Dylan and OFTS.blog Introduction

Thanks for stopping by at Observations From the Spectrum. I am Dylan, the writer. Let me tell you a little bit about myself so that you are comfortable with my voice. 

For 48+ years I have been going left when others have gone right. Not on purpose. Not as a statement. Just as me. Authentically choosing activities that were yet to be hip and diving into them as best I could.

I didn’t ponder being autistic until my friend Jennifer, a first-rate special education teacher of note, and I were walking home from dinner one night and she casually stated, “you know you are on the spectrum, right?”

In that moment it was as if the stars aligned and I found myself. I was clear as to why I had struggled so much in the past. It eased everything. It was a life-defining moment.

Since then, I have had a successful career as a classroom teacher, life coach, ultra runner and I write and self-publish regularly. These are the ways I spend my time. 

OFTS.blog is a third view. I think many of us feel ignored or as though there is not a clear path laid out as there is for our normal-brained conservative and liberal neighbors. 

We see life differently because we experience it differently. I certainly don’t understand how we have arrived where we are today. The problems are clear, but any middle schooler can identify or create a viable solution because they have uncorrupted logic and reason as do many of us. We see life through a simpler lens, or at least I do. Right or wrong. Easy.

That’s a bit about me and OFTS. It’s an autistic adult’s point of view on a myriad of topics. Thanks for reading. Pleasure to meet you.

Observations From the Spectrum 2019-2022

Dylan is one of three Autists who have volunteered to help manage this website if something happens to me.
Please contact us if you are Autistic and would like to join this team. We already have enough volunteers to perform the tasks required, so further volunteers will have the opportunity to influence the future of this website without obligating themselves. The more the merrier!

As a reminder, please submit (or comment below) a list of your favorite Autistic blogs. Include your own if applicable, plus at least one other. Share the love with our 1900+ followers!

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