Autistic Blogs by age of blogger, Tabular format

See also List Format. Below is the Actually Autistic Blogs List sorted according to blogger’s age (for bloggers who have requested that their age be listed). Here is a key to abbreviations. All bloggers identify as Autistic and provided their own blog descriptions. Here is more information.

Blog Age Gender/Parenting Dx age Blogger Co-occurring Conditions About Marital Status Location Latest (Earliest) Other websites
Welcome to my world 11 Woman 2 Lizzie present (2017)
Not Too Trapped In My Head Anymore 12 Male 3- Pablo NSp present (2018)
Jordyn’s Rocky Journey 15 Male 2 dyspraxia, Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency advocate, NSp, Caucasian, Canadian present (2016)
Chromographia 16 Male 3 synaesthetic fantasy-writing; biracial Australia present (2017)
Speaking of Autism… 17 Male 18- Quincy GAD Colorado present (2019)
Journey Through Autism Teen Blog 17 2 present (2017) Home page
Niko Boskovic 17 Male 3 student, self-advocate, listener, NSp present (2015)
SnowCalmth 17 7 PTSD, nonfluent aphasia, Dep, infreq present (2016)
Small Blue Sea 13-19 Woman 12 Clary OCD student; UK 2017 (2017)
You, Me and Life dealing with the triple A’s 18 Woman 4 Abbi PDA How a teenage girl deals with autism in a relationship present (2016)
Dana Kim 18 Woman 17 Deanna Gardner Anx, Dep Artist present (2017)
lizzielives 18 Woman 15 Lizzie Dashley Dep, ED 2016 (2016)
SAspie Blog 19 Woman 17 present (2017)
Autistic Point of View 19 Male 14 Zane Ghali OCD, ADHD, Anx, Dep, Tourette single 2017 (2017) Smashwords
different but not less. 19 18 special education major, caregiver for disabled children, mentor for autistic adult males present (2017)
Bamboo Chewer 19 Woman 15 Lia present (2016)
Life on the Spectrum 20 Woman 4 Canada present (2018)
becks’ journal 13-19 Non-binary 16 ADHD, Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder, Anxiety, SPD, migraines Student, writer; present (2015)
The Way, the Truth and the Life 20 Woman 12 Kezziah Anx, chronic joint/back pain student; Christianity engaged UK 2017 (2017)
Rebekah Gillian 20 17 full-time student; lifestyle blogger present (2015)
Sammi Talk 20 Woman 16 Samantha (Sam) Murphy Lyme, POTS, bipolar, ADHD ADHD; wannabe-writer single USA (Masshole) present (2013)
jstuhltloph 20s Woman 18- ADHD, Anx, SPD, APD, Dep artist, book lover, nerd USA present (2015)
The Autistinquisitor 20 7 Rishav Banerjee Psychology major present (2016)
hardlyneurotypical 20 Woman 15 Charlotte Hammond ADHD, dyscalculia, JHS, GAD Creative Writing student; UK 2016 (2014)
Wired for Autism 20 Non-binary teens Dep, Anx, LGBTQ+, ADHD, APD, OCD, SAD, SPD journalist, London-based, multilinguist, biomedical scientist; present (2017)
Citywithoutpeople 20s Male 3 student; poetry, romance, advice, anti-stigma present (2014)
Falling On The Spectrum, Landing As An Aspie 20s Male 20 present (2018)
Autistic Lucy 21 Woman 12 Lucy Hunter aspiring YouTuber, artist, mother of 3 fur babies in a relationship with NT girlfriend 2017 (2017) YouTube, Twitter
21andsensory 20s Woman 18- Emily SPD, OCD, Anx, hyperhidrosis, dyslexia UK present (2015) Instagram, Twitter
GeoStories 21 Male 4 Isaac Buckley OCD, celiac, synesthesia Roman Catholic homeschool graduate single USA (Oregon) present (2007)
Aspie Diaries 21 Woman 8 early childhood educator; Canada (Newfoundland, Conception Bay South) present (2011)
Young & Married 21 Woman 18 double MTHFR mutation married present (2018)
paperheartsandstarrynights 20s 18- Anx enjoys writing and knitting present (2017)
Melissa Phillips’ Blog 20s Woman 20s in a relationship present (2017)
The Autistic Traveller 21 Male 8 Sam dyspraxia railway employee; single UK present (2018)
You’re own mind, you’re own heart<3 – I am here, I am here to stay ❤ love writing 20s 18- Demi jade Hawkins Writing single present (2017)
aspergirly 21 Woman 19 Rachel McAllister student of English and creative writing; present (2017)
sputteringwords 20s Woman 19 2017 (2015)
Little Miss Aspie 21 Woman 16 Sasha-marie urticaria (hives), angioedema, vasovagal syncope, Anx, GAD, APD, SPD, hyperacusis, ME, Dep, FB (mild), JHS, chronic pain, migraines, dysautonomia developmental psychology student; in a long-term relationship present (2016)
Wheelchairs and Coathangers 21 Woman 18 reoccurring mental health issues student; hopefully future novelist present (2015) Twitter, Instagram
the sanarchist 21 Woman 18+ San ADHD, alexithymia, OCD, chronic pain college student; breaking the silence present (2018)
Understanding Autistics 21 Male 18 Andy Smith psychology student; present (2018) ASOP
A Fintastical World 20s Woman 4 Dep, Anx rock music, philosophy, nature, exercise USA (west coast) present (2018)
Authentically Autistic 22 Non-binary 14 Devin LGBTQ+, ADHD, SPD, Anx, Dep university student; poet, photographer USA (mid-Atlantic) present (2018)
Toxio Inc. 22 17 Rafael Cavallini art criticism & reflection UK (North Wales) present (2014)
ajlinker 22 Non-binary teens AJ Linker ADHD computer science geek present (2017)
JACK THE SPACE COWBOY 22 19 Tourette’s, Anx, Dep present (2016)
Autistic + Fainting Goat = Me 22 20 FND Student; USA 2017 (2017)
Autism, Lifestyle & Other Random Things! 22 Woman 5 Anx, OCD, Dep present (2016)
Living With Adversity – Trans Autistic Advocate and Lifestyle Blogger 22 Male 17 Derek Carter ADHD, APD, ED delivery driver; USA (OH, Columbus) present (2016)
An Aspie’s life. 22 Woman 11 photographer, model, musician, traceuse and traveller present (2016)
Unicorn Steph 22 12 Scotland present (2017)
caffeine & star stuff 22 Non-binary 20 ADHD present (2017)
My Dreams Of Reading And Writing! 20s Woman 19 Bekka EDS, LGBTQ+, OCD, dyslexia, dyspraxia freelance web content writer, book reviewer, all round nerdy person present (2015) (website)
