Autistic bloggers diagnosed in childhood

The following Autistic bloggers were all diagnosed in childhood (below age 18).
Let me know if you find this helpful and how I can assist better.
I can sort them in various ways or supply more information if desired.
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Jordyn’s Rocky Journey 18; Dx2; Male; dyspraxia, Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency; advocate, NSp, White, Canadian; 2016-2020
Niraj’s blogs Niraj; 22; Dx2; Male; student; blogs about mental health; UK (England, London); 2019-2021
Trailblazing Autism Sarah Michelle Ramos; 20s; Dx2; infant/toddler assistant teacher; creative, independent-minded woman; engaged to NT; USA; 2019-2021; Autism Society, Best Buddies
Tyler’s Thoughts Dx2; 2017-2021
I’m Have Autism, What’s Your Super Power? Dx2; Male; 2018-2021
The world of Autism Dx2; 2019-2021
Niko Boskovic (facebook) 19; Dx3; Male; student, self-advocate, listener, NSp; 2015-2021; OCDD
The Autistic Animator’s Desk 20s; Dx3; works at home; wants to become animator; USA; 2019-2021
The Autistic Blogger George Harvey; 26; Dx3; Male; customer assistant; reviews, personal experiences; single; UK; 2015-2021; Autistic Blogger Reviews
Rosebud Rosebud; 20s; Dx3; Woman; Anx; student; single; UK (England); 2016-2021
Rainbow Road: One Autistic Woman’s Journey Through Life 28; Dx3; Woman; food Allergies; type 1 diabetes; Anx; ADHD; CAPD; CPTSD; SAD; excoriation; hyperacusis; hyperlexia; substitute preschool teacher/graduate student; child development and psychology; single; USA (CA, Sacramento); 2019-2021
One Piece of the Puzzle 30s; Dx3; Male; paraprofessional; single; USA (FL, Tampa Bay Area); 2020-2021
Jay’s World Jay; 40s; Dx3; Non-binary; Anx, APD, ARFID, CPTSD, DID, EDS, FB, GERD, HH, LGBTQ+, NSp, OCD, SPD, autoimmune, dyscalculia, self-harm, synesthesia, wheelchair user, intellectual disability; disabled; Australia (New South Wales, Sydney); 2019-2021; Jupiter Rose Art
The Colley Collective Dx3; 2020-2021
Voice of the Autistic Dx3; 2014-2020
Stephen Gaiber: The Autistic Traveler Dx3; 2018-2020
Lucinda Thee Thee Sim Ling; 13; Dx4; Woman; mild scoliosis; author; cybersecurity, INTJ; Singapore; 2020-2021
Mitchell’s Life with Autism Mitchell; 18; Dx4; Male; epilepsy; blogger; letterboard communication; USA (IL, Chicago); 2019-2021
You, Me and Life dealing with the triple A’s Abbi; 20; Dx4; Woman; PDA; How a teenage girl deals with autism; in a relationship; 2016-2020
GeoStories Isaac Buckley; 23; Dx4; Male; OCD, celiac, synesthesia; Roman Catholic homeschool graduate; single; USA (Oregon); 2007-2021
A Fintastical World 20s; Dx4; Woman; Dep, Anx; rock music, philosophy, nature, exercise; USA (west coast); 2018-2021
BdUnicorn 24; Dx4; Non-binary; ADHD, Anx, Dep, gender dysphoria; freelance writer; partnered; USA (Pennsylvania); 2019-2021
In the Loop About Neurodiversity Cassandra Crosman; 24; Dx4; Woman; freelance transcriber; USA (Oregon); 2019-2021; Facebook
Laura Jayne’s Life! 25; Dx4; Woman; university graduate; UK (England, Lincolnshire); 2017-2021; Instagram, Twitter
uniqueperspective7 33; Dx4; Male; 2012-2021
