Autists in medicine

Below are blogs by Autists in medicine, divided into three categories: Medical doctors, Other medical professionals, and Medical students and graduates

Medical doctors (back to top)

Autistic Doctors International (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) (not a blog) a group of over 500 Autistic doctors and medical students)

@autisticgpshh Dx40+; ADHD, PDA; doctor (GP); UK; 2020-2022

The Autistic Doctors 40s; Dx40s; medic; UK; 2021-2022 (a female general surgeon)

Spitfyre Phoenix Rising 44; Dx39; Woman; EDS, PTSD, Celiac, other autoimmune, HH; biracial (Caucasian-Cajun-Native); divorced; USA (Texas); 2008-2022; the silent wave, Who Loves Kitty, Laina’s Collection, YouTube, Maidenlion (Laina; integrative medicine doctor)

Autism-Psychiatrist (not a blog) Dx36; UK (England); Quora, LinkedIn, Twitter. Dr. Liliya Wheatcraft is a uniquely qualified psychiatrist for Autistics

The Bullying Doctor 2020-2021. Dr. Emily Lovegrove is a lecturer and leader of many workshops on anti-bullying strategies)

The Good Doctor Australia; 2019-2020 (she details extensively how her autism and mental illness have impacted her medical practice)

The Autistic Doc Dx18+; 2019-2019. Dr. Heather Dimmitt is a doctor in Seattle, Washington

Gaussian Tail 2019-2020 (doctor)

 Aspiedoc Dx18+; Mother; 2015-2017 (Samantha Fields, middle-aged female doctor)

The autistic doctor Male; 2011-2014 (practices family medicine)

Other medical professionals (back to top)

Embrace Autism Dr. Natalie Engelbrecht RP ND & Eva Silvertant; Dx25 (Eva) & Dx48 (Natalie); Autistic couple; registered psychotherapist, naturopathic doctor (Natalie) & graphic designer, illustrator (Eva); research- and experience-based autism content; education and empowerment for Autistics, by Autistics; Canada (Ontario, Oakville); 2018-2022; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, PodBean

Neurodivergent Doctor 2021-2021 (Dr. Anson L. Service, psychotherapist and behavioral scientist)

Weldon Wellness Laura Z. Weldon; 30s; Dx28; Woman; FB, SPD, migraines, SIBO (intestinal), autoimmune; studying naturopathic medicine and integrative mental health, health coach, sensory processing sensitivity; 2017-2020; Weldon Wellness

Wired for Autism 23; Dx teens; Non-binary; Dep, Anx, LGBTQ+, ADHD, APD, OCD, SAD, SPD; journalist, London-based, multilinguist, biomedical scientist; 2017-2018

TCMautism Orange; 32; Dx10; Male; ADHD; hypnotherapist; in English and Chinese; single; Singapore; 2011-2020

Autistically Real Dx40+; Parent of Autistics; medical assistant; USA (North Carolina, RTP); 2018-2022

Medical students and graduates (back to top)

Finty Royle Finty; 21; Dx16; Woman; anorexia; medical student; UK (England, North West); 2021-2022

Red Mage Darni George; 30; Dx20s; Male; dyspraxia; medically trained doctor; UK (England); 2019-2021 (Zack; trained in medicine)

Aspergers And the world aida; 21; Dx10; Woman; ADHD; medical student; Germany; 2020-2020

An Asperger Medical Student in Oz 2010-2016 (medical graduate)

The Aspergic Medic Dx18+; 2009-2009 (medical student) This post will be edited as additional Autistic blogs in medicine are found. Please submit any you know of in the comments below.

Upcoming posts: Please let us know if there’s any particular theme you’d like to see represented in this series. We have previously received requests for lists of Autistic lawyers and Autistic counselors, therapists, coaches, and mentors, as well as Autists discussing their experiences with grief and with improvisational theatre, so those themes will be included.

Would you like to see blogs by Autists in your profession? What issues are you dealing with, and would you like to know how other Autists deal with them? Please specify in the comments below.

As a reminder, please submit (or comment below) a list of your favorite Autistic blogs. Include your own if applicable, plus at least one other. Share the love with our 1900+ followers!

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