Calling for Autistic blogs

Since my last post, the Actually Autistic Blogs have been categorized and the top menu has been revised. Please check it out. The blogs are also sorted alphabetically by blog name and by age of blogger.

Please send me names and/or URL’s of Autistic blogs that may not be on my list. Feel free to send me your entire blogroll and I will sort them out.

I’m grateful for help I’ve been receiving. Visual Vox created a nifty page to showcase Autistic blogs on the domain she registered. (Please show her your gratitude here. I’ve donated to her elsewhere.) Another volunteer wants to remain anonymous. Both are contributing new ideas about how to improve user-friendliness and accessibility as the list grows.

I want this to be a community project. Any offers of help are much appreciated. Help is particularly needed categorizing blogs and assigning recommendation levels (number of asterisks). Many of the current recommendation levels are inaccurate due to limited reading time and/or poor memory. Let me know if you want access to the shared spreadsheet being used to manage the list.

Please help publicize this list. Some suggestions are on the “Share” top menu item.

Thank you.

Judy (An Autism Observer)

39 thoughts on “Calling for Autistic blogs

  1. Hi Judy
    I run The Pathless Woods and was wondering if you could list the diagnosis too (diagnosed 2011), as you appear to have done with some others. Also, I have problems reading things with a white background and wondered too if you might be able to list the blog names/links in bold? I don’t know how that would work for you and the way you run the site so it’s just a query really but the pink is difficult to read for me. Or it might just be my laptop I don’t know. I’ve tried looking at them from various angles but it’s the same whichever way I look at them.

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  2. Thanks to Judy and Visual Vox for all your work re Actually autistic. You may be aware of my struggle to engage in blogging due to lack of knowledge of terminology and process. I’ve obviously submitted some info that is obscure… I was DX at age 60+ in 2009 am a Senior and also have had Anxiety since birth. Rest of info given is correct . Thanks šŸ™‚

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  3. Hello. I’m a writer with Asperger’s with a new blog, The Aspie Author Viking, that’s centered on writing advice tailored for people with Asperger’s. Im not sure if it’s what you’re looking for but if so please feel free to add my blog to the list.

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    • The Actually Autistic Blogs List currently contains only blogs with English-language posts and only your latest post appears written in English. Let me know if you add more English-language posts and I will definitely include it.


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