Discovering Autistic perspectives

Autistic blogs represent both diversity and commonality of Autistic perspectives. Below are suggestions for using the Actually Autistic Blogs List.

  1. The Autistic blogs search engine produces a Google search restricted to Autistic blogs. This can illustrate how Autistic people feel about a particular issue, movie, book, TV show, organization, institution, or person. For example, type “Atypical Netflix” or “Identity First” into the search bar to find out how Autistic people feel regarding the Netflix series “Atypical” or the issue of Identity-First vs. Person-First Language. If you recall reading something by an Autistic blogger but can’t find the link, this can aid in finding it.
  2. Text searches can be used to find bloggers within a particular demographic or with specific co-occurring conditions.
  3. Find popular blogs listed near the top of the Actually Autistic Blogs List.
  4. Browse the alphabetical listing for appealing blog names.
  5. Find bloggers of various ages in the blogs sorted by age of blogger.
  6. Look for nearby bloggers in the location-sorted list.

How do (or will) you use the Actually Autistic Blogs List? How can it become more accessible and useful? Please offer suggestions in the comments below.

Thank you to everyone who has helped publicize the Actually Autistic Blogs List. Instructions for doing so are on the Share page.

The Actually Autistic Blogs List continues being updated regularly. (The date of the last update is now included at the bottom of the home page.) Nearly all Autistic bloggers have been contacted to request input on how they want their blogs listed (and about a third responded). All previous issues have been resolved.
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69 thoughts on “Discovering Autistic perspectives

  1. Reblogged this on Laina's Collection – sharing Aspergian/autistic writing and commented:

    Never in my life have I known someone to be so helpful, supportive, and generous! This post says it all, giving a very clear snapshot of who this lovely soul is and what she does. Always on the lookout, always respectful, always considerate, and always generous. Her blog maintains the most comprehensive list of blogs written by actually-autistic people, frequently updated, and always inclusive. One of my favorites, and definitely a site to bookmark for awesome exploring! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️❤️

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  2. I’m not autistic but have taught special needs preschool for nine years while studying all kinds of developmental disabilities. I don’t feature much on the subject while still feeling open for anyone. Great idea for doing lists of blogs which are run by people who have autism or Asperger’s syndrome. 😊😀

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  3. Thank you. It’s good to know that we have lots of help for people from many backgrounds. We know and understand different kinds of illnesses and how to cope better than ever before. And I thank you for reading my blogs. Take care.

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  4. Thank you once again. It’s wonderful when we know and understand how to cope with each other, no matter what background we come from. Take care.

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  5. This is great we need more autisic voices Sharing and blogging . I am not autistic but I have a son and a daughter who are they are just starting to use Thier voices . Incouraging to see perspectives first hand from those people In the autisic community as it helps me to understand my children more.💝💝

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      • I have stood around many places with either of my kids. Or waiting for them I here a lot I wish I didn’t how people talk about autistic community. Growing up with a sister with special needs I heard people talk about her, call her name’s all kinds of things . I thought society had changed alot till my kids got Thier autism diagnosis. It has in some ways but needs more improvement and education from those that have a voice. My sister is learning disabled I make sure her voice is heard and listened too as well asy kids . Keep up the blogs

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    • Im a single mom of Josiah he’s my magic man 6 years old 7 in Aug non verbal some words
      .. he says Mom Mom Mom… he’s so brave my heart breaks cuz I do ont know what he’s going through…. I just want to make sure he’s going to be able to get the life he deserves … A family college whatever he wants and needs

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      • Hi how are you today, my kids are verbal most of the time especially at home, you have to keep hope there will be good days and hard day’s, some kids can door than others, the thing is never give up teaching them everything, I found using there special interests helps with learning new things , I also work with a little boy who has cerebral paulsy he is mostly non verbal but recently he has been saying a few more words , find ways to communicate with speech with hands makaton can be good simple to learn lots on YouTube, difficulty in communication cam be a cause for meltdowns they can become very frustrated but it is patients and love and helping them to learn self calming skills that can help alot
        Remember even on the hard day’s you got this they do things in there own time every single one of our kids are different learn at differnent times. 😀❤️

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  6. […] Learning about other people’s experiences with autism is allowing me to resolve so many confusing encounters of my own. I feel as if a lifetime of clues have been cracked and the murderer dramatically revealed, although in reality the solution has far less drama and delivers an actual life-changing relief. I get it now, about why I attached to people so fiercely when I was young, why I connect so intensely to my work; I understand the comfort I felt in being a morning helper in my elementary classrooms, how my unspoken anxiety around just the idea of prom and homecoming could make me flee high school in the middle of my junior year, why I don’t have a close cadre from grad school, how I can be lacking a robust professional network after 20 years in my field. And I have to say, it is profound to find someone who uses the same metaphor of alienation I used in middle school (the source of the title of this blog), but has been able to turn it into an actual career path–brava! […]

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