An Unique Mind 33; Dx4; Woman; Christian; USA; 2019-2021
stompgal87 34; Dx4; Woman; creative worker at neurodivergent recruitment agency; UK (England, London); 2016-2021
Sarah Stup’s Blog 30s; Dx4; Woman; NSp; 2013-2021
My Autistic Adventure Dx4; UK; 2019-2021
Sam’s Thoughts Dx4; 2013-2021
Wonder Witch 21; Dx5; Woman; schizoaffective, Dep, PTSD, Anx; artist; Mental health, art therapy; in a relationship; Australia (VIC, Wodonga); 2018-2021
Socially Awkwarrd 24; Dx5; Woman; Anx, OCD, Dep; 2016-2020
Eclectic Mama 30s; Dx5; Parent of Autistics; ADHD, OCD, Anx, bipolar, Dep; homemaker; USA (TX); 2021-2021
SnowCalmth 20; Dx7; PTSD, nonfluent aphasia, Dep, infreq; 2016-2021
The Autistinquisitor 22; Dx7; ADHD, BPD, PTS; student; Indian musician (pianist/singer/occasional songwriter); Canada; 2016-2021
Welcome 29; Dx7; 2016-2021
Zeenath Mann Zeenath Mann; 30s; Dx7; Woman; ADHD; social media specialist, professional blogger; USA; 2020-2021
Mentally Speaking Samuel Dailey; 32; Dx7; Male; Dep, Anx, PTSD; USA (Massachusetts); 2018-2021; Twitter, Mixcloud
Aspie Diaries 23; Dx8; Woman; early childhood educator; Canada (Newfoundland, Conception Bay South); 2011-2021
Ashton Deroy 20s; Dx8; Non-binary; coupled; 2018-2021
Bluntly Speaking T.K. Aspy; 20s; Dx8; writer; USA (NY, New York City); 2018-2021
Art by Nicole Corrado 30s; Dx8; Woman; artist, illustrator; Canada (Ontario, Toronto); 2010-2021; Art
Weird But Not Broken A.G.; Dx8; Woman; NVLD; business owner; university/college, women on the spectrum, African Americans; USA; 2020-2021
loveautistic Dx8; Woman; 2020-2020
Hyper brain, Busy body! Penfold; Dx8; Woman; ADHD, PTSD; UK (England); 2018-2021
Benjamin T. Collier’s Blog Dx8; 2010-2021
Journey of Ella 19; Dx9; Woman; dyslexia, dyspraxia; model; UK (England, East Midlands); 2020-2021
Autism Chick 22; Dx9; Woman; OCD, Dep; Sweden; 2020-2021
unwrittengrace Grace; 28; Dx9; Woman; bi-racial Christian wannabe writer; 2013-2021
The Aspie Dialogues | Autism and Diversity Matters Jon Dorfman; 30s; Dx9; Male; Dep; staff at New Avenue Café; videographer; USA (PA, Swarthmore); 2011-2021; Crazy Good Studios
AC Keeble Dx9.5; Male; student; alternating creative intellectual rebel; UK (England, Essex, Hornchurch); 2014-2021
Katelyn – NeuroClastic Kat; 23; Dx10; Woman; Anx; part-time student; Christian; USA; 2019-2020
WxTheAutismStorm: Weathering the Autism Storm JP; 27; Dx10; Male; apraxia of speech; meteorologist; about living with Autism and weather; dating; USA (CA, San Jose); 2021-2021
I Stop Somewhere Waiting For You Eric P. Van Gucht; 33; Dx10; Male; passionate about sports, acting, writing, and travel; 2014-2021
Izzie Kirkpatrick 35; Dx10; trans woman; Anx, Dep, partially FB, OCPD, Irlen, migraines; UK (Scotland); 2019-2021
This is where it is at Dx10; Woman; married; 2018-2021
Neureco 18; Dx11; Woman; ADHD, Anx, SPD; university student (as of September 2021); UK (England, East Midlands, Leicestershire); 2020-2021
Autistic Scholar Patrick Dwyer; Dx11; graduate student researching autism; USA (California, Davis); 2018-2021