The Stimmy Autistic 22 Non-binary 2 Neptune Frost dyspraxia, Dep, Anx, APD, SPD, ADHD, chronic pain author, graphic designer, artist, wikiHow editor & content creator; striving to create a more inclusive world USA (New York City) present (2015) (website), Twitter, Instagram, Wattpad, wikiHow, Random Words, Light It Up Green, Together We Can
charlottelascellesblog 23 4 trainee journalist; UK (England, Yorkshire, Leeds) 2017 (2016)
nicolettecetrulo 20s Woman 14 Nicolette Anx, Dep, LGBTQ+, SAD single present (2015)
Memoirs of a British aspie 23 Male 20 GAD, LGBTQ+, Dep student; Black student, piano player single UK present (2015)
Melusinian Musings 23 Woman 13 Charlotte Smith Anx, JHS, LGBTQ+, SAD discussing autism, history, and fairies UK present (2017)
Scribbling on Seashells 23 Non-binary 19 Ori Adriel Eliora Smith migraines, dyscalculia, ADHD, CPTSD, Dep, GAD, chronic illness, chronic pain, APD Jewish; studying creative writing partnered to Autistic queer platonic partner 2016 (2014)
Through My Eyes 23 8 UK (Wales) present (2018)
Millenial Worm 20s Woman 3 Samantha Anx graduate student; single USA present (2017)
Lauren Hannah 23 21 ARFID, Anx, APD, Dep, dyscalculia, IBS, LGBTQ+ (aromantic/asexual) book blogger, autism service dog Netherlands present (2017)
Writing for Sanity 23 Woman 18- Cassie Kelley bipolar writer; married to Autistic present (2013)
The Holistic Bee 23 Woman 21 Destiny present (2016)
Game Asisst 23 Male 7 Errol Kerr JHS; editor, writer; bisexual UK (Newcastle) present (2016)
Comments From The Pecan Gallery 24 Woman 17 Anx engaged present (2016)
The Autistic Blogger 24 Male 3 George Harvey customer assistant; reviews, personal experiences single UK present (2015) Autistic Blogger Reviews
Finding Hope 24 Woman 20 Lauren Alex Hooper Anx, Dep, BPD, OCD, self-harm, trichotillomania Music and songwriting (my occupation) present (2017) laurenalexhooper, SoundCloud
Lindsay Mohler – Medium 24 Woman 1 OCD, ADHD, APD, PTSD, Anx, Dep student, activist, opera singer, theatre major, plans to be music therapist; white/Caucasian USA present (2017)
Welcome to My Mind 20s Non-binary 18+ APD, SPD, dyscalculia, vision impairment asexual single present (2012)
The Cinematic Emporium 24 Woman 18- Sarah Ward aspiring writer and movie fan single 2017 (2014)
Autistic Science Lady 20s Woman 24 graduate student; autistic masking present (2018)
An Autistic Insight 24 Male 14 Ryan Hendry ADHD civil servant; Ireland (Northern) present (2017)
samanthaspie 20s Woman 18+ ADHD recent fine art graduate 2017 (2017)
The Liberal Aspie 25 Woman 18- Cristina Alexander OCD, Personality Disorder-NOS 2017 (2015)
Alone in nature 25 Woman 20+ Australia 2017 (2016)
Autistic & Unapologetic 25 Male 18- James Sinclair Finding the Positive in Every Diagnosis present (2017)
Humble Lionesque 20s Woman 22 London: Creative: art, design, music, writing present (2016)
Empathetic Aspie 20s Woman 3 Jessica Costa college student; engaged USA (New Jersey, West Milford) present (2018)
The Autistic Adventurer 20s Woman Olivia dyslexia, dyspraxia unemployed; mental health; Long term relationship with NT; mixed race; traveling UK (England) present (2017)
CandidCeillie 25 Woman 20 ADHD, Anx, Dep present (2013)
PUSSY VIPER TALKS AUTISM 25 Woman 23 MB ADHD, GAD, Dep, dyscalculia, hyperlexia, CPTSD; past OCD and ED UnFiLTeReD social justice researcher (M.S.W.) & solo world backpacker present (2017)
Seeing Double, Understanding Autism 25 Woman 6 Gwen Greenwood Dyspraxia, Anx, Dep lives and works with Autistics single 2017 (2014) breathingglass
This and That 20s Woman 24 Anx, Dep present (2018)
Autistic Mama 20s Mother of Autistic 20s Kaylene George Anx, PTSD author; married to male with ADHD and dyslexia USA (Washington State) present (2014)
Yinin’s Thoughts 25 Woman 24 Dep recently Dx’d, still adjusting married present (2017)
unwrittengrace 25 Woman 9 Grace bi-racial Christian wannabe writer present (2013)
Some Girl with a Braid 25 Woman 19 fantasy lover and writer; engaged to NT present (2017)
an accessible life 26 25 chronic physical and mental health conditions student; autism, accessibility, oppression, growth UK (England) present (2018)
Autisic Creative Arts Community 20s 12 Michelle bipolar in a relationship 2017 (2017) The Budget Vegetarian, The Pastel Bookworm
Autistic Future 26 Non-binary 6 R. Larkin Taylor-Parker JD grad, sunbelt, musician, plays with trucks present (2016) Medium, Tumblr
You can’t control me, I’m a defector 26 23 APD, Dep, GAD, HH, SPD, chronic pain LGBT 2017 (2016)
Gym Dog Autism Blog 26 Male 20s UK (Hertfordshire, England) 2017 (2017) Instagram
Aspergian*101 26 20 Elisha Tahata GAD, dyspraxia, self-harm, ED, trichotillomania, excoriation present (2013) Facebook
Livin’ on a Prayer 26 Woman 18+ Rosa Tremaine Anx, PCOS, ME historian, writer, artist married present (2016)
Her Feelings She Hides 26 Woman 3, 13 Katie GAD, Dep, CPTSD present (2017)
Maggie O’Connor 20s Woman 24 Maggie ADHD, Anx, BPD (recovered), Dep, ED, GAD, OCD, SAD, SPD, addiction, alexithymia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, excoriation, hyperlexia, self-harm (recovered) disability support worker; infreq Australia (Victoria, Melbourne) present (2013)
Autie and Lace 26 Woman 25 Leah Maple ADHD, Anx, Dep Autism, Mormonism, and gnomes married present (2017)
That Spoonie Trans Guy 27 Non-binary 16 Logan spoonie, budget, veggie, vegan present (2016)
Sephyr the Pixie 20s Non-binary 6 NSp present (2014)
Edge of the Playground 27 5 Mikhaela Ackerman Juris Doctor; hoping to bridge gap in services single USA present (2018)
The Atypical Alien 27 Woman 25 Anx, ME, Dep, PTSD, SPD, chronic illness, chronic pain Southern housefrau blogging about the “hell inside my head” married to NT present (2017) Twitter
