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Autism-focused personal Autistic blogs (back to top)

Musings of an Aspie Mother; Dx42; 2012-2015; Stimtastic

Autistic, Not Weird Male; 2015-2019

Autistic Hoya 2011-2018; Lydia X. Z. Brown

The Silent Wave 42; Woman; Dx39; EDS, PTSD, Celiac, other autoimmune, HH; married; Biracial (Caucasian-Cajun-Native), lives in Texas; 2008-2019; Who Loves Kitty, Laina’s Collection, YouTube, Maidenlion

The Autistic Me Male; Dx18+; 2007-2019; C. S. Wyatt

Autistic & Unapologetic James Sinclair; 25; Male; Dx18-; Finding the Positive in Every Diagnosis; 2017-2019

And Now… For My Next Trick! 54; gender-fluid butch dyke; DX51; writer, tech geek; 2008-2019; The Tip of My Asperger’s, Zen and the Art of Moto Taxi Survival

Yes, That Too 2012-2019; Alyssa Hillary, publications, Tumblr, Patreon

Ada Hoffmann 31; Dx13; Canada; science fiction author; 2014-2019

The Inked Autist 32; Male; Dx14; Dep; bisexual, engineer, tattoo enthusiast, beer Scotch and cigar reviewer. Pro-cure/anti-ND due to being shut out of a dream career (airline pilot) due to ASD diagnosis; 2016-2019

The Autistic Advocate Kieran Rose; 39; Parent of Autistic son and daughter; Dx23; SPD, Dep, APD; married; writer, activist; lives in UK; 2017-2019; Facebook, Twitter

Everyday Aspie Mother of Autistic; Dx 40s; 2012-2019; My Spectrum Suite, Everyday Asperger’s, LinkedIn

NEUROCOSMOPOLITANISM 2013-2016; Aikido Shusekai

Autism and Expectations Mother; Dx30s; 2016-2019

In the Loop About Neurodiversity Cassandra Crosman; 22; Woman; Dx4; freelance transcriber; USA (Oregon); 2019-2019; Facebook

neurowonderful (tumblr) 2013-2019; YouTube

Unstrange Mind 2012-2018; Maxfield Sparrow, Patreon

A Humble Social Justice Cleric’s Journey 25; Dx24; frequent blog topics; UK; 2015-2019; Facebook

Radical Neurodivergence Speaking 2010-2018; Facebook

Aspie Solutions Mother of Autistic daughter; Dx18+; 2018-2019

Whose Planet Is It Anyway? 2006-2010

Mutable Dreamer Saffron; 39; Gender-fluid; Dx31; self-employed; Canada (Manitoba, Winnipeg); 2017-2019

Life with Aspergers Gavin Bollard; Father of Autistic sons; Dx36; Anx, HH, OCD, ADHD; married; Technology, Australia ; 2007-2019

Normal Is Overrated Male; 2007-2012

A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! Rory Matier; 50s; Male; Dx40s; it’s complicated – partner ND\; Kent, UK; 2017-2019

Aspects of Autism Translated Judy Endow, MSW, LCSW; Woman; Dx18+; 2012-2017

OldLady With Autism 67; Woman; Dx65; retired; finding autism in undiagnosed elderly; USA (Michigan, northern); 2019-2019

Neurodivergencia Latina Dx16; (in Spanish and English); 2016-2016

Faith and Food Scott Morizot; 54; Father of NTs (18+); Dx51; Celiac; married; 2009-2018

Ido in Autsimland Male; NSp; 2011-2019

Look Me In The Eye John Elder Robison; Father of Autistic adult son; 2007-2019; My Life With Asperger’s | Psychology Today

Just Stimming… Woman; 2011-2016

Rain Symphony 2014-2019; I’ll change you like a remix, rainwaterspark, Tumblr

The Autistic Avenger 🎸 Robert; 42; Male; Dx33; advocate, activist, musician, artist! proudly Autistic; USA; 2018-2019; Facebook, Instagram

Dear Walden 30s; 2016-2019

Jeannie Davide-Rivera Mother of Autistics; Dx38; 2012-2018; Aspie Writer

Aspertypical Woman, Dx23; 2012-2019

Rebekah Gillian 20; Dx17; full-time student; lifestyle blogger; 2015-2019

Urocyon’s Meanderings 2007-2015; dreamwidth

homo qui vixit Non-binary; Dx18+; USA; 2018-2019

aspergerstwin Dx18+; 2015-2018

Oolong – Medium 2016-2019; Fergus Murray, Twitter

From an Autistic Point of View Megan Rickards; 20s; Woman; Dx12; respite caregiver and pop culture/personal blogger; autism: different yet similar; USA (California, Temecula); 2017-2019; Future of the Force, SWRepMatters

Cracked Mirror in Shalott Savannah Logsdon-Breakstone; 2009-2018

Autistic Scholar Patrick Dwyer; Dx11; graduate student researching autism; USA (California, Davis); 2018-2019

Life on the Spectrum Mother; Dx40; 2010-2019

The Third Glance Woman; 2011-2015

Planet Autism Parent of Autistics; 2014-2019

Autie-Jake (tumblr) Dx5; 2016-2019

Autistic Alex 2014-2017

The Autistic Wolf Tacy Traverso; 42; Mother of Autistic & NTs; Dx40; business development and blogger/advocate; Married to NT; USA (Oregon, Portland area); 2019-2019; Facebook

Autistic Zebra Mother of Autistics; Dx30s; Ireland; 2015-2019

The Artism Spectrum Kirsten Lindsmith; Woman, Dx19; 2014-2019; Tumblr

Oh Let Me Be 2018-2019

Scarlet Letters Mother; Dx18+; 2018-2018

The Autistic Alien Dx12; 2018-2019

Autistic Bride Heather Wallace; 31; Woman; Dx28; online freelancer; weddings, relationships, marriage, memes; married; UK (England, Essex); 2017-2019

Life As An Autistic Teenager Dx12; 2015-2016

The Autistic Chronicles Leanne Libas; 22; Woman; Dx4 & 18; GAD, Dep; student; Pilipino-Chinese American; singing, dancing, acting; USA (California); 2016-2017

AStrangerInGodzone Parent of adult NT daughter; Dx50+; LGBTQA+; writer, artist, Kiwi; New Zealand; 2010-2019

Lissa Lysik’an – Medium NSp; 2014-2017; WordPress, Tumblr

NEUROVENTURE Jonny Drury; 2018-2019; Autism Dialogue Network

Living Amongst Humans Jim Jacobson; 61; Dx50; 2011-2018

Autistic Science Lady 20s; Woman; Dx24; graduate student, autistic masking; 2018-2019

Autistic Alaina Dx7; 2014-2017; Alaina Leary, Medium, (website)

Intersectional Neurodiversity Dx20; university teacher; politics, ethics, neurodiversity, theory; UK; 2016-2019

Autism Tinted Glasses Mother of Autistic daughter; Dx30s; UK; 2017-2019

High-Functioning Madison Woman; Dx18-; USA; 2018-2019

Neuroamazing Mother of ND; 2018-2019

Autism’s gadfly “wants to find treatments and doesn’t need no stinkin’ neurodiversity”; 2008-2019

Undercover Autie 30; Woman; Dx26; Living with partner; UK; 2017-2019

anonymous autistic Woman; Dx30s; 2016-2018

Ravenambition’s Aspergers Blog Kimberly Gerry Tucker; Mother of Autistic adult son, trans son, and NT son (Anx); Dx30s; Selective mutism; widowed; Author of Under the Banana Moon, Artist, Advocate; Introversion, arts, books and life; 2013-2019; Facebook, Twitter

Evil Autie 2012-2017

ericdzimmerman Eric D. Zimmerman; 31; Father of NT stepson; Dx16; OCD, mood disorder, GAD; computer technician, autism speaker; married to NT; USA (Maryland, Frederick); 2016-2019; (website), BP Racing, The Buddy Project

Girl on the Spectrum Rachel; 26; Woman; Dx25; GAD, GERD, OCD; college writing tutor; married; USA (TX); 2019-2019

A Transtistic Life 2013-2019

Autisticality Non-binary; Dx teens; UK; 2014-2017

Hello Michelle Swan Mother of 6 ND children; Australian, writer, speaker, mentor, advocate; 2015-2019

have courage and be kind (tumblr) -2019

Shaun Bryan – Medium Dx28; 2018-2019; EmployABILITY/Austin, LinkedIn

Not Weird, Just Autistic J.R. Reed; 53; Father of Autistic daughter (suspected autism); Dx46; ADHD, Anx, Dep, GAD; single; author of An Asperger’s Guide To Dating Neurotypicals, Autism advocate, speaker; Caucasian; Missouri, USA; 2018-2018

BECCA LORY, CAS, BCCS 40s; Woman; Dx36; Anx, Dep; ASD advocate, life coach, improv teacher, speaker, author; 2017-2018

Hive of Luminosity Luminary; 19; Male; Dx4; Tourette’s, learning disability, hyperthyroidism, pulmonary insufficiency; unemployed; honest opinions, pragmatic approach; single; USA (Pennsylvania); 2019-2019; Twitter

Spectrumy Dx30s; 2017-2019; Facebook

Seventh Voice Woman; 2012-2016

Aspects of Aspergers Woman; 2010-2015

Journey Through Autism Teen Blog 18; Dx2; 2017-2019; Home page

Faith, Hope, and Love…With Autism NSp son & NT mother; 2013-2019

An Intense World Troy Camplin; 48; Father of Autistic son and NT daughter and son; Dx45; married; 2017-2019

Purple Ella Ella Tabb; 40s; Mother of Autistic son (born 2007), Autistic daughter (born 2011), and NT son (born 2008); Dx37; ME; married; 2011-2019; YouTube

My Autistic Dance 45; Woman; Dx35+; Anx, GAD, Dep, ED; 2011-2019

Adults With Autism Woman; Dx30s; 2019-2019

Sam’s Christian Autism blog Dx30; ACA chartered accountant; UK (England, Brighton & Hove); 2019-2019

Jenn Layton Annable 2015-2019

Askpergers Male; 2014-2019

Princess Aspien Dx13; 2015-2019; Facebook, YouTube, Twitter

Wenn’s Thoughts Wenn Lawson; 2017-2017; Wenn Lawson

Thoughts of an Introverted Matriarch Mother of Autistics; 2011-2019

Discovering My Authentic Self Jamie; 30; Woman; Dx18+; Anx, dep, SPD; in a relationship; 2017-2019

Aspie & Me: A Self-Portrait of Asperger’s Melissa; 20s; Woman; Dx6; dyspraxia; full-time student; special interest: the ’60s!; Ireland; 2017-2019

Alex Lowery speaks about autism Dx4; 2012-2018

Yenn Purkis Autism Page Yenn Purkis; 40s; Non-binary; Dx20; atypical schizophrenia; Autism advocacy, writing and public speaking is consuming passion; Australia; 2014-2019; (archives), (home page)

The Autism Advantage 2016-2018

Jordyn’s Rocky Journey 16; Male; Dx2; dyspraxia, Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency; advocate, NSp, Caucasian, Canadian; 2016-2019

Stuart Neilson Male; Dx45; 2013-2019

Because I’m Fabulous 49; Woman; Dx18+; Dep; single; Topics: transgender, mental health, LGBTQ; 2013-2019

Embrace ASD Natalie Engelbrecht & Martin Silvertant; Autistic couple; Dx25 (Martin) & 48 (Natalie); registered psychotherapist, naturopathic doctor (Natalie) & graphic designer, illustrator (Martin); high-functioning autism advocacy; Canada (Ontario, Oakville); 2018-2019; Facebook, Facebook, Twitter

Aspergers All Day Dylan E; 29; Male; Dx6; professor; engaged; USA (NY); 2019-2019; Dylan Emmons

