Dear Followers

Disclaimer: This post no longer reflects the focus of this blog.

Dear Followers (all eight of you),

Thank you for following my blog. I’m feeling emotionally fragile today. I need to be part of a community but neurotypical communities are exhausting for me.

For two years, I’ve felt emotional connection from reading autistic blogs that I haven’t felt elsewhere. Lurking is no longer enough; it’s boring me. I need interaction.

Time to bite the bullet and write more blog posts (and perhaps even comment on blogs).

I want appreciation for how complicated and hard life can be (internally) even at it’s simplest and easiest (externally).

I don’t know how to find community except by following in the footsteps of those who have found it themselves. I admire bloggers who make themselves vulnerable through blogging, so here I am making myself vulnerable. I’ll never be as eloquent as I’d like. I’ll simply say “help” (me find a place for myself in your community) and “thank you” (for sharing your lives on your blogs).

Judy (An Autism Observer)

One thought on “Dear Followers

  1. Hi! remember that we are all part of something, maybe you just don’t figure it out right now.

    I believe that each of us is different and unique in our own little way. Everyone stands out in different ways. Maybe others just don’t realize it yet.

    Now, you’re following footsteps of some one, but I know soon you can walk on your own and be independent.

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