We don’t have to keep fighting a losing battle

Disclaimer: This post no longer reflects the focus of this blog.

I have “passed as normal” sufficiently to earn a living as an engineer. I retired when I could no longer (at age 51) sustain the required effort.

I believe that genetics affect human behavior (hard to dispute) and that (having evolved under radically different circumstances) most humans are genetically ill-suited to modern life. In accepting my limitations as genetic, I release myself from pressure to “fit in” or prove my worth.

I want to spread the idea that we don’t have to keep fighting a losing battle to integrate all humans into modern society, and there can be peace in surrender. I feel the pain of being mentally ill-equipped to deal with modern life and wish fewer faced this battle.

I don’t want to argue politics. I want to present my personal perspective of achieving peace of mind despite not “fitting in”, in hopes of reciprocating the acceptance and help other bloggers have given me.

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