Autistic blogs about grief

Below are blogs by Autists discussing grief, divided between blogs with grief as a category and specific blog posts about grief

Autistic blogs with grief as a category (back to top)

grief – A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent. Parent of Autistic; dyslexia, ADHD; bereaved; UK (England, Yorkshire); 2017-2022

grief Archives — THINKING PERSON’S GUIDE TO AUTISM includes non-Autistic contributors; 2010-2022

A Grieving Autistic Adult 63; Dx49; Woman; Anx, Dep, fibromyalgia, OCD; part-time librarian; care-giving, grief, Christian; single; Canada (Ontario, Kingston); 2017-2021

Grief & Loss – 2021-2022. Ally is pursuing a Ph.D. focusing on Autistic experiences of grief

grief | Finding Hope Lauren Alex Hooper; 27; Dx20; Woman; Anx, Dep, BPD, OCD, self-harm, trichotillomania; music and songwriting (my occupation); 2017-2022; laurenalexhooper, SoundCloud.

Death / Grief – Who Loves Kitty. Spitfyre Phoenix Rising 44; Dx39; Woman; EDS, PTSD, Celiac, other autoimmune, HH; biracial (Caucasian-Cajun-Native); divorced; USA (Texas); 2008-2022; the silent wave, Who Loves Kitty, Laina’s Collection, YouTube, Maidenlion

grief – JLM in Euroclydon JLM; 61; Dx50+; Mother of Autistics; Anx, Dep, CPTSD, binge-ED; writer, secretary, babysitter of grandchildren; lover/follower of Jesus; widowed; USA (Illinois, central, rural); 2017-2021

Grief – The Catholic Spoonie 20s; Dx12-; Woman; Marfan syndrome; student; Catholic, White; single; USA; 2018-2020

Just Me 20s; Dx20; Woman; cancer survivor, Dep, Anx; behavioural intervention/respite provider; Canada (BC); 2019-2019

Dystopion 23; Dx19; Woman; Dep, Anx, ED; disabled; mental health, Buddhism, loyalty, family; Norway; 2020-2022; WordPress

Specific blog posts about Autistic grief (back to top)

you had to be there… 2017-2022. Grief Feels Like This

Trapped On The Border 2020-2022. Actually Autistic?, Grief

Delightfully Quirky 49; Dx47; Woman; project coordinator; USA (Il, Chicago); 2020-2022. Grief: Can I Have It or Do I Want It?

DapperPaperBag 31; Dx28; Woman; freelance video editor; gaming, feline psychology, film and television production; in relationship with NT; UK (Scotland); 2018-2022; Twitch, Discord. Greif and Autism : Why I Have Been Quiet

Jen Smells Peaches 2021-2022. How to grieve and run a death, if you’re me

Wonder Revisited 2008-2022. On Grief

S.L. Shelton 2014-2022. This Is Your Autistic Brain on Grief

Occasional Roznaama 2019-2022. On Death

More Healing Than Haunting 2021-2021. Someone I Love Died: Loss and Neurodivergence.

Meaghan Newson Dx18+; ADHD; product owner, scrum master, content lead, researcher; Australia; 2021-2021. Dogs don’t have to be trained for therapy to be good for autism, which is why it hurts so much when they go

I’d like to thank Ally for inspiring this post, which will be edited as additional Autistic blogs about grief are found. Please submit any you know of in the comments below.

Upcoming posts: Please let us know if there’s any particular theme you’d like to see represented in this series. We have previously received requests for lists of Autistic lawyers and Autistic counselors, therapists, coaches, and mentors, as well as Autists doing improvisational theatre, so those themes will be included. Here are previous posts in this series.

Which other professions would you like to see represented? Which other topics would you like to see Autistic blogs discussing?

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12 thoughts on “Autistic blogs about grief

  1. I agree!

    Karla Fisher writes very well about Autistic grief [and why it is not like Neurotypical grief].

    Also I am remembering a woman and her lizard and fish [Max and Emile]. That was the latest TPGtAutism post – the one by Jess Hudgens – GRIEVING WHILE AUTISTIC.

    [In that context it was in between two important posts – the ones about Spectrum10K and the one about Eric Garcia’s WE’RE NOT BROKEN – which is coming out in paperback].

    Ally – great contribution to the literature and to the practice.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve found these blogs helpful in understanding my autistic son.
    I’d be interested in learning more about autistics, their job search process (or lack of), and why depression is so prevalent.
    My husband wrote a book when my son was in Junior High called “ Andrewtism:A persona transformation in Parenting an Autistic Child “
    My blog is
    I write about food and travel.
    I also love reading and following King Ben’s Grandma who writes about music and her life helping her daughter raise her autistic son.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Grandparents are so important, aren’t they, and so are extended multigenerational families.

      There is a book called the Autistic Job Club.

      Have just visited a travel website and a food substack [by one of Australia’s journalist-chefs Jill Dupleix].

      It is also the time of year when lots of agricultural and horticultural shows/fairs are bringing in their produce.

      And I do remember reading LET’S MAKE MUD PIES a few years ago [after Andrew was in Junior High though].

      6 months ago you wrote about CHAOS AND LOSS, yes?

      As for why depression is so prevalent: there was an earlier post about Autistics in Medicine.

      If someone is interested in hospitality – there is this business/enterprise called Tasty Az which I found out about on the podcast Too Peas in a Pod.

      I am loving all the chickens in LET’s MAKE MUDPIES – those fluffballs of squeak.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Hi Adelaide,
        Very cute. My mother in law’s middle name was Adelaide. When she died my niece got a dog 🐕 and named her Addie.
        I think Chaos and Loss was about losing four of our beloved chickens. Will have to take a peek.
        Thanks for all of your resources. It does “take a village.”
        I’m glad you like the chicken photos. I love hanging out with them and frequently add them to my stories on Instagram.
        My kids haven’t married yet. I’m not a grandmother yet, but get excited for my friends when it happens. I have a couple of quilts that I want to make as gifts. Quilting is fun.
        I will look up the earlier post about depression.
        Thanks for reading.

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    • I’d be interested in learning more about autistics, their job search process (or lack of), and why depression is so prevalent.

      Great idea. I’ll start working on a post “Job-seeking while Autistic”.
      Here’s a book I found from a quick search: Asperger’s on the Job by Rudy Simone. I don’t know anything about it other than that the author is Autistic and I’ve enjoyed her previous books.


  3. Shambolic. One organisation got rid of me 3 days after my giving them my diagnosis. I tried to help but no advocacy, high costs meant I couldn’t afford to fight them over it. Doing my masters at mo with a formal complaint going through because of no reasonable adjustments. Cant even get interviews for 7 day a week jobs.. Older female and autistic with no wage or car.. No hope.. I’m on the rubbish heap so to say.

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