Reese Piper – Medium 20s Woman 25 traveling stripper and journalist present (2017) Twitter, Passing as Normal
Karen Willis (My Journey and Life with Autism) 27 4 present (2013)
Thoughts, from the point of view of an Aspie 27 Male 16 DC Manning HH, GERD, vision impairment Advocacy Ambassador for Autism Speaks; hispanic (mixed) married to NT present (2018)
Life with Autism 27 3 Kelly Murphy Type 1 diabetes library volunteer; present (2014)
The Ginger Adventures 27 Woman 26 Dep Tutor in Microsoft Office Suite; Love cats and spreadsheets married present (2017)
Letters from my Bouncy Castle 27 Mother of Autistic 25 Maria Guardiola 2017 (2017)
Tim’s Aspie Journal 27 Male 13-19 Timothy Kirtland ADHD, Anx, Dep single USA (Hudson Valley, NY) present (2014)
Janepedia 27 Woman 18- Liz Lawson allergies, Anx, chronic pain, DID, Dep, ED, HH, migraines, NSp (sometimes), OCD, psychosis, PTSD, self-harm, sensory sensitivities, Tourette’s, trichotillomania moderate cursing single USA (TX, Dallas Metroplex) present (2012)
Elly the Knight 27 Non-binary 12 Elly bipolar, BPD, GAD, Anx, ADHD, SAD, clubfoot, chronic pain (arthritis), self-harm (in recovery), dyscalculia, SPD queer (aspec), amateur writer single Canada present (2017) Twitter, Instagram
disorders galore 28 Woman 26 OCD, ADHD, GAD mental health professional; self-advocacy USA (Maine, Portland) present (2017)
The Sarcastic Autist 28 Non-binary 20s PTSD, Dep, Anx, Endometriosis present (2016)
awkdorkable aspie 28 Woman 3- Tori Happily taken; Happily taken; Just a weird, dog grooming artist 2017 (2015) Facebook
Ben Lunn – Medium 28 Male 3 dyslexia, Dep composer; UK (Scotland, Glasgow) present (2018) composer site
vodkadietcokes 28 Male 23 Sav ED (AN-r), GAD with panic, Dep, hyperacusis, excoriation temp worker; Focus on anorexia recovery UK (England, London) present (2015) Instagram
The Tudors make me tic 28 26 Tourette’s, Irlen, APD, SPD, OCD, Dep, Anx, CPTSD, BPD, psychosis engaged UK present (2013)
Seeking Sara 28 Woman 27 fibromyalgia, ME, SPD present (2018)
Life on the Spectrum 28 Woman 18- Kylie about embracing Aspergers and my own journey present (2017)
Incidental Inditement 28 Male 26 divorced present (2017)
The Laura Project 20s Woman 25 present (2016)
Building the Fourth Wall 29 Woman 28 Bianca O’Neill Dep support worker for adults with learning disabilities; married to NT UK (Scotland) present (2018)
Memory of the Star 29 Male 13 Dylan Greene has Autistic girlfriend present (2016)
Enjoy The Silence 29 Mother of Autistic 29 Munirah Anx dentist; Muslim married to Autistic Malaysia (Selangor, Seri Kembangan) present (2018)
nigelthedragon 29 Woman 14 Stacey Grahame dyspraxia, arthritis Seeing someone present (2011)
A Magical Aspie 29 Woman 27 Rosa Anx, GAD, IBS, ME, SPD, SAD, fibromyalgia, chronic illness, chronic pain, hyperhidrosis, OCD Sri-Lankan ethnicity, loves Harry Potter and books in a relationship with ND UK (England, London) present (2017)
tictoc11’s Blog 20s Woman 28 present (2015)
Abnormal Diversity 20s Woman 15 PTSD psychologist in training; aspiring author single Canada present (2006)
Marc Evans 29 Male 27 ADHD single 2017 (2017)
Undercover Autie 29 Woman 26 Living with partner UK present (2017)
The Otherworld 29 26 married present (2017)
ASD and me 30s Woman 30s Lone Wolfe unemployed; Australia (New South Wales, Sydney) present (2018)
The Aspie Chef 30 Male 29 ADHD, Anx, Dep, GAD technology professional married USA present (2018)
The Autism Sense Project 30 Woman 2 Sian Atkins writer; UK present (2017) Twitter, Pinterest
Discovering My Authentic Self 30 Woman 18+ Jamie Anx, dep, SPD in a relationship present (2017)
Art Stimulus 30 Non-binary 20s Danielle M ADHD, Anx artist USA (Alaska) present (2017)
Hux Tales 30 Non-binary 28 Anx, EDS, LGTBQ+, PNES, POTS Publicity & Editorial Director at 3 of Cups Press, London; present (2015)
Fenris’ Realm 30s Male 22 Anx, Dep infreq Scandinavia present (2017)
Madeleine Ryan 30 Woman 24 Madeleine Ryan Anx, Dep, alexithymia, IBS writer; Australia present (2008)
Autism Achiever 30s Woman 3 Courtney PhD candidate in chemistry; Practical Success Skills 2017 (2017)
Website of James Williams 30 Male 3 hyperlexia, acid reflux single with no interest in dating USA (Illinois, Northbrook) 2016 (1996)
Musings from Mars – Medium 30 Non-binary 25 ADHD, IBS, CPTSD, APD, Anx, Dep, PCOS, bunion polyamorous/non-monogamous (all partners ND, some Autistic); bisexual/pansexual, vegan, immigrant (USSR to Israel), medical cannabis user Israel present (2015) (Hebrew), Tumblr, Facebook, Rainbow With Lace
SophiesWisdom 30 Woman 29 Anx, Dep, FB, OCD, alexithymia present (2016)
sarahneatsullivan 30 Woman 27 PTSD, Dep, Anx self-employed artist; married to NT present (2017) Etsy
Autistic Empaths 30s Woman 28 Laura Z. Weldon FB, SPD, migraines, SIBO (intestinal), autoimmune Studying naturopathic medicine and integrative mental health, health coach, sensory processing sensitivity present (2017) Weldon Wellness
Emmeline 30 Woman 21 linguist; avid crocheter married to NT Australia (Canberra) present (2014)
Kay Kerr 30 Mother 20s writer married Australia (Sunshine Coast) present (2017)
The girl who can’t fit into a box! 31 Woman 2 Jennifer Jackson ME, Anx, Dep, OCD lesbian; MA Religious Studies and Global Development; aspiring creative writer, freelance writer; LGBT issues and mental health single UK (England, North Yorkshire, Harrogate) 2017 (2014)
Autism Is Individual 30s Woman 21 present (2016)
Stim the Line 31 Non-binary 28 Meesh dysautonomia, POTS, ED married present (2017) Tumblr, 6-word-autism, Instagram
the Asian Aspergirl 30s Woman 20s Kitin Miranda OCD Writer, Filipino, Asian single present (2017)
