Adelaide Dupont’s favorite Autistic blogs, part 3

First, a request: If you’re at all artistic, would you be willing to design a header image for the Actually Autistic Blogs List? I envision something simple, similar to The Art of Autism header image. If it incorporates our logo in some way, that would be a bonus.

We are preparing a post on Autistic travel blogs, including Travel and Holiday Tips from Autists. Please submit in the comments any relevant links you would like included.

Below is the third installment of Adelaide Dupont’s favorite Autistic blogs. Here are Part 1 and Part 2.

Yes, Julia from QUARANTINE ART [pencils, crayons, paints & clay – (art that I make)] is Autistic.
There is an About page on her blog which is in the top right-hand corner.
[and it is under the hamburger – the three lines].
pencils, crayons, paints & clay 2020-2022

And so is Danni Peka Miller – since 2013-14 she has her own business – AutiArt – with commissioned artwork.
That business is on the Web.
A quick way to look at DeviantArt blogs would be many of the stamps on the About Pages of their users – who and what they identify with and their fandoms.
She had a birthday this week!
Danni Peka Miller and various of her network/friends like Berenice from the Philippines.

[and Cyndi and her Godzilla love and Bullying Victim Affirmations – and same username on DeviantArt].
There’s a butterfly in the well… (tumblr) 2014-2022

AutistSix – that is Lisaba Holt
You might like to look for the Autistics Guide to High School in connection with LH [AutistSix]
autistsix Lisaba; 51; Dx38; Mother of 4 Autistic daughters with Anx & Dep (youngest also has ADHD & dyslexia); Dep, Anx; carer; six autistics together; married to suspected Autistic (with Dep); Australia (Western, Swan); 2016-2022

Yes, I have been on THE AUTISTIC JOURNALIST [Mike Peden] a lot.
The Autistic Journalist 2009-2012

Still working on the Reader’s Digest Filipino Autistic fan. My very best guess is Spectrum Newsletters and Disqus.

Also there is Matthew Smith / Yusuf on Indigo Jo Blogs … He wrote about Jennifer Msumba’s SHOUTING AT LEAVES and most weeks about the UK press and Islam and some of the long ties. He has been writing since 2000-01.

Four more blogs:

Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two
Reveries Under the Sign of Austen, Two
Under the Sign of Sylvia II
[The 2 Austen blogs and Ellen’s personal blog belong to Ellen Moody who is an adjunct professor at the OLLI of 18th century literature and Irish theatre and women’s poetry].
Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two 2009-2022; Reveries Under the Sign of Austen, Two, Under the Sign of Sylvia II

And – gen-x life & gaming
[I met Yeshes on Twitter/Nitter and they say their name is to do with the Sanskrit and Pali for wisdom].

…And of course Secure Hypertext at the left/top of the addresses. One does not like to be minged!

Upcoming post: Autistic travel blogs (including travel and holiday tips from Autists). If you have any relevant links to include, please comment below. This is in our ongoing series of Autistic blogs united by a common theme.

Which other topics or professions would you like to see represented? Please comment below.

As a reminder, please submit (or comment below) a list of your favorite Autistic blogs. Include your own if applicable, plus at least one other. Share the love with our followers!

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