RJ’s Blog Richard Southworth; Dx11; Male; reviewer, writer, traveller, nature lover; UK (England, Lancashire); 2014-2021
The Secret Life of an Autistic Teenager Rebecca; teens; Dx12; Woman; secondary school student; thoughts and opinions; Ireland (Leinster); 2020-2021
Autie Scot Sam Melnick; 25; Dx12; Non-binary; Dep; UK (Scotland); 2017-2021
Life With Autism Kathleen McDermott; 26; Dx12; Non-binary; broadcast media graduate; single; UK (England, East Sussex); 2018-2021; YouTube
I’m Not Drunk, I’m Autistic Nera Birch; 27; Dx12; Woman; Anx, Dep, POTS; self-advocate; USA; 2020-2021; The Mighty, YouTube
From an Autistic Point of View Megan Rickards; 20s; Dx12; Woman; respite caregiver and pop culture/personal blogger; autism: different yet similar; USA (California, Temecula); 2017-2021; Future of the Force
Elly the Knight Elly; 30; Dx12; Non-binary; bipolar, BPD, GAD, Anx, ADHD, SAD, clubfoot, chronic pain (arthritis), self-harm (in recovery), dyscalculia, SPD; queer (aspec), amateur writer; single; Canada; 2017-2021; Twitter, Instagram
Ms. Ocampo Writes 30; Dx12; Woman; Anx; 2013-2021
She speaks her heart 30s; Dx12; blindness, disability rights, self-advocacy; USA (Illinois, Chicagoland); 2016-2021
Autistic Observations Dx12; 2017-2021
Me, Myself and PDA Dx12; 2014-2020
The Autistic Alien Dx12; 2018-2021
An awesomely autistic asexual 26; Dx13; Woman; GAD, Dep, APD, IBS; single; UK (England, North East, Newcastle); 2021-2021
Lucy-Alice Lucy; 30s; Dx13; Woman; bipolar; art, writing, likes computers; UK (England, Birmingham); 2020-2021
Ada Hoffmann 33; Dx13; science fiction author; Canada; 2014-2021
A Flickering Life 37; Dx13; Male; Anx, Dep; USA (Arkansas); 2014-2021
As Told By Ash Ash; 23; Dx14; Woman; student; Ireland; 2021-2021
Devin S. Turk 24; Dx14; Non-binary; ADHD, gender dysphoria, ME, Dep, Anx; college student; USA (Mid-Atlantic); 2018-2021; Twitter
My Aspie Life 20s; Dx14; Woman; single; USA (SC, Charleston); 2017-2021
The Inked Autist 2.0 34; Dx14; Male; Dep; engineer/culinary student; non-specific spiritual; single; USA (TX, San Antonio); 2016-2021
Dear World Daisy Gabrielle; 18; Dx15; Woman; Anx; student; Autistic teenagers; UK (England, Cornwall); 2020-2020
The Medusa Diaries Medusa; 18; Dx15; Woman; OCD, Dep, Anx; student; aspiring journalist; UK (Scotland); 2020-2021
Love Eliasson Love Eliasson; 25; Dx15; Male; artist and writer; in English and Swedish; Sweden (southern); 2017-2021
Amazing Artists Alexandra; 27; Dx15; Woman; children’s book series author; illustrator, animator, movies, reading; single; USA (CA, southern); 2015-2021; (website), Amazon, Love & Autism
Abnormal Diversity 30s; Dx15; Woman; PTSD; psychologist in training; aspiring author; single; Canada; 2006-2021
AutisticMummy 32; Dx15; Mother of 1; Anx, Dep, ED, SPD, JHS, dyslexia, dyspraxia, fibromyalgia; customer service; making lemons into lemonade; engaged to NT; UK (England, South Yorkshire); 2018-2021; Facebook, Instagram
Celebration Generation Marie Porter; Dx15; Woman; Spandex costumer and author; married; Canada (Ontario, Hamilton); 1998-2021; Spandex Costumer, Spandex Simplified, Celebration Generation
Mademoiselle Women Lydia; Dx15; Woman; 2014-2021