Ada Hoffmann 31 13 science fiction author; Canada present (2014)
Musings of a Trainee Battleaxe 30s Woman 16 Emma-Lucy Dep, Anx, PTSD student/unemployed due to disability; mostly daily posts single UK present (2017)
Shhh…no one knows I’m autistic 30s Male 18+ engaged to NT 2017 (2017)
tales by the unexpected 31 Male 30 ADHD, Dep Belgium present (2016)
Adrian Moore 30s 30s Adrian Moore mountain-bikes and hikes UK (England, Devon) present (2011)
I Stop Somewhere Waiting For You 31 Male 10 Eric P. Van Gucht passionate about sports, acting, writing, and travel present (2014)
sunyi dean 31 Mother of Autistic son (3) 31 writer; mixed race, writing, SFF, family married to NT UK (England, West Yorkshire) present (2017) Goodreads
Wandering Molly 31 Woman 25+ OCD, GAD Wants to help others 2017 (2017)
Riko’s blog: PDA and more. 31 Gender non-conforming 28 PDA, OCD, AIWS, POTS present (2014)
the sum of all my tics 30s 30+ Anx, Dep 2017 (2017)
Dear Walden 30s present (2016)
The Inked Autist 31 Male 14 Dep bisexual, engineer, tattoo enthusiast, beer Scotch and cigar reviewer. Pro-cure/anti-ND due to being shut out of a dream career (airline pilot) due to ASD diagnosis present (2016)
Autism worlds-Eye view 30s Male 13+ Steve hyperacusis, dyslexia, Dep 2017 (2015) Autism Worlds-Eye Blog
divergentautist 31 Male 18- vision impairment, ADHD single 2016 (2015)
crippledscholar 32 Woman 18 cerebral palsy present (2015)
Crabby Centaur 32 Gender Fluid 20s UK 2017 (2015)
lawandmagic 32 Mother 16 Caitlin Walsh Long-term office temp worker; married to Autistic (suspected) present (2015)
Losing It Slowly 32 Woman 29 ADHD, Anx, OCD, SPD, dyspraxia, migraines Living with anxiety single present (2016)
coldtea 30s Mother 30 Hayley Morgan JHS, arthritis carer; MSc student of Autism (2017-2019); qualified lecturer married to Autistic present (2017)
Geek Alabama 32 Male 18- Nathan Young geek, nerd, event coverage, reviews, news, and cooking single present (2011) Traffic Light Pixels
Processing Problems 32 Woman 30 PTSD, Anx, Dep, chronic illness runner, loves fitness, dog owner married to NT USA (New England) present (2017)
Hello Neurodiversity! 30s Non-binary 31 ADHD present (2015)
Always Intrepid 32 Male 18- Alec Frazier ADHD, bipolar, dysgraphia, OCD, SPD, HHT (Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia), Hip Dysplasia Director of Autistic Reality; Reviews, LGBTQ, Autistic Reality, Fun single USA (Washington, DC) present (2011) Autistic Reality, Facebook
Gretchen Leary 30s Woman 23 Anx, dysautonomia, OCD, ADHD engaged to Autistic USA (MA, Boston) present (2012)
[Oh.Opiate.Oh.Revolver] 33 30 GAD,Dep single present (2009)
Autism Culture 33 Woman 20s Sif S. Stewart-Ferrer holds MA (Philosohy major, Anthropology minor) married to Aspie Denmark present (2016)
Twice Apart 30s Male 10- Lyme ASD and chronic illness single present (2017)
Madam Autist’s View 33 Woman 30 alexithymia musician, research student in psychology single UK (England) present (2018)
My Inner Workings 33 Woman 18- Ilany Adoptie single Caribbean present (2016)
Puzzle and Petticoats 30s Mother of Autistic 32 Anx, Dep married present (2015)
mylittlegoldfishbowl 33 Woman 4 Laura Dep, ADHD married present (2014)
Autistic and Cheerful 30s Parent of Autistics 30s present (2017)
Life on the wrong planet 33 Woman 32 Dep, Anx in a long-term relationship with NT UK (West Yorkshire) 2017 (2017)
taking a jigsaw to the fangs 33 Woman 20s North Carolina, cat lover 2017 (2017)
Jenée – Medium 33 Non-binary 33 present (2016)
Diary of a Self Diagnosed Aspie Mom 30s Mother of Autistic 18+ abstract painter married present (2018)
autistic country girl 34 Woman 29 fashion tips, healthy food and recipes single Belgium present (2017)
Isza Kerr 34 Woman 32 SPD, Anx, Dep, PTSD Artist, Writing Scotland present (2017)
Neurodiverse Thoughts 34 Male Australia (NSW) present (2018)
…i am my own experience… 34 Woman 31 Kate Ross Married to Autistic present (2015) Facebook, Twitter, International Aspergirl Society
Schrödinger’s Aspie 30s Woman 27 Endometriosis Denmark 2017 (2012)
Revolutionary Musings 30s Male 34 ADHD, Dep, Anx reluctant poet single USA present (2017)
Walking Inland 30s Woman 29 present (2013)
vennpete 34 Male 33 UK present (2018)
athenaminerva7 34 Woman 17 Property investor, author, teacher; married present (2014)
Sensitivity is strength 34 Non-binary 33 gender dysphoria, synesthesia, LGBTQ+ translator, editor, artist; personal development, creativity, spirituality Poland present (2018)
Homoaspien 30s Mother 18+ ADHD, SPD Irish writer, dreamer, peace seeker married present (2017)
Thistleyroses 34 Mother 32 Karen Gray Dyspraxia, Agoraphobia, Anx Graphic Designer and Fantasy Author Scotland present (2016) Thistlerose Designs, Instagram, Basically Creative, YouTube
Zeffy’s Ramblings 34 Mother of Autistic 33 Nicole Craig Dep, Anx, ADHD, SPD draws, crafts, and dabbles in photography engaged present (2018) Twitter
A Flickering Life 34 Male 13 Anx, Dep USA (Arkansas) present (2014)
Shape of Autism 30s Mother of Autistics 30s student; research married UK (England, Yorkshire) present (2018)
The Dysfunctional Executive 35 Non-binary Parent of Autistics 33 Laura SPD, ADHD, APD, Dep, Anx, PTSD, PDA, EDS, fibromyalgia disabled SAHM; executive function, non-binary married to Autistic USA (WA) present (2018) justhormonal
The Autistic Gamer 35 Male 18- Caucasian freelance writer; reviews games, books, videogames single present (2011)
My Place in this World 30s Male 30s God, nature, baseball, photography, writing, animals present (2017)
Smelly Hotdog 30s Non-binary 26 bipolar, Anx, gender dysphoria actor, playwright Canada present (2012) No Longer in a Box | One man, Aspergers, and Bipolar Disorder.
