About the categories

The categories are intended to be meaningful, non-controversial, and inclusive.

Meaningful categories reflect communities that people naturally form: parents seek out other parents like themselves, women form bonds with other women that differ from the bonds we form with men, LGBTQ+ people form LGBTQ+ communities, and so on.

Non-controversial categories contain information that is commonly fully public. Bloggers who aren’t fully public about their gender and parenting status default to “Uncategorized Autistic blogs“.

Inclusive categories allow choices. For example, a trans man who gave birth to Autistic and NT children before transitioning could choose to list himself in any of the following categories:

Autistic fathers with Autistic child(ren)
Autistic mothers with Autistic child(ren)
More Autistic fathers
More Autistic mothers
More Autistic men
LGBTQ+ Autistic bloggers
Uncategorized Autistic blogs

Additional identifiers (including age, relationship status, and co-occurring conditions) are all optional.