up soon. (More about upcoming posts at the end.)

One of my favourite Autistic Blogs is by Aaron Likens – Life on the Other Side of the Wall.
Life on the Other Side of the Wall Dx18+; Male; 2010-2022

Another one is Rantin’ from Anton (2011-2022) which is all about the theatre and especially musical theatre. I discovered him on THE ART OF AUTISM.

There are other blogs from that source [they keep a long list of regular and occasional contributors – two separate pages]. I am thinking of Miya Sae and her Christian/faith blog.
Miya Sae 2021-2022

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Observations From the Spectrum – an autistic's view of the world

Dylan and Introduction

Thanks for stopping by at Observations From the Spectrum. I am Dylan, the writer. Let me tell you a little bit about myself so that you are comfortable with my voice. 

For 48+ years I have been going left when others have gone right. Not on purpose. Not as a statement. Just as me. Authentically choosing activities that were yet to be hip and diving into them as best I could.

I didn’t ponder being autistic until my friend Jennifer, a first-rate special education teacher of note, and I were walking home from dinner one night and she casually stated, “you know you are on the spectrum, right?”

In that moment it was as if the stars aligned and I found myself. I was clear as to why I had struggled so much in the past. It eased everything. It was a life-defining moment.

Since then, I have had a successful career as a classroom teacher, life coach, ultra runner and I write and self-publish regularly. These are the ways I spend my time. is a third view. I think many of us feel ignored or as though there is not a clear path laid out as there is for our normal-brained conservative and liberal neighbors. 

We see life differently because we experience it differently. I certainly don’t understand how we have arrived where we are today. The problems are clear, but any middle schooler can identify or create a viable solution because they have uncorrupted logic and reason as do many of us. We see life through a simpler lens, or at least I do. Right or wrong. Easy.

That’s a bit about me and OFTS. It’s an autistic adult’s point of view on a myriad of topics. Thanks for reading. Pleasure to meet you.

Observations From the Spectrum 2019-2022

Dylan is one of three Autists who have volunteered to help manage this website if something happens to me.
Please contact us if you are Autistic and would like to join this team. We already have enough volunteers to perform the tasks required, so further volunteers will have the opportunity to influence the future of this website without obligating themselves. The more the merrier!

As a reminder, please submit (or comment below) a list of your favorite Autistic blogs. Include your own if applicable, plus at least one other. Share the love with our 1900+ followers!

Discovering Autistic perspectives

Autistic blogs represent both diversity and commonality of Autistic perspectives. Below are suggestions for using the Actually Autistic Blogs List.

  1. The Autistic blogs search engine produces a Google search restricted to Autistic blogs. This can illustrate how Autistic people feel about a particular issue, movie, book, TV show, organization, institution, or person. For example, type “Atypical Netflix” or “Identity First” into the search bar to find out how Autistic people feel regarding the Netflix series “Atypical” or the issue of Identity-First vs. Person-First Language. If you recall reading something by an Autistic blogger but can’t find the link, this can aid in finding it.
  2. Text searches can be used to find bloggers within a particular demographic or with specific co-occurring conditions.
  3. Find popular blogs listed near the top of the Actually Autistic Blogs List.
  4. Browse the alphabetical listing for appealing blog names.
  5. Find bloggers of various ages in the blogs sorted by age of blogger.
  6. Look for nearby bloggers in the location-sorted list.

How do (or will) you use the Actually Autistic Blogs List? How can it become more accessible and useful? Please offer suggestions in the comments below.

Thank you to everyone who has helped publicize the Actually Autistic Blogs List. Instructions for doing so are on the Share page.

The Actually Autistic Blogs List continues being updated regularly. (The date of the last update is now included at the bottom of the home page.) Nearly all Autistic bloggers have been contacted to request input on how they want their blogs listed (and about a third responded). All previous issues have been resolved.
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This blog’s purpose

This blog’s purpose has become to provide a home for the HUGE list of Autistic Blogs I’ve installed on the menu above. Maintaining and improving this list is my contribution to the Autistic Community.