Thomas Iland 35 Male 13 CPA, Distinguished Toastmaster in a relationship present (2015)
Creative Chaos 35 Woman 34 ADHD housewife; knitting, crochet, therapy married Netherlands present (2018)
Under Skeleton 30s Woman 34 CRO Analyst; raised in USA, living in UK married to NT UK present (2018)
Sarah Stup’s Blog 30s Woman 4 NSp present (2013)
the uninspirational 30s Non-binary parent of Autistic 30s CPTSD, ADHD, ME, EDS present (2015)
Aspie Miss 30s Woman 29 SEN teacher; UK (Liverpool) 2017 (2016)
Eluding Atrophy 35 Non-binary 18+ Anx, Dep, fibromyalgia single present (2014)
An Atheist In Iowa 35 Father of Autistic 30+ insomnia, gastrointestinal issues, Dep engaged to suspected Autistic USA (Iowa) present (2017)
Mamautistic 35 Mother of Autistic 30s FB, Dep, Anx, SPD Writer, musician, bibliophile, and logophile in the USA married present (2016)
Rosie Writes… 30s 34 Anx, Dep long-term sick, book-blogger UK present (2011)
Reports from a Resident Alien 30s Non-binary 23 Lisa Daxer Dep, PTSD, ADHD, abuse survivor asexual; Understanding NTs through the Power of Science single present (2005) Autism Memorial
The Artistic Spectrum 30s 2017 (2017)
Otiumpic / Behind the camera – Medium 36 Woman 32 APD, GAD, OCD, SPD, alexithymia, hyperacusis, migraines, synesthesia France present (2017) otiumpic photography
The Artisanal, Cage-Free Human 30s Parent of Autistics 34 CPTSD, GAD artist, writer, author of The Healing Heart Recovery From Abuse & Trauma Through The Arts, disability advocate, home educator married to Autistic present (2016)
Maranda Russell 36 Woman 30 Dep, Anx, bipolar, ME, fibromyalgia Freelance writer and book reviewer; Writing, Art, Vlogging, Empathic/Sensitive married USA (OH, Dayton) present (2011)
Don’t Call Me An Aspie 30s Woman 35 SPD artist; USA (midwest) present (2018) Elisha Dasenbrock
Jim’s Personal Autism Journal 30s Male 18- married present (2017)
A Different Neurotribe 36 Mother of Autistics 13&35 Mature student; married present (2017)
Cloud Cuckoo Kiss 37 30s multi-lingual poet with holistic perception 2017 (2016)
My Colourful Life 30s Woman 37 Suzi Anx, Dep payments officer; lifestyle, mental health UK (South Wales) present (2018)
Not Autistic Enough; too Weird to be Neuro-typical 30s Woman 20s UK 2017 (2016)
Bradseyeview 30s Male 15 Brad anosmia Retailer, traveller, family historian eternally single present (2015) other blogs
Adventures of an Interplanetary Exchange Student 30s Woman 11 Erika Hammerschmidt Tourette’s, OCD, Dep, Anx author, artist, speaker married to Autistic USA (Minnesota) 2015 (2006) (website), Tumblr
Just Add Tea 30s Woman 34 Elizabeth Teacher; single USA (Texas) present (2012)
Native of Nowhere 30s Woman 30s Dia Neighbors alcoholism, GAD, GERD A late-diagnosed Southern woman smartly opines single present (2016)
Being Atypical 38 Woman 36 medical doctor; present (2017)
Normal Is Just An Average 38 Male 2 CPTSD, APD, SPD, ADHD Mountain Recluse, White-Passing Caucasian-Indigenous single USA (Midwest) present (2014) Stop Hurting Kids
Unapologetically Aspie 38 Mother of Autistic 30s Terra Vance ADHD, OCD, SPD, SID, dyslexia, dyspraxia, cross-dominance, EDS, synesthesia industrial and organizational psychology consultant; writing the neuroverse married to Autistic USA present (2018)
The Queer Autistic 38 Woman 27 Heather Aymer volunteer coordinator at LGBTQ non-profit Safe Space; artist, thinker single USA (Michigan) present (2018)
Adulting with Autism and ADHD 38 Mother of Autistics 30s Jo Morris ADD, pernicious anemia trying to survive! married to NT present (2017)
Autism Guide 39 Male 30+ Shaun present (2015)
K Tilden Frost 30s Non-binary parent of Autistics 30s PTSD, Dep, Anx freelance copywriter, fiction writer divorced and partnered present (2017)
Tea, Biscuits, and Autism 39 Male 36 Anx UK present (2018)
The Autistic Advocate 39 Parent of Autistic 23 Kieran Rose SPD, Dep, APD writer, activist married UK present (2017) Facebook, Twitter
reforgedinblood 30s Male 38 Ben delivery driver; relationships, God, marriage married USA (Pennsylvania) present (2016)
InTune Pathways 39 Mother of Autistics 33 married to Autistic present (2018)
drive mom crazy 30s J Poet & artist USA (NY) present (2007)
Autistic Wordpainter 39 Woman 25 Alyssa Marie Bethancourt writer of fantasy novels, recovering desert rat present (2010)
Awfully Awkward 30s Woman 38 present (2017)
Meltdown Tracker 40 Parent of Autistic 38 Morgan comics teacher, meltdown parent; present (2017) (website)
An Aspie In Kentukia 30s Woman 4 bipolar I widowed present (2008)
autisticlemonade 30s 30s DID, Anx, ADHD, PTSD, essential tremor, asthma, gastroparesis, enlarged prostate, blood clotting issue on disability; a scattering of poetry married USA (Midwest) present (2013)
Solitonic Mumblings 30s 28 sensory processing sensitivity, SAD, Anx, Dep Australasia 2017 (2017) Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), Autism Awareness Australia, Autism New Zealand Inc., Altogether Autism NZ
Life With Asperger’s 30s 30s Anx, GAD, SPD, ADHD, Dep, OCD, alexithymia, dyspraxia, synesthesia, hyperacusis, Meniere’s, chronic illness, autoimmune Expresses self best through writing present (2017)
