Tell us how you want your blog listed

(Edited on 1/20/17 upon request to remove links.) Because of recent complaints (including three blog posts, comments starting from here, and private communications), all personal information has been removed from the Actually Autistic Blogs List. I apologize for having caused unintentional harm.

(Edited on 1/20/17) We will soon may be sending email to bloggers on the list for input on how you want your blogs listed. Please help us out by answering these questions.

(Edited on 9/19/17) Most bloggers on the list have been contacted, usually through comments left on their blogs. If you did not receive one it may have been mistaken as spam. Please tell us how you want your blog listed.

(Edited on 9/20/17) Just to clarify, all practices that have been objected to have been discontinued and all consent issues have been resolved. If you have any concerns please comment below or contact us.

Thank you.

Judy (An Autism Observer)

20 thoughts on “Tell us how you want your blog listed

  1. Hi Judy, let’s not forget the fact that you are, like myself and (if I may say so) many others, an autistic blogger who started a blog in the hope to find a sense of connection with the autism community in a world that so often misunderstands us. Sorry to hear about the complaints, which the bloggers have every right to be concerned about and feel offended. I feel for them but as I’ve followed your blog before the list was created, I also feel for you because I knew your longing for connection and that you put your whole heart into creating the list. Take this as a lesson but please don’t take it personally or too hard. I’m proud that you are dealing with the complaints openly and constructively. As someone on the spectrum, I know how easy it is to let emotions overcome myself or be overly harsh on myself.

    From a different perspective, I wonder if there is a need to categorise the list at all? I’m not trying to find an excuse for you, but a repetitive urge to categorise things may just be indicative of autism especially with your engineering background. Maybe you could make an exception this time and just keep it simple. A simple alphabetical categorisation by the blog title and a link, and maybe an indication of whether the blog is active or inactive. I would suggest removing the stars too because these are merely subjective recommendations. Those who are interested in reading will find it out for themselves. Just my personal opinion. All the best!

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    • The purpose behind the blog descriptions is to help people select blogs to read. Some readers seek bloggers with similar experiences (such as gender, parenting status, diagnosis date, or co-occurring conditions) which is why those questions are asked on the How do you want your blog listed? form. Some bloggers prefer not to list such information which is why all questions are optional.

      Your blog was described on the list as “Dx30+” (from information found in your blog). Do you want that information changed or omitted? Do you want more information about yourself included? Do you want your blog’s listing to link to your tumblr or blogs (for which I found links within your blog)?

      Unless I hear otherwise from you, I will describe your blog as “actually Autistic rants” and not link to your other blogs.

      Sorry for the delay in responding. (Your comment was mistaken as spam.)


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