Sara’s introduction

Hello All! My name is Sara and I’m 44yo, queer, Autistic, and ADHD. I was diagnosed at 42. I’m Gen X, and we really are the “forgotten generation,” especially as far as ADHD and ASD diagnoses go. I showed so many signs growing up (see my blog, I have a post about this), but growing up in the 80s, ADHD and ASD were things only “boys” had.

I am a Special Education teacher at a high school. However, I have worked with students in grades K-5. I usually teach summer school, but had a terrible time last year, so I’m taking the summer off. I might start a mini online business. Just for a little extra money.

I have many special interests, such as cats, animals in general, history, reading, and creating art.

I love giving advice when I know the subject of the question. Please feel free to leave comments!

Que Sara Sara Sara F.; 44; Dx42; Woman; ADHD, hEDS; special ed HS teacher; artistic, LGBTQ+; USA (Maine); 2022-2022; Instagram

Sara is one of three Autists who have volunteered to help manage this website if something happens to me.
Please contact us if you are Autistic and would like to join this team. We already have enough volunteers to perform the tasks required, so further volunteers will have the opportunity to influence the future of this website without obligating themselves. The more the merrier!

As a reminder, please submit (or comment below) a list of your favorite Autistic blogs. Include your own if applicable, plus at least one other. Share the love with our 1900+ followers!

6 thoughts on “Sara’s introduction

  1. Hi Sarah! Glad to see you here. While I don’t blog exclusively about autism (topics range from politics to food and drink and everything in between), historically it is a large part of my writing.

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  2. Welcome Sara and I gave your blog a follow!
    I am 42 and have the same dx which they also missed because a) I wasn’t a boy and b) my iq tested rather high so nothing wrong with my brain.
    Welcome to the site/team and I’ll check out your blog asap!

    I got my dx at 31, ass (Asperger’s back then) and ADHD with focus on the H. Shortly after dx I also got chronic depression added to the list. I’d love to help out if needed. English is not my 1st language, but I’ll do my best any way that I can. 😊

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