My Aspie Eyes 2015-2016

The Wonderful World of Autism 2009-2011

Arty Aspie 50s; Woman; Dx50+; EDS; UK based, poet, writer, crafter; 2017-2019

A is for … 2016-2018

Writing for Sanity 24; Woman; Dx16; bipolar, Anx, aphantasia; homemaker; author, writer, fan fiction; married to Autistic; USA (Oklahoma); 2013-2019; Writing for Sanity’s Sake, Patreon, GoFundMe

Ask An Aspie T.Rob; Male; Dx40s; ED, FB, epilepsy; married 35 years to NT; 2012-2017; The Odd is Silent, Medium

tales by the unexpected 32; Male; Dx30; ADHD, Dep; Belgium; 2016-2019

Life on the Other Side of the Wall Male; Dx18+; 2010-2019

The Autistic Anarchist (tumblr) billie jo; 21; Non-binary; Dx4; GAD, Dep, paranoia, PTSD; punk rockin’ anarchist; scouse and proud; in a relationship with Autistic; UK (England, Merseyside, Bootle); 2018-2019

autistext – on autism, rhetoric, & ELO 2007-2017; Authoring Autism, Melanie Yergeau | U-M LSA English Language and Literature

Mamautistic 36; Mother of Autistic and NT; Dx30s; FB, Dep, Anx, SPD; married; Writer, musician, bibliophile, and logophile in the USA; 2016-2019

[Growing Up Aspie] (tumblr) comics; 2015-2019; Patreon, Facebook, Twitter

Sooz Woman; Dx50+; UK (Wales); 2019-2019

The Care and Feeding of your Aspie 2011-2019

ryelle codes 2015-2017

Autism Matters Caroline Hearst; 65; Mother of Autistic son and NT son; Dx55; 2013-2018

Janepedia Liz Lawson; 28; Woman; Dx18-; allergies, Anx, chronic pain, DID, Dep, ED, HH, migraines, NSp (sometimes), OCD, psychosis, PTSD, self-harm, sensory sensitivities, Tourette’s, trichotillomania; single; Dallas Metroplex; moderate cursing; 2012-2019

Graphic Explanations 2013-2017; Quarries and Corridors, dreamwidth, Practical Androgyny, Gravatar

Autism Actually Shadia Hancock; 19; Non-binary; Dx3; GAD; speech pathology student; autism and gender diversity; Australia (Victoria); 2018-2019

Giraffe Party Dx20s; Anx, OCD, ADHD, CPTSD, PTSD, Dep, chronic pain, chronic illness, fibromyalgia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia; LGBTQ+; Southern California, USA; 2015-2018; Facebook

autisticinnerspace comics; 2011-2019

Aspergers: Through My Eyes Dx8; 2013-2017

Blissfully Being 2014-2017

Crabby Centaur 32; Gender Fluid; Dx20s; UK-based; 2015-2017

Wading through treacle 2017-2019

Neurodefiant 2017-2019

A Flickering Life 35; Male; Dx13; Anx, Dep; Arkansas; 2014-2019

the uninspirational 30s; Non-binary parent of Autistic child (gender unknown); Dx30s; CPTSD, ADHD, ME, EDS; 2015-2019

Thinking in Numbers Daniel Tammet; 2006-2012; DanielTammet, Optimnem: foreign language courses by Daniel Tammet

Anita Lesko 60; Woman; Dx50; certified registered nurse anesthetist; author, national speaker, autism activist; married to Autistic; 2018-2019; (website), (website), The Mighty, Spectrum Women

Pensive Aspie Mother; 2014-2017

Paul Isaacs Non-binary male; Dx20s; autism “fruit salad” analogy; author, speaker, trainer, consultant, artist, poet; 2013-2019; Paul Isaacs Autism

Website of James Williams 31; Male; Dx3; hyperlexia, acid reflux; single with no interest in dating; Northbrook, Illinois; 1996-2017

Misconceptions about Female Autism 56; Dx51; fibromyalgia; single; UK (Thurrock, South Ockendon); 2018-2019

Autistic Christian Misfit Dx3; 2016-2017

Through 1 Filter USA; 2016-2019; Allison Kramer | The Mighty

Autistamatic 2019-2019

Cussin’ and Discussin’ Mel Baggs; tube-fed, wheelchair user; NSp; 2005-2019; Ballastexistenz, Tumblr, Amelia Evelyn Voicy Baggs | Poetry and creative writing, Cats Who Know They Are Cats

Autist’s Corner Dx5; 2007-2015

I Still Find It So Hard… Male; 2012-2015

The Houston Aspie Blogging Collective 2012-2017

Paginated Thoughts queer, non-binary trans; 2014-2019; Patreon, Kit Mead – Medium, Tumblr

Erin Human Mother; Dx18+; includes comics; 2011-2018

The other side Dx50+; artist blogging on autism and art; 2015-2019; Sonia Boué

The Normality Factor 45; Mother of Autistic sons; Dx43; married; Irving, TX, USA; life insurance agent; 2005-2019

Invisible Strings 2013-2019

Cat Amongst Wolves Woman; Dx40s; UK; 2017-2019

Spectrum Hacks 43; Male; Dx41; librarian; married; UK; 2018-2019

Ability to be Different Cat; 30s; Woman; Dx19; Anx; college student; engaged to NT; USA (NY); 2017-2019

A Different Sort of Solitude Male; 2014-2017

Michael John Carley Father of Autistic son and NT son; Dx36; married to NT; author, consultant, former executive director; 2014-2019

Aspie from Maine 2010-2019

lifeonthespectrum 2012-2013

We Always Liked Picasso Anyway Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; 2013-2018

Wildeman’s Words 2008-2019; Galaxy Zento

AutomatedAutism 39; Non-binary; Dx36; Dep, Anx, emetophobia; writer and SEO outreach worker; married; UK (North Wales); 2016-2019; Kit Smethurst | The Mighty

Autistic Kitten (tumblr) 2012-2019; Tumblr

A Different Neurotribe 37; Mother of Autistic sons and suspected Autistic daughter; Dx13&35; married; Mature student; 2017-2019

AUTIST AT WORK Anx, APD, CPTSD, Dep., GAD, PTSD, dyspraxic; infreq; Blogs about being autistic at work; UK; 2016-2019

Finding Hope Lauren Alex Hooper; 24; Woman; Dx20; Anx, Dep, BPD, OCD, self-harm, trichotillomania; Music and songwriting (my occupation); 2017-2019; laurenalexhooper, SoundCloud

SAspie Blog 19; Woman; Dx17; 2017-2019

A Multitude of Musings 33; Woman; Dx21; blind, cerebral palsy, DID, PTSD, BPD; married; Netherlands; 2002-2019

Autism Illustrations Yuu; Woman; amateur artist &illustrator; in English and Italian; 2019-2019

A random blog – run by an Autistic Against Anti-Vaxxers 2016-2019

History of Bad Parties Woman, Dx18+; 2011-2018

Aut-Ish Onikage; Woman; Dx25; hypermobility, learning difficulties, Anx; UK; 2018-2019; Instagram, YouTube, Facebook

Seeking Sara 29; Woman; Dx27; fibromyalgia, ME, SPD; 2018-2019

The Royal Circle of Autism Mother of Autistics; Dx18+; 2017-2019; Facebook

the autism crisis Michelle Dawson; 2006-2018; Twitter, (website), Google Scholar

Authentically Autistic Devin; 22; Non-binary; Dx14; LGBTQ+, ADHD, SPD, Anx, Dep; university student; poet, photographer; USA (mid-Atlantic); 2018-2019

theepicautistic Male; 2013-2019

ASParenting Parent of Autistics; 2008-2019

mysoulsings 37; Male; Dx30; ASD, nerve disorder (HNPP); volunteer work; autism, natural medicine, medical cannabis, Christianity; single; USA (NC); 2019-2019

Doodle Beth’s Blog of Stuff comicsDx28; 2016-2019; Twitter, Tumblr, Ko-fi

Neuro divers ifying Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; 2018-2018

Understanding Autistics Andy Smith; 22; Male; Dx18; psychology student; 2018-2019; ASOP

Amy’s Tiny Corner of Existence 2008-2017

Aspergers From The Inside Dx30; 2014-2019; EMOTIONS EXPLAINED

Because I’m cranky and autistic Woman; Dx11; 2017-2019

The Otherworld 30; Dx26; married; 2017-2018

ferretlives Stu Ferrol; 40s; Father of Autistic; Dx45; carer, writer, student, speaker, actor, comic; journalist communicator humour; married; UK (England, North East); 2018-2018; Untypically Neural Mother; Dx35; 2013-2019; The Pragmatic Aspie | Psychology Today

Broken Inside Woman; Dx15; Dep, Anx, bipolar, SPD; 2017-2019

The Autistic Blogger George Harvey; 24; Male; Dx3; customer assistant; reviews, personal experiences; single; UK; 2015-2019; Autistic Blogger Reviews

Her Autism 47; Mother of Autistic daughter (dep, anx, ADHD, OCD); Dx44; 2017-2019

Resplendently Autistic Mother; Dx18+; 2013-2016; Autism, Motherhood and Advocacy

autisticandproud Male; 2012-2019

Girl on the Spectrum Woman; Dx25; dyslexia, dyspraxia, epilepsy; 2018-2019

tagÂûght Trudy; 40s; Woman; Dx35; Anx, SPD; single; St. John’s, Canada; Sensory Issues, Canadian Advocacy; 2013-2019; Tumblr, tag’s Haven

Wizz Iss Issy Jackson; 23; Woman; Dx21; volunteer and masters student; Autistic Pride; UK; 2018-2019

No Stereotypes here 2009-2019; Tumblr

Its not all about me? 2012-2014

dkmnow 2007-2012

Swirly Mind, Flappy Hands 2017-2018

Queer Without Gender 2013-2019

Autistickish 55; Father of son (6) and daughter (6, epilepsy); Dx53; married; Humor and other opinions of an autistic man; 2017-2019

sociophenomenal Gordon Gates; 61; Dx44; Anx; married; mental health crisis counselor in Keswick, Ontario, Canada; author of Trauma, Stigma, and Autism; 2018-2019

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome Male; Dx31; 2015-2015

Dana Kim Deanna Gardner; 19; Woman; Dx17; Anx, Dep; Artist; 2017-2018

WADLOKA – Paul Wady Blog Dx41; 2014-2019

Autistic Dreams Woman; Dx18; Anx, CPTSD, Dep, FB, SPD; LGBTQ+; artist, fiction writer; USA; 2019-2019; Wattpad

Sally Cat PDA 2018-2019; PDA by PDAers/strong>

Autisticmotherland Mother of Autistic teenage son; Dx 18+; 2016-2019

AutisticN!ck Male; Dx40; single; 2017-2019

Mike’s Blog Dx25; 2018-2019

among the stars: autism story Dx6; 2015-2017

An Autistic Man and The Gangstalking World Male; Dx30s; 2017-2017

Autistic Point of View Zane Ghali; 20; Male; Dx14; OCD, ADHD, Anx, Dep, Tourette; single; 2017-2017; Smashwords

Jennifer O’Toole, Author Jennifer O’Toole; Mother of Autistics; Dx18+; 2012-2019; Asperkids

Perspectives 2011-2019

…autisticook Woman; Dx37; 2013-2018

An Autistic Insight Ryan Hendry; 25; Male; Dx14; ADHD; Civil Servant in Northern Ireland; 2017-2018

An Autistic Speaks (tumblr) 2016-2018

Gym Dog Autism Blog 27; Male; Dx20s; Hertfordshire; 2017-2017; Instagram

lostandmoonstruck 2017-2017

Out on a limb 2017-2017

Confessions of a Caffeinated Nutcase (tumblr) Mother; 2016-2017

Queen Aspie 2016-2017

Giving the world the bad eyes since 1970 Dx40s; 2015-2015

I.Autism Dx18+; 2019-2019

Welcome to my world Lizzie; 12; Woman; Dx2; 2017-2018

The life of an Aspie 2010-2010

nicolettecetrulo Nicolette; 20s; Woman; Dx14; Anx, Dep, LGBTQ+, SAD; single; 2015-2018