Sincere Self-Worth Clothing Christia; 19; Dx16; Woman; student; UK; 2020-2021
Writing for Sanity’s Sake 26; Dx16; Woman; bipolar, Anx, aphantasia; homemaker; author, writer, fan fiction; married to Autistic; USA (Oklahoma); 2013-2021; Patreon, GoFundMe
The Autistic Adulting club 20s; Dx16; Parent; Anx; carer; married; UK; 2020-2021
Homestyle Heather Heather; 30; Dx16; Woman; GAD; Christian; married; Canada (BC, Vancouver); 2018-2021
Diary of a Painfully Shy Introvert Emma-Lucy; 30s; Dx16; Woman; Dep, Anx, PTSD; student/unemployed due to disability; mostly daily posts; single; UK; 2017-2021
Mickey Mayhew Dx16; Male; researcher/writer; partnered; UK (England, Surrey); 2015-2021
Life of an Aspie Aspie Answers; Dx16; Anx; unemployed; mental health, acceptance, European; New Zealand; 2017-2021; YouTube, Facebook
Ann’s Words Ann; 19; Dx17; Non-binary; student; Canada; 2018-2021
I Don’t Look Autistic Sarah; 21; Dx17; Woman; LGBTQ+, synesthesia; university student; friendly dinosaur enthusiast; UK (England); 2020-2021
Anastasia Curtis Writes 22; Dx17; Woman; Dep, Anx; student; writer, aromantic, loves life, imaginative; Canada; 2018-2021
Me, Myself & My Autism 20s; Dx17; Woman; residential child care officer; UK (England); 2020-2021
Aspie Blogger Morgan; 20s; Dx17; Woman; information technologist; UK; 2020-2021
Taryn Is Autastic 22; Dx17; Woman; physically disabled; student; Canada; 2021-2021; TikTok
Flapping Away 22; Dx17; Woman; Dep, Anx; student, learning disability support worker; LGBTQ+; living with partner with ADHD, learning difficulties; UK (England, Leicestershire); 2020-2021
Aspie Orchid Rebekah Wall; 20s; Dx17; Dep, short term memory loss, Irlen, dyspraxia, Anx, panic disorder; student; partnered to Autistic; UK (England, East Anglia, Norwich); 2019-2021
The Schizophrenia Diaries Hannah; 23; Dx17; Woman; schizophrenia, PTSD, Anx; married; USA (NV, Las Vegas); 2020-2021
Journalistic Autistic Marissa; 23; Dx17; Woman; ADHD, pulmonary hypertension; student; single; USA (California, Los Angeles, San Pedro); 2020-2020
You don’t seem Autistic? 25; Dx17; Woman; administrator; UK (England, Derbyshire); 2018-2021
Comments From The Pecan Gallery 26; Dx17; Woman; Anx; engaged; 2016-2021
alison rising 40s; Dx17; Woman; PTSD, Dep, Anx; writer, music producer; 2015-2021 Dx17; UK; 2013-2021; Uncomfortable Labels

The Snacking Sage Dx6-7; ADHD, APD, DID, dyspraxia, gender dysphoria; philosophy, self-improvement, mental health, LGBTIQ; 2015-2021
Underwater Aspie Mel; 24; Dx10-; Male; marine science educator, PADI divemaster; Aspies in the sciences; USA (CA, San Diego); 2020-2021
The Discerning Reader Dx10-; Woman; alexithymia, Anx; USA (CA, SF Bay Area); 2015-2021; YouTube
Autism, Life & Learning The Autistic Gecko; Dx16 & 19; Male; non-epileptic attack disorder; student; autism, mental health and (I am a) podcaster; UK; 2020-2021; podcast, Instagram
The True Adventures of Just an Ordinary Autistic Guy Dx16-; NSp; USA (New England); 2017-2021
Cambria’s Big Fat Autistic Blog 43; Dx17-; Woman; single; USA (Kentucky); 2014-2021