The Invisible Moth 40 Parent of Autistic 35+ Anx, SPD, dyslexia self-published author, dancer, has Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education; present (2016)
Girls Autistic Journey 40s Mother of Autistic 38 Kate Gaster ED, Anx information for Autistics by Autistics married to Autistic present (2018)
If I don’t write it down… 40 Mother 38 Anx, Dep, PTSD, moderate FB, APD, dyspraxia married to NT Australia 2016 (2016)
So This Is Autism 40 Male 38 Dep Japanese, midwest, printing married 2017 (2017)
Purple Ella 40s Mother of Autistic 37 Ella Tabb ME married present (2011) YouTube
TheChandChronicles 40s Woman 40+ FB, SPD uses storytelling to find connections married present (2017)
Holding Patterns and High Tea 41 Non-binary parent of ND’s 20s Salem Leonard-Goosby Asthma, AERD (respiratory disease), fibromyalgia, Anx ethically non-monogamous with all-ND partners; writer, activist present (2011) Facebook
Loubyjo’s Blog 40s 18+ PTSD, dyspraxia, ADHD volunteers for The Reader) UK (England, Wirral) present (2011)
The Silent Wave 41 Woman 39 EDS, PTSD, Celiac, other autoimmune, HH Biracial (Caucasian-Cajun-Native) married USA (Texas) present (2008) Who Loves Kitty, Laina’s Collection, YouTube, Maidenlion
Cambria’s Big Fat Autistic Blog 41 Woman 17- single USA (Kentucky) present (2014)
In Through The Out Door 40s Mother 30s GAD, Anx, ADHD, SPD, HH, PTSD, OCD, Dep infreq divorced USA (Colorado) 2014 (2012)
elizabethroderick 41 Mother 39 Elizabeth Roderick bipolar, PTSD, psychosis, addiction Divorced from Autistic, author/editor and ND advocate in relationship with schizophrenic present (2015) Facebook, Twitter
whisperripple 40s Mother 40s Anx 2017 (2017)
On the Aspie Side 40s Woman 40 Anx single present (2017)
How to bring up an Aspergers Child without going crazy… 40s Parent of Autistic 40s Dyslexia, Dep, Anx; cohabiting parents present (2017)
A Quiet Week In The House 40s Mother of Autistic 40+ Tourette’s, OCD, Dep artist in New England married present (2004) Tumblr
Counting the Ways 40s 40s single present (2017) My Window Seat
The Unabashed Autist 40s Woman 17 Alison PTSD Biracial, veteran, software dev. USA (Midwest) present (2015)
autism: a lifetime undiagnosed 40s Mother of Autistic 38 PTSD, Anx, Dep, OCD married Canadian present (2015)
Kaelan Rhywiol « Author and Editor 42 Mother of Autistics 39 home-educator; Non-binary; mixed-race, spins w/a spinning wheel married to an autistic man Canada (Ontario, southern) present (2016) Facebook, Amazon, Goodreads, Pinterest, Ko-fi, Patreon
Alice’s Nightmare – Medium 40s Mother of Autistics 41 ADHD domestic violence, sexual assault, legal abuse; Ex-partner diagnosed with narcissist personality disorder, several other personality disorders and several addiction issues. Current partner Autistic and ADHD Hell in the land of cotton present (2017)
tagÂûght 40s Woman 35 Trudy Anx, SPD Sensory Issues, Canadian Advocacy single Canada (St. John’s) present (2013) Tumblr, tag’s Haven
The Neurodivergent Crafter 40s Woman 30s Shauna Forrister ADHD crafter Canada present (2018) The Whatever Works Crafts Studios
BECCA LORY, CAS, BCCS 40s Woman 36 Anx, Dep ASD advocate, life coach, improv teacher, speaker, author; present (2017)
Neurodiversity and Me 42 Parent of Autistic 42 Jane self employed jeweller; married to NT UK (England, London) present (2018)
Autisticate Dalmayne 40s Woman 37 Irlen, synesthesia author of Its An Autism Thing I’ll Help You Understand It single 2017 (2015) Autisticate Dalmayne, Autistic Inclusive Meets
Spectrum Hacks 42 Male 41 librarian; married UK present (2018)
Atypical Perspectives 40s Father of Autistic 30s ADHD extreme systematizer married to NT present (2018)
Life of a “functioning” Aspergian and her Service Dog Kobash 40s Mother of Autistic 11 sensory sensitivity makes custom mats for dogs, cats, and babies married to NT present (2014) Kobash Mats, PlanetAspergiaCommunity, PlanetAspergiaRaisingAwarenessOnBullying
A Thinking Patient 40s Woman 40s Twilah Hiari Rejects validity of psychiatric diagnoses present (2015)
Aspie Catholic 40s Male 18+ Jason Thayer Roman Catholic; no political commentary single present (2012)
aspiblog 43 31 Thomas Sutcliffe My photographs are a regular feature present (2011)
Bob Christian 40s Father 39 Published poet; present (2016)
Aspie and Proud 40s 30s Anx, Dep married to NT 2017 (2017)
End Autism Stigma 43 Mother of Autistics 30s Rachel Anx married to NT Australia present (2013)
Routines, Rants and Random Musings 40s Father 42 analyst; married UK present (2016)
Autismagorical 40s Mother of Autistics 35 Dep, Anx married UK 2017 (2017)
Jessica Banks schools you. 44 Mother of Autistic 36 Anx, GAD, Dep, CPTSD, bisexual, chronic pain/fibromyalgia, synesthesia, hyperlexia observations on parenting, scholarship, geekhood, and sensory input married to NT present (2011)
jeanettepurkis 40s Woman 20 Jeanette Purkis atypical schizophrenia Autism advocacy, writing and public speaking is consuming passion Australia present (2014) JeanettePurkis
M.E. Purfield 40s Father of Autistic 40s Anx, Dep writer, Jersey City, punk present (2017)