The thoughts of One Autistic Person (tumblr) 2012-2018

Bryce Pace Dx9; 2017-2019; Facebook

Welcome to My Mind (tumblr) 20s; Non-binary; Dx18+; APD, SPD, dyscalculia, vision impairment, asexual; single; 2012-2019

In My Own Mind Mother of Autistic; Dx38; 2017-2019

Autism Love 50s; Mother of Autistic son (NSp, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, malformation of cerebellum); Dx40+; Anx, CPTSD, Dep, ED, OCD; infreq; Autism and I/DD Advocate; 2011-2018; A Voice from the Spectrum, Eating My Pain

Gwendolyn Kansen | I’m Not a Robot Dx13; 2015-2017; Tumblr, Twitter

Sometimes a Lion Ari Ne’eman; 2015-2018; MySupport

Restless Hands 2011-2019

Individual Existence 2011-2011

Suburban Autistics 2012-2019; Respectfully Connected | Ally Grace

A Is For Aoife Not Autism Woman, Dx23; 2017-2019

Journal – David Finch Dx18+; 2016-2018

The Mighty Autistic 2018-2019

Odd One Out 2004-2013; Odd One Out Extended

Aspie Daddy Father; Dx28; 2015-2019

Not Autistic Enough; too Weird to be Neuro-typical 30s; Woman; Dx20s; UK; 2016-2019

Being Nearly Human 2010-2011

Undercover Aspie Father; 2013-2014

Growing up Aspie and other Metaphysical Ponderings 2010-2010

Fox Talks With Letters NSp; 2015-2019

Hear Me Speak Without A Voice Woman; Dx2; NSp teen; 2015-2019

Non-Speaking Autistic Speaking NSp; 2012-2018

Aspergers and Me Woman, Dx18+; 2011-2016

Redefining Normal Woman; Dx4; 2016-2019; The Mighty, Facebook, Working the Double Shift

Zeffy’s Ramblings Nicole Craig; 35; Mother of Autistic daughter (7; ADHD, OCD, SPD); Dx33; Dep, Anx, ADHD, SPD; engaged; draws, crafts, and dabbles in photography; 2018-2019; Twitter

Snakedancing (tumblr) 2011-2018

The Cutting Cookies Circus Dominique Emma Flanigan; 45; Woman; Dx42; ADHD, Dyslexic; single but determined to change that; Knitter/Crocheter, Peter Pan, Survivor; 2016-2019; Surviving Cookie Cutter Dating, The Cutting Cookies Solo Girls Travel Guide

My Island My Autism Dx28; 2018-2018

The Asperger Chronicles Dx23; unemployed; UK (south); 2019-2019

Folks with Asperger’s 2005-2005

Sarah Stup’s Blog 30s; Woman; Dx4; NSp; 2013-2019

Young Autistic Female Woman; Dx9; 2012-2014

Extemporary Sanity 2012-2012

Rick London Syndication Dx60; 2011-2019

AutiWomanDifferentBox Woman; 2016-2018

On the wrong steamship Dx30s; ocean liners, Star Trek TNG; 2016-2019

An Adult Autistic On Adult Autism – Sparrows And Penguins Dx35; 2017-2019; Tumblr, Twitter

ASD – Piece of Mind Woman; Dx40s; 2017-2017

Autismagorical 40s; Mother of 2 Autistics; Dx35; Dep, Anx; married; UK; 2017-2017

Autistic Lucy Lucy Hunter; 21; Woman; Dx12; in a relationship with NT girlfriend; aspiring YouTuber, artist, mother of 3 fur babies; 2017-2017; YouTube, Twitter

beautifullybrokengal Dx18+; 2015-2017

It’s foggy in London Dx25; 2017-2017

I Am Aspie Dx47; 2017-2017

For all our quirks 2016-2017

Reading Autistically 2016-2017

The Autistic Fox Male; 2016-2017

the autistic times Dx53; ADHD, JHS, FB, dyspraxia; information technologist; UK (south); 2017-2017

Ashlea McKay 2014-2019

I Know This Rose Will Open 2014-2019

Deep Philosophy of Travelor 2013-2015

A Life Of A Aspie By Simon Phillips 2016-2017

The Aspie Brain Dx18+; 2013-2017

The Aspie Factor Woman; 2017-2017

Aspie Miss 30s; Woman; Dx29; SEN teacher, Liverpool, UK; 2016-2017

Autisic Creative Arts Community Michelle; 20s; Dx12; bipolar; in a relationship; 2017-2017; The Budget Vegetarian, The Pastel Bookworm

Autism Achiever Courtney; 30s; Woman; Dx3; PhD candidate in chemistry. Practical Success Skills; 2017-2017

awkdorkable aspie Tori; 28; Dx3-; Woman; Happily taken; Just a weird, dog grooming artist; 2015-2017; Facebook

Aykayem Andrea; 56; Mother of NT son and BPD daughter; Dx54; divorced; Australia; 2005-2017; Up Too Late, As Usual …

30 Days of Autism Acceptance (tumblr) Dx21; 2017-2019

Dr Melanie Kaiyanna Mahjenta Ph.D. Mother of Autistic; 2016-2017

achildlikemewordpress Mother of Autistic; 2016-2017

A is for Autiste 2015-2017; Respectfully Connected | Cat Walker

A Journey Into A Unique Mind Dx30s; ADHD, Dep, EDS, FB, PTSD, SPD; 2014-2017

Not of this World Non-binary; Dx11; self advocate; 2015-2017

Diary of an Aspergirl Woman; Dx20s; 2016-2017

AutistWanderer’s Musings 2016-2017

Autism Echoes 2017-2017

ASDIARY Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; 2015-2017

asdmummyme Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; ASD specialist teaching assistant; 2016-2017

Asperganoid 2015-2017

Aspergers women Woman; Dx28; Dep, Anx; soon to be married; teacher; 2017-2017

Autistic Perspective Melissa Chapple; 20s; Woman; Dx18; PhD researcher; UK (England, Merseyside); 2016-2019; podcast

Aspie and Proud 40s; Dx30s; Anx, Dep; married to NT; 2017-2017

Aspie at 70 Dx60+; 2017-2017

Aspie Awakening 2017-2017

Aspiedoc Mother; Dx18+; 2015-2017

Letters from my Bouncy Castle Maria Guardiola; 28; Mother of Autistic son and possibly-Asperger’s daughter; Dx25; 2017-2017

AspieNooch 48; Woman; Dx46; married to NT; Academic, UK Midlands; 2014-2017

aspienworld Apryl; 47; Mother of Autistic sons (14, GAD, SPD, bipolar, ADHD; and 13, petit mal seizures, GAD, OCD, ADHD, SPD, simple tremors, hyperlexia, anger issues); Dx42; OCD, PTSD, ADHD, GAD, HH, SPD, bipolar, hyperacusis, dyscalculia, chronic pain, chronic illness, petit mal seizures; married to Aspie; Stay at home mom, Georgia; 2015-2017

Sound and Vision Male; Dx30s; 2016-2017

Living with Asperger syndrome Paul Hassing; Male; Dx42; PTSD; married to NT; writer, Australia, greenie; 2009-2017; Paul Hassing’s autobiography, Imagine Day, Now Look Here, Practical Copywriting Tips, Practical Social Media Tips

Asymmetra Dx18+; in Swedish and English; 2017-2017

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Celebrating Atypical Minds (tumblr) 2011-2019

Making It Up 40s; Woman; Dx40s; UK, home educator; 2003-2019; Living otherwise, Choosing different

Anime – Movies – Wrestling MIB; Male; Dx42; Dep, HH, OCD, PDA, SAD, dyspraxia, narcolepsy, synesthesia; unemployed; anime/movie reviewer, amateur filmmaker, video editor; single; UK (Kent, Orpington); 2012-2019; Vimeo, Orpington Video and Film Makers, Twitter, Facebook

Sarah Kurchak – Medium 2016-2018; Consequence of Sound, Pacific Standard

Navigating Life Dx28; Canada (British Columbia, near Vancouver); 2017-2019

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Amazing Artists Alexandra; 25; Woman; Dx15; children’s book series author; illustrator, animator, movies, reading; single; USA (CA, southern); 2015-2019; (website), Amazon, Love & Autism

Savan Gandecha 29; Male; Dx24; dyslexia; British Asian; UK (England, London); 2011-2018; (website), YouTube, (more posts)

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Tell me why the world is weird Dx20s; 2012-2019

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Tatasan’s Blog Woman; Dx30; self-employed; food; USA (CA, Los Angeles); 2012-2019

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Kaelan Rhywiol « Author and Editor 43; Mother of Autistic kids; Dx39; Non-binary; married to an autistic man; mixed-race, Southern Ontario Canada, spins w/a spinning wheel; 2016-2019; Facebook, Amazon, Goodreads, Pinterest, Ko-fi, Patreon

Another Spectrum 70; Male; Dx60; migraines; married to NT; Aotearoa New Zealand; 2014-2019

Ethical Antics Claudia Casser; Dx63; 2016-2017; Goodreads, Amazon, The Art of Autism, Learn from Autistics, Heirs of the Body

Cameron’s Opinion 2018-2019

Ultraholic Male; Dx50+; Dep, SPD, alcoholism, addiction; Los Angeles, CA, USA; web development; 2009-2019

Sonny Hallett – Medium Non-binary; Dx20s; illustrator, maker, naturalist; UK (Scotland); 2016-2019; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, Illustration & Design, co-founder of AMASE

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Revolutionary Musings 30s; Male; Dx34; ADHD, Dep, Anx; single; reluctant poet; USA; 2017-2019

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A Sagittarian Seeker 2011-2019

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Shona Davison Website | Autistic Educator and Advocate Dx37; 2018-2018

flojoeasydetox 2014-2019

Madeleine Ryan Madeleine Ryan; 30; Woman; Dx24; Anx, Dep, alexithymia, IBS; writer; Australia; 2008-2019

Dude, I’m An Aspie. Comics; 2009-2016

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This is for you, Carrie 2016-2019

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Always Intrepid Alec Frazier; 33; Dx18-; Male; ADHD, bipolar, dysgraphia, OCD, SPD, HHT (Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia), Hip Dysplasia; single; Director of Autistic Reality; Washington, DC; Reviews, LGBTQ, Autistic Reality, Fun; 2011-2019; Autistic Reality, Facebook

Life in the Uncanny Valley Male; 2009-2019

Aspie Diaries 21; Woman; Dx8; early childhood educator; Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Canada; 2011-2019

The Invisible Moth 41; Parent of Autistic son (15) and suspected PDD son (3); Dx35+; Anx, SPD, dyslexia; self-published author, dancer, has Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education; 2016-2019

The Wandering Mind – Blog of Kay Want Cheung Mother of Autistic and NT teens; Dx46; Queensland, Australia; 2016-2019

Life on a Blue Moon – A Look at Fragrance, Chronic Illness, Depression & Family Dynamics Woman; Dx50+; Dep, Anx, agoraphobia; 2017-2019

Bicycles and Biscuits Dx43,36; 2014-2017

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Marja Erwin 2010-2017

Adriana L. White 35; Woman; Dx33; alexithymia, GAD, GERD, hyperlexia, migraines; teacher & school librarian; Puerto Rican/Mexican-American; married; USA (TX, San Antonio); 2017-2019

Blueyespeaks Dx19; 2017-2017

The Way, the Truth and the Life Kezziah; 20; Woman; Dx12; Anx, chronic joint/back pain; engaged; Student, UK, Christianity; 2017-2017

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Disability and Representation 2012-2014

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Aspergreatness Male; Dx50+; dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, Irlen, Anx; Mental Health Professional, Psychopedagogy Professional, Theologian; 2012-2019

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Star Ford 51; Woman; Dx30s; 1989-2019; A Field Guide to Earthlings

