Job-seeking while Autistic

Below are Resources for Autistic job seekersAutistic experiences with employment, and Selected Google search results. .

Resources for Autistic job seekers (back to top)

Employment Resource Page – My Spectrum Suite (2022)

Stanford Neurodiversity Summit 2022 | Stanford Neurodiversity Project

Roadmap to Transition: A Handbook for Autistic Youth Transitioning to Adulthood (free pdf download) (read online) (2016) (from Resource Library – Autistic Self Advocacy Network)

The Autism Job Club: The Neurodiverse Workforce in the New Normal of Employment by Michael Bernick and Richard Holden (2015)

Interview with the Autist: Neurodivergent Accommodation Concepts and Experiences – a book by William F. Gilreath (free) (2022)

Employment Opportunities + Resources for Autistic People! (2021)

APSE – Association of People Supporting Employment First (2022)

Curriculum | Autism Career Pathways (2022)

Employment – National Autistic Society (2022; UK)

Employment Archives – Barb Cook (2021)

Employment Archives – Spectrum Women (2020)

Employment – Life of an Aspie (2019)

Employment – Autistikids (2015)

Employment – The World of Autism (2022)

Asperger’s on the Job: Must-Have Advice for People with Asperger’s or High Functioning Autism and their Employers, Educators, and Advocates by Rudy Simone (2010)

Most of the above were found through the Other Autistic Resource Lists page, which lists resources chosen by Autists.

Autistic experiences with employment (back to top)


Employment for autistics. Then and now | Wrong Planet (2022)

Workplace Accommodations – Life with Autism (Aug 2022)

Employment – Autistic Nick (2022)

Finding employment as an autistic person – Autistic Not Weird (2019)

My Experiences with Societal Vocational Rejection. – How Autism Self-Advocacy Revolutionalized My Life (2021): my personal experiences of being discriminated against (and harassed about) because I was both “too disabled” and “not disabled enough” to “deserve” accommodation and support with gaining employment

Ecosystem of Autistic Employment – Autistic Nottingham (2021)

Employment Archives – The Autistic Me (2022)

Employment – Aiden Tsen (2021)

Autistic Employment Collateral #1 – Jacci Pillar (2018)

Employment | Judy Endow (2016)

Employment – Finally Knowing Me: An Autistic Life (2017)

Employment – Reports from a Resident Alien (2015)

Autist’s Corner: Employment Issues in Autism: Trends (2008)

Most links in this section were found using the Autistic blogs search engine (which searches exclusively within Autistic blogs) using the search term “employment”.

Selected Google search results (back to top)

Where autistic candidates (and others) go wrong in job interviews | eFinancialCareers

Employment Tips for Teens and Young Adults with ASD | Arizona Autism United (AZA United)

Are autistic individuals the best workers around? – BBC Worklife

Job Search Resources – Uniquely Abled Project

The links in this section were selected from a Google search for “Autistic job seekers”.

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