beautiful noise 44 Parent of Autistics 40s Anx, Dep married (husband has OCD, Anx) present (2017)
One Odd Duck 44 Father 35 Anx, Dep, PTSD, alexithymia, physical disability married to NT present (2011)
Autist iQ 44 Parent of Autistic 18+ Quinon Norwood IV SPD, PTSD, dyslexia, chronic pain, peripheral neuropathy unemployed; solutions separated USA (Mississippi) present (2018) Qseudononymous
The Cutting Cookies Circus 44 Woman 42 Dominique Emma Flanigan ADHD, Dyslexic Retailer, traveller, family historian single, present (2016) Surviving Cookie Cutter Dating, The Cutting Cookies Solo Girls Travel Guide
An Accident In Space And Time 45 Mother of Autistic 30+ epilepsy, PTSD, Dep, alcohol abuse married to NT present (2016)
The Normality Factor 45 Mother of Autistics 43 life insurance agent; married USA (TX, Irving) present (2005)
My Autistic Dance 45 Woman 35+ Anx, GAD, Dep, ED present (2011)
Maybe Autism Explains It All 40s Woman 41 Anx. APD. JHS. SPD. PCOS. IBS. Hypothyroidism. Asthma married Canada present (2015)
Odd Dad & His Aspie 40s Father of Autistic 42+ married 2017 (2017) Facebook, Twitter
Unconditional Parenting on the Spectrum 40s Mother of Autistic 14 (but not told until 42) Sally OCD, ED, FB, PDA, SPD, migraines, fibromyalgia Passionate about autism acceptance, home education, and unconditional, respectful parenting single present (2017)
this great ape 40s 40s chronic pain, ME life with invisible disabilities present (2014)
International Badass Activists 40s Mother of Autistics 30 Eve Hinson synesthesia, self-harm, hyperlexia, FND, dyscalculia, chronic pain, chronic illness, autoimmune, alexithymia, PTSD , HH, FB, CPTSD, LGBTQ+, pansexual, androgynous divorced after 20+ years married to Autistic, engaged to NT and getting married on 10.14.17 USA (CA, Fresno, Tower District) present (2017)
Eclectic Autistic 46 Non-binary 43 married present (2016)
AsparagusSoupBlog 46 Woman 44 Dep, Anx married UK present (2016)
aspienworld 46 Mother of Autistics 42 Apryl OCD, PTSD, ADD, GAD, HH, SPD, bipolar, hyperacusis, dyscalculia, chronic pain, chronic illness, petit mal seizures Stay at home mom; married to Aspie USA (Georgia) 2017 (2015)
North of Andover 46 30s PTSD, chronic pain present (2012)
Bungy Heart’s Bloggy Place 40s Parent 44 ADHD registered nurse supporting Autistic access to health care; Australia (Melbourne) present (2016) Access Health Autism
Normality Bites 40s Mother 46 Fox James UK present (2012)
Her Autism 47 Mother of Autistic 44 present (2017)
Adventures of superaspiegirl 40s Woman 39 Annette Foster dyslexia, dyspraxia, Anx, Dep, FB, SPD, APD, hyperacusis, JHS infreq; Bi/Pan sexual, LGBTQ+; performance artist, PhD researcher, self advocate single, 2017 (2017) Netty Page
An Intense World 47 Father of Autistic 45 Troy Camplin married present (2017)
AutieFortyAndFAB 47 Woman 44 LGBT soon to be married UK present (2016)
Living with the aspergers curse 48 Male 42 single USA (Utah) present (2012)
Toni Boucher on HubPages 48 46 2016 (2011) Toni Boucher, Autism Translated
AspieNooch 48 Woman 46 Academic UK (Midlands) 2017 (2014)
Because I’m Fabulous 48 Woman 18+ Dep Topics: transgender, mental health, LGBTQ single present (2013)
Inside The Rainbow 48 Mother of Autistic 2&46 Tracy ED, Dep, GAD, OCD, SPD SAHM; Hormonally Challenged Misfit married UK (England, Lancashire) present (2016)
My Exploding Head 40s Male 47 present (2017)
Making It Up 40s Woman 40s home educator; UK present (2003) Living otherwise, Choosing different
J. J. Brown, Wordslinger 40s Woman 18+ present (2014)
Life Is Color 49 Woman 40 Nancy L. McKinley Anx, SPD, FB, dyspraxia, alcoholism funny, profound, pertinent, real and down to earth present (2011)
A Voice Released 49 Woman 44 Rachel Carter Anx married UK present (2009)
Autie Zombie Girl 40s Mother of Autistic 38 Katey Jayne Amazing crafter of Autie Au-someness widow present (2009)
Narcoleptic Aspie 50 Woman 47 narcolepsy, ADHD, dysautonomia, POTS, ME, chronic illness, VSS long-term relationship with NT present (2016) Twitter
Star Ford 50 Woman 30s present (1989) A Field Guide to Earthlings
First Gay Aspie 50 Male 24 Tony engaged to male Autistic partner present (1996) Autistic Sport, Tony’s APAC2013, Tony’s Down Under Blog, The Shack of VK3JED
gareeth 50 1- EDS, Dep, psoriatic arthritis Danish-Canadian Jew present (2012)
autismspectrumstuff 50s Parent 40 ADHD present (2015)
Female late-diagnosis Aspergers/ASD 51 Woman 51 connective tissue disease retired; partner. Neuro-ideal! 😊 UK (England, East Midlands) present (2018)
the asperger path 50s Male 49 Gay single, present (2016) thepoetautist
thistlethoughts 51 Male 49 married present (2016)
Dena Gassner, LMSW 50s Mother of Autistic 38 JHS 2016 (2013)
Autism Love 50s Mother of Autistic 40+ Anx, CPTSD, Dep, ED, OCD infreq; Autism and I/DD Advocate present (2011) A Voice from the Spectrum, Eating My Pain
The Christian Aspie 51 Woman 41 Stephanie A Mayberry SPD, social & phone phobias Freelance writer & photographer; Author of books on Asperger’s married 2017 (2010) Facebook 52 Woman 38 Lori Berkowitz ADHD Web Developer; present (2004) BeeDragon Web Services