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Hux Tales 30; Non-binary; Dx28; Anx, EDS, LGTBQ+, PNES, POTS; Publicity & Editorial Director at 3 of Cups Press, London; 2015-2019

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Alone in nature 25; Woman; Dx20+; Australia ; 2016-2017

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The Only Autism Mom Is An Autistic Mom Woman; Dx34; high school english teacher and power engineer; 2017-2019; Tumblr

tracycanhazblog Mother; Dx18+; 2014-2017

Will Opines Dx40s; 2012-2017; (suicide)

Lauren Hannah 24; Dx21; ARFID, Anx, APD, Dep, dyscalculia, IBS, LGBTQ+ (aromantic/asexual); book blogger, autism service dog; from the Netherlands; 2017-2019

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Critique of Popular Reason 2010-2017

Work in progress 2007-2019

The Liberal Aspie Cristina Alexander; 25; Woman; Dx18-; OCD, Personality Disorder-NOS; 2015-2017

Cloud Cuckoo Kiss 37; Dx30s; multi-lingual poet with holistic perception; 2016-2017

autismjungle Male; Dx18+; 2010-2019

Holding Patterns and High Tea Salem Leonard-Goosby; 41; Non-binary parent of 5 children 2-14 (all ND); Dx20s; Asthma, AERD (respiratory disease), fibromyalgia, Anx; ethically non-monogamous with all-ND partners; writer, activist; 2011-2019; Facebook

Ben Lunn – Medium 28; Male; Dx3; dyslexia, Dep; composer; UK (Scotland, Glasgow); 2018-2019; composer site

How To Walk Katherine May; 2018-2019; The Electricity of Every Living Thing

The Thinker’s Temple Dx30s; OCD, ADHD, GAD, PTSD; married; 2010-2019

The Aspergian 2010-2011

Michael Forbes Wilcox Male; Dx58; 2011-2019

WillowHope Woman; Dx teens; 2013-2019

biG72Media 2015-2019; YouTube

Child-Led Chaos 2011-2018

EXPATLOG Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; 2014-2018

The Lefthander’s Path 2006-2018; Autistic Celt, Mariah’s Musings, Roots, Leaves and Threads, caelesti, Twitter

Josh Crickmay 20s; Male; Dx15; adventurer. series producer, photographer, videographer, writer; South Africa; 2018-2018

Dora Raymaker Non-binary; Pacific-northwest USA neuro/queer scientist, author, multimedia artist; 2017-2019

Trickster Woman 33; Woman; Dx32; ADD, PTSD, Dep, Anx, LGBTQ+; business analyst; in a relationship with NT woman; USA (AZ, Tucson); 2018-2019

The World We Create Parent of 2 Autistics and 1 with learning disabilities; Dx26; dyspraxia; teaching; married; Canada; 2013-2019

Autism Website of Kevin Healey Author & Campaigner UK; 2009-2018

Matty Angel 2009-2019

yetanotherlefty 2013-2018

The Clockwork Pastor 2005-2019; The Clockwork Pastor

ChevsLife Mother of Autistic son with hearing loss; Dx30+; Living and Parenting with Intent – Unmasking the Journey to Optimism; 2014-2019

jo fox – adventures in art Dx18+; 2015-2019

Craig Kohn The Aspergers Coach Dx18-; 2014-2019

Nerd Rambles Megan; Woman; Dx18-; retail; pop culture, nerdy goodness; UK (Scotland); 2014-2019

Group Autistic blogs (back to top)

Wrong Planet Autism Community Forum 2004-2019

The Art of Autism 2012-2019

The Aspergian 2018-2019

Asperger’s & Autism Forum 2010-2019

THINKING PERSON’S GUIDE TO AUTISM includes non-Autistic contributors; 2010-2019

Autism Support Network 2008-2019

Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network 2009-2019; Facebook

Asperger Experts 2012-2019; YouTube

Ollibean -2019

Learn From Autistics interviews with Autistics (and others); 2015-2019

Autism Acceptance Month 2013-2016

Penfriend Project | Geek Club Books Dx18+; 2013-2019; Zoom Autism Magazine

Spectrum Women Barb Cook; International online publication by Autistic Women for Autistic women; 2016-2019

Love & Autism includes non-Autistic contributors; 2015-2019

GRASP 2016-2019

Aut’Créatifs Actually Autistic community promoting positive recognition of autism (in French, English, and Spanish); Canada (Québec); 2013-2018

Chat for Adults with HFA and Aspergers 2011-2019

Respectfully Connected Parents (some non-Autistic) of Autistic(s); 2015-2019

autistic headcanons (tumblr) 2015-2019

We Are Like Your Child 2013-2019

Autistics Speaking Day 2011-2019

Me.Decoded (includes other neurodivergences); 2018-2019

Autistics Being Autistics (tumblr) 2016-2017

The Stimming Checklist 2013-2017

Undiagnosed Autism Feels (tumblr) 2015-2019

That Autism Feel (tumblr) 2014-2019

Parenting Autistic Children With Love & Acceptance Parents (including non-Autistic) of Autistic(s); 2013-2018

Autistic Collaboration 2017-2019

A Google For Autistics! (tumblr) 2016-2017

NeuroQueer includes non-Autistic contributors; 2013-2016

Autistic UK | For Autistic People, By Autistic People 2017-2019

Autistics 4 Autistics (A4A) Ontario 2017-2019

Fuck Yeah, Stimming! (tumblr) 2012-2016

autismandptsd (tumblr) 2016-2017

Noncompliant – the podcast includes non-Autistic contributors; 2019-2019

Autism and Empathy 2011-2012

Is This An Autistic Trait? (tumblr) 2016-2017

Autistic Philly created by Founding Members of The Philadelphia Center for Autistic Advancement; 2017-2017; Facebook

ACAT: Ala Costa Adult Transition Program 2014-2017

Amplify Autistic Voices 2013-2017

Our Autistic History (Month) 2016-2017; Autistic History Month

Autistic Problems (tumblr) 2011-2019

Autistic People Should… 2013-2013

Autism Spectrum Disorder | The Mighty includes non-Autistic contributors; 2014-2019

Autism Wiki 2012-2019

National Autistic Society – our Community 2015-2019

Actually Autistic | Narrative 2018-2019

r/AutismTranslated 2019-2019

SEEDs for Autism Blog 2016-2019

Unashamed Voices of Autism 2019-2019

little autism things (tumblr) 2015-2018

AutAngel 2016-2018

Your Faves Are Autistic (tumblr) 2016-2018

The spectrum of differences 2017-2018

Autistic Women’s Association Worldwide 2015-2016

Talk About Autism (tumblr) 2015-2016

Autism Positivity Day Flash Blog 2012-2015

Walk in OUR shoes 2015-2015

disabilityrightnow includes non-Autistic contributors; 2012-2014

Scattered ASD Perspectives includes non-Autistic contributors; 2012-2013

Autistics Aware 2011-2012

LOVE-NOS 2011-2011

Autistic blogs with other focuses (back to top)

Penelope Trunk Careers Mother of Autistic; 2001-2019

Stephen Wiltshire – Drawings, paintings and prints -2019

Autistic Self Advocacy Network 2012-2019; Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr

Social Skills Blog Male; 2012-2018; Daniel Wendler

Janine Booth 2014-2018

Autism Investigated Jake Crosby; Male; Dx18-; MPH in epidemiology, research experience in vaccine safety; 2013-2019; The Epoch Times, Brandeis Magazine

Social skills for autonomous people. 2012-2018

AspieComic Michael McCreary; 2014-2019; (website)

Autisticate Dalmayne 40s; Woman; Dx37; Irlen, synesthesia; single; author of Its An Autism Thing I’ll Help You Understand It; 2015-2017; Autisticate Dalmayne, Autistic Inclusive Meets

Queerability (tumblr) 2013-2019

International Badass Activists Eve Hinson; 40s; Mother of Autistic sons and NT daughter; Dx30; synesthesia, self-harm, hyperlexia, FND, dyscalculia, chronic pain, chronic illness, autoimmune, alexithymia, PTSD , HH, FB, CPTSD, LGBTQ+, pansexual, androgynous; married to NT; Tower District, Fresno, CA, USA; 2017-2019

AMHA | Autism Mental Health Awareness Dx21; Real Stories by Real people fighting for better mental health; 2017-2018

Keeping Stars Mother; Dx14; 2018-2018

Jorn Bettin knowledge archaeologist, anthropologist; 2011-2019; Autistic Collaboration

Asperger Management 1982-2016

Dinah the Aspie Dinosaur comics; 2015-2019

Neurodiverse Communication Specialist Tim Goldstein; 50s; Male; Dx54; Anx, bipolar; Autism in the workplace; Engaging Technical Workers; married; USA (Colorado, Denver); 2017-2019

Autism Memorial 1944-2019

Henny Kupferstein Mother of Autistic son and daughters and NT daughter; Dx30+; EDS, Crohn’s, MCAD deficiency; doctoral student; San Diego, CA, USA; 2013-2019

ABA Controversy Autism Discussion 2017-2018

Aspiesforfreedom 2012-2013

Information on Autism and Asperger Syndrome from Stephen Shore 2003-2015

The Cinematic Emporium Sarah Ward; 25; Woman; Dx18-; single; aspiring writer and movie fan; 2014-2017

Autistic Flappy Hour podcast; 2015-2018

Remrov’s World of Autism video blog; 2015-2019

Achieve more as an autistic adult Male; Dx48; 2013-2019

Raesin Caine Dx41; 2017-2017

AsIAm Ireland’s National Autism Charity & Advocacy organisation 2012-2019

Justin Robbins, Author at Stairway to STEM Dx18+; 2018-2019

Fabulously Autistic 2019-2019

Damian Milton – Autism Consultancy 2013-2017 Male; 2004-2019

[calm, almost too calm] 2006-2019

Daily Life with Asperger’s Al Kutil; 60s; Dx34; married; semi-retired; autism research; Wisconsin, USA; 2013-2019

Phil Gluyas: Autism News and Views Male; Dx30s; 2013-2019

autismspectrumstuff 50s; Parent of daughter (20s; ADHD, suspected Autism); Dx40; ADHD; 2015-2019

Eva Angvert 61; Woman; Dx58; PTS, bipolar, alcoholism; somatic integral coach; Empower You with Ease and Comfort; married; USA (CA); 2015-2019

Autism Hall of Fame (Awetism Hall of Fame) 2016-2019; Awetism Hall of Fame, The Genius of Autism Wiki

Arcadian Gravity Woman; Dx40; theoretical physics; New Zealand; 2017-2019

St Elsewhere male and trans male; Dx18+; podcast; representations of autism in media; 2017-2019

The Participatory Autism Research Collective 2017-2019

Watch Well Cal Montgomery; 2017-2019

GenX Aspie | Life Hacks For Adults On The Spectrum Woman; Dx42; #autisticwhilebrown; 2018-2019

Face Value Comics 2013-2018

International Aspergirl Society 2014-2018; Help 4 Aspergers, Patreon

Adulting With Autism(tumblr) Dx36; 2017-2018

Health Matters For Asperger’s Women 71; Mother of NT daughter, AS daughter, & BAP son, with 3 AS grandsons, 1 AS granddaughter, & 1 BAP granddaughter; Dx60s; 2017-2018

Inside Perspectives | of Asperger Syndrome and the Neurodiversity Spectrum 2010-2016

Searching for answers to Aspergers Syndrome 2010-2015

Job Sink 2011-2011

Alexa-unranked Autistic blogs (back to top)

Terra Vance – The Aspergian 39; Mother of Autistic daughter (SPD, hyperlexia); Dx30s; ADHD, OCD, SPD, SID, dyslexia, dyspraxia, cross-dominance, EDS, synesthesia; married to Autistic; industrial and organizational psychology consultant; writing the neuroverse; USA; 2018-2019