Curious Autistic Autistic Curiosity; 19; Dx18-; Non-binary; ADHD; student; stimming and neuroqueer advocacy; South Africa (Gauteng); 2020-2021
Speaking of Autism… Quincy; 19; Dx18-; Male; GAD; Colorado; 2019-2021
What If Jaime Blogs… 20; Dx18-; Woman; blogger; lifestyle blogger; UK (Wales); 2020-2021
Confessions of an Autistic Freak Morgan Marie; 24; Dx18-; Woman; Anx, Dep; writer; autism & personal musings; single; USA (Pacific northwest); 2019-2021
Gabe Sotillo ART with Heart 20s; Dx18-; 2018-2021; Vimeo, YouTube
thinking with autism aka_slendy; 20s; Dx18-; Non-binary; ADHD, Dep, LGBTQ+, Anx, migraines; unemployed; USA; 2020-2021
Accalia Baronets – Medium Mooni; 26; Dx18-; Woman; ADHD; disabled; autism, gaming, television, disability; USA (Texas); 2017-2021; Archive of Our Own
My Autistic Self Samantha; 27; Dx18-; Woman; Anx, Dep; Disney cast member; artist, writer, reader; single; USA; 2019-2021; Tumblr
Autistic & Unapologetic James Sinclair; 27; Dx18-; Male; finding the positive in every diagnosis; 2017-2021
The Autistic Mind Finally Speaks 20s; Dx18-; Male; NSp; single; USA; 2019-2021
Dan the Traveling Man 28; Dx18-; Male; LGBTQ+; tourism/hospitality; travel, history, art, nature; USA (MA, Greater Boston Area); 2017-2020
Jane Lively 30s; Dx18-; Woman; Anx, DID, Dep, FB, HH, IBS, LGBTQ+, NSp (sometimes), SPD, Tourette’s, PTSD; single; USA (TX, DFW, metro); 2008-2021; TikTok
Life on the Spectrum Kylie; 31; Dx18-; Woman; about embracing Aspergers and my own journey; 2017-2021
Jorik Mol 33; Dx18-; Male; Dep, Anx, CPTSD, dyspraxia; teacher; queerness, education, public speaker; partnered with Autistic; UK (England, Berkshire, Reading); 2020-2021
Geek Alabama Nathan Young; 34; Dx18-; Male; geek, nerd, event coverage, reviews, news, and cooking; single; 2011-2021; Traffic Light Pixels
High-Functioning Madison Dx18-; Woman; USA; 2018-2021
Megan’s Mind Symphonies Dx18-; Mother; married to NT; USA; 2017-2021
CrazyFitnessGuy Jimmy Clare; Dx18-; Male; an Autistic college student obsessed about healthy living; USA; 2017-2021
Life as an Aspie Dx18-; self-defense, autism/Asperger’s, entrepreneurship, politics; USA (Michigan); 2019-2021; Crazy Christian
My Joyous Feature Dx18-; 2016-2021
Into the Dance Dan; Dx18-; direct support professional for people with disabilities; devout Catholic; single; USA; 2012-2021
Nerd Rambles Megan; Dx18-; Woman; retail; pop culture, nerdy goodness; UK (Scotland); 2014-2021
The Autistic Viewpoint Dx18-; Male; dyspraxia, bipolar; developer; married to NT; UK (England, Hampshire, south coast); 2020-2021
Tony Hernandez Pumarejo Tony; Dx18-; Male; advocate, writer, manager, TV collaborator; in English and Spanish; USA (FL, Orlando); 2017-2020
Growing up as female aspie Dx18-; 2020-2021
HARRY J. THOMPSON Dx teens; UK; 2019-2021; The PDA Paradox
Amanda’s Tales Dx teens; retail floorperson; Tales from an Autistic!; Canada (Ontario, Waterdown); 2016-2021
Common Sense Dx teens; 2020-2021
Welcome to My Autistic Journey Dx teens; 2020-2021

ASD for All teens; Dx1; Male; student; Spain (Málaga); 2019-2020
In My Humble Onion 20; Dx1; Woman; ADHD; student; Jewish; USA; 2020-2021