Waterwoman Knits 50s 50+ freelance transcriptionist; USA present (2016) Another Remarkable Day
Not Weird, Just Autistic 53 Father of Autistic 46 J.R. Reed ADHD, Anx, Dep, GAD author of An Asperger’s Guide To Dating Neurotypicals, Autism advocate, speaker; Caucasian single USA (Missouri) present (2018)
Resilient Chameleon 50s Parent 50+ retired art teacher; raising gifted children; mixed marriage; empty nest married to NT present (2018)
Just Under Your Radar 53 gender-fluid butch dyke 51 writer, tech geek present (2008) The Tip of My Asperger’s, Zen and the Art of Moto Taxi Survival
Faith and Food 53 Father 51 Scott Morizot Celiac present (2009)
Autism Appreciation 54 50 Frank L. Ludwig Childcare Worker; Poet present (2014)
Autistickish 55 Father 53 humor and other opinions of an autistic man married present (2017)
Semiotic Spectrumite 55 Woman 18- Elena Chandler Tourette’s, epilepsy, narcolepsy, dyslexia, motor apraxia, speech apraxia, PTSD, SPD philosophy, linguistics Germany present (2017)
The Tee Shirt Blogger 50s Male 40s Rory Matier it’s complicated – partner ND UK (Kent) present (2017) A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!
Aykayem 56 Mother 54 Andrea divorced Australia 2017 (2005) Up Too Late, As Usual …
The Autistic Buddhist 50s Mother 50s UK (Scotland) present (2018)
elaine4queen 56 Woman 50+ Elaine Axten UK (Brighton & Hove) present (2011) Instagram
Autism: What Science Refuses to Know 57 Non-binary 43 Perla M. 2013 (2007) Facebook, aspergerhellas (both in Greek)
Arty Aspie 50s Woman 50+ EDS poet, writer, crafter present (2017)
yarn and pencil 58 Mother 53 Tracey Anx, Dep, hyperacusis, dyscalculia artist/crafter married present (2014)
The Dragon Core 50s Parent 50+ ADHD, BPD educator; married to NT USA present (2016)
Melissa Fields, Autist 58 Gender-nonconforming 36 Artist, writer single present (2014)
Neurodiverse Communication Specialist 50s Male 54 Tim Goldstein Anx, bipolar engaging technical workers; Autism in the workplace married USA (Colorado, Denver) present (2017)
Anita Lesko 59 Woman 50 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist; author, national speaker, Autism activist married to Autistic present (2018) (website), (website), The Mighty
My Life on the Spectrum 50s Woman 50+ OCD substitute teacher’s assistant; single present (2016) Facebook
Living Amongst Humans 60 50 Jim Jacobson present (2011)
Eva Angvert 60 Woman 58 PTS, bipolar, alcoholism somatic integral coach; Empower You with Ease and Comfort married USA (CA) present (2015)
sociophenomenal 60 44 Gordon Gates Anx mental health crisis counselor; author of Trauma, Stigma, and Autism married Canada (Ontario, Keswick) present (2018)
Daily Life with Asperger’s 60s 34 Al Kutil semi-retired; autism research married USA (Wisconsin) present (2013)
Harry Pothead 60s Parent 15 childhood abuse survivor medically retired; idiot-savant Divorced USA (Colorado, Western Slope) present (2018)
The Other Side 62 Mother of Autistics 40+ married present (2008)
“I Am Autistic.” “I’m not.” A Diablogue. An Autistic husband and NT wife discuss and share. 62 Parent of Autistic 55 Ken and Christina married present (2017) Blog Across the World!
The Autistic Gamer 60s 50+ married present (2013)
Anand Prahlad 60s Parent African American poet, memoirist, musician, folklorist, English professor, author of The Secret Life of a Black Aspie married to NT present (2017)
Making an ass of myself 65 Male 59 married present (2013)
Autism Matters 65 Mother of Autistic 55 Caroline Hearst 2017 (2013)
MOONSIDE 60s Woman 30s & 50+ Ellen Stockdale Wolfe bipolar Sicilian, Yogananda, bisexuality, photography, poetry, spirituality married to Autistic present (2012) Ellen Stockdale Wolfe – Artwork Collections, Etsy
An Aspie comes out of the closet – Medium 69 Male 67 Garret Mathews Anx, OCD married to NT 2017 (2017)
Another Spectrum 69 Male 60 migraines married to NT New Zealand (or Aotearoa New Zealand) present (2014)
Health Matters For Asperger’s Women 71 Mother 60s present (2017)
THE AGEING AUTISTIC 75 70+ James Becker present (2017)

Endnotes (back to top)

1 All blogs are All blogs are English-language, written by (professionally or self-diagnosed) Actually Autistic people (though a few blogs include non-Autistic contributors) about our personal experiences with autism (as opposed to “Autism Blogs” written by families, professionals, and others).

2 The Autistic blogs search engine searches exclusively within Actually Autistic blogs (a few of which include non-Autistic contributors). For example, type “Atypical Netflix” or “Identity First” into the search bar to find out how Autistic people feel regarding the Netflix series “Atypical” or the issue of Identity-First vs. Person-First Language.

Nearly all Autistic bloggers have been contacted to request input on how they want their blogs listed (and about 30% responded). All issues raised in the comments below have been resolved. If you have any concerns please comment below or contact us.

This page was last updated on February 14, 2019 (and will be updated again soon). Please check back. (back to top)


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