Lindsay Mohler – Medium 24; Woman; Dx1; OCD, ADHD, APD, PTSD, Anx, Dep; student, activist, opera singer, theatre major, plans to be music therapist; white/Caucasian, USA; 2017-2019

Peter Wynn – Medium Dx35; 2017-2019

Rebekah. – Medium 30s; Dx28; Anx, Dep; student; New Zealand; 2018-2019

Heidi Turner – Medium Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; 2016-2018

Midori Under Giants – Medium 2018-2018

Greg Love – Medium Father of Autistic; Dx31; 2016-2017

An Aspie comes out of the closet – Medium Garret Mathews; 69; Male; Dx67; Anx, OCD; married to NT; 2017-2017; Plugger Publishing

Casey W. – Medium Australia; 2016-2016

Devon Price – Medium Non-binary; 2014-2019

Jay Tee Rattray – Medium Jill Rattray; 40s; Woman; Dx40; ADHD, migraines; unemployed; Representation matters; UK (Scotland, West Lothian); 2016-2019

Jenée – Medium 34; Non-binary; Dx33; 2016-2019

Tara L. Campbell – Medium 2017-2019

Chuck Winters – Medium Dx30s; 2018-2019

Dylan Greene – Medium Dylan Greene; 29; Male; Dx13; has Autistic girlfriend; 2018-2019

Alice’s Nightmare – Medium 40s; Mother of Autistics (large family, includes other special needs); Dx41; ADHD; domestic violence, sexual assault, legal abuse; Ex-partner diagnosed with narcissist personality disorder, several other personality disorders and several addiction issues. Current partner Autistic and ADHD; Hell in the land of cotton; 2017-2018

Reese Piper – Medium 20s; Woman; Dx25; traveling stripper and journalist; 2017-2018; Twitter, Passing as Normal

OuterSpaceBoy – Medium Male; Dx37; Anx, Dep; Designer from Central Europe; 2016-2017

Rosemary Collins – Medium Dx18+; 2016-2017; Twitter

Grit – Medium 2016-2016

Fast Eddie on HubPages 2017-2017

Wilson Kaiser on HubPages 2014-2016

Jenna on HubPages Mother of Autistic; 2011-2014

Amy on HubPages 2014-2018

Mary Kelly Godley on HubPages Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; 2012-2017

Kylyssa Shay on HubPages 2016-2017

Erin Clemens | The Mighty Woman; 2015-2019; (website) Amazon, Facebook

Alex Blackston | The Mighty 2016-2019

Jacob Durn | The Mighty UK (England); 2016-2019; Tumblr, (website), Facebook, Twitter

Joanna Grace | The Mighty Mother; Dx30+; sensory engagement specialist; UK (England, Cornwall); 2016-2019; Facebook, Twitter, The Sensory Projects

Kaelynn Partlow | The Mighty Dx10; 2016-2019

Louis Scarantino | The Mighty Male; Dx2; 2016-2019; (website), Thought Catalog, Unwritten, Project Wednesday, Amazon

Tom Bak | The Mighty Dx3; 2016-2019

Emily Kirchner | The Mighty 2017-2019; Facebook, Primordial Soup of the Day

Jordan Aukema | The Mighty Dx18-; 2017-2019; Facebook

Kate Smith | The Mighty Dx20s; 2017-2019

Tsukasa Nakai | The Mighty 2017-2019; Facebook

David Gray-Hammond | The Mighty 2018-2019

Katsolutely Dx10; 2018-2019; Katelyn Decker | The Mighty, Facebook, Twitter

Maxine Share | The Mighty 2018-2019

Molly D. Dann-Pipinias | The Mighty 2018-2019

Peri-Ann Savidge | The Mighty 2018-2019

Sarah Turner | The Mighty Dx11; 2018-2019

Savannah | The Mighty Dx5; 2018-2019

Timothy Kiley | The Mighty 2018-2019

Togetherweareenough | The Mighty Dx18+; 2018-2019

Vicki Swan | The Mighty 2018-2019

Joelle Marie | The Mighty Dx36; 2019-2019

Kristian Thomas | The Mighty UK (England); 2019-2019

Toby Davis | The Mighty Dx18+; 2019-2019

Kana Umagami | The Mighty Dx22; UK; 2017-2018

Emma Durman | The Mighty Dx18+; 2018-2018; Twitter

Kaleb Johnson | The Mighty 2018-2018

Jas ONeill Stone | The Mighty 2016-2019; Facebook

Kelly Donovan | The Mighty 2016-2019

Rosie Howard | The Mighty 2016-2019

Amanda Van Slyke | The Mighty 2017-2019; Medium

LC | The Mighty 2017-2019; Facebook

Jeremiah S. | The Mighty Dx18+; 2018-2019; Facebook, Twitter

Maverick Crawford III | The Mighty Dx6; 2018-2019

Tahlia V. | The Mighty 2018-2019

Jimmy Strack | The Mighty 2019-2019

Paige H. N. | The Mighty 2019-2019

catsidhe Father; 2004-2019

Autism Insider | Geek Club Books 2014-2019

Niko Boskovic (facebook) 18; Male; Dx3; student, self-advocate, listener, NSp; 2015-2019; OCDD, Facebook

Világot Látni – See the World Marti and Robert; married autistic teachers from Hungary; 2015-2019; Facebook

Andrew W. Merced Dx2; 2017-2019

The Autism Sense Project Sian Atkins; 30; Woman; Dx2; writer; UK; 2017-2019; Twitter, Pinterest

ASD and me Lone Wolfe; 30s; Woman; Dx30s; unemployed; Australia (New South Wales, Sydney); 2018-2019

Diary of an Autistic Mountain Biker Dx40s; UK; 2018-2019

Diversity and Autism Mother; Dx18+; 2018-2019

Half functional Rose; Woman; Dx16-; schoolgirl; cynical funny and ready to spread awareness; UK; 2018-2019

I Hum When I’m Happy Dx35; Canada; 2018-2019

I’m Have Autism, What’s Your Super Power? Male; Dx2; 2018-2019

Lilith Exposed 2018-2019

My Aspie World 73; Father of 5 adults; Dx57; ADHD; retired; separated from NT; Australia (Victoria, Melbourne); 2018-2019

taking back me Mother of Autistic son and daughter; Dx30s; ADHD, SPD, Anx; UK; 2018-2019

The Slow and Torturous Decapitations of Bullshit 30s; Male; Dx30; programmer; Singapore; 2018-2019

Alex’s Autism Array Blog Woman; Dx2; 2019-2019

Aspie Jane Dx34; 2019-2019

Aspie Orchid Rebekah Wall; 20s; Dx17; Dep, short term memory loss, Irlen, dyspraxia, Anx, panic disorder; student; partnered to Autistic; UK (England, East Anglia, Norwich); 2019-2019

Aspie Unicorn Magic Dx40; USA; 2019-2019

Aspie Writes Woman; Dx39; 2019-2019

Aspiphany Carla Lorien; 25; Woman; Dx24; designer in digital media; informative, experiences; Mexico (Mexico City); 2019-2019

Astro Autistic Canada; 2019-2019

Awesome, with Some Difficulties Deanna Javier; 30; Mother of daughter; Dx28; Anx, Dep, fibromyalgia; stay-at-home mom; married; USA; 2019-2019

BlautisticLife Dx18+; blind; 2019-2019

Jamie’s Blog Dx35; 2019-2019

Lost in AsperWorld 2019-2019

Merry Jane’s World of Writing MerryJane; 23; Non-binary; Dx20s; Anx, Dep; unemployed; comedy; USA (Florida); 2019-2019

My Adult Autism Adventure Dx18+; 2019-2019

SoloAspieGirl Dx19; Ireland; 2019-2019

Stories by Andrew Robinson 2019-2019

Taylor Linloff Dx23; Canada (Nova Scotia); 2019-2019; The Mighty Linktree

The Autistic Phoenix Alan Robinson; 52; Father; Dx52; SAD; analyst; married to possible Autistic; UK (England, Hampshire); 2019-2019

The Musings of an Autistic Woman Woman; Dx13; 2019-2019

The Sassy Aspie 2019-2019

The Social Autist Dx18+; 2019-2019

Trailblazing Autism Sarah Michelle Ramos; 20s; Dx2; infant/toddler assistant teacher; creative, independent-minded woman; engaged to NT; USA; 2019-2019; Autism Society, Best Buddies, Head Start

Autistic, Typing (facebook) Jules; Mother of Autistics; Dx30s; ADHD, PTSD; intersectional activism disability race; single; USA (midwest); -2019

AspieCast – Asperger Syndrome Podcast 2013-2018

Happy Aspie | Geek Club Books Robert Watkins; 60; Father of NT daughter; Dx56; Anx, synesthesia; reinventing the workplace with/for autistics; 2016-2018;

Karlas ASD Page (facebook) -2018; Karla’s mentee

Haley Moss | HuffPost 2015-2017

Toni Boucher on HubPages 48; Dx46; 2011-2016; Toni Boucher

My Shaynanigans | Geek Club Books 2014-2016

Marcus Mitchell | HuffPost 2015-2016; Facebook

Tud Sense | Geek Club Books 2014-2015; YouTube

Jim Sinclair’s Web Site 1988-1998


Nightengale of Samarkand 2003-2019; LiveJournal

The Perfumed Void Alyssa Gonzalez; 31; Woman; CPTSD; science writer; Hispanic, immigrant, transgender, atheist, trained biologist, science fiction writer; solo polyamory; Canada (Ontario, Ottawa); 2011-2019; (website)

Scrappy Deviation Benny Vimes; Male: Dx30s; 2016-2019

Georgia’s Life 19; Woman; Dx14; Anx; unemployed; single; UK (Scotland); 2019-2019

Me and the Universe 2019-2019

The Polyglot Lion Dx18+; 2019-2019

Otiumpic / Behind the camera – Medium 36; Woman; Dx32; APD, GAD, OCD, SPD, alexithymia, hyperacusis, migraines, synesthesia; based in France; 2017-2018; otiumpic photography

Autismogorical! Dx24; UK; 2018-2018

Decrypting the riddles of life 2010-2015

Fire Bright Star Soul 1996-2019

First Gay Aspie Tony; 51; Male; Dx24; engaged to male Autistic partner; 1996-2019; Autistic Sport, Tony’s APAC2013, Tony’s Down Under Blog, The Shack of VK3JED

Reports from a Resident Alien Lisa Daxer; 30s; Non-binary; Dx23; Dep, PTSD, ADHD, abuse survivor; single; asexual; Understanding NTs through the Power of Science; 2005-2019; Autism Memorial

Dwarren57 Derek; Male; Dx4; Anx; Pennsylvania native; 2009-2019

I’m not crazy—–i am autistic!!!!! 2009-2019

Laura Nadine Dx26; 2009-2019

Ramblings of A Successful Autistic 2009-2019

The Autistic Atheist Male; Dx30s; Europe; 2009-2019

Asperger’s Illustrated 2010-2019

Differently Wired! 2010-2019; Musings of a Free Thinker, The Ways of the Force

Acceptable Face 2011-2019

Autismo Girl 2011-2019

Catastraspie Woman; Dx31; Anx, Dep, alexithymia; researcher; UK; 2011-2019

delphinemusic 2011-2019; TechNow Geek

Eccentrics United Woman, Dx18+; 2011-2019

The Life Autistic Father; 2011-2019; Twitter

The Not-So Random Thoughts of a Psycho-Educational Consultant 2011-2019

A lifetime of labels Woman; 2012-2019

Always Aspiegirl Mother; 2012-2019

Boldly Growing: Tori Haar 2012-2019

bunnyhopscotch 2012-2019; Dawn-joy Leong, Scheherazade’s Sea

Full Spectrum Mama 2012-2019

hereirawr Mother; Dx18+; 2012-2019

James Christie(goodreads) 2012-2019; Amazon

Living with the aspergers curse 48; Male; Dx42; single; Utah, USA; 2012-2019

Miss Molly and Aspergers 2012-2019

Tales From An Autism Family Mother of Autistic; 2012-2019; Autistic daughter’s blog

aspergergarden Male; 2013-2019

Diary Of An Alien 2013-2019; The Mighty

Jesse Saperstein Male; 2013-2019

Just Being Me…Who Needs “Normalcy” Anyway? Mother of neurodiverse; 2013-2019; Morénike Giwa Onaiwu, Respectfully Connected

