Autistic travel blogs

The holiday travel season is approaching. Below are Autistic travel blogs, Travel tips from Autists, and Autistic blogs with travel categories. For specific holiday tips from Autists, try typing “Holiday Tips” into the Autistic blogs search engine.

Autistic travel blogs (back to top)

Autism Adventures Abroad Alex Stratikis (he/him/his); 28; Dx6; Male; freelancer; autism-focused travel topics; single; USA (CA, San Diego) and Australia (Queensland, Brisbane); 2022-2022
Autistic Travel Coach Katie Oswald; Dx30s; USA (Michigan); 2017-2020

Josh Crickmay 20s; Dx15; Male; adventurer. series producer, photographer, videographer, writer; South Africa; 2018-2018

Travel tips from Autists (back to top)

The Most Useful Tips that Helped me Travel Solo as an Autistic Adult – Autism Adventures Abroad (2022)

Traveling with ASD | Life as an Aspie (2020)

Traveling Tips For Autistics – Getting Where You’re Going – Autiedragonfly (2019)

Autistic Travel Tips – Neurodivergent Rebel (2019)

Travel, Anxiety and Asperger’s | RJ’s Blog (2018)

Planning a family vacation with Autism – 10 tips for success – Wrong Planet (2018)

My best airport tips for Autistic travelers – Autistic Travel Coach (2018)

Tips for our biggest airport challenges – Autistic Travel Coach (2018)

Autism and traveling – My Inner Workings (2016)

Autistic Adults Travel, Too! | purpleaspie (2015)


Autistic blogs with travel categories (back to top)

I Stop Somewhere Waiting For You Eric P. Van Gucht; 35; Dx10; Male; passionate about sports, acting, writing, and travel; 2014-2022
Dan the Traveling Man 29; Dx18-; Male; LGBTQ+; tourism/hospitality; travel, history, art, nature; USA (MA, Greater Boston Area); 2017-2022
RJ’s Blog Richard Southworth; Dx11; Male; reviewer, writer, traveller, nature lover; UK (England, Lancashire); 2014-2022
AC Keeble Dx9.5; Male; student; alternating creative intellectual rebel; UK (England, Essex, Hornchurch); 2014-2022
Aspie Nomad Jay Harris; 30s; Dx18; Male; GAD, Dep; English teacher; travel, nature, challenges; single; South Korea/USA; 2020-2022
Mettatsunami Dx54; Woman; retired; travel, Buddhism, and life; USA; 2016-2022
Tatasan’s Blog Dx30; Woman; self-employed; food; USA (CA, Los Angeles); 2012-2021
The Cutting Cookies Circus Dominique Emma Flanigan; 48; Dx42; Woman; ADHD, Dyslexic; Retailer, traveller, family historian; single,; 2016-2020; Surviving Cookie Cutter Dating, The Cutting Cookies Solo Girls Travel Guide
thistlethoughts 55; Dx49; Male; married; 2016-2019
Traveling Abroad With Autism 23; Dx12; Woman; Anx; student; writer; USA; 2019-2019

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