Hungering for a sense of community

Ever since I retired in 2008 I’ve been hungering for a sense of community. The closest kinship I’ve found so far has been through lurking on Autistic blogs. I thought I might work up to participating actively through my own blog but my desire to do so has been decreasing. I’m a private person and don’t feel comfortable broadcasting my inner world to unseen strangers (though I’m grateful to those who do). I’m also not a natural writer nor do I aspire to be.

I found a satisfying way of contributing recently through sharing portions of my extensive blog list, both on the menu above and at (thank you Marcelle for allowing me to contribute there). I like being a behind-the-scenes resource person for natural leaders. I plan to contribute further to her list and am actively looking for similar behind-the-scenes opportunities to enhance Autistic Community. If anyone has any ideas please contact me.

I’m still hungering for a connection that feels more personal. I haven’t been looking very actively yet because I don’t know specifically what I’m looking for except for knowing how it feels when I find it. I’m thinking that a telephone connection with another middle-aged Autistic woman like myself (I’m 59 but not picky about age) might assuage this hunger.

If you feel similarly and are willing to connect by phone or Skype, please contact me or leave a comment below. Thank you.

Judy (An Autism Observer)

2 thoughts on “Hungering for a sense of community

  1. Facebook groups help a lot. It really has been my sense of home. Although it’s a couple friendships that came out of that that were really helpful. I need some new ones at this point.

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