Karen Willis (My Journey and Life with Autism) 28; Dx4; 2013-2019

love+shyness 2013-2019

Not Far From the Tree 2013-2019; A Willful Woman…

Returning James NSp son & NT mother; 2013-2019

Spaced Out & Smiling 2013-2019; Jamie Knight, + Lion

The Life of an Aspie 2013-2019; Vael, Alyssahuberfilms ~ Artist Portfolio ~ Art for Sale

unwrittengrace Grace; 26; Woman; Dx9; bi-racial Christian wannabe writer; 2013-2019

Acting NT 2014-2019

Add a pinch of bipolar Mother of Autistic daughter (6); Dx36; bipolar; married; ASD school teacher and fitness instructor ; 2014-2019

Aspie Adventure Gary Mckenzie; 50s; Male; Dx40s; social enterprise; UK (Scotland, Edinburgh, Candlemaker Row); 2014-2019; Lackdhu Art & Crafts, Old Town Tours

Cambria’s Big Fat Autistic Blog 42; Woman; Dx17-; single; Kentucky, USA; 2014-2019

Help! They Want Me To Socialise 2014-2019; Write! Don’t Procrastinate

innerdragon Woman; Dx20s; Dep, PTSD, OCD, Irlen; 2014-2019

Jumping Out of the Fishbowl – An Autistic Life 2014-2019

Life of a “functioning” Aspergian and her Service Dog Kobash 40s; Mother of Autistic son; Dx11; sensory sensitivity; married to NT; makes custom mats for dogs, cats, and babies; 2014-2019; Kobash Mats, Kobash Mat-Gazine

Life with Autism 28; Dx3; Type 1 diabetes; library volunteer; 2014-2019

Mark Kent Father of Autistic; Dx29; ME; allergies, migraines; married 17 years to NT; disabled, can’t work; takes part in a lot research; 2014-2019

Max’s shop of horrors 2014-2019

Me, Myself and PDA Dx12; PDA; 2014-2019

Melissa Fields, Autist 59; Gender-nonconforming; Dx36; single; Artist, writer; 2014-2019

mylittlegoldfishbowl Laura; 34; Dx4; Woman; Dep, ADHD; married; 2014-2019

Opinions Learned from RPM and Autism NSp; 2014-2019

Recovery Is Tough, But So Are You (tumblr) 2014-2019

The Pieces Fit! Dx30s; 2014-2019

…i am my own experience… Kate Ross; 34; Woman; Dx31; married to Autistic; 2015-2019; Facebook, Twitter, International Aspergirl Society

(F)Aspie: n: a female person with Asperger Syndrome Mother of Autistic; Dx18+; 2015-2019; Caring For The Carers, Life Is Strange: Embrace It

A Coherent Heart 2015-2019

Anything Maureen 2015-2019

Aspie On The Road USA; 2015-2019; Russell James | The River’s Bend

Aspie Teacher Blog Mother; Dx30s; 2015-2019

Aspiepriest Dx18+; 2015-2019

autismwonderings 2015-2019

Autistictic Woman; Dx24; married to NT; 2015-2019

Blinkie Frustrations 2015-2019

Bradseyeview Brad; 30s; Male; Dx15; anosmia; eternally single; retailer, traveller, family historian; 2015-2019; other blogs

christyautisticwalk 2015-2019

Dare to Listen NSp; 2015-2019

David’s blog 2015-2019

From My World To Your World 2015-2019

Hello Neurodiversity! 30s; Non-binary; Dx31; ADHD; 2015-2019

Life on Autism Dx18+; 2015-2019; Books on Autism

Maybe Autism Explains It All 40s; Woman; Dx41; Anx. APD. JHS. SPD. PCOS. IBS. Hypothyroidism. Asthma; married; Canadian; 2015-2019

Memoirs of a British aspie 23; Male; Dx20; GAD, LGBTQ+, Dep; single; Black student, UK Resident, piano player ; 2015-2019

Neuroblending 2015-2019

Practically Safe (tumblr) Dx18+; 2015-2019

roarheart Parent of Autistic child (PDA); Dx40; PDA, CPTSD, FB, dyscalculia, alexithymia, (recovered) ED, Anx, addiction, Dep, fibromyalgia; full–time carer; LOVE TRUST REVEL LEAD; Australia; 2015-2019

The Reluctant Elf Queen – Poems for Autism Acceptance; by Autistic people 2015-2019

tictoc11’s Blog 30s; Woman; Dx28; 2015-2019

vodkadietcokes Sav; 28; Male; Dx23; ED (AN-r), GAD with panic, Dep, hyperacusis, excoriation; temp worker; Focus on anorexia recovery; UK (England, London); 2015-2019; Instagram

A Little Off the Mark Woman; Dx28; 2016-2019

An Accident In Space And Time 45; Mother of Autistic adult son (learning disabilities, bowel problems); Dx30+; epilepsy, PTSD, Dep, alcohol abuse; married to NT; 2016-2019

Ausomely Autistic Dx18-; Anxiety, Cerebral palsy, Scoliosis; Special interests: Art, service dogs, dogs, horses, Parelli, music, vaulting; 2016-2019

AutieFortyAndFAB 48; Woman; Dx44; soon to be married; LGBT, UK; 2016-2019

Autism Is Individual 30s; Woman; Dx21; 2016-2019

autspicious 2016-2019

Bob Christian 40s; Father; Dx39; Published poet; 2016-2019

Bungy Heart’s Bloggy Place 40s; Parent; Dx44; ADHD; registered nurse supporting Autistic access to health care; Melbourne, Australia; 2016-2019; Access Health Autism

Comments From The Pecan Gallery 24; Woman; Dx17; Anx; engaged; 2016-2019

Crazy-NOS 2016-2019

Disney Aspie Life 2016-2019

dyslexic annie’s Blog Annie Morris; Woman; Dx30+; dyslexia, dyspraxia; academic and specialist neurodivergent tutor; UK; 2016-2019; Neurodiversity Manifesto

Eclectic Autistic 47; Non-binary; Dx43; married; 2016-2019

Elizabeth Bartmess 2016-2019; TPGA, Disability in Kidlit

flowervioletblog 2016-2019

KDS – An Idea Of Autism 2016-2019; KDS

krysiawally 2016-2019

Little Miss Aspie Sasha-marie; 22; Woman; Dx16; urticaria (hives), angioedema, vasovagal syncope, Anx, GAD, APD, SPD, hyperacusis, ME, Dep, FB (mild), JHS, chronic pain, migraines, dysautonomia; In a long-term relationship; developmental psychology student; 2016-2019

Livin’ on a Prayer Rosa Tremaine; 27; Woman; Dx18+; Anx, PCOS, ME; married; historian, writer, artist; 2016-2019

Living Autism Dx36; Australia (Melbourne); 2016-2019

My Inner Workings Ilany Adoptie; 34; Woman; Dx18-; single; Caribbean; 2016-2019

My Life on the Spectrum 60s; Woman; Dx50+; OCD; single; substitute teacher’s assistant; 2016-2019; Facebook

Narcoleptic Aspie 50; Woman; Dx47; narcolepsy, ADHD, dysautonomia, POTS, ME, chronic illness, VSS; in a long-term relationship with NT; 2016-2019; Twitter

Pharaoh66 2016-2019

rosebud112 Rosebud; 20s; Woman; Dx3; Anx; student; single; UK (England); 2016-2019

Routines, Rants and Random Musings 40s; Father of NTs; Dx42; married; analyst in UK; 2016-2019

The Autistinquisitor Rishav Banerjee; 21; Dx7; Psychology major; 2016-2019

The Misadventures of Mama Pineapple Mother of Autistic; 36; Dx36; ADHD, dyspraxia; educator; 2016-2019

The Sarcastic Autist 28; Non-binary; Dx20s; PTSD, Dep, Anx, Endometriosis; 2016-2019

The Talentless Liar Woman; 2016-2019; The Different Engine

theaspiegirlblog 2016-2019

thistlethoughts 52; Male; Dx49; married; 2016-2019

TMI4ASD Woman; Dx30s; Anx, PTSD; infreq; Self employed, British, dog-mad; 2016-2019

Tragic Gender Story Tristan; 25; transmasculine, male, genderfluid; Dx23; PTSD/CPTSD, ADHD, OCD, LGBTQ+, bipolar, alexithymia; gender identity/trans issues; USA (NC); 2016-2019

Typically Individual Mother of Autistic; 2016-2019

🌊Millenial_Pressed✔ – Politics , Autism , Democrat Woman; Dx20s; 2017-2019

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How to bring up an Aspergers Child without going crazy… 40s; Parent of Aspergers/HFA son (teens, dyslexia), HFA daughter (teens, dyspraxia), daughter (pre-school); Dx40s; cohabiting parents – long-term engagement (partner has HFA, Dyslexia); Dyslexia, Dep, Anx; 2017-2019

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Processing Problems 33; Woman; Dx30; PTSD, Anx, Dep, chronic illness; married to NT; New England USA; runner, loves fitness, dog owner; 2017-2019

Semiotic Spectrumite Elena Chandler; 55; Woman; Dx18-; Tourette’s, epilepsy, narcolepsy, dyslexia, motor apraxia, speech apraxia, PTSD, SPD; Germany; philosophy, linguistics; 2017-2019

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Ascending into My True Self 47; Parent of Autistic; Dx46; Anx, APD, CPTSD, Dep, ARFID, FB, GAD, IBS, alexithymia, chronic pain, hyperacusis, hyperlexia, migraines, misophonia; divorced from NT pedophile abuser; USA; 2018-2019

Aspie girl blog Woman; Dx45; OCD, Anx, mild anhedonia; single; works doing phone surveys; near Tel Aviv, Israel; 2018-2019

Autism Blog Velvet; Dx8; student; history undergrad, year abroad in Sweden; UK (England, Bristol); 2018-2019

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Edge of the Playground Mikhaela Ackerman; 27; Dx5; single; Juris Doctor in USA; hoping to bridge gap in services; 2018-2019

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Searching for my truth… 40; Non-binary mother; Dx30s; self-employed writer, business owner (solar panels); married to Autistic wife; USA (Colorado); 2004-2019

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I Told You I Was Sick 2010-2019

Musings of An AfterThought Sara; 30s; Parent of son with special needs; Dx35; PCOS, PTSD, Anx, expressive language issues; automobile claims service representative; imperfectly perfect random topics; married to NT; USA (CA, San Bernardino County, Rancho Cucamonga; 2010-2019

This Antimatter Life Woman; Dx40+; 2010-2019; WordPress

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Jessica Banks schools you. 44; Mother of Autistic son (15) and ADHD son (11); Dx36; Anx, GAD, Dep, CPTSD, bisexual, chronic pain/fibromyalgia, synesthesia, hyperlexia; married to NT; observations on parenting, scholarship, geekhood, and sensory input; 2011-2019

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Autie Angel 37; Woman; Dx35; CPTSD, Anx, Dep, alexithymia, SPD, APD, Irlen, vision impairment, dyscalculia, self harm, chronic illness, autoimmune, ulcerative colitis, Lyme, pancreatitis, migraines; Boyfriend; Gardening, Music, Art, Poetry; Cape Cod, MA, USA; 2012-2019; Sergeant Sparrow, Sparrow Made Co., Lost Ghost

Broken Crayon Coloring 2012-2019; Chocolate Makes it Better, Laitie’s Scripts

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Life, teaching and other distractions. UK; 2012-2019