Caden’s Awesome Autistic Life Spelled Out Caden; 15; Dx2; Male; apraxia, SPD; student; NSp; USA (Ohio); 2019-2019
The Life of Linn Linn; 23; Dx2; Non-binary; student; USA (Wisconsin, northern); 2019-2019
Lala Nurlala 25; Dx2; Woman; Anx, FB; artist; appropriation art; Indonesia; 2019-2021
Ryan’s Voice 20s; Dx2; Male; epilepsy; Hx of Graves’ disease; hypothyroidism; home care administrative coordinator; advocacy, awareness, public speaking, outreach, health; single; USA (MA, Rutland); 2019-2021
Gloop the Autistic Slime Melanie; 30; Dx2; Woman; Anx, Dep, dyscalculia, dyspraxia; student; Jewish, linguistics, art, writing; single; UK (Scotland, Aberdeen); 2018-2020; Twitter, Twitter
SianIsAt Sian Atkins; 32; Dx2; Woman; writer; UK; 2017-2019; Twitter, Pinterest
Andrew W. Merced Dx2; 2017-2020
Alex’s Autism Array Blog Dx2; Woman; 2019-2019
Louis Scarantino | The Mighty Dx2; Male; 2016-2020; Thought Catalog, Unwritten, Project Wednesday, Amazon
Hear Me Speak Without A Voice Dx2; Woman; NSp; 2015-2019
Chromographia 19; Dx3; Male; synaesthetic; fantasy-writing; biracial; Australia; 2017-2021
Autism Actually Shadia Hancock; 20; Dx3; Non-binary; GAD; speech pathology student; autism and gender diversity; Australia (Victoria); 2018-2020
Citywithoutpeople 20s; Dx3; Male; student; poetry, romance, advice, anti-stigma; 2014-2020
Anna Hamilton Stories Anna Hamilton; 23; Dx3; Woman; PhD student; writing/fiction; USA (OR, Portland and Santa Barbara, CA); 2020-2021; Wattpad
Normal is just a Dryer Setting- Living with Autism Jennifer; 24; Dx3; Woman; Anx, PTSD, OCD, bipolar-like symptoms; grad student; interesting film ideas here; in a relationship with Autistic; USA (NJ, Morristown); 2020-2021; DeviantArt
theaspiegirlblog Aspiegirl; 20s; Dx3; Woman; ADHD, Tourette’s, type one diabetes, celiac, Anx, Dep, dyspraxia, weak muscle tone, dyscalculia, possible EDS; student; lived experience; long-term relationship with female Autistic; UK (Scotland, Fife); 2016-2020
Empathetic Aspie Jessica Costa; 20s; Dx3; Woman; college student; engaged; USA (New Jersey, West Milford); 2018-2019
Life with Autism 29; Dx3; Type 1 diabetes; library volunteer; 2014-2020
Ben Lunn – Medium 30; Dx3; Male; dyslexia, Dep; composer; UK (Scotland, Glasgow); 2018-2020; composer site
Tom Bak | The Mighty Dx3; 2016-2019
Journey of a LexicalNuisance Dx3; USA; 2019-2019
My so called life….as an aspie Dx3; 2018-2020
Ali Caitrin Dx3; 2014-2019
The Autistic Anarchist (tumblr) billie jo; 23; Dx4; Non-binary; GAD, Dep, paranoia, PTSD; punk rockin’ anarchist; scouse and proud; in a relationship with Autistic; UK (England, Merseyside, Bootle); 2018-2019
Karen Willis (My Journey and Life with Autism) 29; Dx4; 2013-2020
mylittlegoldfishbowl Laura; 35; Dx4; Woman; Dep, ADHD; married; 2014-2019
Alex Lowery speaks about autism Dx4; 2012-2021
Dwarren57 Derek; Dx4; Male; Anx; USA (Pennsylvania); 2009-2021
I’m not crazy—–i am autistic!!!!! Dx4; 2009-2021
Unlocking My Potential Dx4; NSp; 2017-2019
Redefining Normal: A Young Woman’s Journey with Autism Dx4; Woman; 2016-2020; The Mighty, Facebook, Working the Double Shift
