Alexa rank and blog descriptions

The Actually Autistic Blogs List are now listed according to Alexa rank in order to objectively prioritize the best (or at least most popular) blogs. (Categories were added to keep autism-centered personal blogs from being buried under non-autism-centered content. The list was previously ordered according to a subjective rating system, which was problematic for several reasons.)

Please let us know what you think by commenting or answering the poll below.

Below are the results from our last poll, responding to “Please select all information that’s acceptable to include based upon information found in blogs”:

7 votes: co-occurring conditions (such as ADHD, depression, or anxiety)
7 votes: date or age of autism diagnosis
6 votes: occupation or interests
6 votes: It’s OK to place a blogger in the LGBTQ+ category if their LGBTQ+ identity is clearly stated on their blog
5 votes: blogger’s age
5 votes: which “LGBTQ+” initial applies
3 votes: Blogger’s real name
2 votes: Respondents selecting “Other” submitted the following comments:
“URL and blog title only. Nothing else. This is offensive.”
“Interests, but occupation could be stickier :)”

Summary: Of the (presumably) eight respondents, seven approved of including at least some information from blogs in the blog descriptions, with one stating that anything beyond the URL and blog title is offensive. Opinions differed on which information was appropriate to include.

To the respondent leaving the comment “URL and blog title only. Nothing else. This is offensive.”: Please explain your position and the reasons behind it so I can address your underlying concerns.

Conclusions: The main purpose of blog descriptions is to facilitate text searches. The rules governing blog descriptions will be strictly adhered to and interpreted conservatively. They been modified to include the following:

4. Bloggers’ real names are reported only when professionally involved with autism (such as John Elder Robison or Ari Ne’eman) or upon bloggers’ requests.

Please provide your thoughts by commenting below.

15 thoughts on “Alexa rank and blog descriptions

  1. Amazing work, dear friend! Wow, I’m stunned (in a really good way 😊). Fantastic job! Excellent collection ❤️
    ~The Silent Wave/Laina 🌟🌟

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