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yarn and pencil Tracey; 59; Mother of 2 adult children; Dx53; Anx, Dep, hyperacusis, dyscalculia; married; artist/crafter; 2014-2019

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Disorder Out of Chaos Dx40+; CPTSD, DID, EDS, myasthenia gravis, POTS, connective tissue disease; blogging for wellness; USA (Virginia); 2016-2019

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The Dragon Core 50s; Parent of daughter (BPD and ADHD) and son (ADHD); Dx50+; ADHD, BPD; married to NT; educator in the USA; 2016-2019

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the little book of empathy 2016-2019

The Psy of Life Parent of Autistic daughter (Anx); Dx48; Anx, FB, PDA; married to NT; Snarky, sarcastic, and profane; 2016-2019

This Life, autistic Simon Edgley; 46; Dx5; ADHD, PTSD; entrepreneur; filmmaking my story; single; UK (England, Winchester); 2016-2019

Thistleyroses (Karen Gray; 35; Mother; Dx32; Dyspraxia, Agoraphobia, Anx; Graphic Designer and Fantasy Author, UK (Scotland); 2016-2019; Thistlerose Designs, Instagram, Basically Creative, YouTube

Written out of history and written into myth (tumblr) 2016-2019

Young Fermanagh Naturalist Dx13-; 2016-2019

Anand Prahlad 60s; Parent of 2 sons, 1 stepson, and 1 stepdaughter; married to NT; African American poet, memoirist, musician, folklorist, English professor, author of The Secret Life of a Black Aspie; 2017-2019

Anniek’s Library 2017-2019

Aspie State of Mind Woman; Dx16; Atlanta, GA; 2017-2019; Jessica Cox

C. M. Weller’s Musings InterNutter; 40s; Parent of Autistics; Dx40; Anx, Dep, APD; indie author; Australia (Queensland); 2017-2019; Realm of the InterNutter

Chromographia 17; Male; Dx3; synaesthetic; fantasy-writing; biracial; Australia; 2017-2019

CrazyFitnessGuy Jimmy Clare; Male; Dx18-; an Autistic college student obsessed about healthy living; USA; 2017-2019

Elly the Knight Elly; 28; Non-binary; Dx12; bipolar, BPD, GAD, Anx, ADHD, SAD, clubfoot, chronic pain (arthritis), self-harm (in recovery), dyscalculia, SPD; single; Canadian, queer (aspec), amateur writer; 2017-2019; Twitter, Instagram

Fenris’ Realm 30s; Male; Dx22; Anx, Dep; infreq; Scandinavia; 2017-2019

Here I am, and this is me USA; 2017-2019

JLM in Euroclydon 58; Mother of Autistic; Dx50+; CPTSD, Dep, Anx, binge-ED; on SSDI (mental illness, cancer); writing, Christianity, resilience; widow; USA (Illinois, downstate, rural); 2017-2019

Laika Constantino Dx18-; 2017-2019

Life on the Spectrum Kylie; 29; Woman; Dx18-; “about embracing Aspergers and my own journey”; 2017-2019

Melusinian Musings Charlotte Smith; 23; Woman; Dx13; Anx, JHS, LGBTQ+, SAD; UK blogger discussing autism, history, and fairies; 2017-2019

METATRON MIND Multifaceted Logics; Dx26; dyspraxia, hEDS; senior support for Autistics; UK (England, Cornwall); 2017-2019

Musings of a Trainee Battleaxe Emma-Lucy; 30s; Woman; Dx16; Dep, Anx, PTSD; student/unemployed due to disability; mostly daily posts; single; UK; 2017-2019

Musings of a Trainee Battleaxe Woman; 2017-2019; Facebook, Twitter

Outdoor prescription and me Dx18+; 2017-2019

sarahneatsullivan 31; Woman; Dx27; PTSD, Dep, Anx; married to NT; self-employed artist; 2017-2019; Etsy

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The girl with the braid in her hair 2017-2019

The Godless Iowan 36; Father of Autistic daugher (suspected), NT daughter, and 2 NT sons; Dx30+; insomnia, gastrointestinal issues, Dep; engaged to suspected Autistic; Iowa (Midwest USA); 2017-2019

Thoughts of an autistic christian Woman; Dx30; ADHD, specific learning difficulties; 2017-2019

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Happy Young Buddha 2018-2019

InTune Pathways 40; Dx33; Mother of Autistic daughters (3, 7, 12, 19); married to Autistic; 2018-2019

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Needle & Thread 40s; Mother; Dx20s; CPTSD; homemaker; married; UK (England); 2018-2019

Pathnotes of an English Jedi Master UK; 2018-2019

Sensitivity is strength 35; Non-binary; Dx33; gender dysphoria, synesthesia, LGBTQ+; Poland; translator, editor, artist; personal development, creativity, spirituality; 2018-2019

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The Catholic Spoonie 2018-2019

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This and That 20s; Woman; Dx24; Anx, Dep; 2018-2019

Thomas’s Blog Male; 2018-2019; Thomas A. McKean’s Web Site

Tied Up in a Scriven 20s; Woman; Dx16; job-searching; blogs about philosophy, Christianity/spirituality, politics (right-leaning), short story writing, recipes; 2018-2019

Agent Silki 36; Woman; Dx36; ADHD, PTSD, Anx; software developer; gamer, mental health advocate; UK; 2019-2019

AsperUnusual Dx18; 2019-2019

Constantine Nobody True; Dx40; UK (England, Coalville); 2019-2019

designerscaffolding David Molloy; 20s; Male; Dx12; Anx, Dep, SAD; social media for a trade magazine company; UK (England, Hertfordshire); 2019-2019

Finding my identity Dx30s; UK; 2019-2019

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Look at the Trees 2019-2019; Reviews – IMDb

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Unmasking Science scientist; 2019-2019

My life as autist 2002-2018

A Quiet Week In The House 40s; Mother of Autistic son (Tourettes’s, OCD; 10ish); Dx40+; Tourette’s, OCD, Dep; married; artist in New England; 2004-2018; Tumblr

Abnormal Diversity 30s; Woman; Dx15; PTSD; single; Canadian psychologist in training, aspiring author; 2006-2018

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Janika Banks Woman; Dx46; Anx, APD, ME, Dep, FB, PTSD, chronic illness, chronic pain, synesthesia; Autisable, Xanga, minecraft, #Lexxperience, Branson MO; 2011-2018; Pinky Guerrero, Bluejacky: Existential Aspie, Aspienado, Spaz, ExistentialAspie

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Loubyjo’s Blog 40s; Dx18+; PTSD, dyspraxia, ADHD; lives on Wirral (England); volunteers for The Reader); 2011-2018

One Odd Duck 45; Father of NT daughter; Dx35; Anx, Dep, PTSD, alexithymia, physical disability; married to NT; 2011-2018

A Road to Me 2012-2018; Facebook

AutisticChick 2012-2018

gareeth 51; Dx1-; EDS, Dep, psoriatic arthritis; Danish-Canadian Jew; 2012-2018

Mr. asperger Male; 2012-2018

Smelly Hotdog 30s; Non-binary; Dx26; Bipolar, Anx, Gender dysphoria; Canada, actor, playwright; 2012-2018; No Longer in a Box | One man, Aspergers, and Bipolar Disorder.

Angry Autie 2013-2018

Aspergian*101 Elisha Tahata; 27; Dx20; GAD, dyspraxia, self-harm, ED, trichotillomania, excoriation; 2013-2018; Facebook

Autism Through Collage Mother of Autistics; 2013-2018; Facebook

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Life On The Rock Dx19; 2013-2018

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The Tudors make me tic 29; Dx26; engaged; lives in UK; Tourette’s, Irlen, APD, SPD, OCD, Dep, Anx, CPTSD, BPD, psychosis; 2013-2018

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[introspection intensifies] (tumblr) Parent; 2014-2018

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Normal Is Just An Average 39; Male; Dx2; CPTSD, APD, SPD, ADHD; single; Mountain Recluse, White-Passing Caucasian-Indigenous, Midwest USA; 2014-2018; Stop Hurting Kids

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autism: a lifetime undiagnosed 40s; Mother of Autistic son (20s, Dx19); Dx38; PTSD, Anx, Dep, OCD; married; Canadian; 2015-2018

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Musings from Mars 31; Non-binary; Dx25; ADHD, IBS, CPTSD, APD, Anx, Dep, PCOS, bunion; polyamorous/non-monogamous (all partners ND, some Autistic); bisexual/pansexual, vegan, immigrant (USSR to Israel), medical cannabis user; 2015-2018; (Hebrew), Tumblr, Facebook, Rainbow With Lace

Puzzle and Petticoats 30s; Mother of Autistic son (6; dyspraxia, savant maths, ARFID, SPD, PDA), Autistic daughter (2), and NT daughter (5); Dx32; Anx, Dep; married; 2015-2018

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Sean Callaghan- Life on the Spectrum Male; Dx5; 2015-2018; Sean Callaghan

Silence Breaking Sound 2015-2018

The Autistic Hermit Male; Dx21; OCD, Anx, dyspraxia; single; Musician and occasional actor; 2015-2018

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Wheelchairs and Coathangers 22; Woman; Dx18; reoccurring mental health issues; student, hopefully future novelist; 2015-2018; Twitter, Instagram

Alice In Blunderland Woman; Dx17; CPTSD, Anx, Dep, OCD, SPD, GAD, ED; 2016-2018

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Aspie Life 29:11 2016-2018

Autism Culture Sif S. Stewart-Ferrer; 33; Woman; Dx20s; married to Aspie; holds MA (Philosohy major, Anthropology minor); Denmark; 2016-2018

autistsix Lisaba; 48; Mother of 4 Autistic daughters with Anx & Dep (youngest also has ADHD & dyslexia); Dx38; Dep, Anx; carer; six autistics together; married to suspected Autistic (with Dep); Australia (Western, Swan); 2016-2018

Awetistic Woman; Dx6; 2016-2018; Lara’s Portfolio

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Living With Adversity – Trans Autistic Advocate and Lifestyle Blogger Derek Carter; 23; Male; Dx17; ADHD; APD; ED; delivery driver; Columbus, OH, USA; 2016-2018

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You, Me and Life dealing with the triple A’s Abbi; 19; Woman; Dx4; PDA; in a relationship; How a teenage girl deals with autism; 2016-2018

A Magical Aspie Rosa; 30; Woman; Dx27; Anx, GAD, IBS, ME, SPD, SAD, fibromyalgia, chronic illness, chronic pain, hyperhidrosis, OCD; in a relationship with ND; Sri-Lankan ethnicity, lives in London, loves Harry Potter and books; 2017-2018

Actually Autistic London Woman; 2017-2018

Adulting with Autism and ADHD Jo Morris; 39; Mother of Autistic trans male (18; Autism, ADD, ARFID, chronic pain, autoimmune, Anx) & trans woman (17; Autism) & daughter (10; ADHD, suspected Autism) and NT daughter (2) and foster trans male (16; suspected Autism); Dx30s; ADD, pernicious anemia; Married to NT (ADHD, Anx); trying to survive!; 2017-2018

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Autistic Empaths Laura Z. Weldon; 30s; Woman; Dx28; FB, SPD, migraines, SIBO (intestinal), autoimmune; Studying naturopathic medicine and integrative mental health, health coach, sensory processing sensitivity; 2017-2018; Weldon Wellness

Autistic Teacher World Woman; Dx30s; Anx; Primary teacher; 2017-2018

Awesome Aspie photographer; 2017-2018

Being Atypical 38; Woman; Dx36; medical doctor; 2017-2018

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Cold Tea Connoisseur Hayley Morgan; 30s; Dx30; Mother of possibly Autistic son (3) and infant son; JHS, arthritis; married to Autistic; MSc student of Autism (2017-2019); qualified lecturer; carer; 2017-2018

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disorders galore 28; Woman; Dx26; OCD, ADHD, GAD; Portland, Maine; self-advocacy; mental health professional; 2017-2018