The Nerd of May Andrew Maynard; 24; Dx5; Male; Engineer In Training (E.I.T.); Catholic, Civil E.I.T.; USA (Texas, Houston, Katy area); 2011-2020
Trevor’s View on Hollywood Trevor Pacelli; 28; Dx5; facilities maintenance technician; single; USA (WA, Bellevue); 2015-2020; Amazon, Growing Up Autistic
Edge of the Playground Mikhaela Ackerman; 29; Dx5; Juris Doctor; hoping to bridge gap in services; single; USA; 2018-2019
Weeb Revues Dx5; USA; 2019-2021
Autie-J (tumblr) Dx5; 2016-2021
Sean Callaghan- Life on the Spectrum Dx5; Male; 2015-2021; Sean Callaghan
Savannah | The Mighty Dx5; 2018-2019
Autistic Bunny Mum Dx5; 2018-2019
Aut Takes 20s; Dx6; Male; advocate, writer, performer; USA (Georgia); 2020-2020
Aspie & Me: A Self-Portrait of Asperger’s Melissa; 20s; Dx6; Woman; dyspraxia; full-time student; special interest: the ’60s!; Ireland; 2017-2020
Autistic Future R. Larkin Taylor-Parker; 28; Dx6; Non-binary; JD grad, sunbelt, musician, plays with trucks; 2016-2020; Medium, Tumblr
Sephyr the Pixie (tumblr) 20s; Dx6; Non-binary; NSp; 2014-2021
Aspergers All Day Dylan E; 31; Dx6; Male; professor; engaged; USA (NY); 2019-2019; Dylan Emmons
Awetistic Dx6; Woman; 2016-2020; Lara’s Portfolio
Tesla-Psychology David Banner; Dx6; Male; schizoid; researcher; radio engineering physics; single; UK (England, Staffordshire); 2020-2021
Maverick Crawford III | The Mighty Dx6; 2018-2019
The Tism Dx6; 2019-2020
Mental�health|ramblings Dx6; 2019-2019
Game Asisst Errol Kerr; 26; Dx7; Male; JHS; editor, writer; bisexual; UK (England, Newcastle); 2016-2019
Joe Jamfrey Dx7; Male; Anx; library assistant; 2018-2020
The Autistic Canadian Dx7; Woman; freelance artist/graphic designer; Canada; 2018-2020
The Autistic Traveller Sam; 23; Dx8; Male; dyspraxia; railway employee; single; UK; 2018-2019
Aspergers: Through My Eyes 30s; Dx8; Mother of Autistic (suspected); dyspraxia; support worker (on maternity leave); married; UK (England, Surrey); 2013-2020
Autism Blog Velvet; Dx8; student; history undergrad, year abroad in Sweden; UK (England, Bristol); 2018-2019
The Autistic Journal Maximus; 19; Dx9; Non-binary; student; space; UK (England); 2020-2020
The Aspergers Guitarist 20s; Dx9; Male; Anx, OCD; recording, guitars, rock music; single; USA (Utah); 2019-2020
Bryce Pace Dx9; 2017-2020; Facebook
Autism on Autism Kaite; Dx9; Woman; caregiver; in a serious relationship with Autistic; USA; 2018-2021
Aspergers And the world aida; 20; Dx10; Woman; ADHD; medical student; Germany; 2020-2020
Autistic Questions 27; Dx10; OCD, Anx, ADHD; blogger; UK (England, Cheshire); 2019-2020; Facebook
yousunger 29; Dx10; Male; Scheuermann’s disease; single; USA (NJ, northern); 2014-2020
TCMautism Orange; 30; Dx10; Male; ADHD; hypnotherapist; in English and Chinese; single; Singapore; 2011-2020
Kaelynn Partlow | The Mighty Dx10; 2016-2019
An Aspie’s life 25; Dx11; Woman; photographer, model, musician, traceuse and traveller; 2016-2020
Life of an “functioning” Autistic and her Assistance Dog Kobash 40s; Dx11; Mother of Autistic; sensory sensitivity; makes custom mats for dogs, cats, and babies; married to NT; 2014-2020; Kobash Mats, Kobash Mat-Gazine