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Gleeson Writes Male; Dx27; UK; bid manager; 2017-2018

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Jim’s Personal Autism Journal 30s; Male; Dx18-; married (ADHD); 2017-2018

Julia Rose the Snarky Autistic Woman; 2017-2018

Life With Asperger’s 40s; Dx30s; Anx, GAD, SPD, ADHD, Dep, OCD, alexithymia, dyspraxia, synesthesia, hyperacusis, Meniere’s, chronic illness, autoimmune; Expresses self best through writing; 2017-2018

Locked Girl Woman; 2017-2018

Meanwhile, in the real world… Mother; Dx40; married; British; 2017-2018

Meltdown Tracker Morgan; 40; Parent of Autistic son (7); Dx38; comics; teacher, meltdown parent; 2017-2018; (website)

Neuro-Divergent Demonstration Non-binary; Dx16; SPD, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, SAD; 2017-2018; Facebook

On the Aspie Side 40s; Woman; Dx40; Anx; single; 2017-2018

PUSSY VIPER TALKS AUTISM MB; 26; Woman; Dx23; ADHD, GAD, Dep, dyscalculia, hyperlexia, CPTSD; past OCD and ED; UnFiLTeReD social justice researcher (M.S.W.) & solo world backpacker; 2017-2018

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Some Girl with a Braid 26; Woman; Dx19; engaged to NT; fantasy lover and writer; 2017-2018

The Atypical Alien 27; Woman; Dx25; Anx, ME, Dep, PTSD, SPD, chronic illness, chronic pain; married to NT; Southern housefrau blogging about the “hell inside my head”; 2017-2018; Twitter

The School Dropout 2017-2018

The Space Cadet’s Mental Health Zone 2017-2018

The True Adventures of Just an Ordinary Autistic Guy Dx16-; NSp; USA (New England); 2017-2018

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Unlocking My Potential NSp teen son & NT mother; Dx4; 2017-2018

Unwillingly Oblivious Dx35; 2017-2018

Wired for Autism 21; Non-binary; Dx teens; Dep, Anx, LGBTQ+, ADHD, APD, OCD, SAD, SPD; journalist, London-based, multilinguist, biomedical scientist; 2017-2018

Yinin’s Thoughts 26; Woman; Dx24; Dep; married; recently Dx’d, still adjusting; 2017-2018

You’re own mind, you’re own heart<3 – I am here, I am here to stay ❤ love writing Demi jade Hawkins; 20s; Dx18-; single; Writing; 2017-2018

“Do You Sell Nipples?” Hayley France; Mother of Autistics & NT; Dx20s; Anx, Dep; married to NT; North Yorkshire, England; home-educator; 2018-2018

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Building the Fourth Wall Bianca O’Neill; 29; Woman; Dx28; Dep; support worker for adults with learning disabilities; married to NT; UK (Scotland); 2018-2018

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Diary of a Self Diagnosed Aspie Mom 30s; Mother of (suspected) Autistic son (11) and NT daughter (5) and son (1); Dx18+; married; abstract painter ; 2018-2018

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The Masked Aspie Woman; Dx40; self-employed shop keeper; Sheffield, England, UK; 2018-2018

Thoughts, from the point of view of an Aspie DC Manning; 28; Male; Dx16; HH, GERD, vision impairment; married to NT; Advocacy Ambassador for Autism Speaks; Hispanic (Mixed); 2018-2018

Through My Eyes 24; Dx8; Wales, UK; 2018-2018

Wheelie Autistic Tubie Parent of Autistic daughter (PDA, ADHD, learning difficulties); Dx18+; PTSD, tube-fed, wheelchair user; carer to my kiddo; single; UK (South of England); 2018-2018

Who, Me? Autistic? Woman; Dx18+; 2018-2018

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[Oh.Opiate.Oh.Revolver] 33; Male; Dx30; Dep, GAD, PTSD; grad student; single; USA (NE, Omaha); 2009-2018

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Maggie O’Connor Maggie; 20s; Woman; Dx24; ADHD, Anx, BPD (recovered), Dep, ED, GAD, OCD, SAD, SPD, addiction, alexithymia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, excoriation, hyperlexia, self-harm (recovered); disability support worker; infreq; Australia (Victoria, Melbourne); 2013-2018

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Stalking My Ex-Boss Dx22; 2013-2018

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That Spoonie Trans Guy Logan; 27; Non-binary; Dx16; spoonie, budget, veggie, vegan; 2016-2018

The Artisanal, Cage-Free Human 30s; Parent of Autistic son and daughter and suspected Autistic daughter; Dx34; CPTSD, GAD; married to Autistic; artist, writer, author of The Healing Heart Recovery From Abuse & Trauma Through The Arts, disability advocate, home educator; 2016-2018

the asperger path 50s; Male; Dx49; single, Gay; 2016-2018; thepoetautist

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K Tilden Frost 30s; Non-binary parent of Autistic daughters; Dx30s; PTSD, Dep, Anx; divorced and partnered; freelance copywriter, fiction writer; 2017-2018

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paperheartsandstarrynights 20s; Dx18-; Anx; enjoys writing and knitting; 2017-2018

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My aspie world 2013-2013

Signposts in the fog Mother; Dx18+; 2013-2013

Simple Thoughts on Random Things Mother; 2013-2013

theaspiewizard Woman; 2012-2013

Just a Little Background Noise 2.0 A Linguistic Representation of an Autism; 2013-2013

Aspie’s Inc. 2006-2012; Journey2Missions

Matt’s Corner 2008-2012

WeirdLaw Woman, Dx18+, attorney; 2008-2012

Autistic Existentialism 2009-2012

Autism & Angels Woman; Dx35; 2010-2012

I’m Not What You Think 2010-2012

Illusion of Competence 2010-2012

Aspergal 2011-2012

Aspiegirl’s Blog Woman; Dx20s; 2011-2012

Living by Starlight Mother; Dx18+; 2011-2012

Living With Aspergers Syndrome Mother; Dx18+; 2011-2012

TAL9000 2011-2012; Tumblr

#AwesomesauceAventures Mother; 2012-2012

Advice for Asperger’s and Autistim Association Father of Autistics; 2012-2012

I Wish a Thousand Little Things 2012-2012

Nothing About Us Without Us 2012-2012

the apparent apanthrope 2012-2012

The Particular Life 2012-2012

The Welcomed Intruder 2012-2012

theworldthroughanaspieseyes 2012-2012

unpuzzled 2012-2012

World Enough For Me 2012-2012

The point of view of An Aspergian 2004-2012

ISPERG UK Dx2; 2011-2012

A Panoptic Life 2008-2011

Autism Rocks 2008-2011; schizautism

the other end of the spectrum. 2008-2011

The Tao of Autism 2009-2011

Asper-ations 2010-2011

Aspieadvocate Mother of Autistic; 2010-2011

Musing & Insights from An Adult With Multiple Disabilities 2010-2011

The Quixotic Autistic 2010-2011

The Vibrating Square 2010-2011

There is No B in Aspergers 2010-2011

A Rhodolite From the Rough Mother of Autistics; 2011-2011

Asperger Syndrome and the Responsible Adult 2011-2011

Aspie Girl’s Treehouse Mother; Dx18+; 2011-2011

AspieFeminist 2011-2011

Aussie Aspie Woman 2011-2011

Occupying the Spectrum 2011-2011

The Invisible Spectrum 2011-2011

The Seeker’s Path 2011-2011

Eater of Trees 2011-2011

Droopy’s Safe Space NSp; 2005-2010; The Original

SOLVE ET COAGULA 2005-2010; The Aspie Diaries

First signpost late in life Father of Autistic son; Dx34; 2007-2010

More Than A Number 2008-2010; WordPress

A family’s life with ASD, ADHD, and FSGS 2009-2010

Down with Legitimized Deceit 2009-2010

The same but different 2009-2010

Aspie Brit 2010-2010

Down the Rabbit Hole 2010-2010

I am just like you-but different 2010-2010

Married with Autism 2010-2010

Smash The Spectrum 2010-2010

Natural Variation Parent of Autistic; 2006-2010

Here Be Dragons 2009-2010

Persephone Parent of Autistic; 2004-2009

Making connections Mother; 2006-2009

Aspie Mama Mother; 2007-2009

Autism All the Time 2007-2009

Society For The Prevention of Autism Prevention Woman; Dx18+; 2007-2009

The Constant Observer 2007-2009

Oi 2008-2009

The Aspergic Medic Dx18+; 2009-2009

ASPIES 2005-2008

My life in the dark 2007-2008

MY SURREAL LIFE NSp; cerebral palsy, epilepsy, dyspraxia; 2007-2008

Neurodiverse Thinking: An Autistic’s Blog 2008-2008

blogger + me 2005-2007; T 11 . something under construction

Asperger’s and Alexithymia 2007-2007

Living and Parenting with ASD Parent of Autistic; 2007-2007

Endnotes (back to top)

1 All blogs are English-language, written by (professionally or self-diagnosed) Actually Autistic people (though a few blogs include non-Autistic contributors) about our personal experiences with autism (as opposed to “Autism Blogs” written by families, professionals, and others).

2 The Autistic blogs search engine searches exclusively within Actually Autistic blogs (a few of which include non-Autistic contributors). For example, type “Atypical Netflix” or “Identity First” into the search bar to find out how Autistic people feel regarding the Netflix series “Atypical” or the issue of Identity-First vs. Person-First Language.

Nearly all Autistic bloggers have been contacted to request input on how they want their blogs listed (and about 30% responded). All issues raised in the comments have been resolved. If you have any concerns please comment below or contact us.

This page was last updated on September 5, 2019 (and will be updated again soon). Please check back. (back to top)

159 thoughts on “Actually Autistic Blogs

  1. Hi Judy,

    Thank you for creating this space and for connecting. I’ve completed the form, and would like for consideration to be given for my blog to be referred to as “ChevsLife – Living and Parenting with Intent – Unmasking the Journey to Optimism.” If tags are required then these would apply, Autism, Hearing Loss, Misophonia and Sensory Processing Disorder.

    Liked by 3 people

    • You’re welcome, and thanks for writing your blog. The list wouldn’t exist without bloggers like you.
      Thanks for completing the form, Chev. I have responded by email.
      Normally I list blogs by site titles without taglines, but I will include taglines at bloggers’ requests (as in your case).
      I don’t use tags specifically, instead I include the tag information as text. If you want the tags included in your blog’s description, please fill out this form again or contact us with your revisions.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s quite the list you have assembled there. I am definitely going to be using the custom search engine when I’m looking for “Me too!” reference points.

    Thank you for adding my Aspergergarden blog to the list. I am not really active because I have a hate / love relationship with the blog but I appreciate being listed all the same!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. To anyone who reads these comments: I recently added paragraph breaks between the listed blogs (so they appear double-spaced). Is that an improvement, or should I revert back to single-spacing?
    Do you have any other suggestions for improving the formatting (or any other aspect) of this list?
    Judy (An Autism Observer)


  4. I’m intending to commence my personal weblog soon although I’m slightly lost in almost everything. Could you suggest beginning with a free of charge system just like WordPress or perhaps choose a settled alternative? You’ll find numerous choices in existence of which I’m totally mixed up.. Any suggestions? Many thanks a good deal!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hello; Thanks for your “like”. Your chosen title had me curious; that is, until I viewed this page. I’m a somewhat opinionated boomer; which is not a bad thing since my yeas are my yeas, and my nays are my nays.
    One personal opinion I hold to is that Autism was virtually unheard of until the 80’s; then with the use of Thimerosal in vaccines, Autism rose dramatically. The so-called “know-it-alls” will deny any connection, or culpability; nevertheless, mercury IS a poison. Babies with undeveloped bodies, nervous and immune systems, are the innocent victims. It remains to be seen whether the incidents of Autism and other ailments concerning the nervous system, brain function and other disabilities diminish IF they abandon the use of Thimerosal. ‘Nuff said.


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