Sarah Turner | The Mighty Dx11; 2018-2019
autistic knight 20s; Dx12; Woman; Anx; unemployed; writer, agnostic; USA (WA); 2016-2020
Traveling Abroad With Autism 21; Dx12; Woman; Anx; student; writer; USA; 2019-2019
The Way of the Autistic Jedi 25; Dx12; Male; PTSD, bipolar I, ADHD; unemployed; single (forbidden to fall in love); USA (North Carolina); 2020-2020
designerscaffolding David Molloy; 20s; Dx12; Male; Anx, Dep, SAD; social media for a trade magazine company; UK (England, Hertfordshire); 2019-2020
Asteria Grace Dx12; Woman; SPD, OCD, Anx, Dep; autism and disability advocate; Australia (Queensland); 2020-2020
Into the Spectrum Dx12; 2020-2020
Just Another Neurotypical Dx12; 2017-2020
The Autistic Koala’s Journal Dx12; 2020-2020
noahswritersblock Noah Spadgenske; 20s; Dx13; Male; housekeeping; Christian, writer, nerd; perpetually single; USA (Minnesota, Stearns County); 2016-2021; The Artifice, The Correlation
Melusinian Musings Charlotte Smith; 25; Dx13; Woman; Anx, JHS, LGBTQ+, SAD; discussing autism, history, and fairies; UK; 2017-2019
Dylan Greene – Medium (paywall) Dylan Greene; 31; Dx13; Male; has Autistic girlfriend; 2018-2020
The Musings of an Autistic Woman Dx13; Woman; 2019-2019
Chloe Hayden Dx13; 2015-2019; YouTube, Twitter
Graceful Goddess Dx13; Netherlands; 2016-2019
Georgia’s Life 21; Dx14; Woman; Anx; unemployed; single; UK (Scotland); 2019-2019
An Aspie’s life with Depression and Anxiety Dx14; Mother; student; single; Canada (Ontario); 2018-2019
Cussin’ and Discussin’ Mel Baggs; Dx14; tube-fed, wheelchair user; NSp; 2005-2020; Ballastexistenz, Tumblr, Amelia Evelyn Voicy Baggs | Poetry and creative writing, Cats Who Know They Are Cats
Thomas’s Blog Dx14; Male; 2018-2019; Thomas A. McKean’s Web Site
The Aspie Life Georgia Stent; 22; Dx15; Woman; epilepsy, JHS; apprentice; in a relationship with Autistic; UK (England, Manchester; 2019-2019; Wattpad
Mair Elliott Mair; 20s; Dx15; Woman; mental illness, PMDD; UK (Wales); 2016-2020
Boo-Boo’s Blog 20s; Dx15; Woman; EDS; unemployed; in a relationship with NT; UK (England, Nottingham ); 2019-2020
Of Spoons and Synapses Robin; 20s; Dx15; Woman; Anx, Dep, ED; student mental health nurse; mental health; UK (England, Oxfordshire); 2014-2020
V. Leigh Artworks V Leigh; 29; Dx15; Mother; EDS, MCAS, asthma; artist; Christian, creativity, invisible disabilities; married; USA (MO); 2018-2021
Bradseyeview Brad; 30s; Dx15; Male; anosmia; Retailer, traveller, family historian; eternally single; 2014-2020; other blogs
Broken Inside Dx15; Woman; Dep, Anx, bipolar, SPD; 2017-2021
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Little Miss Aspie Sasha-marie; 24; Dx16; Woman; urticaria (hives), angioedema, vasovagal syncope, Anx, GAD, APD, SPD, hyperacusis, ME, Dep, FB (mild), JHS, chronic pain, migraines, dysautonomia; developmental psychology student; in a long-term relationship; 2016-2019
Tied Up in a Scriven 20s; Dx16; Woman; job-searching; blogs about philosophy, Christianity/spirituality, politics (right-leaning), short story writing, recipes; 2018-2019
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